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Black-Haired Alien From Another World

Black-Haired Alien From Another World

이세계 검은 머리 외국인
Native LanguageKorean

I went to another world, but there are no cheats or anything.
E-class adventurer Katt Kim’s survival story in another world

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This title has been categorized as 'mature', therefore may contain intense violence, blood/gore, sexual content and/or strong language that may not be appropriate for underage viewers.

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  1. Youto01 says:

    what is plot summery ??poison testing

  2. Trashtaste says:

    Read to 30ch.
    Wth is this, this is just meh story.
    Its about man who got transfer into another world. How? I don’t know, its never explain.
    Despite being from another world, he don’t have any perk or op skill. He an e rank adventure, with no skill.
    Story only focusing about MC struggle in another world, yada yada i am weak, i get it domt need to rub it into my face every 5 chapter.
    And there is no seggs either, until ch 30 where i last read, there is no seggs or indication he will have seggs. So i guess author just give up about story telling midway and just slam the story toward seggs after no one read novel

  3. deos says:

    read up to 178 chapter. And I can’t fucking agree with the above comment, the Mc is literally one of the few real Chads in novels I read.

    bunch of spoilers:
    He somehow managed to not starve to death and being killed by random mobs in the beginng, while literally only have the ability to understand language of the other world and being a normal human whatsoever. Then he found relatively stable way to somehow survive by being an “adventurer”. Managed to adapt to life in middle aged world, survived shit ton of battle encounters, learned basic surviving skills and weapons handling.
    After the initial period of struggle he upgraded the rank and met his 1st woman. Applied to professional to learn swordmanship. And I’m assuming, because there was a mention of mana, later he will learn it as well and become even stronger.
    While all of it was happening, as a reader you could literally see how his relationship with colleagues and women progressed, how his morales from the modern world gradually change, how he grew his will and transformed himself from a guy who feared for his life at every turn to someone who showed bravery while facing bunch of weaker opponents than himself to someone who eventually faced being far more powerful than himself.
    The Seggs part…. I gotta say it’s one of the several if not the only novel where the relationship with woman progress gradually and the lovers introduced in the beginning are not forgotten after 50 chapters, on the other hand, the interactions between the characters increase and then they integrate into mc’s permanent party. Overall, there were 2-3 smut chapters after 50(if I’m not mistaken) every 15-20 chapters or a bit more. Well, harem, soo, bunch of singe heroine sex and threesomes.
    So far 3 Heroines had relationship with Mc and 2 of them became his party.

    I guess that’s it, dude managed to somehow build a harem, wealth and power to some superhuman level in another world with no fucking abilities whatsoever. Literally the most hardcore difficulty that I’ve seen in long time.

    (mana didn’t happen up to 180 chapter, but I assume since there are more than thousand and there were mentions about adventurers above D has mana, Mc is Mc, he will find a way to obtain the method to gather it)

  4. deos says:

    phahahaha, literally next chapter this mf unlocked mana in mids of the battle, HAHAHAHA

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