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How to Steal the Protagonist’s Woman 18

How to Steal the Protagonist's Woman 18

Chapter 18 – Episode 18 Magic School Shutra (1-2)

“Viola, I’ll be back.”
“Huh…. Will you come back?”
“Then…. I’ll finish it as soon as possible and come back.”

I entered the warp case, being greeted by Viola.

Armonia, wearing her ship’s uniform, said to Viola after servicing the machines in the warp room.

“Miss Viola, during the mission, this is a controlled area, so you will have to leave.”

After hearing what Armonia said, Viola waved her hand at me and went out of the warp room.

Armonia saw Viola exit and she recited her mission briefing while focusing on me inside the warp case.

The target point is the Stra Magic School.

The main character of this world is ‘Louis Brandtrup’, who is said to have entered the Straw Magic School at the top of his class this year.

The target is Louis Brandrupp’s childhood friend, ‘Luna Stadtfeld’.

Although she is not a lover, she says that they are making friends to the extent that it is safe to say that she is a lover.

[The most important issue in this mission is magic power.]
“Magical power?”
[Yes, the Guardian must have magic power to enter Stra.]
“Oh, so if you have magical powers, do you become a teacher?”
[No. Student status is the limit. A professor at the Stra’ Magic School has an influence comparable to that of a Chancellor of the Han Dynasty.]
“Crazy…. I thought I was just a school teacher or something….”

According to Armonia, a teacher at Stra’ Magic School cannot be treated carelessly even if the king of the Han Dynasty comes to her.

Among the students, there are actually royals, but he said that such royals are only one of the students who notice the professor in Stra.

“Then, if you don’t have magic power….”
[You don’t have to worry about that. It is marked as LV 0, but it can be raised with Enel.]

I was afraid to start with something like a cleaner.

According to Armonia, she explained that magical power is like a special talent.

She said that without LV1, she couldn’t grow no matter how hard she tried, but even with LV1, there was a minimal possibility.

And it was a story to pierce the beginning of such talent with Enel.

For reference, I was told that the lowest ranking student at the Straw Magic School I was going to enter was around LV 5.

[Originally, it was a level that could not be entered, but with the help of a person on the Zodiac side, it was possible to enter as a person who was admitted.]
“Oh~ Enel, won’t it cost you a lot?”
[Yes. I think you can raise the level with the remaining Enel while looking at the situation after entering.]
[Then let’s go. Suho-sama, I wish you good luck.]

As soon as I heard Arnia’s last words, I had arrived at the main gate of Stra Magic School.


The front gate of the school was noisy with many people.

From noble people getting off the wagon and being guided, to ordinary people who are happy to receive congratulations from their families.

And I was dressed just like a commoner.

[Looks like you’re just going through the admissions process.]
“Can I just go in?”
[If you show the admission certificate in Suho’s hand, you will be able to enter right away.]

In my hand, as Armonia said, there was a letter in my hand.

Most people get congratulations from family and friends, but I didn’t mean anything.

I just want to get in quickly.

The exterior of the school was splendid, worthy of being known on the continent.

The high school building with its black exterior gave off a sense of mystery.

I handed over the acceptance letter to the guard standing in front of the school gate.

“Hmm…. Confirmed. You can go to the auditorium over there.”

I returned the permit to the security guard who responded to me with a blunt expression and entered the school.

As soon as I entered, I heard the guard’s voice again from behind.

“Hmm… Ah! Congratulations on your admission!”
Haha, thank you.”

It was the complete opposite of me.

‘No, what is it?’

I was dumbfounded and looked back.

Behind me stood a noble man in a white aristocratic attire.

He’s handsome and he’s tall….

‘… Could it be that the guard was gay?’
[I don’t think so. After seeing the acceptance letter, my attitude has changed.]
‘Armonia, boost your temperament. Let’s find out what he’s doing.’

I need to find a weakness and turn it into a loser.

Just because I was treated differently, I got one more sub-quest.

However, Armonia, who always responded promptly, was silent.

[Suho. I am the author.]
[The author is Louis Brandrup.]

I’m lucky that the guy I wanted to make into a loser was the main character.

I thank you for giving me one more reason to shower you with lead bullets.

Nompang looked at me and smiled brightly.

“Are you also going to be enrolled here?”
“Ah yes.”

I also responded with a bright smile.

First of all, you don’t have to hate your opponent.

It is NTL’s basic stance to induce the opponent’s vigilance.

Louis held out his hand to me and asked for a handshake.

“Take good care of me. I am Louis Brandtrup from the kingdom of Levin.”
“I wish you well. I am Sung Soo-ho.”
“You have a unique name.”

I was pissed off and told Armonia.

‘How dare you hear my name and say that?’
[I think it’s just exotic, so it’s amazing.]
‘It’s exotic, but I think I’ll treat it with a drug called a club.’

As I was shaking hands with Louis, a woman wearing a simple black dress came in from behind holding a permit.

It was a practical dress that looked elegant without being overly flashy.

Her long silver hair was slightly wavy at the ends.

His eyes were slightly raised and he had a sullen expression.

And above all.

‘So damn pretty!!’
[I will cheer you up.]

Armonia saw through my inner thoughts and immediately raised the temperament of a woman.

Name: Luna Stadtfeld

[Magic], [Responsibility], [Calmity], [Hunger for growth], [Reciprocate Ji Eun (知恩報恩)]….

“Oh, Luna. This is Seong Su-ho, who just entered the school together with us.”

Luna looked in my direction as she put on a grim expression.

It wasn’t completely expressionless like Armonia, but the expression that it was blunt suited it.

Unlike Armonia, it was seen that her expression subtly changed.

“And Suho, this is my friend Luna Stadtfeld.”
“Ah… Hello.”

I held out my hand, wanting to hold it.

But Luna didn’t respond.

Luna held my hand, then lifted her head and looked at me, she said.

“I dare….”
“Looks like you don’t need to hold hands.”

I don’t know what Luna was thinking, but her actions excited me.

‘Wow! There’s more reason to eat the gnome’s girlfriend! Armonia!’
[… It is expected to be an arduous mission.]

Louise, who saw Luna’s appearance, was embarrassed and she apologized to me.

“I’m sorry. Luna is not very sociable…. She’s not a bad kid.”
“I just said that there is no need to hold hands.”
“Ugh, that’s your problem.”

The two seemed to be having fun while arguing.

Unlike the expression Luna showed me, she had a subtle smile on her face as she talked to Louis.

I folded my arms in embarrassment and burst into rage.

‘… Armonia.’
‘That woman, with this rejected hand, I will definitely give you a taste of hell….’
[This is a very desirable attitude.]

I left the place quietly, leaving behind the two people’s grumbling.


I was introduced to the dormitory after listening to the dean’s speech and professors’ introductions in the auditorium.

It was a male and female dormitory, with one room per person.

I entered the dormitory where I would be staying.

The dorms didn’t look very good.

Single bed, desk, closet, private bathroom… That was it.

It just felt like a high school student’s studio.

“The class is so different from my office….”
[It seems that you were assigned according to your ranking at the time of admission.]

Armonia explained that top students were assigned good dormitories.

It was explained that dormitories are assigned in the order of best, top, middle, bottom, and bottom.

I thought it was probably a system to boost students’ motivation.

And this placement changes every semester….

“What is my rank?”
[This is the lowest.]
“What is your rank?”
[175, etc.]
“What is the total number of people?”
[175 people.]

When I was in school, I didn’t take a single class and spread the word, but I didn’t finish last….

The uniform was neatly folded on the bed.

The uniform was a luxurious material shirt, tie, vest, and cotton pants.

The cape to wear as a coat was also in navy blue and looked very luxurious.

It was a design so good that it wouldn’t look tacky at all even if the outfit was worn in modern times.

It looked similar to a school uniform, but the colorful patterns on the shirt collar, vest, and cape reminded me of a military uniform.

In the first place, the beings called wizards were close to weapons used in war in the past, so it was inevitable.

I sat down on the bed and started sorting things out.

The main character and the heroine met.

Plus, I was really lucky to be assigned to the same class.

Armonia told me that Zodiac helped.


“I can’t play like the viola this time, can I? I want to smash….”

I still can’t forget the look on the woman Luna’s expression earlier.

Are you angry?

No, on the contrary, I was grateful for making me burn.

She wanted to smash that expression.

[Personally, I hope there will be no more cases like Viola.]
“Five… Jealousy?”
[… It’s because if you bring him to the ship every time he twists it, there’s nothing good from the guardian’s point of view.]
“Well, if you bring me like that every time, I think we’ll have a good relationship someday….”

In addition, there were no living rooms left in the ship now.

Once I figured out that side, the next was magic power.

A separate magic egg was created in my temperament.

Name: Seong Soo-ho

[Sex skills], [Magic]…

Armonia showed me a magnified version of her magical temperament.

– [Magical Power LV 0], [Exorcism LV 0], [Fire Property LV 0], [Water Property LV 0]… –

[For now, only the abilities that fit here have been printed separately.]
“Let’s see… Should I raise my magic power by 1?”
[The cost of raising magic power to LV 1 is 10,000 energy.]

I was taken aback by that statement.

“You say you only spend 10,000 to post 1?”
[This is the cost of creating the temperament in the first place.]
“Whew, that’s good. I thought it was so absurd from the start.”

It was really cold.

The lowest rank is level 5, but I thought I was living this school life at level 1.

Flirting isn’t the problem, it’s a level where you don’t have anything to say even if you’re expelled….

“How much Enel do you have?”
[Starting with this mission, 20,000 Enel was supported, so there are currently 24035 Enel remaining.]
“I can’t help it…. Let’s pierce one magic power.”

As I speak….

Nothing happened like a lie.

[Magical power has reached LV 1.]
“Uh… In the game, when you level up, something like a pillar of light appears….”
[This is not a game.]

Yes you are good….

Looking at his temperament, he had [Magical Power LV1].

“Then, how much does it cost each time you upload?”
[In the case of magic power, the consumption starts at 100 and increases by 2 times. The rest of the magic side is applied that way.]
“Ugh! So if you’re level 100, 2 multiplied by 100 is 100. How much is Enel….”
[You don’t have to worry. Guardian does not have to reach that level in the first place, and the number is not unconditionally doubled. It is a system that adjusts itself as you go up.]
“Aha…. Well, there’s no way I’ll ever get 100 magic.”

It would be much better to get 100 on sexual skills.

“Then, let’s make it up to level 5.”
[Consumed 1500 energy for magic power level 5.]
“I have to do it at the bottom….”

After… This will save face tomorrow, right?

And the next day, the first words of the professor in charge stimulated my stomach.

“Magic is forbidden for a week.”

How to Steal the Protagonist’s Woman

How to Steal the Protagonist’s Woman

주인공의 여자를 빼앗는 방법
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
There are heroes in this world.Unlike us lowly people, humans who were chosen by the absolutes.And I am a human who steals the women of such protagonists.


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