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How to Steal the Protagonist’s Woman 7

How to Steal the Protagonist's Woman 7

Chapter 7 – Episode 7 How to Steal the Hero’s Woman (6)

“Ha… Ha… Floating, trembling….”
“It’s okay. You’ll get used to it in no time.

Viola was lying in the bushes, her bare breasts covered with pink nipples.

Viola’s chest was showing off its beautiful figure as it was illuminated by the moonlight with sweat flowing from tension.

Gently spreading Viola’s legs apart, I observed the inside of her skirt.

Beautiful skin with no blemishes. I was seeing with my own eyes a place no one had ever seen before.

From the ankle to the beautiful leg line, she was wearing pure white panties tied with strings at both ends.

My palms moved slowly from my ankles to my pubic area.

Viola was taken aback by the feeling between her legs.

“If it’s hard, even if you quit here….”
“Okay, it’s okay..Haha….”

Just half an hour ago, I was doing Viola’s palm reading.

How on earth can this development be done in 30 minutes?

-30 minutes ago-

It’s a secret, I did everything, but they did my palm reading just like the women in the neighborhood.

He is prone to loneliness, and cannot hold back his curiosity. Etc….

In fact, it was because I adopted palmistry with the intention of fiddling with my hands at this point.

A clear reaction was seen.

“Wow! How can you see something like that in your hand? Miraculous!”

I’m just saying I’m curious.

The embarrassing situation I wanted never developed.

[It’s just like being amazed.]
‘Damn the brave, you made a fool of your little sister….’
[What are you going to do?]
‘… It’s a change of plan.’

I decided to shake Viola’s heart here. Let’s go beyond personality and talk about the future, and the atmosphere has definitely changed.

“You will get married soon.”
“Ah…. That, that’s right.”
“But the opponent has not been decided yet.”
“Yes? Is the other person stable?”

It was said that God decides most fates, but leaves important ones to be resolved by the will of the person.

[You fit really well.]
‘If it’s on the nipple, it’s a nipple piercing, and if it’s on the clitoris, it’s a clitoris piercing.’
[… The analogy is also great.]

However, Viola’s expression did not improve.

She didn’t seem to be able to conceive of marrying anyone other than her brother.

To Viola, her brother is her only family, but on the other hand, she was a burden.

The self who is always swayed by her brother.

You’ve never experienced what it’s like to be free.

Longing for the outside would have been her only hope in life.

And the young man from the outside, whom he had never seen before, risked being scolded because it might be the last time Viola came.

Viola asked me questions to dispel thoughts of marriage.

“I’m really curious, but who is Philia? You keep calling me Philia.”

I said as if I had given up.

Ji-ri’s acting skills are ON.

“… This is the person I loved.”
“Wow! How amazing. You mean he looks like me?”
“Where is he now?”
“That…… Dead.”
“…… Yes?”

After that, Viola cried and apologized.

I was just curious, but I thought that he had hurt me because of him….

Actually, I comforted the crying Viola.

Viola cried for a long time and apologized to her.

“Really sorry… Whoa….”
“Then… Can I ask for one please?”
“Whatever, just say something!”

After taking a break, I lowered my head and murmured.

I can hear everything like, ‘No matter what, this isn’t it’….

The viola caught my murmur in her and immediately put her face up.

“Tell me something, really. I’ll do everything for you!”
“Then… Can I stay with Viola and her lover until I leave town?”

I was cheered by the communication.

‘It’s checkmate!’
[This is what happens.]

As Armonia said. This is possible purely because of the viola.

Yes, the women in the neighborhood also approached me, but in the end, they were beings with a completely different direction from Viola.

The village girls are the women who come to rob me.

In contrast, Viola approached purely because she wanted to know who I was.

I gently hugged Viola.

“Thank you, Viola.”

As I hugged Viola, she suddenly wrapped her hands around my waist.

“Yeah, but I don’t know much about lovers….”
“It’s okay. You can find out from now on.”
“Yeah, that’s right. Whooping….”

Viola’s actions now showed no repulsion toward me.

Rather, she was afraid that she would make a mistake, so she only asked about this and that.

“I wonder if my tone is not good… I thought a comfortable way of speaking would be nice if it was a lover….”
“Gwa, it’s okay! Shall I change too?”
“No, I like the viola as it is.”
“Then I will continue like this. Whoops.”

As Viola said, she naturally fell into my arms.

She is a real heavenly childlike woman.


It’s time to make her a real woman.

I gently lifted Viola’s chin with one hand and kissed her.

“Uh? Whoa….”

Viola opened her eyes wide and stiffened her body the first time their lips met, but their eyes began to relax as their tongues crossed.

I opened my mouth after kissing for a minute.

“Ha… Ha… This, this….”
“Kissing is what lovers do.”
“Ha… That, that’s right.”
“Sorry, did you feel bad?”
“Oh no! You… Because I like it so much….”

Viola’s expression did not lie.

Her face was full of ecstasy.

No matter how ignorant she was about sex, her body was forcibly arousing her.

I tilted her head toward the viola again.

“Ha… Chew up….”

Viola, unlike her earlier, she reflexively tilted her head and kissed me.

“Huh, chuu, uh, uh.”

More intense tongue teasing than before.

But kissing wasn’t the only thing I was aiming for.

As I focused on kissing her, Viola slowly unbuttoned her clothes one by one.

Viola, however, was absorbed in her kiss and did not notice that her own clothes were unbuttoning.

After a longer kiss than before, I pulled my head back.

However, the viola approaches to covet my mouth.

“Ha… More… Please do more….”

Her first kiss gave her the greatest pleasure.

A young man other than his brother whom he meets for the first time in his life.

And the kindness of an outsider that I experienced for the first time.

A kiss you’ve never experienced before.

Sexual pleasure for the first time in my life.

To her now, this kiss was everything in the world.

But I gently rejected her lips and teased her.

“I’ll give you something better.”
“Swimming… ?”

Viola did not know her own condition until after her.

“Uh, when….”

The viola’s blio was completely open, revealing her breasts. The moment she tries to hide with both hands in shame.

“… Yes?”

I put my mouth to her ear on the viola and whispered.

“… I love you.”

The viola listened to my whispers and pulled me tightly against my waist.

It was a phrase she sometimes heard from her brother, but to Viola it was just a sign of affection for her family.

When she was young, she was obviously glad to hear it, but at some point she felt that it was hard work.

The first whisper you hear from an outsider.

Feeling for the first time.

She whispered to her like a key to unlocking her emotions.

Suho slowly laid the viola on her floor.

Viola didn’t think to cover up her voluptuous babe’s breasts.

Kisses, whispers.

With just these two things, all the locks in Viola’s heart were released.

I don’t know if there is anything more than this, but to her, I’ve become something like a ruler.

Suho spread his legs inside Viola’s skirt and began observing her inside. He slipped her fingers through her underwear.

“Hey, why are you there…. Whoa!”
“Viola, just feel free to accept it.”
“Hey, yes….”

I carefully stroked the outside of the vagina without inserting my fingers into the vagina.

Seeing my caress, Armonia raised a question.

[Isn’t it better to make progress quickly?]
‘What! I need to release enough of this….’
‘And piercing her hymen with her fingers is such a waste.’

Up until now, for Viola, the vagina must have been nothing more than a place where urine came out.

A place that has never been seen or touched by anyone.

Such a place was being trampled on by me defenselessly.

Now she will be experiencing the feeling that her brain is burning.

However, I didn’t caress much, but the viola was showing too much reaction than I thought.

“Huh! Whoa, whoa!”

Viola tugged at my clothes as she leaned back on her back.

“… Viola?”

Viola was in a state of fainting from her tears.

The first climax of life.

My hand, which I pulled out of her underwear, was wet and dripping with love juice.


I brought Viola into her room and laid it on my bed.

He communicated with Armonia while watching the fainting Viola.

“No, I pass out just by touching it….”

Originally, I planned to have sex with Viola today.

I was thinking of pushing through to the end, thinking that if it ended badly, she might not come for nothing.

But what… As I fingered her genitals, she fainted.

[There has been a change for Viola.]
“Oh, let’s see.”

Name: Viola

[Maternal love], [Compassion], [Single-heartedness], [Honestness], [Violent curiosity], [Sex temperament]….

Just looking at him, I could see that he had changed.

-[Sex Temperament]-

“What is that….”
[This is a temperament that was created due to the first sexual experience. Among the substrates, some beings have a system so that they cannot be marked if they are not used.]

Well, there will be no answer if all the temperaments that have nothing to do with Jung-gu heating are out.

If you don’t, you can spend your whole life looking at a person’s temperament.

“Oh oh… Then it means that I was the first man to open up those erogenous zones. Also, [Loneliness] Is gone…. Very good. Viola, you are mine.”
[I will show you the details.]

As the font of the sexual temperament letters was enlarged, one word was raised.


“What is it, my daughter and I are the same.”
[It is most likely the original temperament. It is often hidden without even knowing it.]
“Heh… I will develop them all.”

The desire to win started to kick in.

We didn’t have sex in earnest, but seeing Viola today, it looked like a good possibility.

[… And one more thing has changed.]
“Yes? What?”
[This is Suho’s temperament.]
“Yes? What? Show me some of my temperament.”
[…… Yes.]

What is it, is he suddenly restless….

Information floated before my eyes.

Name: Seong Soo-ho

[Sex Skills LV 111], [Calm], [Lord of Provocation], [Flexible Coping], [Depraved Desire], [Sociopath]…

… 111?

“If you are level 100 or higher, what level is it?”
[In the skill section, the closer the level is to 100, the more the talent of the protagonist. By the way, the hero’s [Swordsmanship] Is known to be 96.]
“Wow, so you’re saying that my sex skills are above that of the main character? Are you a dog?”
[… On the surface, yes, but I’ll show you the details.]

As the font on the sexual technique side was enlarged, some characters were displayed separately.

-[Intercourse LV 1], [Mouth LV 1], [Communion LV 1], [Pheromone LV 1]… –

“No, what kind of hero is this? Dog crap!”

I was expecting a lot because it was said to be sexual skill LV 111, but there were a lot of sloppy class levels lined up.

In the past, I would have ignored those levels because I had no interest in real women at all.

But what I have to do right now is to eat women, and that is a bit serious.

“By the way, Armonia, how come the sex skill level is 111 when everything is 1?”
[… Please look at the last hand technique.]
“Uh… What is this….”

-[Hand skill LV 555]-

How to Steal the Protagonist’s Woman

How to Steal the Protagonist’s Woman

주인공의 여자를 빼앗는 방법
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
There are heroes in this world.Unlike us lowly people, humans who were chosen by the absolutes.And I am a human who steals the women of such protagonists.


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