How to Steal the Protagonist’s Woman 20

How to Steal the Protagonist's Woman 20

Chapter 20 – Episode 20 Magic School Shutra (1-4)

“The magic circle… How did you do it?”

I looked at Luna without saying anything.

The setting sun beautifully illuminated her small face hidden in her long silver hair.

She asked me again, tilting her head slightly.

“The magic circle… How did you do it?”

I answered her question with a similar expression.

“I don’t see the need to tell you?”

Luna twitched her brow slightly at my words and closed her eyes.

For the first time, it cracked her expression.

Cheers to communication.

‘Nice… I ate one room~’
[Fortunately, you seem to remember Suho.]
‘That’s fortunate.’

A woman who ignored my outstretched hand as soon as we first met.

A doll-like woman who seems to have no emotions.

And a woman of the right level of talent and passion.

And what does that woman want from me?

There is no other woman who is as suitable for NTL as she is.

I was boiling with the desire to break that expression with my hands and then plaster it with my sexual prowess.

Luna was a woman I really wanted to break.

Luna, who was silent with her eyes closed, opened her eyes and spoke to me.

“… I’m sorry if I offended you earlier.”
“What do you mean?”

I smoked like I didn’t know.

Luna and I engaged in a strange war of nerves while having a snowball fight.

Who wins?

“… I won’t talk about magic circles anywhere. I’ll come back tomorrow.”

After saying that, Luna turned around and walked away.

Her graceful gait was not hidden even under the cloak.

I cheered after seeing Luna’s back disappear after leaving the terrace.

“I won!”
[I don’t know if you won, but congratulations. However, there is a possibility that someone else has seen it, so I think you should be careful.]
“Well, what will they do if they cheat?”

Even if they are captured, they will be forced to return to the ship again.

It’s a problem because it interferes with work….

But I felt like things were going well from the start.

It seemed that the conversation would be at a loss, but Luna herself came and tried to talk.

It’s the same with the viola, I think I’m very lucky.

“Is this great? I’m going to try to weave a relationship with this first.”
[Fortunately, according to the information in the temperament, I don’t think I will tell anyone else.]
“There is more greed than I thought….”

-[Hunger for growth]-

In Luna’s position, my ability would be one beyond imagination.

Wizards spend a lot of time drawing magic circles.

In some cases, it is said that there are times when it takes an hour to make a magic circle.

Forming such a magic circle just by thinking.

She would rather be praying for me not to be seen by anyone else.

At least learn before you get caught.

“Since I was ignored by the dog, I will retaliate with the dog.”

I returned to the dorm with a satisfied smile.



The next day, as soon as the magic circle command class was over, Lewis started talking to me.

The guy who had been buried by women since the first day suddenly approached me.

“Are you thinking of joining a club?”
“A club?”

Like a school, magic schools also had a club system where students gathered.

You can join several clubs, and there are quite a few clubs that are not related to magic.


‘Annoying… Why would I go into something like that?’
[However, since it is a long-term mission, it seems necessary to pay attention to the friendly part.]
‘That’s it… But I’ll have to check the situation later and go in.’

What is important to me is not school life.

How do you corrupt Luna?

It is much more beneficial to take a break and make plans rather than wasting time on club activities.

“I’m sorry, but I’m still in the club….”
“The most popular club right now is the Magic Circle Research Club, and it’s very popular.”
“So, I….”
“The seniors are also very kind, and they say that they give you a lot of advice that will help with your grades, so let’s go together.”
“My friends over there decided to go with me.”

Louis seemed unwilling to listen to me at all.

What are you doing?

‘No, the madman keeps cutting people off….’
[Should I say that my speech is good or my pace?]
‘Isn’t it just unlucky? Oh, that’s annoying.’

Until yesterday, I was just a noob, but today I have become a troublesome noob.

Before I could refuse, students flocked around me.

Most of them were female students.

The female students also tried to invite me to clubs.

“I saw yesterday that I was good at drawing magic circles. Let’s go together.”
“They say it’s not difficult to get in and out anyway.”
“… There is no guarantee that you will be able to enter if you want.”

The female students were pressuring me to come in while briefly explaining the club.

It didn’t even look like I wanted to go in.

Rather, it’s a look of annoyance….

‘No, why are they doing this?’
[I think it would be good to go in for now. It’s not difficult to come out, and above all, I don’t think it will have a good effect if I refuse now.]
‘It’s annoying….’

Louise slipped through the women and went to Luna, who was sitting next to her.

“Luna, let’s go in together.”

Louis threw female students at me and invited Luna to join the club next to her.

The girls started to giggle as Louis and Luna suddenly had a conversation.

(For a kid like that…)
(Well, since we’ve known each other since childhood…)
(Ah, why didn’t I have friends like Louis when I was younger? It sucks.)

… Say it a little inaudibly

The two secretly whispered while revealing their hostility too openly.

As if Louis couldn’t hear those women’s voices, she was still talking to Luna.

But this time, I became the target.

(Why are you taking this man with you?)
(Well, you’re good at drawing magic circles. That’s probably why.)
(Because he says he won’t go if he doesn’t go…)
(By the way, what’s his name?)
(I don’t know.)

Make it hard to hear….

Even if the two people next to me couldn’t hear me, I was telling them to listen.

‘No, crazy bitches do that right in front of me.’
[First of all, it seems that the person named Louis is interested in Suho.]
‘Did I get caught making a magic circle with my thoughts?’
[That’s probably not it. Louis was in the front row, and he had to look back clearly to see Suho, but if he looked back like that then he would have been deducted points.]
‘Well, that’s when everyone heard the same thing….’

It was after the professor threatened to give them a deduction if they saw someone else’s magic circle, so they wouldn’t have looked back plainly.

I concluded that it was just because I drew the magic circle well.

I looked at Louis and then turned her gaze towards Luna.

She was glancing and staring at me.

A few seconds of staring at it like that.

The answer came out of her mouth.

“… Okay. I’ll go in too.”

I said by correspondence.

‘Let’s join the club.’

When Luna decided to join, I also decided to join the Magic Circle Research Club.


As I found out, just because I wanted to join a club, I couldn’t just enter.

In the case of small clubs, there were many cases where there were no special conditions, but large clubs were different.

Since there are many students who want to join large-scale clubs, we had no choice but to select them to some extent.

The selection criteria could have been national networking or admission grades.

Coincidentally, something like a club information session for freshmen was being held.

Me, Luna, Luis, and the women attended an information session in the auditorium.

A blonde-haired woman came up to the podium and started explaining.

She introduced herself as the Student Council President of Stra Magic School.

Golden light emanated from her golden eyes.

A cool smile and bold explanation exuded the dignity of the student council president.

‘Oh, she’s pretty?’
[Would you like to see the temperament?]
‘No, let’s just focus on Luna now.’
[This is a wise decision.]

According to the president of the student council, the application for membership in the club could be done in about a week.

Since the students who have just arrived here are only taking magic formation classes anyway, he explained that the rest of the time should be spent exploring the clubs at their leisure.

After the briefing, we left the auditorium.

Anyway, you can apply to join the club after a week, so I wonder if I can go back.

I tried to get out carefully so as not to get caught by the bastard.

Sasak, stealth!

“Ah, Suho. Let’s eat together.”

My speedy stealth technique was detected at once.

So damn annoying….

‘No, why is this madman doing this to me…. Armonia.’
‘Show me this guy’s temperament.’
[That is impossible.]
‘… What?’

Disobedience of orders?!

Nope… He has a higher rank than me.

Rather, is it a situation where I have to do a grenzel?

Armonia explained that the temperament of the main characters managed by the zodiac or the temple cannot be viewed or changed.

[Instead, the Zodiac and the Temple cannot view or change the temperament of characters other than the main characters. These are our rules.]
‘I wanted to find out some weaknesses….’

The former hero never met her face, so he didn’t know. (Although he almost ran into them by one second.)

This is what the separation of the three powers is like….

At Louis’ invitation, the women next to him started laughing.

“As expected, Louis… You really take care of people. Kind….”
“There, like a senior, I’m in last place… No, he leads people well and is amazing.”

Bottom or last….

The women were busy praising Lewis.

Lewis’s answer, however, was more speculative.

“Suho-ssi is also at the bottom, but the more people like that, the more enjoyable it is to rise, so I envy that even more.”
“Well, Louis has no place to climb anymore… It’s really great.”
“That’s right.”

But there is something about the atmosphere….

‘Isn’t this bastard criticizing me?’
[… I felt that way too.]

I don’t know if it’s innate or if it’s partly knowing….

Either way, it was like a beggar.

Luis and Luna staring at me bluntly from behind the women.

Her gaze didn’t leave me.

But Louis seemed to have remembered something, so he turned around and stood next to Luna and looked at me and said,

“Oh right…. Sorry. Luna couldn’t eat with someone she didn’t know…. Suho, could you escort the ladies here?”
“… Yes?”

She gave me a no-nonsense sound.

It sounded like he was going to steal the treasure chest while fighting the mob after mob mob to me.

‘Ah… I’m getting annoyed.’
[I understand, but you have to be patient.]
‘Ha… I’m holding back because I want to be with you. Understand?’
[… All right.]

Heck, I need to relieve my mood in this way.

Actually, I’m not kidding, I’m holding back because I really want to do it with Armonia.

The other female students were sorry to hear Louise’s words, but they could not refuse.

“If it’s Lewis….”

They were glaring at Luna while making a sad sound.

Even though she was staring at her so openly, Louis didn’t notice at all.

She actually thought she could be more comfortable in this situation.

After all, if you go to Louise, women will come off on their own.

Lewis was about to lead her Luna to her restaurant.

But Luna just stared at me.

“Luna, let’s go.”
“… Let’s go together.”

Luna looked at me and said.

“Uh? Are you okay? You can’t eat with people you don’t know.”
“It’s okay. You knew yesterday.”
“That… If so….”

Louise looked at me with a puzzled expression. Since she was involved with Luna, for the first time she felt her expression distort.

Luna looked at me and invited me again.

“Let’s go together.”

There was a slight smile on her face.

I listened to Luna’s recommendation and gave her a bright smile.

And answered.


How to Steal the Protagonist’s Woman

How to Steal the Protagonist’s Woman

주인공의 여자를 빼앗는 방법
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
There are heroes in this world. Unlike us lowly people, humans who were chosen by the absolutes. And I am a human who steals the women of such protagonists.


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