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How to Steal the Protagonist’s Woman 10

How to Steal the Protagonist's Woman 10

Chapter 10 – Episode 10 How to Steal the Hero’s Woman (9)

Viola made a look of awe as she carefully touched my penis.

Perhaps from Viola’s point of view, the idea that this organ is important in making a child seemed to feel a sense of wonder, like the birth of life.

He was handling it carefully as if handling some kind of sacred relic.

Pleasure rose each time she rubbed the penis a little.

‘Oh, my dick must be amazing.’
[I think it’s just the feeling of an explorer who discovered something new.]
‘Something like El Dorado?’
[I think it’s at the level of reading the newspapers in the neighborhood.]
‘Hey… It’s great.’

If it’s a bad thorn, if you raise it up a little, it will get worse….

Every time Viola touched my penis, I involuntarily flinched.

When my thing twitched, she mistook herself for doing something wrong.

“I’m sorry. Are you sick?”
“No, it feels good.”
“Are you feeling good?”
“Yes. Didn’t it feel good to touch the viola there too? That’s it.”

Viola nodded to my words and said, ‘What should I do…’ ‘ He muttered.

Maybe I want to give you the same pleasure I experienced yesterday, but I didn’t know how to do it, so I didn’t seem to be able to try.

Then, he opened his mouth with an expression as if he had suddenly thought of a brilliant idea.

“That! Oh baby… Does milk taste good?”
“You can call it semen.”
“Affection… Liquid. Semen!”

An important word was established in Viola’s head.

Champion, I’m making your little brother smarter. Be grateful.

I will educate you well so that I can use that knowledge only for myself.

The appearance of shouting ‘Semen!’ And ‘Pocket!’ From that innocent woman’s face… It was very satisfying.

“Well, then how do I get the semen out?”
“Ah, that….”

I explained to Viola.

It was explained that a man’s semen could be discharged with the help of a woman.

The best thing is to cum inside, but even if it’s not, he explained that it comes out well even if you do it with your hands or mouth.

And getting a great pleasure from coming out….

“Aha…. Then how….”
“Will you do it with your mouth?”
“With your mouth? Yes!”

Viola answered my words immediately and slowly moved her head towards the penis.

Is it better to do it by hand or by mouth?

In fact, if it’s an advantage, it’s definitely the mouth.

In addition, Viola has a sexual temperament called [Kiss].

I was also expecting [Pella] To come out if I used this.

I explained about fellatio.

“Never use your teeth. The surface of the cock is weak, so it is easy to get hurt. Excite them with your lips and tongue.”
“Ah…. I’ll try! Can I just put it in my mouth?”
“No, stick out your tongue and remove the glans… Big!”

Viola began to pat the opening of her urethra with the tip of her tongue.

He was looking up at me with an expression saying, ‘Is this right?’

Viola put her tongue on her penis without real shame.

“Glitches. Little bit.”
“Keuuu, there, okay….”

Even Viola seemed to be able to distinguish whether my expression was pain or excitement.

When she realized that the man was aroused by what she was doing, she began to act aggressively.

“Chuup, chuup, chuup”
“Oh, I like the viola… , There, kuh.”

Viola put her glans in her mouth and rolled his tongue as if savoring sweet candy.

She shuddered at her first pleasure, as Viola had her first sexual pleasure.

She certainly could get the utmost pleasure with her hands.

I’ve lived with my hands, mouth, and eyes until now.

If it’s cheap, isn’t everything the same semen? I thought.

But she felt a completely different pleasure just by changing the way she drew that excitement.

My granddaughter and Fella are the same?

It was the same as saying that English and math are the same.

The only thing they have in common is that they are like sociopaths who make students scream at school?

After all, I was similar to Viola.

It was an ignorant guy who mistakenly thought that the knowledge she knew with her head was everything.

But in the midst of that excitement, an unexpected sound suddenly came.

Knock, Knock, Knock.


In the middle of the action with the viola in the woods, I suddenly heard a knock from my room.

I quietly hid the viola under her window.

The height from the ground to the window frame was up to my waist. It was high enough for the viola to hide her.

She pulled her penis out of her mouth and sat down, fearing that Viola would find out that she was also there.

‘Is it the village chief? A madman at this hour… Should I kill him?’
[You need to calm down.]

A great groan erupted.

Are you disturbing me in my sublime work?

Actually, I thought about hiding too, but I thought it would be a problem if an outsider suddenly disappeared at this time, so I just stood outside the window.

Knock. Knock. Knock.

A knock sounded again.

I said to the door from outside the window. With your pants off….

“Come on in.”

Cheeky, Kiyik.

A woman in her 40s in a maid outfit entered with the sound of a key opening the door.

“I-maybe… Huh? Oh my, are you outside?”
“Ah… Yes. Hey, what happened all of a sudden at this hour….”

The woman who opened the door was the woman who took care of the housekeeping of the village chief’s house.

I heard that he was not from this village, but that he was hired by the lord.

“Sorry for this late night…. That… I was wondering if I could see something called palm reading….”

‘No, you came here to read your palm reading in the middle of this crazy night?’
[Perhaps that woman is busy during the day and can’t come, so she seems to be here now.]

Well, it was a bit pitiful to see the village chief pamper him like a mouse.

It seemed that I couldn’t even be ashamed of it.

Who sees it as slaves and nobles….

‘For a moment! Didn’t this woman continue to live and work here? Rather, it is an opportunity.’
[What opportunity are you talking about?]
‘An opportunity to kick them out.’

Sooner or later, I had to look inside the village chief’s house, but whether there were employees or not was the factor that determined the level of difficulty.

I said with a smile.

“Come over here. I’ll check your palm. Instead, don’t come too close. Now… That… I’m doing something like a ritual….”
“Oh, oh, oh, I’m sorry. For nothing at a time like this….”
“It’s okay. Please come.”

A middle-aged woman, frightened by the word her consciousness, approached me, watching her.

I could feel the expression on my face that I was really sorry.

But I didn’t want to be sorry at all, I just wanted you to go quickly.

“The important thing now is to reach out as much as possible. I like that you drop your body on me.”
“Thank you very much…. I’m worried about my family these days….”

I don’t know what the hell her family worries have to do with her palmistry, but this woman didn’t seem to think that way at all.

I took a quick glance at the woman’s hand, inspected her temperament, and tried to get around her moderately.

“Ah, here. Keugh!”
“Oh! Why, why are you like that!?”
“Oh, no… Big..Haha….”

I couldn’t help but look down in bewilderment.

Viola was biting on her cock as she raised her head and looked at me with piercing eyes.

Chuup, Chuup, Chuup.

Viola was protesting at me as she put her cock in her mouth and pulled it out.

He was putting unspoken pressure on himself, asking what he was doing.

In the meantime, the charm of the viola was that it did not use any teeth at all.

‘Hey, wait! That, stop!’
[Even if you tell me to stop, there is nothing I can do. Would you like to lower your excitement level with Enel?]

There’s nothing Enel can’t do….

But I didn’t want to do that because it felt like losing.

Viola, fearing that I would pull behind her, hugged my thighs tightly.

The look in Viola’s eyes was the kind of look that didn’t matter whether she was tall or not.

How dare you leave me and look at another woman’s hand? In….

I held on to the window frame and persevered.

Fortunately, Viola slowed Fella down as if she felt sorry for me.

But it was visible in my eyes.

Viola’s blushing face….

It was a face that understood the current situation.

Churup… Chuuup….

She was slowly enjoying the cock without being aggressive like before.

Right now, my Cooperac will go out to the vanguard and swim in Viola’s tongue.

But Viola’s expression did not show even a hint of disgust.

Rather, her copper liquid on her tongue seemed to irritate her even more.

And a person who is far from our worldview.

“Gwa, are you okay? Aigoo, because of me….”
“Okay, it’s okay. First of all, huh… Sooner or later, big… Bad thing, uhhh.”

The content was that it would be better to return to the family home sooner or later.

It was a bullshit that he would be in big trouble if he didn’t.

I covered it roughly, feeling the touch of Viola’s lips with my cock.

The woman who saw my trembling excitement was afraid, but she handed me something.

“This, this… Big!”
“Hey, it’s an extra key. The chief told me to lock it, but I thought I wouldn’t be able to go to the bathroom properly….”
“Go, thank you… , Big.”
“Thank you so much for today. I will definitely listen to that!”

After saying thanks, the woman hurried out of her room.

Now, only me and Viola are left here.

A situation where you can have a conversation without looking at each other.

But neither of us had any conversation.

I leaned over the window sill and slightly spread my legs. Viola, ignoring me, came naturally between her legs, knelt down on her knees, and focused on her fella.

Viola’s expression now was the same expression she had seen yesterday and today.

A kiss and a look of ecstasy.

She was giving her her pleasure as much as she kissed her now her fella.

“Chewup… Haeup… Churup….”
“It’s great… Quit….”

It was a fella that did it for me, not ruthlessly putting in and taking out like before.

“I think I will come out!”
“Churup, chuup, chureup.”

Catching my rising voice, the viola gradually increased its speed. Her pace eventually disabled my testicles.

The sperm escaping through the vas deferens stimulated my lower abdomen, and when force entered the lower abdomen, the penis expanded and the semen ejaculated into Viola’s mouth.

“Huh! Whoa…. Chew.”
“What! If you suck there!”

Viola swallowed her sudden semen and sucked out the remaining semen from her urethra.

Pleasure stained with pleasure.

The feeling of ejaculation I felt now was an experience so intense that I had never felt it in my life.

Viola removed her mouth from her penis.

White turbid stains on her red lips.

Viola, with a face that charms men, looked up at me and smiled softly.

“Semen… It’s written. Whoops.”


After we finished the Fella act, we went into the room and lay down.

Originally, it’s an atmosphere where we should have sex, but it’s still there.

I wanted to savor her slowly.

Anyway, it hasn’t been long since the warrior came and went.

Viola made her apologies as she lay in my arms.

“… I’m sorry.”
“I’m really sorry, I made you angry because of me.”

I explained it properly.

I explained that I had no choice but to do it because I thought it would come again if I sent her back without checking her palm readings.

“I was worried that Viola would get scolded because of me….”

Viola was rubbing against my arm and laughing briskly.

‘I’ll have to send Viola away and try to plan her plan more properly.’
[But suddenly I have a question.]
‘Like what?’
[Viola wonders how she got here so easily. Obviously, it’s not usually easy to come out under the strict guard of the vigilante….]
‘… Is that right?’

He is not a vigilante who will listen to Viola’s request.

You yourself will be fully aware of it. If Viola and I meet, something really bad will happen….

Even so, Viola is easily in and out of this place.

“Viola, I have a question.”
“Yes, please.”
“How do you get here? The area around there is heavily guarded.”
“Ah…. There is a secret passage in the basement of the house.”

Viola says there is a secret passage in the basement of the house, she says.

She told me that the house had been there since she first lived there.

“My brother made something to tell me to run away in case of a dangerous situation.”
“By the way, Viola….”
“Can you tell me that?”

Speaking of secret passages, isn’t that a place you should never tell anyone about?

“It’s okay. No one can enter without permission.”
“That’s interesting….”
“Then why are you asking all of a sudden?”
“I wanted to see Viola’s house. I tried to go before, but the vigilante stopped me.”

Hearing my words, Viola put her chin on my chest and looked up and smiled brightly.

“Wow! Would you like to come to my house this time?”

How to Steal the Protagonist’s Woman

How to Steal the Protagonist’s Woman

주인공의 여자를 빼앗는 방법
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
There are heroes in this world.Unlike us lowly people, humans who were chosen by the absolutes.And I am a human who steals the women of such protagonists.


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