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How to Steal the Protagonist’s Woman 12

How to Steal the Protagonist's Woman 12

Chapter 12 – Episode 12 How to Steal the Hero’s Woman (11)

After kissing me, Viola knelt down and came between my legs.

I caught her eye on Viola’s cleavage as she pulled down her pants.

Viola’s dress was beautifully centered around her D-cup breasts.

She asked Viola for a favor.

“Viola, that… Can you show her breasts?”
“A heart? Sure… Whooping….”

Viola freed her hand, pulling down the top of her dress that was hanging over her arms and chest.

And the voluptuous breasts that appeared.

Without realizing it, I grabbed the viola’s chest with both hands and gently lifted it up. I felt a great weight.

Viola’s nipples were sticking out hard, confirming what condition she was in.

“Hee hee, go, it’s itchy. Hi-Hi….”
“Is it itchy here?”

I smiled mischievously and gently caressed her pink nipples with my thumb.

Being conscious of her hand technique, he gently stimulated her nipples.

“Huh… , I, Haseot… I was going to do it first… Whew….”

Viola let out her groan as she resisted the stimulation from her nipples.

I wanted to tease her protruding nipples even more, but I stopped.

This is because nipples are more sensitive than you think, so if you touch them with her fingers, it’s good at first, but it quickly turns into a rubbing pain.

As I stopped my fingers, the viola came closer to my penis with a heavy breath.

At first glance, it looked like he was going to have a fella just like yesterday. But I asked for something else.

“Can I do it with my chest?”
“By the chest? How are you doing?”

I explained Paisley.

Understanding her explanation, Viola, without hesitation, pushed her breasts out and clamped her penis between them.

“Like this… Are you?”

I could feel the viola’s heartbeat coming through it.

The sound of her heart in her chest and the feeling of exhaustion tightening in her penis.

Her mouth and breasts were completely different realms.

“Big…. Just shake it up and down. Big!”
“Like this? Eight… Hi-Hi… “

Viola, knowing that I was experiencing sexual pleasure, cupped her breasts with her hands and swayed her up and down.

Viola was more interested in my aroused expression than her breast-feeling penis.

Observing my expression, I swayed my chest and upper body up and down appropriately.

“Sleep… Are you feeling good?”
“Great! I love it… Big!”
“Whoops… Uh? Something came out.”

A clear liquid swelled from the hole in her glans.

Viola was seeing her cooper fluid for the first time since she had only done fella.

“When a man is in a good mood, he comes out!”

As soon as Viola heard me, she sucked on his lips and savored it with her tongue.

A shiver ran down her spine at the sudden surprise.

And she made a mysterious expression and smiled bitterly.

“Write… Hi-Hi….”
“By the way….”
“I think it would be a waste to spill it… Whooping… Hey.”

Viola licked her glans hole with her lips, licking her tongue with her lips as she started her paizuri again.

This made it clear

‘Keukssok! Viola is the best when it comes to her mouth. Armonia!’
[Thank you for letting me know, information that I am not curious about.]

Watch a lot! Because someday you will too!

I don’t mean to disparage Viola’s breasts. She’s just overwhelmingly good at her mouth.

But even so, in terms of the sexual pleasure I felt, the paizuri was slightly high.

The reason is….

Little bit, little bit.

It was thanks to the viola’s ability to tease my glans with the tip of her tongue while doing her paisley.

I couldn’t stand it any longer.

“Rain, viola! I think it will come out!”
“Huh? Uh, what should I do? Whoops!”

I felt the ejaculation of the semen spurting out of my urethra and grabbed the bed covers.

Her semen spurted from the penis between Viola’s breasts. She couldn’t help but receive her semen up her face with a bewildered expression.

Once… Twice…… Third time……… Four times.

I sprayed it once and smeared Viola’s face with several rounds of semen.

Not only the feeling of ejaculation, but the pleasure of spraying my semen on her face was indescribable.

After ejaculating everything, the sage time came.

Viola looked at me with her frown on her face, with only her one eye barely open.

“Ugh… I’m sorry. I couldn’t drink.”


I wiped the semen from Viola’s face with a cloth.

Cheap is cheap, and you have to deal with it….

Viola was so cute, like a baby, that her eyes and mouth were tightly closed when I wiped her face.

As I placed the wiped cloth next to her, Viola wept.

“I’m sorry…. I made it hard….”
“You can do it again later.”

It was you who pulled it out the hard way….

It looked like a worker who did not receive a fair price for his labor.

Originally, people are disappointed when the reward does not come as much as they put in the effort.

‘I feel so sorry for Viola…. Look how sullen he is because he can’t eat my semen.’
[You’re looking at her breasts too much for what you think is pitiful.]

Even as I patted the viola, I couldn’t take my eyes off her chest.

The viola’s breastbone, which was made up of only white flesh, was slightly reddened from friction with my penis.

She felt like her cock was going to get another erection from the feeling of her conquest that I had put my stamp on her again.

Shall we start in earnest now?

A place like this would be perfect for a first experience.

Both are beginners in a sense, but it was unreasonable to do it in a place like a bush with many variables.

But before I could attack Viola, Armonia lost communication.

[Suho-sama, I thought something was strange from a while ago, but a foreign energy is being detected from the jewel next to her bed.]

After listening to Armonia, I looked at the head of her bed and saw a red ruby ​​and several sapphires lined up on her shelf.

I thought it was just a decoration for the room.

Rather, compared to the splendor of the room, it seemed crude, so it was not noticeable.

I asked Viola while looking at the jewel.

“Viola, what are those jewels?”
“Ah…. That….”

Viola was reluctant to speak.

Is it something important?

“So… That….”

However, at what Viola explained, Armonia as well as I seemed a bit surprised.

To summarize Viola’s explanation, she was a combination of a filming device and a beam projector.

It was an object that recorded, saved, and projected a screen at a desired location.

However, it is said that only the viola and the hero can operate.

[The structure seems impossible to create in this world. It appears to be an object from the outside world.]
‘That’s interesting…. But Viola doesn’t seem to like that thing?’

It was as I said.

Viola insisted on going to another room to keep talking about something.

“Why don’t you go to the dressing room I showed you earlier? Yes?”
“Viola… I want to see the contents of that.”
“… No.”


Viola flatly refused. She had no idea that she would reject her so abruptly.

‘Did I film something erotic or something like that?’
[It’s only been a while since I opened my eyes to the castle, but I don’t think I’ll do that already.]
‘But… You don’t even know what masturbation is?’
[I think so.]

While communicating with Armonia, I suddenly had a question.

‘Have you ever masturbated?’

Sounds crazy to me, but I’m really curious….

Armonia responded calmly to my frivolous sexual harassment.

[I will tell you all when the day the contract conditions are met.]
‘I have to collect Enel quickly!’

There was another reason to collect Enel.

I felt it while playing many kinds of games, but sex isn’t everything.

It’s part of the fun to find out the other person’s shame and bully it.

I want to know about Armonia that masturbated, and also want to know about Armonia that did not masturbate.

What kind of expression would that expressionless beautiful girl make when she masturbated?

Once that’s it….

“Show me.”
“Show me.”

I wanted to see more.

I decided to use the last resort.

I tried not to write this much….

I stroked her breasts with both hands from behind the viola and lifted her up.

“Huh… Go, it’s tickling….”
“Aren’t you going to show me?”
“Oh no….”

When I heard Viola’s final refusal, I smiled and slowly began to massage her breasts.

-After 10 minutes-

“Hey! Therehaha! Whoa!”
“Now, do you want to talk?”
“Huh! That, that…. Haaang!”

Viola was bewildered, her saliva dripping from her mouth.

Viola’s body was shining with sweat.

It’s something I’ve always felt while playing games, but I never thought that being able to climax with her breasts would be real.

But it was possible.

If only this hand technique 555!

“Huh! Ha… Ha…. Please don’t stop, uhhh….”

I continued to caress it just before the viola peaked with my talent.

As a result of repeating the process over and over again….

Tears were welling up in her eyes and flowing.

“Can you show me now?”
Haha… I’ll show you, ha… So… More….”
“Huh! Wow!”

I teased Viola’s nipples with my index finger and thumb while the rest of her fingers massaged her breasts.

In that state, he caressed her nipples and her breasts at once.


With my technique, the viola was able to climax with her breasts.


Viola sighed as she clutched a blue sapphire.


Viola, who had reached her climax, came to her senses and remembered what she had said.

Orgasm must have been amazing, seeing how he said he would show it even though he hated it so much.

The narration flowed.

‘My vagina started to swell as I thought that Armonia would lose its reason like that at my hands later.’
‘Later Armonia will be in my hands….’
[I heard everything. You don’t have to say the same thing.]

I thought you didn’t hear….

The viola hesitated for a moment, then he pressed his thumb down on the sapphire.

A beam of light from the sapphire hit the wall and printed out the screen.

At that place….

– Viola, are you awake? Today my brother will tell you what happened. Today is….-

There was a scene where a handsome guy came out and filmed a video diary.

The dog was handsome, but….

‘No, fuck….. Why do I have to watch a boy vlog or something?’
[That’s because Suho asked me to show it.]

Be a politician….

‘I was expecting porn, but it feels like a video of a wrestling match….’

I looked at Viola to ask what kind of video this was, but she turned her head away from her.

It seemed that he wanted to quickly avoid this situation somehow.

“Viola… Who is this?”
“That… I am your brother.”

Ah, this guy was a fucking crazy dog ​​psycho idiot.

Got it right away If Viola was as pretty as this, her brother must have been similar.

He is so selfishly handsome that even the author of the selfish gene would be pissed off.

‘It’s a dirty selfish gene. He’s fucking strong, and he’s even damn handsome.’
[Seeing that it is also popular here, it is assumed that it is an aesthetic appearance here.]
‘Yes? Armonia, do you think I don’t like that appearance?’
[I don’t know because I don’t have that standard of beauty in the first place.]

She is also the woman I doted on.

In the future, I will be your ideal type with my cock.

-What my brother ate for breakfast….-

Even while thinking about Armonia, that fucking vlog showed no signs of ending.

I first asked Viola without being rude.

“I can’t believe that sapphire is all Joe… Is this a run video?”

Is this a fucking video? I was going to do it, but I came to my senses and changed it.

“Then why didn’t you want to show it? Just Joe… It’s a run video.”

It’s just a fucking video.

I have to tell you in my heart, I can’t stand it.

“I just didn’t want to show it to Suho….”


In my mind, I wanted to attack right away and engrave the first history in Viola’s womb.

However, the atmosphere was ruined because of that vlog guy.

No, is it my fault for asking to see you in the end….

But as I kept watching that vlog, an interesting idea popped into my head.

An idea to turn the warrior’s mentality into fine dust.

‘This sapphire… Would that be really helpful?’
[How do you say it?]
‘Here, take this….’

Without much thought, I picked up the red ruby ​​and tried to explain it to Armonia.

But when Viola saw me, she screamed in surprise.

“Oh no!!”

The red ruby ​​I picked up started to glow red.

And as Viola watched the lights come on, her face began to turn blue.

No way… Explosion!?

“Viola! What’s the big deal with this?!”
“That, that….”

Viola looked up at me and she wept.

“If you click on that… My brother will be here in three days.”


How to Steal the Protagonist’s Woman

How to Steal the Protagonist’s Woman

주인공의 여자를 빼앗는 방법
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
There are heroes in this world.Unlike us lowly people, humans who were chosen by the absolutes.And I am a human who steals the women of such protagonists.


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