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How to Steal the Protagonist’s Woman 5

How to Steal the Protagonist's Woman 5

Chapter 5 – Episode 5 How to Steal the Hero’s Woman (4)

“Hmph, they say shit.”

The villagers, who had been noisy at the old woman’s swear words, became quiet at once.

Everyone just looked at the old woman in silence.

An old woman in shabby clothes sat on a chair in the corner, holding her cane in front of her.

The village chief opened his mouth.

“No, why are you drawing again? Uh?”
“Forgot all the old things and shuddered at these damn things….”
“Thing… Oh yeah. It’s another start.”

The village chief shook his head as if he had given up.

The old woman, who at first glance seemed like the oldest person in the place, began to bruise the others.

“Warrior? Crazy guys…. Now that you guys are helpful, I can live like this. When it is no longer needed, all of you will treat livestock as manure!”
“No, Grandma! Are you crazy? What if someone else hears it!”
“Tell me to listen! Dog guy! “

Everyone was groaning and staring.

-Oh, someone else called.
-So…. Speaking of warriors, that’s it….
– My son’s fault until now….


Catching one of the whispers, the old woman stamped her cane on the floor and stood up.

“My son is not the type to do that!!”

Everyone fell silent at the cry of rage.

The old woman, shivering, approached the front door of the house with a cane.

“Sick bastards…. There will surely come a day when you suffer too.”

With those words, the old woman opened the door and struggled out.

The villagers started whispering as soon as the old woman left.


I followed the old woman.

The old woman went beyond the outskirts of the village and went out of the village altogether.

[Going out of town at this time…. Something is strange.]
“I know.”

No matter how safe this place is, outside the village at night it was so dark that you couldn’t see anything in front of you.

“Follow me for now f..”
“Yes? What’s going on here?”

It was the vigilante I had met earlier.

“Oh, hello. That’s why the old man wants to go out alone in the middle of the night….”
“Ah…. He lives out of town….”
“Yes? Aren’t you from the village?”
“That is….”

After listening to the explanation, I found out that he was a lonely person living outside the village after his family died.

“I’ve visited them from time to time and tried to convince them, but it didn’t work. He said he had been outside long before I came….”
“Okay. I was worried about going for now, but can I follow you and come back?”
“Yes? Why? Even if he lives outside the village, there are no wild beasts here, so there is no big threat.”

An outsider is worried about someone who is out of town from the first day and visits?

Anyone could see it was suspicious.

But if you make a reason, stop.

“… I think of my grandmother who passed away.”
“Ah! That, yes! Then go! This is a mana stone, and without it it’s dark and I won’t be able to go. Take it!”
“Thank you….”

I gratefully received the mana stone and headed toward the old woman.

And the words of the vigilante from behind.

-Scent… I am proud I’m getting more and more attracted….

Hallucinations were heard. (The vigilante’s affinity has risen by 30.)



I arrived at a small hut supposed to be where the old woman resided.

There was junk scattered all around.

“Are you there?”
“Who is it?”

An old woman whom I had glimpsed earlier in the hut came out with a cane.

The condition of the shabbily dressed old woman looked much more serious than she had seen from a distance.

“Hello. Room in this town today..”
“Get out of this town quickly.”

No, what kind of NPCs do people live here?

How many times have I been told to leave….

‘Mistress, everyone wants to leave….’
[I think it would be good to hear the circumstances explained.]

I made up my mind and opened my mouth.

“May I ask why?”
“… If you don’t want to die, leave quickly.”

After that, the old woman entered the hut and did not come out.


When the sun completely disappeared, I went to the village chief’s house and asked for a bed.

Give me one more snippet.

What is the end of the village chief’s greed….

Instead, I decided to receive every meal and bed for the duration of my stay.

He told me to stay in a room on the corner of the first floor and gave him a room.

First of all, I found out who the hero’s woman was.

Ji’s younger sister.

He was a fucking madman.

But in this world, it doesn’t matter much.

According to Armonia’s information, this world explained that marriage between brother and sister is not a problem.

That is also true, and the opponent had a very different atmosphere from the hero I had in the game.

In addition to being a Siscon, the villagers were afraid.

In addition, the old woman’s words caught my heart.

But the biggest problem wasn’t that.

“I’m really not motivated….”
[May I ask what the problem is?]
“I just don’t like real women.”

What I felt while walking around the town today is that the women here are ordinary women, no different from where I lived.

It’s a bigger problem that sometimes She-Hulks look at me with sinister eyes….

It didn’t even raise my expectations, it didn’t even give me a slight shake.

You have to struggle to eat those women?

“It would have been better to do it again….”
[If you collect Enel, you can use it to buy a decent work….]
“Whoa… Do I really have to do that….”

Pretending to be in my heart, I spoke over the phone.

‘I will definitely sleep with Armonia someday.’
[… I hope that such a day will come.]

Nice… Still, I’m excited to hear that.

[By the way, I have a question.]
“Yes? What?”
[Who is Philia?]
“Uh?! How do you know Philia?”

I was really surprised. Aren’t you reading my mind at will?

[This is the name you said when you passed out yesterday.]
“Ah…. It’s my first love … It’s over now.”

Real first love.

I never once forgot.

Even if you hit her daughter in a storm as if you were a gamer, it’s because she always comes to mind after it’s over.

[Surprised. In reality, she said she doesn’t like women. Did she have any circumstances?]
“Yes? You don’t like real women?”
[Yes? Didn’t you say it was your first love?]

I said with a smile.

“I’m the first female lead in an erotic game.”

What kind of expression is Armonia making?

I really miss you.

“I really liked it…. I can’t see you anymore.”
[…… The reason is?]

I guess you don’t want to ask?

“It was the days of the damn floppy diskettes. My crazy sister sold the 486 laptop that was lying between the military because it looked like a retro. I’ll kill you bitch someday….”

I’m not kidding, just thinking about it made me want to pour hydrochloric acid into her mouth.

My first love, Philia.

I’m sorry for everything.

“It’s the only game I’ve played hundreds of times. A 10-point game on hand.”

I opened my laptop to watch Philia once a week.

I always tried to adjust the humidity and fix the parts by myself because I was afraid it would break.

[Can’t you just buy the software separately?]
“Love is not like that.”

After that, the Internet world opened up and there were ways to play again, but I didn’t play.

Philia, whom I love, wasn’t everywhere.

The 486 laptop that had everything in it.

Philia, whom I truly love, was there.

Because of her mistakes, I couldn’t protect her, and I decided to keep her philia in her heart.

Since then, she has been reborn as a person who plays Yagem calmly in order not to have such regrets again.

“Thank you.”
[What do you mean?]
“For giving me time to think about Philia after a long time….”

Armonia, who doesn’t know what to do with my sincere gratitude, is also really lovely.

I feel it beyond me.


“Are you thinking strangely?”
[It’s not like that.]

Isn’t it….

I feel something in the silence.

“Well, anyway, starting tomorrow, I’m going to look for that woman named Viola. Shall we sleep?”
[Good night..]

Bassrock. Bassrock.

I heard the sound of the bushes shaking violently outside the window.

[Someone is approaching. You have to be careful.]
“Who? Crazy, are you the crazy guy who came to hit me earlier?”

I tried to open the door to enter the village chief’s house.

Clap, clap.

“It’s locked….”
[Probably, he was trying to prevent people from wandering around the house.]
“The Enello key….”
[I can’t recommend that. If you go in and meet people in the house….]
“Then let’s go out through the window!”

I never thought there would be a crazy person who would come at this time to feed people.

Coincidentally, there were two windows, and I quietly opened the window on the side where no sound could be heard and crawled out.

There was no one around.

“Is there anyone around?”
[Suho! Above!]
“Uh? Ugh!”


A woman screamed from a tree and covered me.



The sound of my ribs being crushed even in my ears.

Didn’t the vigilante come to attack you just because you got close to him!?

In a world where ciscons were not a problem, there was no guarantee that rape was a problem too.

I came to film NTL, but are you filming Oneshota reverse series?

Oh, I’m not a shota.

Are you Oneoto-san?

Because of the woman who landed on top of me, I got her ribs shattered and caught in the restraint debuff.

If we can’t run away, let’s scream!

I can’t be pushed back like this!

I remembered the deadly language to defeat sex offenders I had heard in sex education class.

(No! No! Help me!)

I opened my eyes wide and tried to scream.

“Not! ……… Yes?”

But when he saw the woman’s face with his back to the moonlight, he was speechless.

In front of my eyes.

“It hurts….”
“… Philia?”

Philia appeared.


The woman who climbed me was a beautiful woman with long dark brown hair.

The outfit was the same as those of village girls, but now it only looked like an angel’s dress to my eyes.

When the woman came to her senses, she turned to me in embarrassment and asked how she was doing.

“Oh, my! Are you okay?!”
“Oh, what to do! You must be very hurt!”

I sent a message to Armonia with a trembling voice.

‘Ah, Armonia, tell me the information about this woman now!’
[All right. By the way, are you okay?]
‘Yes? Why?’
[The ribs are cracked in three places.]


Because of the woman in front of me, the senses I forgot were revived.

‘Eh, can I get treatment with Enel!?’
[We will solve both treatment and information right away. The total energy consumed is 30.]


The pain in my body disappeared in an instant.


“Oh! Are you awake?”

As soon as the pain went away, I felt the touch of a soft thigh on my arm.

The woman who rode me was wearing a skirt, and my arms were all tucked under her skirt.

Somewhere in my heart, a pleasure horn sounded and he began to dominate me.

I saw a woman who was barely able to calm her mind and turned to me with concern.

Name: Viola

[Maternal love], [Compassion], [Loneliness], [Single-heartedness], [Honesty], [Violent curiosity], [Ignorance about sex]….


I found it in less than a minute after I promised to find it.


Viola apologized to me with a crouching posture.

“I’m sorry…. I thought you were on the second floor…. When someone came out of the first floor window, I was startled and fell.”
“Uh? Do you know me?”
“Uh… , That is…. There’s no way I don’t know who I saved. Whoops.”

I grabbed my heart.

It’s an angel

Now your smile saved me.

[You seem to be thinking strange things, so I’ll tell you. This is the person who first discovered Suho.]
‘Ah! I can’t remember something.’
[At that time, I didn’t even think that this person was the hero’s sister.]
‘Wow…. Now I understand why the young warrior went crazy and wanted to marry her sister.’

I’m not kidding.

The level was different from the village girls.

It was because I doubted whether it was the appearance that an ordinary human could have.

Viola put on a worried expression as I dazed.

“Are you really okay?”
“Ah yes. It’s okay, it’s okayhaha….”

Mistress, I’m trembling….

She couldn’t think of anything to say, and her whole body was covered in sweat.

Her heart raced, and her mind was unorganized.

I threw a last word to avoid awkwardness.

“I-I do my fitnesshaha.”

Weird. My angel’s expression doesn’t look good.

What did I do wrong!?

I was restless and began to think frantically about what to say.

First, we decided to introduce each other.

“My name is Sung Soo-ho.”
“Ah! My name is Viola. Mr. Seong Soo-ho… It’s a strange name.”
“Just call me by the name Suho.”
“Yes! Suho.”

An angel called my name!

I cheered inwardly and was excited.

It was a moment when I realized that I could be happy just by being called by someone like this.

But seeing myself like this, Armonia started to worry about communication.

[Are you okay?]
‘Yes? What?’
[I don’t feel calm at all to the extent that I wonder if this is the Suho I know.]

… What am I doing?

What I do now

I’ve seen it so many times.

Men like idiots who get netorare.

Stupid men who pretend to be nice and give meaning to everything they do with women.

I? This holy guardian who is confident of being an NTL conqueror?

Doing the same thing as the guys you always ridiculed and despised while playing the game?

Even in real life?

I lowered my head and called Armonia by communication.

‘… Armonia.’
‘I’ve calmed down. Thank you.’
[Fortunately, the.]

When I looked up, Viola was looking at me again with a worried expression.

“Well… If you get hurt because of me, go to the clinic quickly!”

I looked at the viola with a smile.

I use everything….

“Sorry. Suddenly, I thought of the past….”

You have to fuck and eat this woman by any means.

How to Steal the Protagonist’s Woman

How to Steal the Protagonist’s Woman

주인공의 여자를 빼앗는 방법
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
There are heroes in this world.Unlike us lowly people, humans who were chosen by the absolutes.And I am a human who steals the women of such protagonists.


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