How To Ruin A Love Comedy

How To Ruin A Love Comedy

러브 코미디를 망가뜨리는 법
Native LanguageKorean

I intervene in all events of the game. And take it away.

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  1. Kuro says:

    please update the latest chapter please

    1. SerenePanda says:

      I only update when requested on Discord, and there is a minimum of 5 new chapters.

  2. Kuro says:

    ohhh okay thx for update

  3. Gilang Re says:

    thanks for uploaded this novel, i hope its updates ☺️

    1. SerenePanda says:


  4. Leider says:

    How can I ask for discord?

    1. SerenePanda says:

      In Novel request section

  5. Leider says:

    How can I ask for more chapters in Discord?

    1. SerenePanda says:

      In Novel Request section.

  6. enyel says:


    1. SerenePanda says:


  7. Gae says:

    Update pls

  8. Maki says:

    Thanks for the update.

  9. Blue Shadow says:

    Thank you @SerenePanda

  10. Gilang Re says:

    thanks for the update 😊

  11. HighLevelGuy says:

    This is the best ntl and harem story here imo. The mc doesn’t rely on special power like hypnosis and whatnot but through efforts. The so called “protagonist buff” is also insignificant most of the time.
    I hope there’s an update soon.

  12. Ps_kronos says:

    Waiting for update…..
    Good story with a lot of fan service. Worth a read …

  13. panda aye says:

    Thanks for ur hardwork.
    waiting for next chapter.

  14. Opiium cloud says:

    A MASTER PIECE !!!! it’s like readd a Aizen of romance ……

  15. Yasa says:

    Sangat Menarik :”)

  16. Webolive says:

    Extremely nice novel, thanks for updating this 😄

  17. Luke t.w.o.g says:

    A good novel but the lacking of anal so far made me lose interest

  18. Luke t.w.o.g says:

    Please sm1 recommend me some that have anal, harem and romance

  19. Max says:

    Do you have the raws link? Just asking

  20. yeshus says:

    update please

  21. Heaven Exalted says:

    Is there any lesbian stuff that happens between heroines?

  22. Trevi44 says:

    where can i find your discord?

  23. Lunos says:

    When is the next update? Can you please tell me your discord channel?

  24. Haraguro says:

    A masterpiece of NTL…u got it all packed in this one. Childhood friend stolen ,innocent senpai turned to Slutty senpai ,tsundere senpai turned to M Slave. Worth ur time really. Ehm also, did anyone has any similiar good read like this? Please kindly inform me.

  25. MrLol says:

    You read this and then you know what is a complete masterpiece romcom

  26. pleaseupdate says:

    Please update
    More than 20 new chapters are already released

  27. dk says:

    the best of erotic romcom 10/10

    if you are into romcom this is for you. a little bit of NTL vibe but not an asshole NTL.

    MC is likable not an asshole who play with woman.

    sweet and erotic at the same time.

  28. Amin says:

    Mad discord link is broke

  29. helpmeprettyplease says:

    Looking for similar novels from this website
    sweet romance with hot r18
    please help brothers

  30. judge says:


  31. akelem says:

    When do new episodes come out?

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