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Possessed as an Academy Rapist

Possessed as an Academy Rapist

아카데미 강간범으로 빙의했다
Native LanguageKorean

He died after being falsely accused of rape and was possessed in a game.
But then they tell me to rape them.

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  1. K.Rot says:

    You should be a rapist, not a good person 🤦

  2. Clown says:

    Esperando a que Pablo haga un resumen sobre esta obra…

  3. Rant says:

    This sucks.
    Misunderstanding that never get cleared and make the relationship of mc and the main girl go nowhere, mc is always feeling guilty and doing shit in order to be hated and separate himself from those who like or try to understand him.
    Girl begins to understand my actions uhhh she shouldn’t sympathize with trash like me better I deny all her guesses and do a dumb villain sneering.
    Girl who have been helping me all this time and I like says she loves me uhh she shouldn’t be with trash like me I better trample on her confession and make her cry.

  4. Drake says:

    Academy rapist 💀💀💀

  5. TheDiir says:

    At first it was disappointing but afterward it was very enjoyable

  6. Rinrin says:

    I regret read this. Mc is kinda hypocrite? You a bad man bro stop using excuse you got wronged when you literally take pleasure doing what tf you doin in here

  7. Dkragoon says:

    I read the title and the genres (by far, I have not seen any kind of romantic scene or tragedy, so The romance and tragedy tags are just for there to see), and the first chapters hook me in. I thought I had finally found a novel in which the title is not a clickbait.

    The guy is Korean who was accused of rape in a court and was sentenced. After that he is transmigrated in a novel and has the ability to increase his strength through commiting crimes ( rape). At the beginning, I pitied him. The main character feel sadness, guilty, remorse that he has to do that to survive. Moreover, the girls or women have to suffer. They must be humiliated, should feel pain, disgust at themselves for the pleasure in the sexual act like a normal person and not bitches in heat who feels pleasure just because the member of the Mc is thick and large, and hatred against the Mc for the ability to work and avoid a penalty.
    Later this go to waste.
    The MC is hypocrite. In some chapters he enjoys the rape, there have uncountable events he could have avoided raping a girl, but decided to go for it, and in others he feels bad for what he did and acts as a good moral person who consider the other feelings. This happens again and again.
    The author doesn’t decided between being a scum or a hero MC.

  8. fuckinghatecliffhangers says:

    Lots of drama. Story is interesting but the chapters went dry at one of the worst moments. Fucking cliffhangers man. ch240 and I want to rip my hair out at what’s currently happening, but no more chapters!

  9. David says:

    I read till chapter 123, but i just can’t anymore. It’s not a bad novel, I just can’t handle the amount of guilt the protagonist feels for raping the “heroines”, and the very real trauma the heroines go throw. MC never explains himself, he wants the heroines to hate him, because he thinks he deseves it. Well he kind of does, but also doesn’t. Morallity and Stuff. I stopped reading, when the last rape victim had flashbacks of being abused by her uncle. So be warned, this Story does not spark joy.

  10. Pablo says:

    Bueno Sr Payaso soy Varita mágica no bomba Atómica jajaja, de por sí ya estoy abusando a leer 4 al mismo tiempo y no puedo con todas, estoy leyendo obras que salieron ya hace tiempo, pero ahora también salen más actuales y pues simplemente no puedo.
    Ahora bien, viendo esto, no creo que sea un MC agradable de leer tmr, violar por qué te acusaron de violador? No sé, no le veo desarrollo o trama al MC, seguro las waifus estarán de ptmr pero con un MC basura la verdad quita ganas de leer. Pero haré el intento de leerlo más adelante .
    Tenganme paciente chicos, soy solo yo contra el mundo XD

  11. Nguyen says:

    It’s quite good compared to brain dead seg seg seg all the time

  12. Clown says:

    Grande pablo no olvidaré tu sacrificio, esta noche te dedicaré una. 🙏

  13. pupstime says:

    very interesting

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