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How to Steal the Protagonist’s Woman 21

How to Steal the Protagonist's Woman 21

Chapter 21 – Episode 21 Magic School Shutra (1-5)


I politely declined with a smile on my face.

That too in half.

Thanks to this, the atmosphere changed from a cool summer beach to an arctic beach with a sharp wind.

Luna’s slight smile disappeared and she was looking at me with a hard expression.

Even the women who were hostile to Luna earlier were looking at me with rabbit eyes in bewilderment.

There was no sign of an end to the snowball fight between Luna who looked at me with a smile and Luna who looked at me with a stiff expression.

“… Isn’t that too rude?”

In the end, Lewis interceded.

“Oh, sorry. Because I can’t eat with people I don’t know.”
“But there is nothing to talk about like that.”

Rather than intervening, he was revealing his hostility to me unilaterally.

He glared at me and frowned.

“And we’ve only just met, in which country is it polite to talk like that?”
“Ah…. I didn’t say much last night, so I thought it was okay. I’ll be careful.”
“What? Dinner?”

Hearing my potentially misleading remarks, Louis turned to look at Luna.

But Luna said calmly, unfazed by my provocation.

“I don’t care how you speak, but please refrain from saying things that cause strange misunderstandings.”

I said with a smile.

“So you’re saying you can let go?”

A look of bewilderment appeared on Luna’s face.

It’s not a subtly changed level.

I was really perplexed.

‘I wanted to see that expression!’
[Suho, I’m worried that you’re going too strong.]
‘Well, I’ll have to stop at this point.’

I put on a serious expression without a smile on my face and lowered my head.

“After… Sorry. I couldn’t stand being ignored, so I acted inappropriately for my age.”

Of all the people here, only two understood what I was saying.

Louis and Luna.

Others made faces wondering what I was talking about.

If I apologize out of the blue, you won’t be able to grasp the situation.

I bowed my head to Luna and apologized.

“Luna-san, I’m sorry.”
“That… It’s okay. I’m really sorry….”

Luna couldn’t hide her embarrassment when I suddenly came out of that position.

‘At this point, he must have fully realized that he got into this shape because of his own fault.’
[But people don’t seem to know what the situation is yet.]
‘It’s okay. Luna, it’s enough to know inside that woman.’

Once there is a sense of responsibility in the temperament, once established, the guilt will slowly bloom.

In addition, thanks to the longing for growth, there will be no way not to approach it.

“Sorry. You ruined the atmosphere because of me. Let’s go first.”

I said that and got out of the crowd.


Like yesterday, I went out to the outdoor terrace and sat on a chair.

Watching the sunset was spectacular.

“Kyaa, it’s pretty.”
[Luna Stadtfeld doesn’t seem to be coming.]
“Well, if you don’t come, there’s nothing you can do about it.”

It sounds too optimistic, but it’s already in the past.

Because I have no choice but to believe in what is written in my temperament and push forward.

Maybe there were conflicting temperaments that we don’t know about….

“Should I think about what to do if he doesn’t come….”
[Suho, someone is coming.]

The sound of low shoe heels could be heard in the distance.

The sound stopped behind my back.

I turned my head and glanced at it.

Luna Stadtfeld.

She stood there, looking at me slightly.

She was very beautiful in her neat uniform.

The embarrassed expression he showed earlier was nowhere to be found, and he was looking at me with a blunt expression.

I ignored it and looked at the sunset again.

A voice came from behind.

“… Really sorry.”

I glanced sideways again.

He was looking at me with eyes reflected in the setting sun.

I said while staring at her.

“What… I didn’t do anything well…. Let’s get together and do something that didn’t exist.”

I deliberately changed it to an honorific.

But she didn’t answer me and hung her head as if contemplating something.

Luna’s silence lasted longer than expected, and before she knew it, the sun that had been making her sunset light disappeared.

Lanterns around the school started to light up automatically as they turned on automatically.

“Enough then.”

I walked back to her dormitory, leaving Luna behind her.

The moment I put my hand on the terrace door to open it, I heard Luna’s voice.

“Perhaps… I’ll be here until you’re angry. … Even if you don’t come, I’ll wait for you.”

I went into the building without answering.


A week passed.

The fight between me and Luna quickly spread over the next day and a half and became a celebrity.

However, the reason for the fight was not known, so I became the bad guy.

The men saw him as the one who did strange things to Luna, and the women saw him as the one who did strange things to Louise.

Thanks to that, no one paid attention to me, so I was able to live quietly.

The professor said as he wrapped up today’s class from the podium.

“As of today, you too have officially become students of the Stra Magic Academy. Classes will increase dramatically from tomorrow, so get the timetable from the teaching assistant.”

The professor finished the other trivial stories and left.

In the meantime, I only had morning classes, but now I was told that I would be taking afternoon classes as well.

The magic formation class that I had been taking all week has now been reduced to twice a week.

‘I was really tired of dogs….’
[I don’t think the new class will be as easy as that. I think the subject will increase significantly.]
‘Damn it….’

Studying in any world is difficult.

I glanced at the seat next to me while lamenting at Armonia.

Luna was getting up and clearing her seat.

As she got up, she glanced at me.

After a few seconds of snowballing (by myself), Luna turned around and left the classroom.

And Louis, who saw that, glared at me and followed her Luna.

I snorted her snort as I watched her Luis out.

‘That bastard is always like that.’
[It was still strange to talk to her.]

As Armonia said, Louis was the only one who talked to me every day after that incident.

I thought I wouldn’t have to join the club thanks to that incident, but I kept insisting on going to the club together.

Then, in a place where no one was around or not paying attention to others, he showed hostility like that.

‘Crazy…. Isn’t it annoying to live like that….’
[Still, I’m glad I’m a person who notices others.]

There is definitely a difference between a dragon and a dragon.

Hero, I think he killed me regardless of who saw it….

Armonia changed the subject.

[It has been a long time since I felt the power of the holy war.]
‘… Wasn’t it a joke, did you draw the same magic circle as I did before?’

Lewis was able to draw magic circles somewhat well in just one week.

No, it was safe to say that he was almost on the same level as me.

We judged that the agent of the temple increased his ability by pouring Enel on him.

I suddenly had a question.

‘By the way, Armonia. Why can’t Zodiac do that?’
[Currently, Zodiac is suffering from financial difficulties.]
‘Eh? Aren’t they getting paid for success?’

I was worried when I heard about the financial crisis.

If I told you that I couldn’t give it to you after making that guy into powder….

[Now this planet is one of the few zodiac dominant planets. I heard that if this place is taken away, it will be irreversible.]

It is a place so important that you want to stop it even if you give 10 million energy.

That seems like enough to give.

[And the biggest problem is….]
[Originally, Zodiac extremely hated the use of Enel to raise the main characters.]
‘What do you mean by that? Then how do I raise them?’
[It was raised in a way that inherited the ability using the reincarnation system.]
‘Then what about the temple?’
[Since the past, the holy war has preferred to consume a lot of energy at once to raise the main characters.]
‘… Wait, where do I think I saw this?’

Aren’t there non-paying users and paying users?

‘No, then you said you ended up like this while doing no billing?’
[I can’t name just one reason, but I heard it’s the biggest reason.]
‘No, I can collect more Enel if I charge it, but why did you do that?’
[… I know you didn’t do it because you said your pride was hurt.]

They say that the reason they don’t come now is that they can’t do it because of financial difficulties.

The poor get poor, the rich get poor.

I understand because I hate billing too.

In fact, there was nothing to do because there were no yagames with charging elements.

But sad… The words of no charge are financial difficulties….

‘After all, agents are no different from humans….’
[They are not like that from the beginning either.]
‘Yes? How was it at first?’
[The beings who were given authority by God had no emotions.]

It is said that emotions did not exist until they were first created by God.

And it wasn’t even divided into two groups like now.

However, it began to change as he manipulated and developed the main characters in the universe.

The emotions of the main characters flowed in, and I felt them.

It is said that this situation has been reached because of emotions and quarrels.

‘Ah, isn’t it just blind manipulation?’
[Yes. I don’t feel or experience all emotions, but they say they flow in to some extent.]

As a result, love arises….

Are you like me?

When I play sex games, I play games with the thought of being possessed by the main character.

While listening to Armonia’s explanation, a weak man’s voice came from behind.

“I… Student? What’s going on?”

I turned around and saw the man who came with dark circle icicles under his eyes.

He thought it was the Joker dressed in black.

He was an assistant here.

“I have to close the classroom door now.”
“Oh, sorry. I was thinking of something else.”
Haha…. It’s okay. Get this timetable.”

The teaching assistant gave me a weak smile as he gave me the schedule.

‘Wow, this is the first time I’ve ever seen such a weak smile.’
[Just by looking at the complexion, you can feel that the intensity of work here is high.]

I woke up getting my timetable.

“Thank you. Let’s go.”
“Yes, be careful.”

I left the black joker behind and left the classroom.


Today, I passed by the terrace and looked at it.

Today too, Luna stood upright near her chair where I was sitting.

‘Oh, come every day for a week and wait patiently.’
[How long are you going to leave it?]
‘Well…. As long as possible?’
[I’m worried that I might give up after that.]

Armonia’s words had some truth.

No matter how eager Luna is for growth, if she finds it impossible to convince me, she may choose to give up.

So you have to keep her on your mind.

‘Don’t worry. That’s why we deliberately make eye contact after class.’

I care about you

The signal continued to be given.

That’s right, I don’t intend to do that for a few months, I plan to take a week or so to spare before approaching.

‘You don’t have to be so impatient. On the contrary, I like it when I have more time to be alone like this.’
‘Because when people are alone for a long time, they tend to think of other things.’

A bad relationship is also a relationship.

When a character I disliked often appears in my dreams, there are times when I suddenly want to play that game again.

It’s obviously not attractive, and the game isn’t fun either.

And there are often cases where the feelings you didn’t like suddenly change.

Whatever Luna thinks of me, the more full of her thoughts about me, the better.

Anyway, there will be feelings of sorry for me now. There is something you want

“Come on, let’s go back.”

I left Luna behind her and headed to her dormitory.

How to Steal the Protagonist’s Woman

How to Steal the Protagonist’s Woman

주인공의 여자를 빼앗는 방법
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
There are heroes in this world.Unlike us lowly people, humans who were chosen by the absolutes.And I am a human who steals the women of such protagonists.


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