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How to Steal the Protagonist’s Woman 11

How to Steal the Protagonist's Woman 11

Chapter 11 – Episode 11 How to Steal the Hero’s Woman (10)

As soon as I woke up in the morning, I remembered what happened yesterday.

(When the sun goes down tomorrow, please come out to the village chief’s house or the backyard. I’ll meet you!)

Yesterday, Viola seemed elated with the joy of having someone visit her house for the first time.

But now the problem was me.

“Ah, palm reading is annoying….”
[Still, looking at it yesterday, I’m glad it doesn’t consume almost any energy now.]

It was as Armonia said.

But the problem wasn’t palm reading, it was women.

The woman came and read her palm, was amazed, and then stood in line again to read her palm. This cycle continued over and over again.

It’s really annoying to say the same thing….

But that’s a day or two, and after a few days, it’s annoying to death.

I went out into the living room to eat.

But unlike yesterday, there was a grumbling village chief in the living room.

“What are you doing?”
“… The person who was doing housework here quit because there was something urgent. Shibural, I don’t think you need to bring a meal….”

The village chief explained that the hired woman had carried her luggage since morning and rushed out.

He hadn’t noticed until yesterday, but he suddenly went out and said that he was in trouble.

I didn’t even think that it would pop out in one day.

“Well, now that it’s like that, Bob will have to deal with it on his own. … Any objection?”

Looking at her eyes, she had an expression that she had no intention of returning the crystal pearl.

I had no intention of receiving it because it was a fake, but….

‘He’s an old man whose shamelessness has reached its peak.’
[Secretly eating with Enel in the room….]
‘No, wait a minute.’

I turned around and called for an old man who was going to leave with his hands behind his back.

“Yes? Something?”
“If it’s okay, I’ll make a meal for you.”
“Huh? Are you?”

He said that he lived alone and knew how to cook.

“It’s a bit difficult for me to do household chores because I’m an outsider… I can even cook for you.”
“Big…. So, please do me a favor. I’ll call you when you’re done.”
“Yes, it won’t be long.”

The village chief went up to the second floor.

Kiki-Ik, Tak.

I heard the sound of the village chief entering the room and said to Armonia.

“Armonia, you make it similar to the food you ate yesterday, how many energy does it cost?”
[2 Enel enters.]
“It’s amazing that it only takes 2 Enel to make food.”

Even when he came across the desert, he only spent 10 Enel.

It was a figure spent on summoning basic water, food and tents.

[I can’t know what he thinks, but I think he’s being considerate.]

Armonia explained.

It is said that the Enel Corporation has dedicated Enel to the extent that it is comparable to the temple and the Zodiac in the past.

At that time, giving Enel was obviously a mandatory part, but as a result, a lot of Enel was given as a gift, and it seemed that the minimum opportunity was given accordingly.

The same goes for accepting the selection of Armonia, which was on the verge of ruin….

In addition, isn’t it almost free to provide the minimum amount of food, clothing, and shelter to us who walk a tightrope?

… That was Armonia’s idea.

[This is just my guess.]
“Well, maybe you want to raise it like back then.”

It must have been thanks to the Enel Corporation, which was searching for talented people, that it was able to recruit as many Enels as well.

“First, make some food at once in 20 minutes.”
[By the way, Suho. Why are you helping the village chief?]
“Now this house is just the village chief and me. If I let the vigilante inside because I’m anxious, I thought it would be a headache…. It shows you’re a good guy.”
[It is indeed a wise choice.]

After that, I made food all at once and showed it to the village chief, and he really liked it.

I ate and went out of the house.


Dark night.

I couldn’t see anything around.

Today, like the day before, I read my palms for the women.

After that, when night fell, I pretended to be asleep at the village chief’s house, then slipped out of the window and went to the backyard.

“I think it’s about here….”

Viola said that you could see a tree with ribbons in the backyard of the village chief’s house.

“It’s here.”

A long string was wrapped around a large tree and tied in a ribbon.

And suddenly, in the tree, a person came out of the tree.

“Ah! He came.”
“It’s a surprise!”
“Are you surprised? Whoops.”

I couldn’t help but be surprised.

Recently, in my dream, a warrior suddenly appeared and said, ‘Hello, I’m a warrior. It’s to the point where he’s dreaming of slashing while saying, ‘I’m going to die now.’

Viola grabbed my wrist and dragged me into the tree.

The tree passed me naturally like a three-dimensional hologram.

When I first heard the word secret passage, I roughly thought of an underground tunnel in a mine.

But it was completely different.

Entering the tree, there was a long corridor that could have been in a fancy palace.

In addition, the inside was bright, so dazzling that it was hard to believe that it was broad daylight.

But now I didn’t see anything like a hallway.


She was wearing a blue dress now.

The upper part of her body showed off her shoulders, revealing her collarbones all the way to her neck, and the upper part of her chest was covered with white lace that barely covered her breasts, showing off her elegant figure.

A large flower was centered on her left chest, and flower-shaped embroidery hung from every line of the dress.

It was the kind of outfit you only see in cartoons or movies.

As I watched blankly, Viola wiggled her hand in her embarrassment and opened her mouth.

“Um, is it weird over there… ?”
“No… It’s really pretty.”
“Whoops, thank you…. Come over here!”

Viola fluttered her dress, grabbed my wrist and led me.

Just looking at him, he was excited. Not sexual arousal.

Everyone has a desire to show all of themselves to their first friend.

Viola was delighted like a child when she was able to introduce her home to her guests on her first visit.

The place she arrived was a splendid underground palace.

It was similar to the inside of a palace that can be seen in the country of the Han Dynasty.

‘This isn’t some kind of medieval bunker….
[This is really great. Building a facility like this in the basement of the village.]
‘Isn’t this enough to have been built before the town was built?’
[There is not enough information to determine the order, but with a facility of this size, it seems unreasonable to build it underground where villagers already live.]

At a height that seemed to be about 20 meters, there were several rooms lined up on the left and right. Even if you use the expression palace, it was a place that could not be compared.

In the middle was a large table, with only two chairs.

Behind it was a platform, and behind it was a spiral staircase stretching all the way to the ceiling.

“The rooms on the left are my rooms. And this is my bedroom.”

Viola’s bedroom was different from the other rooms, starting with the appearance of the door.

The other doors felt very luxurious, but the bedroom wasn’t on that level.

It was majesty, itself.

Viola opened the place without much inspiration and went in.

To a stranger, it felt like an immature princess breaking into the king’s room.

Upon entering, it was a completely decorated princess room.

[It is a very fancy facility. The energy used in this world is being emitted from the furniture.]
‘Something like mana?’
[Yes, that’s right.]
‘… Isn’t it like a murder weapon that suddenly kills outsiders?’
[You don’t have to worry. The functions are simple deodorization, humidification, temperature control, and cleaning by absorbing dust.]

Do you think that’s even greater?

Viola took me around and introduced me to all of her rooms.

The toilet, bathroom, and kitchen were not fancy anywhere.

Chief among them was the dressing room.

As soon as you enter the interior, long dresses greet you from both sides.

From traditional costumes that can be seen around the world to fancy costumes, there were so many that I wondered if there would be anywhere else if it wasn’t here.

“This is the dressing room….”

And the most notable of these….

“Wow, this is really pretty.”
“That, that….”

It was a wedding dress in a glass closet.

Unlike other dresses, it stood out the most because it was on display.

“This… My brother brought it to wear later.”

Looking at the expression, I thought it was not a costume that I liked very much.

I asked to be guided to another place to relieve Viola’s stagnant mood.

And the more I looked, the more thoughts came to my mind.

‘This looks a bit better than our ship, doesn’t it?’

Of course, the ship was overwhelmingly good in terms of technology, but the appearance was overwhelming.

[Apart from functional aspects, this place is much better than our ship.]
‘Let’s not belittle us that much. Still, looking at the warp room, our office, and the hallway of the ship, there are a lot of doors on both sides. What’s in there?’
[There is nothing.]
‘Yes? Nothing?’
[The doors in that hallway are outside the ship with nothing to open.]
‘No, then why are there doors?’

Could it be that it is an emergency escape route used when escaping from hyperspace? It looks like the atoms will escape out of my body if I go out there….


According to Armonia, there were various facilities in the original ship, but as things got worse, they were all scrapped.

As a result, the door is open, but when you open the door, the only thing that greets us is the excitedly dancing jjondeugi.

After hearing the explanation, I was able to accurately summarize it.

‘It’s just a fish head, tail, and spine….’

It is a spine without even spines on either side.

[Suho was summoned with Enel, which he managed to collect by disposing of the rest, leaving only the really necessary facilities.]
‘It must have been a lot of hard work.’
[This is what I want to do.]

For some reason, it seemed that Armonia was depressed, so she was a little sad.

I need to lighten up a bit.

‘Ohh, then it must look like a cock.’


Nope! Maybe you’re laughing inside?

‘Ruler… Ji?’


It was to the point where I wondered if it would be less trashy than this to forcefully attack Armonia with the current aura.

The ship… Touch… Let’s not… Memo….

Viola introduced me to all of her rooms and brought me back to her room.

Viola and I sat on the bed and talked.

“Viola, then what is the house in the village?”
“Ah, that’s where my brother uses it when he goes out. If you go up the stairs in the middle over there, that house is there.”

The place Viola was pointing was towards the center of the inner building.

There was a long spiral staircase going up to the ceiling.

“Then what about the viola?”
“I won’t go out if I can.”
“So, what are you doing here?”
“Just doing nothing.”

Did you get my story wrong?

“Aren’t you going to do something normally? Reading a book, drawing a picture, making something….”
“Ah… My older brother always told me to stay still, because if I did something, it would be a big deal.”
“I just sleep normally, wake up, eat, stay still at the table, and go to sleep again. When oppa is not around, I secretly go outside and listen to people talk. That time is the best!”

As I looked at Viola, who smiled at me and was genuinely happy, anger welled up inside her.

‘You crazy bastard….’
[In the world, it’s a splendid bird cage that can’t be found anywhere.]

It was as Armonia said.

You can do nothing.

But it doesn’t do anything

There were no books here, and I didn’t even understand the concept of a viola as a tool.

Viola said she doesn’t even do food or laundry in this place.

The villagers bring her meals, and she always takes care of the laundry if you hand it outside, she said.

He had lived his whole life with the pleasure of secretly listening to what people were saying while passing by and interpreting it by himself.

And she went out after being allowed to go out for the first time in a while, and it was me who stumbled upon it, she says.

“Meeting Suho is the happiest thing in my life so far.”

She knocked Viola onto the bed and kissed her. She didn’t open her mouth, just her lips trying to feel her warmth.

But it was Viola who opened her mouth first. She stuck her tongue out to open her mine.

Viola’s saliva-soaked tongue began to swim in her mouth, increasing her excitement.

But I deliberately removed her mouth.

Viola was intoxicated by her kiss, and when she forcibly cut it off, she looked at me with tears in her eyes.

“Ah…. Why….”
“Viola, there is something I want to check.”
“Please speak….”

I spoke quickly and gently wrapped my neck with both hands as if begging for another kiss.

I said, stroking her blushing right cheek.

“Let’s leave with me.”
“Yes? Huh….”

I didn’t say this to get an answer in the first place.

I kissed her on the lips again, and Viola, unable to answer, began craving my mouth again.

How to Steal the Protagonist’s Woman

How to Steal the Protagonist’s Woman

주인공의 여자를 빼앗는 방법
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
There are heroes in this world.Unlike us lowly people, humans who were chosen by the absolutes.And I am a human who steals the women of such protagonists.


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