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How to Steal the Protagonist’s Woman 8

How to Steal the Protagonist's Woman 8

Chapter 8 – Episode 8 How to Steal the Hero’s Woman (7)

-[Hand skill LV 555]-

“If level 555, what level is it?”
[I haven’t seen it myself, so I can’t guess, but it’s the agent’s own rule that the talents of the main characters don’t exceed 300, no matter how bad they are. There may be exceptions, but….]
“Why is it 300?”
[This is because if the skill level exceeds 300, it may grow to a level where even deputies cannot use their hands.]

According to Armonia, if you reach level 300 or higher, you can create objects that can jump in dimensions, sword skills that can rip through space, and magic power that can destroy planets, so you can pose a threat to the agents.

However, the real problem rather than the level of threat is that if a situation arises where you have to kill an uncontrolled protagonist, a huge loss occurs.

It was because the amount of Enel needed to raise it to level 300 was beyond imagination.

It is said that the Enello collected from the planet is not enough to grow that much.

In the end, there is no surrogate to raise such a situation because the amount of money spent is greater than the amount earned.

“Then I….”
[Sorry. What the hell is going on with me…. However.]
[With this, I think I can understand why Enello Guardian I wrote about came.]
“Ah, did you call me as a tribute to God?”
[Yes, I didn’t just call it there.]
[Called by card draw.]


Roughly speaking, Armonia said that after offering Enel to God, he asked to draw one out of 10 cards.

#Scene adapted by Seong Su-ho after hearing the explanation

“Oh God! I beg you to select the talent you want from me!”
(Now, there are 10 cards~ Draw them out~)
“Ka, you mean the card?”
(There is one EX grade, 4 A grade, 4 C grade, and 1 F grade~)
“That, it’s just an A-class….”
(Then don’t pull it out~ I’ll go~)
“Oh no! I will draw! This is it!”
(Congratulations as fuck~ You’re EX level~)
“Ah! You’re gacha with this taste!!!”

– Back to present –

[… I don’t speak like that. And God doesn’t talk to us separately. He only gives revelations that can be known through the senses.]
“What! Are you also reading my heart at will!?”
[I heard it on purpose, so I had no choice but to listen.]

Well, anyway….

“Great. I’m an EX level…. But isn’t this a big deal?”
[What part are you talking about?]
“You mean if my hand skill level is 555, it makes all the girls go crazy like they are now. Then I won’t be able to proceed….”

That’s right, if your hand skills are this good, even a woman’s heart might go crazy, but I fucking hate cheats….

[That’s a misunderstanding. A high skill level means strength, but it also includes proficiency. The guardian can make the other person the desired state, rather than blindly giving them pleasure.]
“Oh oh! That’s good I’ll try to do it properly from tomorrow. Earlier, I was too excited, so I did it at random.”

It is said that once the level is high, anything is good.

But it’s a bit harsh that everything else is level 1….

“But everything else is 1, is it only this one?”
[I am also wondering how to reach such a figure. It’s also on your own….]
“Well…. Let’s put an end to the unknown for now. It won’t be too late to find out after this is over.”
[This is a wise idea.]

I stared at the lying viola.

Viola, who had fainted from my hand technique, was breathing deeply and deeply, as if she had calmed down her excitement now.

I lay down next to Viola and gave her an arm pillow.

He kissed the sleeping Viola.

“Huh… Churup… Haeup… “

Even though I was obviously asleep, I kissed and the reaction came out immediately.

Maybe it was because of his sexual temperament, kissing started, and he started bringing his face towards me even while he was sleeping.

“Chewup, haang, more…. Churup.”

As we continued kissing, my face turned red and I began to get more and more excited.

When I stopped kissing, he calmed down again.

“Armonia. I’ll be fine If you think the viola will wake you up later, wake me up too.”
[All right.]



I woke up to Armonia’s voice.

And beyond the blurry vision, a woman’s face was reflected.

It was Viola looking at me with rabbit eyes open.

[Viola woke up a little while ago.]

Viola looked into my eyes and opened her mouth.

“Where are you?”
“Ah, he passed out suddenly yesterday and brought him to my bed.”
“Ah…. Sin, I’m sorry!”

I wondered what kind of apology it was, but I apologized, saying that it was difficult to bring my fainting self here yesterday.

“I’m sorry…. Because of me….”

Also an angel

Sooner or later I’ll make you a fallen angel….

“What are you talking about, it’s normal when you’re dating.”
“Is that so?”
“Yeah, and when that happens, I don’t mean to say I’m sorry. You do it like this.”

I gave Viola a furious kiss and sent her back to her house.


Early in the morning after Viola went home, she went to visit the old woman.

“Are you there?”
“No, go away.”

AC… , Annoying.

The old woman gave the order to celebrate without showing his face in a small hut.

Once we have a conversation, something will start.

She chose to address a topic that came up at a town meeting she had secretly overheard.

“I stopped by to ask about the hero.”
“And about your son.”
“… What?”

There was definitely a reaction.

The old woman left the hut with countless wrinkles between her eyebrows.

“What are you?”
“I am from across the desert.”
“What are you, other than bullshit, do you know about my son?”

He lied and explained.

I am a person who was secretly dispatched to find out the hero’s disgrace. He shouted.

In fact, there was no other way to reveal the secret to the old woman.

The old woman’s temperament [Revenge], I just decided to use this.

“Believe that….”
“I’ve come to avenge my family’s resentment as well.”

An old woman looking at me with surprised eyes.

Armonia said through the communication.

[You seem to be getting better at lying.]
‘Hmph, all lies are no different from the truth if they don’t get caught.’
[… Yes, that is correct.]

After thinking for a few minutes with her eyes closed, the old woman looked at me with determination and opened her mouth.

“He killed my son….”
“But the villagers say that your son did something wrong….”
“Nope! My son is not like that!”

He didn’t yell at me because he was angry.

It was a protest.

The old woman told me what happened 20 years ago.

He explained that the village at the time was on the desert side, unlike its current location.

They said there were few monsters because it was in the desert, but he told me that it wasn’t that there weren’t any.

It is said that the monsters suddenly began to decrease while the villagers joined forces to make a living somehow.

“But when I found out the reason, it was all thanks to the slash-and-burn farmers….”
“That kid….”
“He’s a bastard who calls himself a hero now.”
“Aren’t you from this town?”
“You’ve all known each other for a long time, so you might think it’s not that different.”

A human who slaughtered monsters like insects at the age of only 8.

Such a person was born as a slash-and-burn citizen.

And he said that he got to know the villagers by chance and started interacting with them by receiving food instead of getting rid of monsters.

“Then, by chance, I found out that I have a family. I heard that he was staying with his brother.”
“My son said he felt sorry for the two and packed food and brought it to me….”

After that, the son was found dead, and it is said that what the warrior said when he came to the village was a spectacle.

I will kill you if you come near my brother again.

“… My son didn’t mean to do anything weird! He was rather pitiful. But that dog guy….”

At that time, he explained that time had passed without being able to do anything due to the dissuade of the villagers.

The hero continued to grow and at some point became famous enough to be called to the palace.

And he explained that this village was also built because the warrior was in a position where he could not take his sister to the battlefield every time.

“In the process, some died and some left…. Besides, the lord of this area also succeeded thanks to the hero, so he somehow silenced them….”
“Well, I’m not suspicious, I’m just asking to confirm. Your son really didn’t have that thought, right?”
“Say something that makes sense! Did you try to pack food for the kids that day and do something wrathful like that? And a girl who is only three or four years old?”
“Ah, that’s for sure. Then, by any chance, is there evidence for the men who died after that?”
“I don’t know that either. By the way….”
“Chief, I wonder if the nobleman knows about it.”

That’s good information.

‘Should I be coaxed again?’
[I personally do not recommend it.]
[Anyone who thoroughly investigates the village is subject to suspicion. There may be a situation where you can’t even meet Viola.]

I did find a one-line summary, though.

They say that a hero is a fucking crazy dog ​​psycho.


Today, too, I flirted with women near Viola’s house.

And one thing has changed for me.

“What about my future!?”
“It says that you will meet a good relationship outside the village soon.”
“Ho-ho-ho, are you inside?”
Haha, I don’t know if there are any cool guys in this town, but I’m the only one. I guess not.”
“What are you talking about? How cool is Suho… Maybe later with me… “
“Can you get out of the way now? Are you waiting for your order later?”

Women who exist in reality standing in a row.

I definitely didn’t have a single crush on them until yesterday.

However, after having a physical relationship with Viola yesterday, which is still just the beginning, a lot has changed.

It’s that my view of women has changed a lot.

‘Hey, I’m really good at it. Everyone was fine….’
[I’m glad that the negative side seems to have disappeared when I was on a mission.]
‘But I don’t want to go through such hardships for the sake of the girls here….’

I, who always shouted only yagame and 2D, have been able to meet real women quite happily.


“Huh. Finally it’s my turn By the way… Sue, when will you drink?”
Haha… I will buy it soon.”

She-Hulk was She-Hulk.

‘What kind of palm is my face…. If you cover my face with these hands and give it strength, it will be crushed like silken tofu, right?’
[I don’t think so. It’s not silken tofu, and I’d like it to be crushed like a tangerine.]

Just imagine, it’s fucking scary….

Still, after hearing the story of the old woman, she said that she was a decent person as a human being, to the extent that she came to talk to her from time to time.

And I still remember the old woman’s last words at the end of the conversation.

– Married tongue, it suits you perfectly.

‘Don’t get revenge…. How dare you speak evil of me like that?’
[… It is Jeong.]
[Last time, I aroused interest in the name of looking at Viola’s palm, but now I decided to live like a lover, so I wonder if they’ll be disappointed.]
‘No way… I shouldn’t be upset, I should be jealous. I’m not going through this hardship just to make you feel bad.’
[Then isn’t it rather a side effect?]
‘You’ll understand when you see it tonight.’


After evening came the viola without fail.

I was sitting on a bush with my viola, holding hands and quietly gazing at the moon.

However, Viola’s expression was much sweeter than yesterday.

He opened his mouth without looking at me properly.

“… Have you checked the palms of others today?”
“Yes. Would you like to watch the viola?”
“Oh no!”

Viola’s expression was pouty.

And in the status window that I could see, one Viola’s temperament was added.


How to Steal the Protagonist’s Woman

How to Steal the Protagonist’s Woman

주인공의 여자를 빼앗는 방법
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
There are heroes in this world.Unlike us lowly people, humans who were chosen by the absolutes.And I am a human who steals the women of such protagonists.


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