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How to Steal the Protagonist’s Woman 3

How to Steal the Protagonist's Woman 3

Chapter 3 – Episode 3 How to Steal the Hero’s Woman (2)

[NTL Corporation]

Armonia made me a title to commemorate the change of her company name.

NTL Corporation COO.

Our company now has two employees.

As soon as I entered my office for the first time, I was blown away.

Office furniture such as a fancy desk, a hospitality sofa, a table, and a bookshelf were brilliantly arranged in the office.

Then there’s the gorgeous bed.

“Yes? Is this my room? Can I sleep here?”
“No. Suho’s private room is set aside. I’ve been looking at the house to the end, and I’ve put in everything I can for a break. By the way, if you open the door next to it, it’s a bathroom.”
“Wow…. Is your bathroom the same size as your office? .”

As I sat down on the COO desk chair, Armonia stood next to me and started explaining.

Obviously, the CEO is Armonia, but she didn’t change her expression and acted like a secretary.

“I’m sorry as soon as you come, but I’ll tell you about the request.”
“Well, I told you to remove the horns too.”
“First of all, I will explain how to proceed with the request.”

Like Armonia’s office, a large screen appeared in front of my desk.

“First of all, we designate the place to go based on the data provided by the client. After that, using Enel, he puts Suho’s information into the identity created according to the time and background and forcibly assimilates it with the surroundings.”
“Yes? What, brainwashing or something?”
“It’s pretty much the same. However, please keep in mind that as you become closer to the main character, the amount of energy you need increases exponentially.”
“… OK.”


Armonia continued to explain further.

“After that, you can transfer it to that place and communicate with me while using Enel depending on the situation to win the heart of the main character.”
“Then can we leave right now?”
“Yes, but there is one thing you should keep in mind.”
“Yes, tell me.”
“We only have 2000 Enel in our hands. Even this is Enel, which I received as an advance payment. It is expected to be hard from the first mission.”

How to say, Armonia obviously did not change its expression at all, but it gave off an apologetic feeling.

“Well, I already heard that it was difficult in the first place. Let’s go~”
“I will enter the office, get ready, and head to the warp room.”


“Sorry to have kept you waiting.”
“… Woah.”

What appeared in front of me was Armonia, who had changed into a captain’s uniform.

Captain’s cap and captain’s uniform with black patterns on a white base.

He looked like a completely different person.

I’ll be sure to wear that.

With a new goal in mind, I entered the warp case vigorously.

Inside a cylinder glowing with blue light.

[We will start the briefing now.]

Wow, anyone who sees you will think you are a hero scramble to save the world.

NTL-Unit 1 startup check complete!

[The destination is Krell Village on the continent of Illunia. It is estimated that there are about 1000 villagers.]

[The guardian’s identity is a peddler who crossed the desert.]

[Krell Village is the village where the protagonist was born, and thanks to the support of the lord, he is now enjoying an affluent life comparable to that of a lord.]

[However, according to the information from the Demon King, the hero has no lovers at all, and he says he visits Krell once every month or two even during the war. He says he goes without hesitation, even though the distance only takes three weeks on horseback.]

[And the last information was that there is a lover in Krell Village. However, it cannot be completely trusted. It is said that the reliability of information may decrease.]

[The main goal of this mission is to shake the main character’s heart by winning the heart of a lover in Krell Village, where there is a possibility, and to weaken the anti-demon army.]

[Fortunately, identity forgery is unnecessary for this quest, so the initial cost is only 800 energy for transmission.]

[If further information comes in, we will notify you right away.]

[If you want to talk to me, you can talk to me in the air, or talk to me in your heart when there is someone.]
“Are you watching everything about me like the Truman Show? I’m a little excited.”
[… Anything you don’t want to say to me will not be transmitted to me, so you don’t have to worry about the inconvenience.]
“Oh, convenient telepathy.”
[This request is our… N… This is the last chance for TL Corporation. I wish you the best of luck.]

I looked at Armonia with a smile.

It felt good to think that she had shaken the heart of Armonia, the woman of steel, even slightly.

NTL Corporation, well named.

Armonia finished her briefing and skillfully started operating the machine alone, which should have been handled by multiple people.

There are only hundreds of buttons, but I was able to press, turn off, and input all of them accurately, doing things that no ninja clone technique would be able to do.

I’m sick too….

And an active warp.

The jjondeugi who put on a live show asking me to see it in front of my eyes.

Rather than the warp I had already experienced, I was slightly excited about where I was going to arrive.

Are you going out of town? Or in the middle of town? Kikik, it would be funny if it was a female bath.

I’m not interested in real women, but I like situations that happen in yagames.



I covered my eyes with my arm from the sudden light.

Scorching heat, blazing haze.

Yes, here….

It is a desert.


I was dressed as an Arab.

But that didn’t matter to me at all.

This is because as soon as you arrive, you are experiencing a burning sensation on your face less than 10 seconds later.

I spoke to Armonia through communication.

‘I… Mr. Armonia? My face is burning.’
[Sorry. It seems that something has gone wrong. It must be a forest near the village….]

At 20 seconds, I felt like I was about to enter the Ghost Rider transformation scene.

Hee-hee~ Whoaaaaa~ Hikiaaaaa~

Right now, at this moment, there was no real calm.

“… Are you really going to die?”

I’m not really kidding.



Parasols and water bottles suddenly appeared.

[First of all, I randomly used 1 energy to make a parasol with less water and weight.]
“Wow… Lived.”

Enel, I will never forget the taste of the water you gave me.



First of all, my lungs were fucking hot, but I felt like I was going to live when cold water came in.

Sibul, even in the military, it was only after a day or so that I remembered water.

[Sorry. It is my negligence. By my mistake.]
“Whew…. You said you got the information from the client anyway?”
[… Yes.]
“All right then. Let’s fix this situation for now. Could it be that you didn’t fall to another continent?”

Then it really sucks.

[That’s not it. Now that I know it, the place was originally a forest near the village, but it seems that desertification has progressed. It seems that the village has also moved because of that.]
“Well, you can’t live in the desert. Then can you tell me which way to go?”
[You can go east for now. I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.]
“Okay~ Then I don’t want to die either, so let’s move.”
[… I’m really sorry]

I cut off Armonia’s words.

“Don’t apologize.”
[… Yes?]
“It’s already started anyway, and it’s okay if you don’t make mistakes next time.”
[All right. …… Thank you.]
“Yeah, that’s fine.”

Whoop whoop. It’ll be fun to have sex while teasing you with this later.

Thinking of garbage, my steps lightened slightly.


2 days passed.

Just walking for 30 minutes was like marching 40 kilometers, and it was an ordeal.

It lasted 2 days.

And arrived forest.

“… I die.”

I’m not kidding, I thought I was really going to die, so I just lay down after some shade arrived.

[Suho! Someone is coming You need to wake up!]
“… I don’t know. Things will work out.”

If it’s a person who comes anyway, what would you care about?

I have nothing to steal.


My vision started to blur.

And the woman who appeared in front of me.

“I… Divination… Yo. This?”

I couldn’t hear her voice, but there was a woman who looked like my first love.

Did you come to meet me when I died?

I unconsciously held her hand.


And I lost consciousness.




[Suho n..]


“Wow! It’s a fucking surprise.”

Surprised, I got up and looked around.

“What, where are you?”
[I was really worried because it didn’t happen.]
“Armonia? What is it, where are you? I definitely remember coming across the desert to the forest.”
[He passed out as soon as he entered the forest. Fortunately, a villager came and saved me.]
“I’m glad it’s not a monster.”

In a world where there are heroes and devils, there must be monsters.

For a moment, I imagined being raped by Yeo-ok.

“… I guess I’m not crazy either.”
[… ?]
“No, then is this Krell?”
[Yes, that’s right. Arrive at Krell. However, I think you need to be careful.]
“Yes? Why?”
[This is the village chief’s house, and the village chief groped Suho’s body here and there.]

Could it be that I was raped by the village chief?

[It is presumably an act for the purpose of money.]

I let out a sigh of relief.

My heart skipped a beat, thinking that heterogeneous or gay things would be added to the genre of my life.

“Armonia, explain the situation roughly.”
[All right.]

After explaining exactly what he already knew, he informed me of the new situation.

[The representative of the Zodiac sent 2000 Enel more as an apology.]
“Enel…. Great. He was a really cool guy.”

I truly experienced the greatness of Enel while crossing the desert.

Cold water if needed, and even food in the tent.

Enel used while crossing the desert is 10.

Without Enel, he would have been shouting long live the sun as he burned.

And he also explained why we fell into the desert.

Originally, the demon king’s army had a map of the topography of this place several decades ago.

In other words, it is assumed that it became a desert over a long period of time and that the entire village migrated.

It is said that the Demon King’s army was already at war with the opposing army, so there was no time to check the village on the outskirts.

Jerk, jerk, jerk.

[Someone is coming.]

Someone opened the door without knocking and came in.

From his appearance, he had a look that suited the title of village chief.

“Are you okay?”
“Yes, but this place… ?”

I already knew, but out of courtesy, I asked and exchanged conversations.

This is Krell, we helped you, be grateful, every day.

And an unexpected word.

“Now, come to your senses and leave the village.”
“Do you have a problem with your ear canal? Tsk tsk, you can’t understand people.”

I’m just going to treat you like an idiot for asking back.

An exclamation welled up from his chest.

‘Does this old man want to go after him? .’
[Please calm down. There is nothing good about fighting the village chief.]

I need to know about this inspiration first.

‘Armonia, tell me the temperament of that inspiration.’
[All right.]

Having read my heart, Armonia showed the village chief’s status window in front of me.

Name: Hern

Occupation: Chief of Krell Village

[Money lust], [Strong and weak], [Kleptomaniac],…

Crazy… The village chief is a [Kleptomaniac].

First off, that wasn’t what mattered.

[Lust for money].

‘Armonia, what jewels are valuable on this continent?’
[There is a thing called a crystal pearl. It is a rare gem that can only be found in the sea, but it is said to be more difficult to find because it is inland.]
‘How much energy does it cost to make it?’
[983 Enel.]

It’s fucking expensive….

‘Is that fake?’
[The counterfeit is 12 Enel.]
‘Make some of it.’


Suddenly, a crystal pearl the size of a fist jumped out of my hand, and the village chief was startled.

“Ooh, that’s a surprise. What!”
“Do you know that it is a crystal pearl?”
“Well, then you know.”
“I’ll give you this. Please stay for a while. I’ll take another one when I leave.”

I handed the fake to the village chief with a nonchalant expression.

I wonder where the eyes looking at me came from.

When I searched my body earlier, I wouldn’t have come up with a penny.

“Yeah, but how did you get this out now?”
“It’s like storage magic. I can’t tell you more.”
“Kuh, kuhm. Oh, I see. It must have been a lot of hard work to cross the desert. It is good to stay for a while.”
“Me, over there.”

The village chief ignored my words and hurriedly left the room.

“… Miss, I’m hungry. Give me some rice.”

How to Steal the Protagonist’s Woman

How to Steal the Protagonist’s Woman

주인공의 여자를 빼앗는 방법
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
There are heroes in this world.Unlike us lowly people, humans who were chosen by the absolutes.And I am a human who steals the women of such protagonists.


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