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How to Steal the Protagonist’s Woman 9

How to Steal the Protagonist's Woman 9

Chapter 9 – Episode 9 How to Steal the Hero’s Woman (8)

One temperament was added to Viola.


‘A… It’s not like jealousy.’
[It is highly likely that this is Viola’s congenital problem.]
‘Well, I should be satisfied with this.’

A viola with a protruding mouth.

But Viola is pretty no matter what expression she makes….

‘It’s amazing how instincts are…. She must have never even met a man, let alone experienced it.’
[Then, are you starting in earnest now?]
‘No, not yet.’
[… I fully believe in Suho, but I don’t think it’s good if it takes too long.]
‘No, it’s the other way around. Armonia.’

From Armonia’s point of view, you might wonder if you could quickly eat the warrior’s woman and destroy your mentality.

But if it went that way, it was far more likely to backfire.

‘Armonia, when you think about it, do you think your mentality will be broken just by the sense that the hero was taken away?’
[According to my research, statistically it came out that way.]
‘That’s the result. Did you check what happened during that process?’
[… I haven’t figured it out yet.]
‘You didn’t? That’s the problem.’

I explained to Armonia.

What if I sleep here with Viola, gain enough heart and return? If the hero finds out, the mental crack will go right away.

But in the end, the viola is also a woman.

The only person I can rely on is the young warrior, and even if I don’t have a heart, I’ll go back to my original state.

Rather, the young warrior might wipe out the Demon King’s army faster with that work as the driving force of his anger….

NTL is not about rape or adultery, where you just rush into a state of excitement.

Storytelling is necessary.

A series of processes must be carried out step by step, and by showing it to the other person who is not vigilant in an instant, it is to destroy the trust with the woman he trusted.

It is a noble work to make the tower of trust built up by two men and women who thought it was solid and own it little by little from the first floor.

The woman dedicates the tower to me floor by floor, and the man is tricked by the woman he loves and gradually driven to the top of the tower.

A man is trapped at the top because of the woman he loves who gave him all his keys, making him never come out for the rest of his life.

Watching everything in the tower from the top of the tower like that makes me despair.

That’s true NTL.

[I understand. But please keep in mind. Our goal is not to disable our champions. The goal is to weaken it for a while.]
‘Yes? Is there a chance of winning the war just by weakening it?’
[No. Victory has already been lost. The Demon King’s army will be defeated as long as there are heroes.]
‘Then isn’t there a reason we came?’

A detailed explanation could be heard.

It is said that the Zodiac side, which is currently manipulating the demon king character, decided to abandon this place after deciding that there was no chance of winning anymore.

However, even if it was abandoned, in order to attract even a little more Enel until the end, it was tenaciously maintaining this place by giving a revelation to the demon king.

And he said that he had commissioned us as a way to earn that little time.

‘A few months…. No, I want it to shake my mentality for even a few weeks.’
[You’re right. The reward for completing the mission is 20,000 energy. It is a figure suitable for this mission.]

I thought 20,000 energy was a lot, but to Armonia, it seemed like an insignificant figure.

After hearing what Armonia said, I understood the situation.

However… It’s so embarrassing.

I looked at Viola, who was still pouting.


Surely, if she goes on a mission, she might be able to meet another woman as pretty as Viola.


[What’s up?]
‘Armonia! How about this?’

I explained the idea that flashed in my head.


Armonia, who had been listening without reply, spoke as soon as I finished my words.

[Certainly, if it goes like Suho’s words, it will be of great benefit to us. As our reliability increases, it is expected that the quality and quantity of requests will change positively in the future.]
‘What do you think! My motto! Then, how much energy is consumed?’
[Estimated around 18000. But when that happens, Mr. Viola…. It is difficult for me to predict whether she will really want such a life.]
‘Well…. Don’t worry about that.’

I put one of her arms around Viola’s shoulder.


I, who had been quiet for a while, suddenly put my arm on her shoulder, and she looked at me in bewilderment.


A viola that resembles my first love. Until just before her, I had been going through everything with her, assuming that I would break up with her.

But I never wanted to miss the viola.

“Thank you, Viola.”
“Yes? Uh, which one?”
“Thank you for appearing in front of me.”
“Oh, uh! That, that….”

I thought as I held the viola in my arms.

Teaching begins!


Armonia said.

‘With great power comes great responsibility….’
[I never said that.]
‘… Watch him stop talking.’

Seong Soo-ho was enjoying talking to Armonia and kissing Viola.

As Viola began kissing her, she immediately closed her eyes and, mesmerized, she hugged him and she coveted his mouth.

As their red tongues crossed and their love juices mixed, they were seized with deeper and deeper sexual pleasure.

“Chew…. Haeup…. Huh…. Ah….”

As Seongsu-ho opened her mouth, Viola looked at her own body with her loose eyes.

Top clothes unbuttoned like yesterday.

Her shiny white breasts were exposed, slightly sweaty.

Pink areola and nipple.

Seong Soo-ho lowered his head and put the viola’s areola into his mouth.

Viola was startled by the sudden thrill.

“Hass! Oh, the feeling… Weird. Whew….”
“Viola…. Really beautiful….”
“Hass! Because I heard that…. I’m sorry!”

A place that no one has ever shown, a place that no one has ever touched.

I was being harassed to my heart’s content by a man in such a place.

But Viola felt nothing of her displeasure.

Rather, he only wanted her to tease her own breasts more.

However, Sung Soo-ho’s harassment stopped there.

“That that….”

Viola wanted more, but she didn’t know what to say.

She hadn’t opened her eyes to sex yet, so she told her to suck her own breasts in her mouth.

‘Oh, how should I say…. I’m so ashamed….’

Seong Su-ho ignored the viola’s condition and put her right hand inside her skirt as before.

The touch of a rough, warm hand on her own ankle, Viola closed her eyes tightly, trying to recall yesterday’s memories.

But I only vaguely remembered what had happened yesterday.

‘I can’t remember what the hell happened yesterday…. By the way…. I want to suffer again….’

Viola doesn’t remember exactly what happened yesterday, but she wants to experience it again.

Seong Soo-ho gently lifted his skirt and looked at him from his ankles to his thighs.

‘Kyaa~~~ It’s really the best. How can there be no blemishes…. Uh?’
[What’s up?]
‘Wow. Underwear….’

Seong Soo-ho’s underwear was different from yesterday.

Yesterday was plain white underwear with straps on both sides.

But now Viola’s undergarments were gaudy laced undergarments of glossy pink silk.

Seong Soo-ho couldn’t take his eyes off the underwear.

Viola was momentarily embarrassed and covered her face with her hands.

‘What should we do! What should we do! My older brother gave it to me to wear later, but wouldn’t it look weird!? Uh? Whoa!’

However, Viola’s shame was blown away in an instant. Feeling something creeping into her underwear, she pulled her legs together in surprise.

The thighs she unknowingly resists. But the resistance was meaningless.

Sung Soo-ho gently stroked her genital area.

At that moment, his thighs loosened and loosened.

“Hey! Ha… , Ha….”

The thrill that came with just one rub was different from yesterday.

Yesterday it felt like melting his head, but today it was nothing more than a tingling stimulus.

Sung Soo-ho took out his hand and showed it to Viola. His hands were damp and reflected in Viola’s eyes.

It didn’t take Viola long to understand the situation.

But she mistook the liquid from her own vagina for her urine.

“I’m sorry! Ugh…. What should we do…. Pee…. Ugh….”
“Viola, this is not pee.”
“Huh… Yes?”

He explained to Viola that it was the juice that comes out when her man and woman stick together and make love to her.

Viola stopped crying and asked me.

“Then do men come out too?”
“Then show me too.”
“It’s shameful to only show me….”

Viola stuck her mouth out in her pout and looked up at me.

Seong Soo-ho sang joy inwardly.

‘Keua~ I knew you would say that! Viola!’

Seong Soo-ho was happy to take off his pants, but the viola stopped him.

“I will take it off…. Because Suho took it off too.”
“Will you?”

Seongsuho shouted to Armonia through communication.

‘Keuuuuu~ Armonia! There is an angel here!”
[… I don’t know what the current situation has to do with angels, but congratulations.]

Viola got down on her knees and slowly began to pull down Seongsuho’s pants. But she didn’t go down because something suddenly caught on.

‘What is this? What’s in your pocket?’

In Viola’s eyes, something was sticking out of her pants. I tried to pull my pants down, but something kept getting in my way.

“Suho, what is in your pocket? This is fine….”
“Ah, that….”

The viola wanted her pants down, so she grabbed them with both hands and pulled them down.

At that moment, the dark red stick of the viola brushed her lips and went up in front of her eyes.

Viola stared at Sung Soo-ho’s flinching penis in a rigid state.

To Viola, who had never heard of it and didn’t know what the difference between a man and a woman was, the penis was not an object of excitement but of surprise.

“Su-ho! There’s something strange up there!’
“Ah, that’s up to the man in the first place.”
“To a man? What about the woman?”
“That woman….”

Viola instinctively understood the pleasure she felt in her body now, but her intellectual part was still childlike.

Seong Soo-ho explained it simply.

She explained that there is a nursery inside the woman’s stomach, and that the man has an organ that pumps her milk into the nursery.

“Wow! Then, do you need to add milk to make the baby grow?”
“Yeah, when you get married later.”

Armonia admired it in a different way.

[This is really easy-to-understand sex education…. And it’s amazing that Mr. Viola doesn’t have the slightest doubt about that.]
‘Originally, when I was young, everything was like that. Although Viola is not her child….’

True innocence is not about being embarrassed, it’s about being curious.

‘The fact that her face turns red, she covers her eyes with her hands and quips while quivering means she already knows everything.’
[I don’t know about other men, but even though I’ve spent my whole life with the warrior, if he didn’t know that much, it wouldn’t have been common to hide it.]
‘I’m crazy, I’m crazy….’

Sung Soo-ho shook her head and looked at the viola.

Viola was curious and kept looking at her penis. She had a desire to be touched, but she also thought it was rude to touch someone else’s body.

“Viola. Wanna touch it?”
“Ah! Hey, can I touch it?”
“Then… I don’t know about other girls, but you can touch me as much as you want.”
“Wow! But what should I call this….”

Viola is not at all ashamed to look at her penis, and she is rather ashamed of not knowing the name of her penis.

Seongsuho smiled and opened his mouth.

“You can call me cock.”

When Viola heard that, she held her penis with her right hand and gently lifted her testicles with her left, looking at her with her eyes full of awe.


How to Steal the Protagonist’s Woman

How to Steal the Protagonist’s Woman

주인공의 여자를 빼앗는 방법
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
There are heroes in this world.Unlike us lowly people, humans who were chosen by the absolutes.And I am a human who steals the women of such protagonists.


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