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Possessed as an Academy Rapist 270

Possessed as an Academy Rapist 270

Chapter 270 – Awakening

Episode 270 – Awakening

Bang! Quagwang! Quagwagwang!

Workshops come and go without stopping.

Luan, who was consumed by the demonic spirit, withstood the joint attacks of his companions with his almost infinite regenerative power and poured out attacks like crazy.

Each one of them is so fatal that it is difficult to even let them go.

If this continues, the party’s stamina will run out first.

‘You have to bet on winning.’

Isis gazed at the Valkyrie’s spear.

Although I haven’t had a chance to use it until now, this window has some unique technology built into it.

I excluded it because it consumes too much magic power and takes a lot of time to prepare, but this skill is necessary to pierce Luan’s defense.


After striking Luan’s fist away, Isis stepped back and sent a warning message to the group.

-Can we all buy some time? I have a secret skill. However, it takes a lot of time to prepare this. Please do me a favor.

-All right. I will try to hold on somehow.

Abel agreed without hesitation.

As soon as the companions gave permission to follow him, Isis retreated and prepared his unique technique for her.

“My fighting spirit. “Please give me the killing blow.”

Along with chanting, magical power is injected into the Valkyrie’s spear, compressing and accelerating it.

At the same time, the divine power further amplified the amount of magical power and raised the level of the attack itself, granting it special power.


Continue to the end without giving up.

Thanks to her enlightenment, Valkyrie’s spear contained the power to pierce everything.

In order to prevent this, transcendent will and power to shake the laws of the world were needed.

At least the current Luan doesn’t have that kind of power.

-Everyone, step back!

Unity of creation and body.

After conveying her will to everyone, she turned herself into a spear itself and was launched at Luan.


At a speed that far surpasses even sound, the surrounding scenery blurs and soon becomes colorless.

In a world dyed white, she rushed forward with only one goal.

“Damn it!”

Luan reacted late and tried to block Isis, but the spear was not blocked by such light resistance.

The spear very easily broke down the demon’s defenses and pierced his heart.


An eerie sensation was conveyed.

My body trembles uncontrollably at the thought that I destroyed Luan’s heart, not anyone else’s.

Isis looked at Luan’s face.

“Kaaaaa… Four years. “What have you done!”

Luan struggled to pull out the spear.

With his infinite regenerative power, he could have easily ignored the fact that his heart had been shattered, but he could not suppress his agitation of his.

That was proof that her attack had the desired result.

From the beginning, she had no intention of killing Luan.

It was natural? No matter how much she was consumed by demonic spirits, how could she kill the person she loved without regret?

It’s really selfish, but she gambled with everyone’s lives.

I hope this blow reaches him.

The spear that pierces everything removes the control of the demonic spirit, even if only for a moment, so that Luan can wake up.

So she didn’t necessarily aim for the head, but the heart.

Isis let go of her spear and approached Luan. She went into his arms, as if hugging him, and she gently caressed his distorted cheek.

And raise your tiptoes.

“Luan. Come back please. “To you, the one I loved.”

With her confession, he gently placed his lips on her blood-stained lips.


“Oh, was it too much?”

I lost the battle with the devil.

Currently, her limbs are being suppressed by each woman and her face is buried in Iris’ huge breasts.

The women’s rich scent and soft touch are conveyed not only on the face but also on the entire body.

It’s a very happy situation to call it the end, but it doesn’t change the fact that it’s dangerous. If things continue like this, you will truly be swallowed up by the devil.

But no matter how hard she tried, her bound body wouldn’t budge.

It was clear that they had the upper hand in the beginning, but victims who could not even remember where they came from mushroomed like mushrooms.

To the point where I wonder to myself when I raped so many women.

But what I can’t deny is that I actually raped all the women.

Oh, except for just one person.

“Why does Roxana really exist?”

Did you really rape Roxana without me remembering?

When on earth?

“It’s because of you! Deborah is gone because of you!”

I asked a question to Roxana, who mentioned Deborah earlier.

“Roxana. What did I do? “Why Deborah?”

“You ruined Deborah and me! “Everything is ruined because of you!”

“So what did you do? “Did I really rape Roxana?”

“Okay! You were like that in the beginning too. You pretended like you didn’t know anything and harassed me when I was doing her a favor! “You piece of trash.”

“This is your first time? What is that… KEEEK!”

As I was about to ask more questions, I was incapacitated by a strong hand strangling my neck.

The owner of the hand was Deborah.

“Say no more! Just die!”

I don’t know if it was a coincidence or really, but she acted as if she didn’t want the full story about the Roxana rape incident to be revealed.

The wind is so strong that visibility is already getting dark.

‘Shit. Is it really the end like this?’

The moment when you sense the end.


The pitch-black sky shattered, and a huge spear fell from within.

The space is colored white and purified around the area where the window was placed.

“Valkyrie’s Spear?”

After realizing the identity of the window, I looked at the sky again.

Isis is there.

She whispered desperately and earnestly with her tear-stained face.

-Luan. Come back please. To you whom I loved.

And with a confession, our lips touch.

At the same time, the light pouring from the open ceiling hit the women who were controlling their entire bodies.




As if to prove that it was indeed the devil’s work, the women’s beautiful appearance turned into an ugly sight, and they screamed and disappeared.

Having gained freedom, I walked towards the window.

I put my hand on that huge yet familiar window and say thank you.

“Thank you. Isis.”

I never thought I would come to rescue you like this, even though I heard such harsh words the day before.

He even confessed.

She couldn’t die here, even if only to give her answer.

“Then let’s go.”

I climbed onto the window and went beyond the open ceiling.

A different white world from where we were just now.

What was waiting at the end was a hideous black heart and an unexpected person.


“Are you here? “It took a long time?”

Ruan Friuli.

As I guessed, he, the original owner of the body, was now standing in front of me.

‘As expected.’

In fact, I was subconsciously feeling it, but the current me was like Lee Hyeon-woo.

As I looked down at my palm, which was a little darker and more rugged than the body I had become accustomed to over the past year, Luan Friuli came closer.


I pushed him on the shoulder like a friend.

“What are you thinking like that? “Shouldn’t we get out quickly?”

“… I have to go out. But you… “What’s your business?”

I thought it just disappeared the moment I was possessed, but it seems it remained in the mental world.

Are you now saying that you are going to take away the initiative of the body?

When I became alert, the guy chuckled and shook his head.

“Hey, don’t be scared. I don’t really have any regrets about my body. In the first place, I was just a residual thought.”

“Residual thoughts?”

“Okay. The real Ruan Friuli should be serving the goddess by now, right? “I must have done a lot of bad things.”

Still, I briefly wondered if it was right to arbitrarily steal someone else’s body, but I decided to put that concern aside.

First of all, what’s in front of you is important.

“Then I’m glad. Then what? “Are you just waiting here to chat?”

“No. “I just want to ask you one last favor.”


“Okay. Did you see it too? My sister likes you very much. Make me jealous.”

No matter how much residual thought he had, he seemed to share the main body’s emotions with a bitter expression.

He must have been angry and disappointed that even his own flesh and blood loved the soul that entered instead of his real self.

The guy immediately smiled and held out his hand.

“So, please take good care of my sister.”


“Okay. Make me happy. Rape in moderation. “You bastard.”


I couldn’t say anything.

He intends to make Isis happy with all his might, but he is not confident enough to rape her.

In the end, it has to be done when a dangerous situation arises.

As I was hesitating, Luan Friuli grabbed his hand like a man in frustration.

“It’s a joke. Joke. I will see what you do to protect your sister. Instead, keep at least what makes you happy. “If tears come from my sister’s eyes, I will never forgive her.”

“Of course. “Do it even if it means risking my life.”

“Good. I like it. “Then I’m sorry for the last time.”


“I can’t stand to see my sister suffer. “You must become Isis Friuli’s man and younger brother.”

“What is that… Ugh!”


At the same time, Ruan Friuli’s body turned into light and began to be absorbed into me.

All kinds of memories pass through my mind. It was the life of Ruan Friuli.

Every time those memories came up, I could vividly feel the emotions and thoughts at the time.

It feels like integration.

My body also gradually changed from Hyunwoo Lee to that of Luan Friuli.

“This was the purpose!”

Lest Isis feel guilty for abandoning his brother, this bastard wanted me to be the true replacement for Ruan Friuli.

Now, for me, Isis has become my beloved woman and sister.

My plan to enjoy the sense of immorality of my in-laws without feeling guilty about violating forbidden territory was shattered.

Now I have to become an inbred.

“Son of a bitch.”

But even though I was fooled by his trick, I didn’t feel bad.

Because I was so happy that Isis didn’t have to suffer.

Could it be that this is also the result of being influenced by Ruan Friuli?

“Ha… Well, I guess that’s fine.”

Since you don’t feel any serious side effects right away, let’s just ignore it.

I hurried my steps towards the black heart.

Exciting! Exciting!

Even at this moment, my heart, which was continuously beating, was trying to pollute my mental world.

“I’ll blow it up right away.”

I put my hand on my heart.

If you just hold your finger like this, your heart will explode.

At that time, a voice came into her head.

-Stop! Even if you kill me, the demonic power that has taken over your body will not disappear! Rather, the demon energy that has lost control will destroy your body!

“Is that so? Are you okay? Because there is a way.”

-Nonsense… !


I destroyed my heart without even hearing everything.

With that, the force that was implicitly suppressing the soul disappeared, and the spirit quickly rose to the surface.

As control over my body returned, I finally opened my eyes.

‘The scenery is killer.’

As soon as I came to my senses, the first thing I saw was Isis kissing me, so I couldn’t help it and stuck out my tongue.


When the tongue came between the teeth, Isis was startled and made a nasal sound.

His wide-open eyes found me and soon tears started flowing.

She hugged me and clung to me.

As I grabbed her slender waist and ran my tongue around her, a cold voice reached my ear.

-Do it in moderation, right?

-It’s so good, it’s killing me?

It was Deborah and Alyssa.

The two were glaring at me and Isis with jealous faces, as if asking when they had been worried.

As if feeling his gaze, Isis quickly got out of her arms.


I clicked my tongue in regret.

Possessed as an Academy Rapist

Possessed as an Academy Rapist

아카데미 강간범으로 빙의했다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
He died after being falsely accused of rape and was possessed in a game.
But then they tell me to rape them.


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