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How to Steal the Protagonist’s Woman 4

How to Steal the Protagonist's Woman 4

Chapter 4 – Episode 4 How to Steal the Hero’s Woman (3)

I regretted saying I was hungry.

Finally, when I left the room, the village chief recommended that we eat together.

What he prepared was to eat himself, but the amount was enormous.

By the way….

“It doesn’t taste so damn good….”
[Maybe there is a time gap and it can’t be helped.]

Is it because I’m so addicted to sweet, salty, salty things?

“Still, I found out quite a bit because the village chief kept talking to me while I was eating.”

The reason the village chief tried to kick me out was because of the unique rules of this village.

Young men are not allowed to enter.

However, it did not specifically tell why it was not allowed to enter.

“I was reluctant to say something….”
[I think I need to get information from the villagers.]
“That’s true, but a town that hides something is dangerous.”
[For any reason?]
“Most of the works are clichés. Hiding something? It is a dangerous development.”

What is it, my opinion is strange? Yes?!

Once I left the village chief’s house, I wandered around the village.

Walking around, I could feel it.

All the villagers were women, and occasionally only middle-aged or old men came into sight.

Not to mention, even the village vigilantes were all women. The problem is that those women look like She-Hulks from a distance.

She’s a big woman who appears out of nowhere and spears me.

10 guys like me… No, it was so big that even 100 people couldn’t beat it.

“Where are you from, get out of here!”
“I entrusted the village chief’s permission….”

If you explain it like that….

“Oh, I’m sorry, you can roam freely.”

How many steps did you take again?

“Where are you from, get out of here!”
“I entrusted the village chief’s permission….”

If you explain it that way.

“Oh, sorry. You can roam freely.”

Did you copy and paste the same thing?

No, only bitches like this NPC are on their 15th.

“With permission from the village chief….”
“Ah, sorry….”


Crazy lines don’t change.

It feels like you are in a real game.

Fantasy Punk 1077.

Rumors had spread, and I could see the girls in the neighborhood gathering little by little.

-Oh, it really is!
-Wow, that’s amazing.

All the girls looked at me with strange eyes like looking at a unicorn.

– My dad said all men were cool when they were young, but they’re worse than I thought?
-Yes, the clothes are also strange. Ho Ho.

No, are you looking like a rhinoceros?

Do you want to get run over by a regressive rhinoceros?

It turned into an evening with no income like that.

And the vigilantes who come without fail.

“Where are you from, get out of here!”

Damn AI….


“Where are you from, get out of here!”

I’m pretty sure it’s over 50 times.

At first, I wondered if it was because of the lack of intelligence of the women here.

Or, I even wondered if this was like being in a game that was really programmed.

[Strange. I’m sure he’s the vigilante I checked earlier….]
‘Ah… I get it roughly.’

I was able to judge by the reactions around me.

These women….

“Answer quickly!”

It was just chilling with me.

[Is it because you are an outsider?]
‘Well, it might be complex, but I think it’s because he’s a man.’
[… ?]
‘Since I never see a young man, I keep playing around. And on the way back, I saw some vigilantes giggling at me.’
[This is a troublesome situation.]

It’s already noticeable, but if you bother like this, you can’t do anything.

I first recited lines from the same repertoire.

“I entrusted the village chief’s permission….”

After hearing my explanation, the vigilante smiled and repeated the same words.

“Oh, sorry. You can roam freely.”

Free ass….

He called the vigilante who was about to turn around and stop him.

“Hey, maybe….”

The tall woman turned to me.

The eyes are the eyes that expect something.

Wow, creepy….

“Have I made you uncomfortable?”
“Oh, no. What….”

The vigilante began to panic.

Maybe I’m rather polite, so there’s something stinging.

‘This feels like a gender reversal genre game, doesn’t it?’
[What genre is it?]
‘Ah, it’s a game in which the social positions of men and women change. The game I played before, called ‘Nam Sojal’, was fun for the first time in a long time.’
[… Was that a dirty game too?]

‘Originally, it was ‘men write good novels’, but when it was officially released, it was changed to ‘men write novels well’ for all ages. How many years has it really been since all ages played games?’

I was in a situation similar to that one.

Among the contents of the game, there was a content in which a girl who was sexually harassing the main character’s novel was commented on, but she was treated kindly, so she was begging her body and supporting her like crazy.

It was really funny to go on a date with the female lead with that money.

I put on a gentle image mask and acted like a gentleman as much as possible.

“I’m sorry for making you uncomfortable because of me. You must be busy protecting the village. I will try not to come out of the street as much as possible until I leave the village.”
“Now, hold on!”

The strong voice of a strong woman.

The woman who pulls my shoulder as I turn around and go.


It almost broke her neck.

What kind of woman’s forearms are thicker than my thighs?

And the woman looked at me with her embarrassed face and bowed her head in apology.

“Mi, I’m sorry….”


The woman confessed the truth.

I became a very famous person in the vigilante group in one day, and I thought that no one would meet or play with me anyway, so I wanted to mix it up with a flirtation.

He must have thought that he wouldn’t be able to see her in a few days anyway, even though he shouldn’t have done it because he was hungry.

Still, this woman showed me being a bit polite, so she apologized right away and treated me kindly.

I did not miss the gap and dug up as much information as possible.

“Ahaha, I will make it clear to the members. I won’t bother you anymore.”
“Thank you very much.”

The moment I said thanks and was about to leave, the woman stopped me again.

“Me, over there.”
“Yes, do you have something to say?”
“That…. Ho, if it’s time, would you like a drink?”

Oh My God….

If I had nothing to gain from that woman, I would have ignored her.

Even now, I don’t want to mix things up, but I was forced to talk for information.

However, if you become friends with the vigilantes, it is unconditionally cheap.

In addition, I heard that the vigilante women here are so talented that they were recruited from the kingdom.

But I’m sorry if it’s just flat-out.

“Ah…. That, that’s right I said nothing….”

Disappointed maid.

It’s really funny because I experienced it from a man’s point of view.

Mr. Ji-Hoon of ‘Nam So-Jal’, the one who succeeds you is here.

“I just came here today, and the chief is there, and I thought it would be too noticeable if an outsider came and went to the bar.”
“Ah! Ah!!”

Loud, ah!!

That expression that says another chance has come.

It’s really sad.

“I will buy it in a few days.”
“Eh, ah! No! I asked for a drink Don’t worry about money!”

The expression was that of a woman who confessed to the man she had a crush on and then accepted.

Although the body is She-Hulk.

“No. I got so much help More than anything… I really want to buy it.”
“Uh… Uhh….”

I said with the best smoke smile.

A woman who is really embarrassed and wants to explode her face.

“Well, then! Su, a bachelor buys alcohol, my, my, I’m that, what are you talking about, I, no, Mr. , Mi, sorry, that’s not it!”

Is this the feeling of a woman talking to a virgin virgin?

Right now, in her head, she may be whispering that she fell in love with me, got married with the blessings of the village, had three children, married the children, and watched her die.

Because not a single one of them will happen. Wake up dream….

Would I sleep with a real woman just because I’m crazy?

And with She-Hulk?

‘This is all~ I’m forcing myself to do it with Armonia.’
[… I hear everything.]
‘I told you to listen.’

“No matter what happens, I will definitely buy it for you before you leave.”
Haha. That, yes! Oh no. Okay!”

I parted with the vigilante laughing.


Thanks to the vigilante, I found out something really important.

The reason why young men are not allowed in the village is because of the hero.

And the perfect security and rich life here is also because of the warrior.

And the results I came up with….

‘Here’s a woman I’m definitely dating.’
[The information that there is a woman dating seems credible. However, since there is also a story about a younger sister, there is a possibility that it is because of a younger sister.]
‘Unless the brave bastard is a Siscon, that won’t happen….’

According to the vigilante, the hero’s sister still resides here, she says.

She said that her sister would meet a man, so she created this environment?

Are you jealous of your younger sister or older sister dating a guy?

Crazy baby.

Fuck, I’m pissed when I suddenly think of my older sister.

I wish I could have an immortal body for the rest of my life after being attacked with hydrochloric acid, and live in reality like hell….

‘I’ll be able to recognize him more comfortably starting tomorrow.’
[You did very well. Your speech is very good.]
‘I should have just hit it off…. Well? Are you the village chief?’

The village chief I saw during the day was walking somewhere.

However, I could see that he was going not alone, but with a group of older people.

Something… Feel like talking?

‘Beep beep, this is Snake, can you hear me, Otacon?’
[Yes? I am Armonia. Did you forget my name?]

I knew you wouldn’t accept it, but it’s embarrassing….

Operation begins!


In a shabby house, the elders of the neighborhood, who looked older at first glance, were gathered in a noisily.

“Who is the young man walking around today?”
“Even though he was wearing strange clothes.”
“But if that friend continues, won’t we be in big trouble?”
“Just looking at it, it looks like it would faint if I squeezed it in just one night. Let’s grab it and kick it out.”

Just looking at it, he was talking about me.

Passing out overnight, do I look that foolish?

I was hiding in a nearby fence and overhearing the conversation.

Widely! Widely!

“Quiet, quiet!”

The village head screamed and hit the table.

“But are those clothes expensive?”
“I’ll have to catch up with you later. Knock off the night!”

No, you’re crazy for trying to beat people up just because you look easy.

No one was quiet about the village chief’s words.

“My dear, listen to these guys.”
“Tell me, you know what to listen to.”
“Ah, twin bastards.”

As if the village chief had given up, he forcibly pushed his words.

“You must have been quite curious about the young man who came today. There’s a reason I didn’t kick him out, and I called to explain that.”
“The village chief should know better, but if the hero finds out about this, we could really be killed.”
“Don’t worry, if I explain somehow, he will listen to me too.”
“I bet the hero will listen to the chief…. So for what?”
“This is it.”

The village chief put something on the table.

“It’s a white pearl, hya, it’s precious.”
“By the way, where did you get this? Seeing as the size of an eyeball, the price must be a joke, right?”

White? Eyeball?

Strange, the fake I gave the village chief was a crystal pearl the size of a baseball at least.

He probably hid the fake I gave him and brought something that was reasonably priced.

“Great, this is what the young man gave you.”
“Oh, you look rich?”

At the words of the village head, everyone started making a fuss.

“First! It’s true that it’s because of this pearl that kept me here. But I must have brought that friend and searched his whole body, but no fairy tale came out, right? But he suddenly jumped in front of me and took out a pearl!”

It was a word that shocked the locals.

“So you’re going to have to get rid of it before you leave here? Everyone, if there is a way, tell me.”

Crazy, are you having this meeting to rob me?

Everyone has gone dumb.

How could he come up with a way to take out things using Enel?

“Ah! How about this?”
“Yes? Tell me.”
“There are just too many daughters-in-law in our neighborhood. How about a twist? If you’re a young guy, you’re not going to be able to use a woman.”
“Ah! That’s good.”

In an instant, the townsfolk murmured that it was a good way.

Sibul, that would be so damn annoying.

I managed to solve the vigilante side, and something bigger is coming.

“Then everyone go home and talk to your daughters.”
“Actually, wouldn’t it be over as soon as the viola comes out?”
“Right…. But wouldn’t it be a big deal if the bachelor and Viola met?”
“On the day the warrior hears you, you know that we are really at the end, and you do this, right?”
“Don’t worry about that. I went ahead and banned you from going out.”
“…. I’m still anxious…. If this is really caught, it may not end with just words….”
“… Nothing happened in 10 years. It will go well this time too.”

I thought hard for a moment.

‘Didn’t I say the hero’s sister’s name was Viola?’
[Yes, that’s right.]

The villagers quickly filled the house with stories about a woman named Viola.

In the meantime, something a woman said hit my ears.

“You have loved her sister so much since before, so you will marry her now, right?”


“Well, if you like your sister, you get married.”
“It’s a pity that even at the age of twenty-two, the only man she knows is her brother… “
“Hi, there are many things to be sorry for. Aren’t you a warrior? Even now, there are rumors that all the kingdoms are shaking off the clinging princesses….”
“But… A warrior is better than a king. Young, strong, and rich.”
“Even if it’s a viola, it’s fortunate that the opponent is a hero.”

Everyone agreed.

Except for me.

‘Hey, if I could make a novel title with this, it would be perfect.’
[What title is it?]
‘How to eat a hero’s sister in a world where it’s normal for a hero to be a siscon.’
[I think the title is too long.]
‘There is a place where this kind of thing is popular….’

While I was thinking about that, an old woman’s voice suddenly rang in the house.

“Hmph, they say shit.”

How to Steal the Protagonist’s Woman

How to Steal the Protagonist’s Woman

주인공의 여자를 빼앗는 방법
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
There are heroes in this world.Unlike us lowly people, humans who were chosen by the absolutes.And I am a human who steals the women of such protagonists.


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