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How to Steal the Protagonist’s Woman 6

How to Steal the Protagonist's Woman 6

Chapter 6 – Episode 6 How to Steal the Hero’s Woman (5)

“Ah. Do you think of the past?”

Viola couldn’t help but ask a question right away.

But I didn’t answer the question and passed it around.

“That…. It’s late at night now. If I go around at this hour, won’t the vigilante scold me?”
“Yes? Ah… It’s okay. People walk around here even at night.”
“Are you good at walking around at night?”
“Yes. Ah! I heard that other cities are dangerous at night so you can’t go around?”

Viola asked a strange question, her eyes twinkling.

At Viola’s question, I wondered what she was talking about.

‘What are you talking about? This isn’t even Korea….’
[Probably means that the security of this town is that good]
‘Well, there are a lot of vigilantes….’

Besides, the level of vigilantes was very high.

The vigilantes were recruited directly from the kingdom.

It seemed that the thieves’ hideout could be blown up in an instant if only a few She-Hulks were taken with them.

“How is it outside? You came across the desert, right? What’s your town like? And….”

Suddenly, a barrage of questions poured in.

I already know, but it’s funny that he has such a temperament.

-[Violent curiosity], [Ignorance about sex]-

On the one hand, I thought I knew what a woman named Viola thought of me.

‘I don’t think he sees me as a man.’
[It seems like a difficult situation from the start.]
‘No, rather, this is more comfortable.’

The more conversations you share, the better.

What if Viola saw me as a little bit of a man?

Whether you are reluctant or like it, you may have a complicated mind and the conversation itself may not start.

It wouldn’t have come like this in the first place.

Besides, I am an outsider now.

Being curious about such an outsider can be seen as a green light.

“And, and….”
“If you ask me slowly, I will tell you everything.”
“Ah…. I’m sorry. I have a lot of questions, sohehe….”

A bright smile shook my sanity for a moment, but I endured it.

But Viola seemed to think of me as the pain of an earlier injury.

“Oh? Are you seriously hurt? Soon to the legislature….”
Haha…. It’s okay. It would be rude to visit the councilor at this time.”
“Yeah, but….”

Guilt and curiosity seemed to surge in Viola’s heart.

Of course, I didn’t get sick at all, so I proceeded with the story naturally.

“And I also enjoy having conversations like this.”
“Ah! Really? Thank god! I was worried that you would be bothered….”
“Well. Then, where should I start talking to you?”
“How was the desert!? Please tell me about that!”

That night, I told Viola for a few hours what the world was like outside.

… It’s all made up, of course.


I lay down on the bed and made a sound of pain.

“Cadet… Tiring….”
[You worked hard.]

I recited the worldview I made up to Viola.

No matter what I said, Viola’s eyes shone brightly.

Fortunately, there was no exchange across the desert in the first place, so it was enough to just make up what was there.

However, as the story progressed, I could understand the hardships of the novelists.

“I can’t be a novelist….”
[No. You did better than I thought.]
“Well, first of all, I don’t know your score as a man, but I think your score as a human is quite different. And our secret…Hehe.”

As night fell, Viola began to doze off as well.

Viola, who said she would come again tomorrow, came up to me and held her hands tightly.

-Please don’t tell my brother that you met me. Am I mad….

If I get caught, I die….

-Sure. This is a secret between the two of us.
– Whoops.

I parted with Viola with a smile.

[It’s amazing. Even though he was an outsider, he approached me so aggressively….]
“Because of such an absurd peace, well….”
[Well, even the villagers are cautious.]
“That’s right, she’s just like a princess who knows nothing about the world.”

I also learned a few things about the viola from her conversation.

That there is not a single person close to the villagers.

At least, she says, she only exchanges necessary conversations with the village chief.

The village chief suddenly banned going out and even sneaked out of the house.

She said that if you listen to what Viola has to say, you can see that everyone is struggling with herself.

Even though she enjoys talking to other people, she only makes short conversations while noticing in front of him.

To Viola, the world outside the village seemed happy and full of laughter.

Except for yourself.

And [Vigorous curiosity] Born from such an outside world.

A young man I see for the first time.

Viola, unlike other women, thought of me as a real unicorn.

“Seeing Viola’s temperament, it won’t be difficult to change.”
[But there is one worrying part.]
“Yeah, which one?”
[[One-sided]. Having this means looking only at the hero, so….]

I could tell what kind of temperament that [Single-mindedness] Had just by looking at it.

It is the disposition to love only one person throughout life.

Yes, it is said that temperament can change when life changes, but it does not change easily.

I could feel Armonia’s concern.

If this mission fails, the NTL Corporation will be shattered.

But I wasn’t too worried.

“You don’t have to worry.”
[Yes? Why?]

I sighed slightly and said.

“Viola…. I don’t think of the hero as more than an older brother.”
[Can you figure that out at once?]

I knew right away

[Ignorance about sex] I could tell immediately by looking at his temperament.

“If you loved your brother in the first place, there would be no reason for such a disposition to come out.”
[It definitely looks like that.]
“Perhaps that warrior also took care of his younger brother. Fool, I’ll corrupt you. Giggle.”
[… You really do look like a real villain. Still, I’m glad that Suho’s will is revived.]
“I’m ready to do anything if I can do it with Viola!”

Unlike before, I really started to overflow with energy.

Most of all, do you think of the hero who will know that and despair after eating the viola? .

Ah~ I’m excited~

“For now, we have no choice but to do the best we can.”
[What are your plans?]
“Yeah, I have a good plan.”

I smiled and closed my eyes.

“I need to lay some ground rice….”


I headed for my destination, pretending to look around the town like yesterday.

However, things were quite different from yesterday.

“Wow, handsome! Where are you from?”
“Are you stupid? Just by looking at it, you’re the one who crossed the desert. Jin~~~ It’s amazing!”
“… Who doesn’t know and ask? Won’t you please go over there?”
“… Are you going?”

Women who are fighting a war of nerves around me….

Fortunately, the vigilantes didn’t attack me anymore.

The problem is that women from the neighborhood are coming….

[Congratulations. You became a celebrity in one day.]
‘Shut up….’

It’s annoying, but the plate was laid out well.

And the place they arrived was near the residence of the warrior.

[It feels clunky for a warrior’s residence.]
‘Apart from being flashy, it’s just a wooden house?’

Pole-to-pole evaluation.

In fact, it was a two-story wooden house standing in a row next to it.

Yesterday, Viola excitedly told me the location of the house.

I dragged the women to Viola’s house.

The distance is the level at which you can roughly sense that something is happening by looking through the window in the house?

In fact, even if I wanted to get closer, I couldn’t get any closer.

“That… I’m sorry, but I can’t go any further than this.”

It was the vigilante I saw yesterday.

I put on a smile mask and said hello.

“Ah! Hello.”
“Oh, that! Ahaha…. Hey, what are you doing here?”

Garat, Seongsuho! Spreading lies!

“I came here to say good-bye to you in the morning as I lost my way yesterday.”
“Uh? Me, me?! Ah, ahaha. Joe, good morning!”

I never thought they would like it that much just because I came to say hello in the morning….

Sibul, it seems that the favorability level keeps rising without wanting it.

I never thought we would meet.

As the vigilante fidgeted at my greeting, I could see the strength in his hand gripping his spear.

And the spear suddenly bent and broke in two.


“Ah, child…. Joe, grabbing a little bit will ruin it.”

Oh oh oh

An iron spear bent by the grip of a bare hand?

‘Crazy…. If a person with such superpowers is acting as a vigilante on the outskirts, how strong is a hero?’
[Intelligence says it can kill 1000 people with a single swing. It has a skill called [Blood Storm Strike], But it is said to wipe out the demon corps alone.]
‘A guy called the Demon King, was he fighting a monster like that? If they find out that I touched the viola….’
[For reference, it is said that the skill [Blood Storm Strike] Can be used on one person. It is said that he slashes 1000 times at once before dying.]
‘…… Thank you for the useful information.’

I took it to mean that if you don’t want to experience 1,000 deaths at once, you should quickly seduce them and return.

However, the women around me started whispering while listening to the conversation between me and the vigilante.

“… Do you two know each other?”
“Looks very friendly….”
“When did you become friends….”
“I heard you didn’t smile like that in front of us… Too bad.”
“While working, I was flirting with men… “


Even as a man, he is openly blaming the vigilantes who are afraid to look at them.

The women suddenly clung to me more, probably not liking my conversation with the vigilante.

“I know of a really delicious restaurant here~ I think it’s Ronel’s restaurant~”
“Ah! I know! Let me guide you!”
“My dear, are you not going away? Did I try to guide you first?”
“What? I’m a regular at that restaurant! Have you ever eaten properly there?!”
“What, bitch? I am Ronell!”

It’s spectacle….


“… He’s a real bitch.”
[You worked hard.]

All day long I hung out with the girls in the vacant lot near Viola’s house.

I came up with a ploy to arouse the excitement of as many girls as possible.

It was the palm.

[It’s amazing. Destiny is determined by the shape of the palm of your hand.]
“I don’t believe it, but women are weirdly obsessed with that.”

And it was the same in this world.

First of all, the concept of palmistry did not exist here.

Thanks to that, the girls didn’t trust me at first, but after I read a few palms and beat their personalities, they started freaking out.

In fact, I didn’t see any hands at all.

I just saw the temperament above their heads.

I used Enel to see the temperament of the women in the village.

I spent more energy than I thought, but it was only about 2-3 energy per person anyway, and after seeing that temperament and guessing it roughly, some women started to spread it here and there like polar missionaries.

For example, if you have [Laziness], Sleep less, if you have [Gluttony], Eat moderately, [Masturbation addiction]… Put your mouth to your ear and do it in moderation. It was like that.

In addition, since the era is the era, there was even a rumor that such a simple fit was a communication with some kind of god.

Thanks to that, I started to be crowned like the pope.

“I also heard some really good information….”
[Yes. I never thought that a hero would have such an aspect….]

The information about the warriors I found out after coming here was about siscon.

I asked She-Hulk, who took the picture of Max, a good impression, and it was really spectacle.

A rumor going around this neighborhood is that in the past, if there was a guy who was hanging out near her sister, she would kill her.

It’s not like it’s dough, it’s that I really killed it….

However, he said that this story was not entirely believable.

It’s just a story I heard from an old woman….

I will go to the old woman tomorrow and listen closely.

While I was thinking about my plans for the next day, Armonia raised a question.

[By the way, if you’re only talking about your temperament, isn’t it possible to say things like looking at your face without bothering to hold hands?]
‘Oh~ Actually, there is such a thing as contemplation. There is something that predicts a person’s personality and future by looking at their face.’
[Then why palmistry?]
‘Well, I’ll know if it worked.’
[… ?]

In fact, I had no intention of looking at my palms at all.

Like a real woman’s hand….

This is all

Smart smart

A woman peering out of the window into the room.

“Hey, are you there?”

Because of the viola.


Just like yesterday, Viola and I sat in the bush next to the village chief’s house and had a conversation.

Today, like yesterday, we just held a bullshit parade.

And I felt it today too.

While the other women saw me as a man, whether they liked it or not, Viola saw me as a curious foreigner.

-[Ignorance about sex]-

‘The key is to take that off. I have to do it carefully, like undressing a virgin.’
[… If you can’t even remove the hero, it won’t be that easy.]
‘It’s not like I couldn’t peel it off.’
‘It didn’t come off.’

At this point, I had to be sure.

It is my opinion that after raising the hero innocently, he intended to make it his own.

I glanced at the viola.

Viola fidgeted in the middle of the conversation, looked at me, and opened her mouth.

“That…. I heard that there is something called palm reading beyond the desert.”
“Ah yes. A person’s destiny is in their hands… , That’s ithaha. But how did you know? This is known only beyond the desert.”
“Huh, the women walking around earlier said that.”

Viola, who was only in her house, said she found out because she overheard conversations between women and vigilantes roaming around the house.

Viola stuck her head out in front of me and smirked.

“Can you look at the palm reading? Yeah? Please.”
“Wow! Thank god. Instead of telling me the future, I heard it was extremely difficult.”
“Everyone says that receiving a revelation from God requires a huge price…. Is your body okay?”

Listening to Viola’s words, rumors about her had already passed through the ears of 100 people.

All sorts of things were said, such as receiving a revelation from God in order to find out the future, or finding out in exchange for a tremendous amount of vitality.

Viola had only listened to the nonsense of passers-by and had mistaken her palm for something like the magic of some ancient gods.

But she’s good.

“Do not worry. But it is true that there is a price to pay.”
“Ah…. It’s real…. Then it’s okay. You can’t put too much strain on your body because of me….”

Viola bowed her head in disappointment.

Her personality is also very similar to Philia.

“Ah, my body is not overdoing it.”
“Uh?! Really?”
“Yes, but the price is….”

I wrapped my left hand around her left hand.

“I need a promise to keep the secret.”

Now it was time to use [Ignorance about sex].

How to Steal the Protagonist’s Woman

How to Steal the Protagonist’s Woman

주인공의 여자를 빼앗는 방법
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
There are heroes in this world.Unlike us lowly people, humans who were chosen by the absolutes.And I am a human who steals the women of such protagonists.


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