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Possessed as an Academy Rapist 271

Possessed as an Academy Rapist 271

Chapter 271 – Awakening

Episode 271 – Awakening

Isis stepped back, lightly adjusted her hair, and then looked at Luan’s body.

“Lu, Luan. I’m glad you’re safe. “Are you hurt anywhere?”

“Huh. I’m fine. Sister. Thank you for your concern.”

Luan smiled softly.

The moment Isis faced that smile, she flinched. That’s because that smile and the voice calling me sister reminded me of someone I miss.

“Lu, Luan… ?”

I know that this man in front of me is not my younger brother.

But now, he can see the pure image of Luan as a child, as well as the image of Luan who became a mess after going astray.

She thought so, even though she knew in her head that it couldn’t be so.

Isis reached out her trembling hand and touched Luan’s cheek.

“My eyes… Is it strange?

“Why do you think that?”

“You… I feel like you are my little brother. “Isn’t it funny that you gave up on being your older sister, and now you have this illusion?”

Isis felt a strong sense of guilt.

I felt so sorry for confusing the two when I had already chosen love over my younger brother.

But instead of being offended by her words, Lu An lightly shrugged her shoulders.

“Specifically? In some ways, it seems natural, right?”

“What… ?”

“Actually, I met that guy inside.”

“That guy?”

“I mean Luan Friuli. “He didn’t disappear completely, he stayed inside.”

Luan pointed to her head.

“Luan… Was it there?”

“Huh. She said she was resigning to stay, but she said she was taking care of her older sister. Then she said she couldn’t bear to see her sister suffer, so she arbitrarily became one with me. Her memories are a bit mixed up, so I guess that might confuse her with her brother? “Is this a bit disappointing?”

“S-sorry. “I’m sorry.”

Isis’ face was bright even as she apologized.

She may have been rude to Luan, but she was so happy that her younger brother valued her so much and that they had become one.

Thanks to this, I don’t have to give up on either love or my sister.

‘Thank you Luan.’

She gave a big gift to herself who was really suffering.

The corners of the mouth draw lines arbitrarily.

Luan frowned and pinched her cheek, as if she was dissatisfied with Isis.

“Don’t you like it too much? “Do you really like him better than me?”

“Oh, no. Both are precious.”

“Doesn’t that seem a bit strange?”

“Jeez, it’s true. “Otherwise I wouldn’t have come here.”

This was sincere.

If he had chosen her younger brother instead of Luan, he would have stayed at the academy and watched, even if he had been kidnapped or not.

After receiving her confirmation, Luan smiled and whispered playfully.

“Well, if that were the case, you wouldn’t have kissed in front of everyone, right? “You mean it’s quite unconventional?”

“Well, that was to wake you up…”

“Okay? “I saw her tongue moving quite actively earlier.”


“Puhaha! Okay. I’ll stop. Calm down.”

When Isis blushed and shouted at her embarrassing remark, Luan laughed and stroked her head.

Isis pouted as she felt like she was being treated like her younger sister, but in reality she didn’t feel that bad.

No, to tell the truth, it’s quite good.

‘I want to keep being stroked…’

But happy times have an end.

Luan tidied her hair and looked at her with a serious expression.
“Then… What are you going to do? Do you plan to fight more?”

There was a golden ghost there.

He, who had been silent since Lu An woke up, chuckled and opened her mouth.

“I never thought I would escape from the devil’s control. Should I say it’s surprising? Or should I say that too? “You are amazing too.”

“Stop talking nonsense. If you’re going to attack, get out quickly. If you’re going to attack, attack quickly.”

“Ahahaha! Are you so confident? You really think I don’t know? You can’t fight yet. Right?”


Luan was silent.

Isis looked at the two nervously, wondering if something was wrong.

The answer came from a golden ghost.

“Even though you have gained control of your body, the power of the demonic spirit still dominates your body. If you try to use magical power hastily, you will end up becoming a true demon. “You would know, right?”

“Okay. You’re right. But it doesn’t matter if I don’t have to step forward. The power here alone is enough to kill you. So if you don’t want to die, get out.”

The two continued their standoff for a while.

The situation that continued like that ended with a concession, not a concession, by the Golden Ghost.

“I admit it. This is my loss. But keep in mind. This is not the end. I will definitely win next time.”

“Do whatever you want. You faggot. Because I have no intention of losing for the rest of my life.”

“… Next time, I won’t let you say you’re gay. Be prepared.”

The golden ghost must have been scratched by the word gay, so he said that as if he was making a promise and disappeared.

Isis immediately tried to question Luan.



“You idiot!!”

If it weren’t for the sudden intruder.

Deborah and Alyssa pushed Isis back and took the seats on either side of Luan, pouring out all their worries.

Isis felt jealous for a moment, but then burst into laughter.

I fully understood the feelings of the two, and more than anything, I was a latecomer.

‘I need to work harder in the future.’

I will make sure that I become the biggest in Luan’s heart someday!

That’s what Isis decided.

At that time, when she clenched her fists, Lu An pushed Deborah and Alyssa away.

“There are a lot of things I want to say, but let’s leave that for later. “You have to go outside first.”

“Ah yes! Help Master!”

“Huh! “Get on my back!”

After reaching a consensus, the party quickly began to leave the Dark Church’s stronghold.

For reference, Luan was being carried on Alyssa’s back.



Blocked by an intangible fist, dozens of Death Knights are destroyed at once.

Cain rushed towards Huscular in that gap.

Bang! Quagwang! Kwaaang!

As the black magic and the intangible fist collided, a series of loud noises rang out.

Huscular’s strength lies in its overwhelming amount of magic power and endless undead legions, but it was not lacking in anti-human magic.

Rather, she would have had the upper hand had it not been for Cain injecting an intangible force into her heart, amplifying her physical abilities.

After a few battles, Cain quickly retreated from Huscular.

Let’s go!

A sword strike passes by just in the nick of time.

In just a few seconds, the shattered Death Knights were revived.

They even keep joining.

Although Leona was holding on to as many undead as possible, it was inevitable that her stamina would be consumed over time.

She was getting more and more tired, and the number of undead she was missing was increasing.

But you can’t ask for help either.

[Kyakyakya! You’re doing quite a bit! Get this too!]

“There is no way!”


Roxana looked busy, doing her best to block her demon sword Callisto.

If things continue like this, there is no chance of winning.

‘What can I do?’

Cain prepared to make his final move.

This technology is so risky that it can rightly be called a suicide device. Even if you successfully use it, it doesn’t make you noticeably stronger.

It just increases the possibility of jumping over the wall blocking your path.

In other words, it is essentially gambling.

So she didn’t want to use it, at least until that guy Luan came.

Although it was a priestly relationship that was forced upon Sarah, since he became her teacher, he had to fulfill his role properly.

The moment when Cain tried to activate her skill with regret.


The rubble covering the entrance collapsed, and the group that had entered earlier escaped.

Luan was also mixed in.

“You’re a little late.”

Laughing, Cain shook off the Huscular with a powerful blow and landed in front of Luan.


Cain spoke calmly without looking back despite Luan’s call.

“I’m only going to say this once, so listen carefully. From now on, I will unify my imagery and magical power.”

“Unification of imagery and magic power? “Is that possible?”

“Possible. It’s a technique I created using the Shinma Geukyeong that you taught me and my enlightenment.”

Cain raised her index finger.

On top of that, the intangible magical energy compressed and rotated to form a small sphere.

It’s Kang Hwan.

“Injecting Kang-hwan into the upper chamber.”

“Yes? Wait. It’s too dangerous!”

“Know. That’s why I’m saying it now.”

“Stop! “No!”

Cain brought her index finger between her eyes despite Luan’s restraint.

Kang-hwan attacks the skin and penetrates into the upper part of the body.


At that moment, the world shook.

To be precise, Cain’s inner world was in a state of upheaval due to a sudden intruder.

As the inner world was forcibly expanded by Kang Hwan’s power, it broke, shattered, and shook as if it would collapse at any moment.

However, fortunately, his strong inner world withstood that drastic change.

Although it was only a temporary reprieve, there are still no signs of collapse any time soon.

Cain raised his head.

It was clearly the same world as before, but his eyes were seeing something different.

The great laws that run this world and the nature of mana are not clear, but they are starting to become visible, even if only vaguely.

His soul dwells in the nothingness he pursues, and he is reborn as a law that distorts the world.

His martial spirit is formless.

Since there is no form, you cannot see it, and therefore you can reach what is formless.

Cain saw the evil spirit hiding behind the Huscular’s shell.

“I didn’t think of a name, so you can come up with it later.”


“Then look carefully from now on. This is my last class.”


The moment he took one step, Cain’s body itself became intangible.

Take a step out of the dimension, overcome the laws of physics without any restrictions, and reduce the distance to Huscular to zero.

Cain threw out his fist.


It was only a single blow, but thousands of blows exploded in a split second.

Huscular, which had remained healthy despite the ongoing attacks, allowed the attack for the first time.

Huscular glanced at the weak, shaking arm and ripped it off without any hesitation.

Quad deuk!

Blood spurted out from my shoulder.

However, Huscular focused his magic power on his arm as if he felt no pain.

Wow! Wood clatter!

Then his arm sprouted like a tree growing.

Hercule narrowed her eyes.

“Interesting use of magical power. “I never thought I would force myself to raise my spirituality and surpass her level.”

“If you know, don’t let down your guard. Because it’s full of loopholes.”

Cain, who had already reached her, continued her offensive without any time to catch her breath.


The Huscular that blocked the blow bounces away.

Cain caught up even faster and split into dozens of forms in an instant.

He was intangible, and intangibility was he.

Because it does not exist anywhere, it can exist anywhere at the same time.

Even if Cain drew dozens of shapes, he repeatedly returned to one and attacked from various angles from unpredictable places.

Gradually, Huscular’s defense broke down, allowing more attacks, and her blows accumulated.

Destruction caught up with the regeneration of the body, and eventually Huscular reached a point where he could no longer move.

In the meantime, his expression does not change.

Cain chuckled and rubbed his temples where his veins were prominent.

He was slowly reaching his limit.

If you delay just a little longer, your inner world will collapse, and you will lose your breath.

Cain gathered his concentration

“Huscular. It’s very relaxing. Are you under the illusion that you are immortal?”

“Immortal… That’s my wish. But everything is relative. “Except for very few beings, I am infinitely close to immortality.”

“You’re arrogant. Only then will it be worthwhile to kill.”

“Impossible. “You can’t do it.”

“We’ll have to wait and see. “Don’t regret it.”

Cain gathered all his knowledge in his fist.

He further tightens his already unstable inner world, solidifies his image, and captures his life itself in one blow.

At this moment, Cain was certain.

‘I can reach it.’

I hope this fist can cause a big crack in his face. I hope it leaves a scar that will never be erased for the rest of my life.

Cain knitted her own nothingness and soul into one.

“Island of Extinction.”

The power to destroy even the soul was born.

A look of astonishment appears in the eyes of Huscular, who has always been calm.

“That… !”

“Did I tell you? “Don’t regret it.”

“Oh, no… !”

“It’s already too late.”


As soon as those words fell, Cain’s fist rushed like light and pierced Huscular’s soul.

Possessed as an Academy Rapist

Possessed as an Academy Rapist

아카데미 강간범으로 빙의했다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
He died after being falsely accused of rape and was possessed in a game.
But then they tell me to rape them.


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