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How to Steal the Protagonist’s Woman 19

How to Steal the Protagonist's Woman 19

Chapter 19 – Episode 19 Magic School Shutra (1-3)

“Magic is forbidden for a week.”

Hearing that, I lowered my head and grabbed my stomach.

[Anyway, magic power is required. I don’t think you need to worry too much.]
‘Still… I used half of Enel, but in the end it’s a waste….’

It was definitely Enel that I had to use, but I hated the feeling of being fooled.

The professor saw me with my head down and was in pain, and came over to talk to me.

“… What’s up, student?”
“Ah… Sorry. I suddenly feel bad….”

The professor was a middle-aged man in his 40s in a black suit.

His skinny physique made the impression very dirty.

His expression didn’t show the slightest hint of concern for me.

“Do you think it’s okay to listen to me that way if you’re not feeling well?”
“… Yes?”
“Deduction of 1 point.”

Seongsupin Dor, 1 point deducted!

[I think you should be careful. Exceeding 150 deduction points will result in a one-month suspension, and exceeding 300 points will result in forced expulsion.]
‘Ah, let’s go!’

As soon as I started, I got the attention of the class with deductions.

The professor walked back to the podium and proceeded with the story.

“I don’t care who you are. It’s not even my knowledge. However, if anyone is dishonest in class, I will give them a deduction.”

Even though there must have been aristocrats among the students here, the students listened to the professor with their backs straight.

“There is no royalty or nobility here, only students and professors. Got it?”

The students in the class cheered up and answered quickly.

I was so upset that I didn’t answer and just opened my mouth….

“I will start talking again. You guys can’t use magic for a week under any circumstances.”

The professor simply explained why he shouldn’t use magic.

Here, the continent where the Stra Magic School I came from was a continent where magic was practiced using magic circles.

It was a place where only magic formations had developed, not by reciting modifiers out of their mouths.

However, he explained that when students who have not been verified use magic circles, of course they often go crazy, and magic is prohibited in any case to prevent accidents in the future.

Above all, it was to prevent human accidents from happening at the magic school.

I shouted out loud that there were no royalty or nobility, but it would be very annoying if they harmed me.

“Now let me introduce myself formally. I am Wolfgang Dabrek. I am in charge of the study of magic circles and the study of pyrotechnics.”

As soon as the professor finished speaking, everyone clapped with dignity.

Pair, pair, pair.

Comrade, clap your hands~

I just pretended to hit this time.

“Now, for a week, the class will only do one subject. That subject is the use of magic circles. The students in the front row come out to the podium and take the bracelets and pass them to the students in the back.”

Everyone climbed up to the leader with a tense attitude.

Only one of them went up to the podium in a relaxed and dignified manner.

It was Louis Brandrup.

‘Hey, get caught by the professor and get some penalty points.’

Unfortunately, nothing exciting like that happened.

I received the bracelet handed to me by the guy in the front and turned it around.

‘It’s just a silver bracelet.’
[It appears to be an item related to the magic circle.]

It was as Armonia said. The professor explained

“That bracelet is an item that materializes your magic circle.”

The magic circle didn’t come out just by drawing it.

He explained that if mana is formed in the body and a magic circle is not drawn, the magic will not work.

However, the beginners’ problem was that if they concentrated on drawing the magic circle, there were many cases where mana was nowhere to be found and only pretty shapes remained on the floor.

This bracelet was an item that awakened the senses of how to draw while adding mana to the magic circle.

“If you wear that bracelet and draw a magic circle, it will be colored according to your main attribute. Let’s all draw a circle for now.”

Everyone started drawing circles with their fingers in the air.

Red, blue, brown, light blue.

Various colors began to shine here and there.

Suddenly, it became elementary school art class.

Everyone couldn’t draw the most important circle properly.

They were making a bunch of lousy-shaped fluorescent lamps that were likely to be returned because of their appearance.

I laughed inwardly and looked around.

‘I really can’t draw.’
[Suho should also practice.]
‘What am I?’

The moment I was about to draw confidently, some text characters were printed in front of me.

[Magic Circle Spell LV 1 has bloomed. Due to hand technique LV 555, it has been calibrated and changed to magic circle use LV 43.]

This is the sentence I saw at the village chief’s house before.

It was the same phenomenon as when the old-fashioned Haejeongsul skill was created.

At that time, the work was finished and I consulted with Armonia, but in the end, I couldn’t find out the exact cause.

[It’s amazing. It must be a completely different system, but why can it be calibrated like that….]
‘Hmm…. Do you think it’s really okay even if it’s limited to hand skills?’
[It’s not good enough. Skill level 40 is difficult for an ordinary human to raise without the help of a surrogate. I am rather anxious that I can raise it like that without any disadvantages.]

I could understand Armonia’s anxiety.

‘Why? Could it be that God will ask for it back later?’
[… Honestly, I’m worried about that part.]

Because the scariest thing in this world is giving and then taking away.

‘Then let’s work hard until we lose it.’
[… These are your words. I won’t pay much attention to this anymore.]

If you’re going to lose it anyway, you have to use it like crazy.

That way, even if you lose it, it will be less unfair.

… However, as a user of malicious bugs, you won’t get something like a permanent suspension of your space account, right?

I drew a magic circle.

It was a prototype that was on a different level from other people.

It was an exact circle.

A circle drawn by a machine without any distortion or distortion.

However, my magic circle still had no color.

It seemed that the main attribute was not determined.

It was just a white circle.

‘Oh~ Isn’t this a joke?’
[At skill level 43, mistakes do not seem to exist by human standards.]

I admired the circles I drew.

The professor at the podium spoke to the students.

“Just in case you’ve drawn a magic circle before, and if you draw the wrong thing, you won’t end up with penalty points, so be careful.”

The professor threatened that if he drew a formal magic circle in which magic was activated, he could be expelled immediately.

As a result, all I did was practice drawing circles.

I glanced at the side whenever I had time while drawing figures.

It wasn’t just me.

All the boys near me were staring at me.

Luna Stadtfeld.

I was lucky enough to sit next to her.

No, it’s not luck, it’s manipulation, but….

Being placed in the same class and sitting next to each other didn’t seem like a coincidence.

But she didn’t care about me at all and was diligently drawing figures.

‘Hey, you draw really neatly. Although not as good as me.’
[Luna Stadtfeld is definitely good at drawing, but there is definitely a big difference compared to Suho.]

As Armonia said, Luna also draws pretty well, but she was compared to me a lot.

The professor walked around looking at the magic circle the students made and stood in front of Luna.

As soon as he saw her magic circle, the professor said.

“What is your name?”
“This is Luna Stadtfeld.”
“Three stores.”
“Thank you.”

The professor came towards me, ignoring Luna’s answer.

The professor frowned and looked intently at my circle.

After watching for a minute, he opened his mouth.

“Hey, what’s your name?”
“I am Seongsuho.”
“… What a strange name. 10 shops.”

Having said that, I walked away.

‘Great!! So, am I no longer deducted?’
[No. Deductions and stores are calculated separately.]

According to Armonia, receiving a store does not mean that the deduction points will disappear, she said.

She explained that, unlike deductions applied in an absolute evaluation, stores are given advantages in a relative evaluation.

The top 10 stores say they have the right to freely use special-use facilities such as practice rooms and practice rooms at schools.

In addition, the top 30 were free to go out on holidays, and the top 50 were free to go out on holidays.

And later, when she was assigned a good dormitory, she told me that the store was just as important as her grades.

It was that the more, the better.

And now, Luna and I were the only ones in the class who received the shop.

As before, I caught the attention of the students.

However, unlike before, it started to hum.

(Whoever sees it will know that he came to draw.)
(To say that a shop is good at drawing…)
(For a commoner to come here, he must have a skill like that…)

Different kinds of words went around.

‘… Annoying. It’s a start again.’
[Suho seems to be getting attention from people who are not interested in it.]
‘Shut up….’

It was the professor who calmed the students’ gossip.

“Who said you could talk? You have plenty of room. From now on, those who look at other people’s magic circles will be deducted points to increase tension.”

Everyone listened to the professor’s words, became savages, and began to draw fluorescent lamps that were likely to be returned.

I was drawn into narcissism, drawing a white circle in front of me.

‘After… No matter how many times I draw it, it’s perfect. I’m a genius.’
‘But drawing a magic circle must be harder than I thought?’

No matter how well you draw a magic circle, it will take a lot of time to draw a magic circle.

After all, it is hand drawn.

Right now, I’m drawing a circle with my daughter, but I was at a loss when I thought that I would have to draw dense runes and figures later.

I sighed as I erased the magic circle in front of me.

‘Ha… If I do this every time I draw one, it will get boring later.’
[There is no way anyway.]
‘It’s fun now because it’s simple and easy, but I’m not motivated. It would be great if you draw a circle with your thoughts in front of you. Uh?’
[What is this….]

In front of me….

Boom and circle.


It was evening after class.

I sat on a chair on the outdoor terrace and had a conversation with Armonia.

“Everything happened today.”
[You are really amazing. I didn’t know you had another hidden temperament.]

I looked at my status bar.

One temperament was added.

-[Imagination projection]-

“Can you call this an ability… Aren’t you doing everything?”
[… No.]

Imagination Projection, the description of the skill was like this.

It was to reflect what I imagined in my head into reality and feel like it was real.

“I thought it was natural because I lived like that every time I masturbated.”

When I was masturbating alone, I always brought the woman out of my head into reality and focused on the action.

He hit his daughter whether the family came in or not.

No, it would be correct to say that he hit his daughter without even knowing he came in.

Come to think of it, in the past, I remember being upset because my family came in and disturbed me.

It was cheap though….

That it wasn’t there from the beginning.

“Could it be that I had this ability because I desperately wanted it without realizing it?”
[… Most likely. And above all, the thought that the two abilities would combine like that….]

I hadn’t even thought about it.

I just thought of a circle in my head and expected it to be drawn, and a circle-shaped magic circle suddenly popped out.

-[Imagination Projection], [Magic Circle LV 43]-

He explained that it was like a miracle that happened because of the harmony of these two skills and the bracelet.

[It is presumed that what you imagined because of the bracelet was materialized, not projected into reality.]

But Armonia, who saw me, warned me.

She said that in this world, there are no humans who can pull out the magic circle with such thoughts, so you have to be careful.

If you do something wrong, you can be dragged into a strange place….

He explained that it felt like being dragged away if you had an immortal body in the world you lived in.

In a world ruled by wizards, a nonsensical being emerged.

After that, I secretly went to my room and tried it, but I was able to imagine the magic circle without difficulty.

As long as you had a bracelet, you could do it anywhere.

“I have to practice only in my room. If you get caught, it will really hurt.”
[This is something even the Archmage can’t do. You are amazing.]
“I’m not that great.”

During my self-indulgent speech, someone spoke up.

“It sounds great.”

I suddenly heard a calm female voice behind me and jumped up from her chair in surprise.

I turned around and saw a woman standing there.

Luna Stadtfeld.

A woman who had no reason to visit me came to me.

The woman who, with her rejected hand, vowed that one day I would give her a taste of hell.

She turned to me and said with a blunt expression.

“The magic circle… How did you do it?”

How to Steal the Protagonist’s Woman

How to Steal the Protagonist’s Woman

주인공의 여자를 빼앗는 방법
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
There are heroes in this world.Unlike us lowly people, humans who were chosen by the absolutes.And I am a human who steals the women of such protagonists.


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