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How to Steal the Protagonist’s Woman 1

How to Steal the Protagonist's Woman 1

Chapter 1 – Episode 1 NTL Corporation

There is a protagonist in the world.

Everything revolves around the main character, and whatever the main character does is given meaning and changes the surroundings.

Absolute immutable law.

Ordinary people like us cannot engrave our names historically or become the object of envy that people around the world look up to, no matter how hard we try.

… Unreasonable.

Why the hell

So, should we just look helplessly behind the protagonists and what they achieve throughout their lives?

I did too. Because he wasn’t even a supporting actor, he was just dust in the universe.

Until recently….


Haha… , Babe! I love it!”
Haha, I love it too!”
Haha! I love yours!”

The room illuminated by the soft light was filled with the frivolous groans of the two men and women.

The large room is full of luxurious furniture, and the bed is covered with a curtain, so only the silhouettes of the two can be seen.

But no one knows what they are doing.

The woman showed off her voluminous body in front of the man, rocking her up and down.

And the man moved his waist rhythmically in line with the woman’s movement.

“Baby! I think I’m going!”
Haha. I think it will be cold too!”
“Ha! How excited are you! Wrap it up! Wrap it inside!”

The two of them were close to a couple that could only be seen as lovers, no, moreover, full of affection.

There was no hint of concern about her pregnancy in the woman’s movements.

I just swayed my upper body faster for the pleasure of the man I loved.

However, their climax could not be reached until the end.



A huge explosion was heard. And the intruder’s voice heard with tinnitus.


“You fucking bastard! I will kill you!!”

The sturdy and splendid door tumbled to the floor with the sound of an explosion.

The woman who was riding on top of her man hid behind her own man with her face in her distraught state.

The lying man looked at the intruder with a calm expression.

As if he already knew he was coming….

‘If it dragged on for this long, it would be enough.’

The name of the intruder who broke through the thick smoke was Pelle Lorenz.

Who brought peace to this world….

“You trash bastard! I will kill you!!”

Is the main character

This is the planet WX-9823, which boasts the highest level of security with a crime rate of 0%.

It was Pelo Lorenz who was responsible for creating such perfect security.

By collecting biometric big data of all people in the world, from unborn fetuses to already dead seniors, all crimes that will happen are predicted 100% in advance and the criminals arrested.

On this planet, Pelo Lorenz… He was a real protagonist.

Not until the man next to his own wife shows up….

Pelorenz pointed the gun at the man.

It was a thick-barreled pistol with a futuristic design, and it had just smashed the door.

A weapon that can aim for a double kill if fired now.

“Oh, no! Don’t shoot! Honey!”

The woman, who had been hiding behind the man until now, pointed her gun at the man, and she stretched herself out to block it.


Elastic breasts that sway like a dancer’s wave dance.

It was a scene she had seen occasionally, Pelorenz said, but she felt blood rushing to her penis.

The woman with a beautiful figure was Pelo Lorenz’s wife, Helena.

“How do you… How could that be! How I loved you!”

Helena said nothing.

There was no sign of guilt on her face.

“How… How could you show a side of yourself that you didn’t show in front of me to that trash!!”
“Yeah you!”

Helena shouted at the man again.

“It’s premature ejaculation, how could you make such a face!!”
“However, does it make sense to go back and forth three times?! Uh!”
“Profit! Profit!!!”

Pelorenz’s features twisted and swelled red like they were about to explode.

Helena pushed Pelotnz further to clear her guilt over her infidelity.

“For the rest of my life, three round trips, three round trips, and then, if I’m in good shape, five round trips! I’m not a rat, do I have to have that squeaky sex all the time? Uh?!”
“Uh, how could you… Say that….”

Pelo Lorenz was born with premature ejaculation.

The man on the bed turned his head and laughed inwardly.

Pelorenz looked at her wife with her devastated eyes. His wife, Helena, was known for being the best of her assistants.

There is a famous saying on this planet.

[Pelorenz’s success was possible because of Helena.]

Even the conceited Pelo Lorenz always admitted that.

Pelo Lorenz loved her with all her heart.

Helena was always the perfect wife in front of Pelorents and supported him wholeheartedly.

A woman who is always kind and considerate.

The problem was that Pelo Lorenz never thought that premature ejaculation was a problem because of Helena’s kindness.

He liked me in front of me, so of course I knew that he liked me.

With his intelligence and the technology of this planet, he could have fixed it enough, but he had no time to pay attention to such things.

He had a personality of ignoring and mocking others.

And that led to her arrogance.

I didn’t even think it was a problem.

She took it for granted that her wife sleeping with her was happy.

“You… How… You….”

Pelorenz felt as if he was going to vomit as the dizziness set in. The contempt of his wife, whom he loved dearly, made his body unbearable.

That moment….


“Great profit!”

Pelorenz’s body convulsed and fell forward.

Suddenly, three drones burst through the door, and mechanical voices rang through the room.

– Pelo Lorenz. You are urgently arrested because you are scheduled to commit 72 crimes, including first-degree murder and abandonment of a dead body, special arson, special theft, state rebellion, escape from prison, and various terrorism charges.-


‘Nonsense! Why would I do such a thing!’

Pelo Lorenz shouted and wanted to retort, but the electric shock prevented him from making any rebuttal.

To which she countered as if she couldn’t even trust Helena.

“No, nonsense! My husband would never be the kind of person to do that!”
“Oh, no way!”

As the man behind her own flinched, Helena turned and looked back at her.

“First-degree murder and abandonment of a body…. Could it be us?”
“No, nonsense!”

Admiring her man’s bilingual skills, Helena looked back at her husband in amazement.

‘Oh no!! I never meant to kill you!!’

Pachik Pachik.

“My, my… Hee hee!”

Pelotz tried to assert his innocence with his twisted tongue, but again his electric shocks were applied.

– A summary judgment was made under the authority of the Future Crime Prevention Bureau. Pelo Lorenz, Director of the Future Crime Prevention Agency. The crime you will commit is punishable by 7,283,335 years in prison on the grounds that the crime is so bad that it harms the survival of the country and the safety of the people.-

‘Do not be ridiculous! I am the one who made you guys, you bastards!!!’

Now these drones were the work of Pelo Lorenz.

A state-of-the-art policing drone that can subdue criminals at once.

But the drones didn’t care who their owners were.

One of the drones approached the bed.

-I apologize for intruding without permission as it is related to the lives of the two of you. The cost of all damaged facilities will be compensated by the state….-
“I-I really… Did he try to kill us?”
-Yes, but rest assured. Your lives are now safe.-
“That, he….”
-Pelorenz had his entire spinal nervous system removed because the crime of the prison break was also detected, then he would lie on the floor for the rest of his life in Soran Deux Prison, unable to lift his finger. You can rest assured of retaliation.-
“So, Sorandus….”

At the mention of the fuss deuce, Helena turned her face blue.

Pelle Lorenz, already white, had an expression of despair.

‘Do not be ridiculous! Why me! Why me!!!’

Sorandus Prison was different from the usual prisons.

It is a place where the worst criminals are imprisoned. When you enter it, all nervous systems are removed and you live in a vegetative state for the rest of your life.

A graveyard for living humans.

That’s Sorandus Prison.

And ironically, the prison was built by Pelo Lorenz himself.

After the drones explained, they began restraining Felotz.

“Ahhh! Ugh!”

Three drones clung to Pelorenz, who was struggling ugly, and each began to bind his face, upper body, and lower body.

Helena, feeling guilty as she watched Felotz, could only watch devastated.

The man sitting behind her Helena looked at her restrained Felotz, gave her a fishy smile and wrapped her arms around Helena from behind her.

Helena, embarrassed by the man’s behavior, was at a loss.

“Come on, honey….”
“Since it’s over anyway, shall we finish?”
“Nowhehe. Town.”

The man was holding her from behind, gently holding one of her breasts with her left hand, and stimulating her vagina with her right hand.

Helena turned her head behind her and kissed her, forgetting about the feller Lorenz in front of her.

‘These fuck cubs !!!’

Fe Lorenz, who was restrained, had no choice but to forcibly watch and listen to the caress of the two with the only eyes and ears that could communicate.

Even so, the object attached to Fe Lorenz’s lower body rose as if it were going to burst due to the rush of blood.

The drone lifted the restrained Pelo Lorenz and began flying out of the room.

‘Aaaaa!!! Fuck!!!!’

Pell Lorenz.

He must have known whether it was fortunate that he did not see the intercourse between the two to the end, or whether it would remain as a lifelong regret.



When I opened my eyes, I was inside a cylindrical machine full of blue lights.


And the iron door opened sideways with a mechanical sound.

And a silver short-haired beauty who greets me.

“Thank you for your effort.”
“Yeah, this time was really hard.”

Her name is Armonia, and she is the general manager of all facilities here.

Her expressionless expression is the trademark of this place, and I have never seen even a subtle change in her expression.

Armonia, dressed as a captain, stepped aside so that I could come out comfortably.

I said cheerfully as I exited the cylinder machine.

“How was it this time? Did you get in touch with the agent you commissioned?”
“Yes, I got a call the same day that Fe Lorenz was arrested. He said that he was impressed with his skills that exceeded his expectations, and he even gave me an additional reward along with saying thank you.”
“Oh yeah~”

I walked towards the office with a happy heart. Armonia followed behind.

She watched the situation from my side and recited what I had done.

“It was an excellent choice to buy the [All-round hacking] Temperament and manipulate the Bureau’s information, but I didn’t expect that you would drop Pelo Lorenz to such an abyss.”
“But it was embarrassing because I used too much Enel.”

In fact, Felorenz’s crime did not exist.

I purchased the [Almighty Hacking] Temperament with [Enel], The god’s good.

And by hacking into the Future Crime Prevention Agency, a data-blessed fortress, he nailed all the crimes of Pelo Lorenz that should not have existed.

After all, there is nothing Enello can’t do.

Armonia asked me questions.

“Does it bother you that you have the same temperament?”
“Ah, please. Are you talking about the [Sociopath]?”

Through research, she discovered that Felotz had a sociopathic temperament.

And that temperament, ironically….

Name: Seong Soo-ho

[Calm], [Lord of Provocation], [Flexible Response],… [Sociopath]

I have it too.

Armonia seems to be mistaken that I made him to that point with her kin hatred.

“Hopefully she doesn’t make that point just because her temperament is the same.”
“I can’t leave someone talking like that to me.”

We received a request, the content of which was to plunge Pelo Lorentz into despair.

I remembered the first time I met him disguised as a researcher.

(Hey, are you married?)
(No. I haven’t yet.)
(Nice jobhaha.)
(Yes, isn’t it good for this world when inferior genes like you get marriedhaha, keep living alone like that. Even for the sake of mankind.)

Pelle Lorenz always said that to every employee.

Marriage and reproduction were the privileges of a superior human being like himself, and he looked down on people.

“Even though I fell into the volcanic pit, I took it, the rice kid….”
“No, nothing.

It’s none of my business to say bullshit to other humans….

The problem is that he said that to me.

If Felotz hadn’t talked to me that way, he would have been moderately locked up and finished, but that’s already past.

I had no mercy.

According to Armonia’s report, Pelotz’s spinal nerve system was removed and he would spend his whole life as a living corpse in Soran Deuce, unable to speak or move until he died.

Ah~ I’m satisfied.

Where I stopped, there was an electronic signpost with a large mechanical door.

[COO Office]

After Armonia finished her report, she bowed her head and said.

“I’ll let you know as soon as the next request comes in.”
“Yeah, okay.”

I went into the office by myself.

Unlike the corridors covered with iron, the interior of the office was very splendid.

I dived into the bed in the office.

He thought of Helena with a wide smile.

Hehe. She was a great woman again.”

My name is Seong Soo-ho.

He is the COO here.

He was suddenly summoned by Armonia and is working hard after receiving a plea to raise this place again.

What’s going on?

You saw it above

Eating the main characters’ women and breaking their mentality.

That is….

This is what I do as the COO of [NTL Corporation].

How to Steal the Protagonist’s Woman

How to Steal the Protagonist’s Woman

주인공의 여자를 빼앗는 방법
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
There are heroes in this world.Unlike us lowly people, humans who were chosen by the absolutes.And I am a human who steals the women of such protagonists.


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