How To Ruin A Love Comedy 383

How To Ruin A Love Comedy 383

Chapter 383 – Joint School Trip #2

Miyuki is glancing at me and putting something into her bag.
What it actually was was underwear.

Miyuki was always like this except on special days.
I was embarrassed to show my underwear, so I hid it like that, and when I got out of the shower, I always wore a t-shirt and shorts.
Even though I have already done everything with her and seen everything she has to see.

“Why are you hiding it so much?”

Miyuki was startled by my words and stuffed her underwear deeply.
After laying out her toiletries and towels, she came back to me and changed her topic.

“Don’t you do anything interesting on TV?”

Hiyori will probably show the exact opposite behavior from Miyuki, right?
Although he shows a shy side, he also has a somewhat daring side, so during his first relationship, he would wear very sexy designs, saying it was a game-changing underwear.

“I’m not doing it.”

“Aren’t you hungry?”

“You ate it 30 minutes ago.”

“Oh, that’s right.”

Miyuki patted the side of her forehead as if she had forgotten and came up to me where she was lying down.
Then she sat down with her butt on my waist and tapped her abdomen with my palm.

“What are you doing?”

“Just. “Thank you for your hard work on the exam.”


“Why? “You can do it because it’s over.”

“That’s right. However…”


“If you think you can’t swim, don’t worry and tell me.”

She was referring to some water trauma after the day she nearly drowned.
Miyuki noticed this and asked in a quiet voice.

“Would you like to hang out somewhere else?”

“That’s right.”

“Thank you for your consideration. I can play in shallow water with kids who can’t swim. And because it is a student council, you will have to be away a lot because you have to watch over the students. “Especially since we are going jointly with first-year students, we need to watch carefully so we don’t miss out.”

“Is that so?”

“Huh. Still, we’ll have plenty of time in the evening, so let’s stay at the dorm together. “I also go out to play around the area.”

“I get it. “Are you going to sleep today?”

“No. I have to stop by the house and play with my sister. “They say they’re bored because they stay out too much these days.”

In that case, you can invite Kana to our house too.
There is a lot to do with her sister.
After swallowing those words, I nodded, licking my appetite with regret.

“When are you going?”

“In about 10 minutes?”

“I’ll give you a ride then.”

“Thank you, Matsuda-kun.”

Lovers who have been together for a long time tend to be stingy with their thanks and apologies, but it’s nice that Miyuki doesn’t do that.
Of course, I haven’t known Miyuki for a long time, but she won’t change.
There is such a belief.

By the way, why is it Matsuda-kun again now? I called you by name earlier.
Is it comfortable? Well, it could be because I’ve been called by only my last name for so long.
I feel a little awkward now when I am called by my first name.

After rolling around on her mattress with Miyuki, I walked her home when it was her time.
Afterwards, he came back and took a picture of the bag he and Miyuki packed with his cell phone camera and sent it to Hiyori.


[Thank you. Please bring two ice water tomorrow and give it to me when you get off the bus.]

Were you fiddling with your phone in a cafe?
The reply is very fast.

[Am I your porter?]


What is the heart on the back? This is something beyond hope.
Do you send emoticons like that to other men too?
I believe not.


[Why? I even asked for it.]

[The purpose of the request is so obvious that it doesn’t make any sense.]

[Did you get caught? Still, please. The freezer at my house is full, so I can’t put ice water in it.]

[You can tell Mitsushima.]

[I hope my senior brings it to me.]

It’s hard to say anything about sincerity in a text, but this time it seems like sincerity is showing.
I will especially listen to you. However, this is not free and you will have to pay it back later.

[I get it.]

[Thank you. I’ll give it to you as a reward.]

You’re acting like a five-year-old child.
But why do the corners of my mouth go up?
Does Hiyori have the same expression as me?
With that thought in mind, I tapped the keypad of my phone.

[I do not need.]

[Then what about sexy photos?]

[That might be necessary.]

[Wait a minute.]

When I saw Hiyori’s reply, I wondered if it would be true, but before I could send her a message saying she was joking, Hiyori sent me a photo of herself, and she let out a laugh filled with absurdity.
At the same time, she felt blood rushing to her lower abdomen.

Sticking out her tongue and winking, she places her index finger on the button of her shirt and moves it down to show off her cleavage…
It was because such a photo came.
Judging by the angle and the time spent, it seemed like the photo had been taken beforehand.

Texts with heart emoticons and photos…
They say we can catch them and eat them.
Just try to show some slack tomorrow. It covers it as is.

[Are you satisfied?]

As I was viewing the photo on the big screen by touching it, I suddenly came to my senses when Hiyori’s message followed.

[Do you want to die?]


[Stop being promiscuous.]

[I sent it because you told me to, so why are you nagging me?]

[That’s not it, I’m saying don’t take pictures outside in that pose.]

[This was filmed at home?]

[Then that’s it. Sorry.]


[Go in. Late.]

[I was just about to go. Because I have to play a lot tomorrow.]

[Good idea. Sleep early If you oversleep, you’ll be in big trouble.]


After finishing my message with Hiyori, I lay down on the mattress.
It’s not enough to make my heart pound, but I’m looking forward to it.
What I want most is for the cold war between Miyuki and Hiyori to ease up a little.
Hoping that I could do that tomorrow, I set the alarm early in the morning and closed my eyes.


“There are a lot of buses.”

When I saw the buses lined up in front of the school gate, Miyuki spoke with concern.

“Because it’s a joint first and second year class.”

They seemed worried that they would not be able to manage it well due to the large number of students.
If you’re a brave Miyuki, she’ll be good at anything, but she’s underestimating herself.
There are other student councils, and they plan to deliver instructions to the presidents of each class, so leadership will not be difficult.

“If there is anything I can help you with, let me know.”

“Are you going to come running right away?”


“Is it reliable? “I’ll keep that in mind.”

Miyuki smiles while gently touching my thigh.
I’m confused as to whether he’s trying to reassure me, or if he’s doing it to reassure himself.
I think it’s very likely that it’s both.

After parking on campus, I started walking after hearing Miyuki tell me to get to the bus first because I had to meet a senior student council member.

Carrying her bag and mine, one on each shoulder, I headed towards the first-year bus where Hiyori was, saying hello to the classmates I ran into.

There were a lot of people, but I was able to find Hiyori very easily.
All you had to do was look at the yellow hair, especially the hair that stuck out, and it couldn’t have been difficult.
I carefully made my way through the crowd to Hiyori and called out to her, who was chatting with Miho in a friendly atmosphere.


Then Hiyori turned her head and raised her hand with a bright smile.

“Matsumatsu! Hi.”

She is wearing a plain white t-shirt and short jeans.
The sight of the string of the student ID card hanging around the neck falling down to the chest is subtly sexy.
Surprisingly, there is no exposure, but I wonder if they plan to show off to their heart’s content in the sea.

I took out the two ice water bottles I had promised from my bag and handed them out to Hiyori.

“Take this.”


Hiyori’s exasperation as she received the extremely hard plastic bottle in both hands.
Is that the only impression?
I feel confused as to whether I should call it plain or emotionless.

Hiyori smiled brightly as she glanced at me as she closed her bag, and handed a plastic bottle in her hand to Miho.
And then he gave me the credit.

“Senior took yours too.”

If you look at Hiyori like this, she is very considerate… But she steps on the accelerator when you least expect it.

“Thank you.”

I said this to Hiyori, who accepted Miho’s bow by waving her hand.


“Already? “I should get the award.”

“What award?”

Hiyori took Suichu out of the large suitcase on her back and placed her on top of him, forcing my hands to spread out.

“I told you I would give it to you.”

“Do I really need to criticize you?”

“Not really? Would you like me to pat her on the butt then?”

“I told you to refrain from saying things like that in public, right?”

“What do you think? “It’s not dirty talk.”

“I meant not to say anything lightly. “You can control yourself, right?”

As she made a quiet voice, as if soothing her young child, her mouth closed and her eyes darted back and forth from side to side.
Hiyori seems embarrassed because she remembers the last time I called her by her name.

Feasted on that cute appearance, I handed over the two bags of jelly I had bought in advance to Miho.
Afterwards, I told him to eat with Hiyori on the way and returned to the bus that our class would board.
And there, she found Tetsuya asking the students around her if they had seen Miyuki.

It’s a good day, but I feel bad because I pooped in the morning.
For today, I will never have anything to do with that guy.
While I was thinking that, Miyuki came over here with the vice-captain and said,

“Guys, would you like to stand in four rows in front of me for a moment so we can check the number of people? “If you want to go to the bathroom, we will give you time after the check-up, so go there then.”

The noisy atmosphere suddenly became quiet.
The students gathered in front of Miyuki and aligned themselves.
Miyuki smiled kindly and began counting the excited students one by one with her hands.

This is the moment when Miyuki’s worries about her car become insignificant.
Our Miyuki has a subtle charisma.
When you say something, it makes you want to follow it.

Miyuki came up to me standing in the back, lifted her index finger pretending to count, and then gently pinched my waist without anyone knowing.
After reprimanding her for standing cross-legged, she said she would do one more check inside the bus and gave the students 15 minutes.

As I was watching Miyuki go somewhere again, I looked around her and called out to the bread girl who was timidly taking a bite of bread.



“If you have any extra bread, would you like to exchange it for a drink?”

“Cough… Yes…”

“But don’t you go to the bathroom?”

“I-I don’t have to go…”

“Is that so? Then let’s get on board.”

“Ah, yes…”

What about the swimsuit that the baker wears? I suddenly become curious.
It’s definitely going to be boring, but it also has its ugly side.
Thinking that I would be able to see a different side of many students today, I boarded the bus with the bread girl.

How To Ruin A Love Comedy

How To Ruin A Love Comedy

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