How to Steal the Protagonist’s Woman

How to Steal the Protagonist’s Woman

주인공의 여자를 빼앗는 방법
Native LanguageKorean

There are heroes in this world.

Unlike us lowly people, humans who were chosen by the absolutes.

And I am a human who steals the women of such protagonists.

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This title has been categorized as 'mature', therefore may contain intense violence, blood/gore, sexual content and/or strong language that may not be appropriate for underage viewers.

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  1. Myaha says:

    This’s the best

  2. CrazyMsn says:

    Just read up to the latest chapter at 711, I must say I love the story and can’t wait to see more NTR/NTL and voyeur shit happening.

  3. TheDoor says:

    There is a chapter error here, please fix it

  4. OnlyTruth says:

    Is it ntr

  5. rescum says:

    is this really good? i read prolog/tutorial and the first world, both end after one s*x with the main heroine…it’s really bad if all next world like that.

  6. Vitra says:

    This is definitely the best novel on this website
    Although starting chapter might be a turn off
    Atleast read 10 or so chapters
    protagonist who cares about his harem
    Has real rizz
    No rape or gore(there maybe some parts where he is a bit pushy but that’s done in a charming way)
    Heroines doesn’t jump on him on first sight it takes some time(slow corruption)
    Romance done right

  7. mephi says:

    comment: no rape
    me : looking at rape tag

  8. Arthur says:

    Can someone please explain #non- virgin tag is there

    1. SerenePanda says:

      Means the FML aren’t virgins.

  9. Arthur says:

    Why is Nonvirgin here in this novel

  10. Arthur says:

    Is main characters a dishwasher???

  11. A guy who likes to read webnovels says:

    Wow. There’s voyeurism. With so many chapters, I wouldn’t be surprised if MC does it with the heroines, while the protagonist is peeping.

  12. IWillStealYourGF says:

    Ngl. Some readers might drop this if you only read the first world. But I suggest you guys to continue. It might be obvious but MC will go to a lot of different(genre, theme) world NTR’ing protagonists. Of course some world is kind of boring(but will get better, interesting later).
    What’s more MC might not be smart, but he uses his experiences playing games to solve problem(most of it is rizzing heroines). MC-Heroines interactions is top-notch. There’s also a lot of segs(detailed). Anyway, try it if you have time. It’s definitely worth it. Specially for NTL lovers.

  13. Gone says:

    What does NTL mean?

    1. SerenePanda says:

      Netori, means stealing other people’s girls

  14. Andes Broandes says:

    Caught up to the current latest chapter (959).
    Are there other novel similar to this?

  15. Koni says:

    Discord please

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