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How to Steal the Protagonist’s Woman 17

How to Steal the Protagonist's Woman 17

Chapter 17 – Chapter 17 Magic School Shutra (1-1)

“Armonia, good morning~”
“There is no separate breakfast here, but good morning.”

Armonia corrected my greeting and accepted it.

She was vigorously mopping in the ship’s hallway with a long mop and manual labor.

Armonia, who was cleaning, was wearing a sailor suit.

… It is not the sailor uniform worn by high school girls.

It was the attire worn by real sailors.

A sailor suit with white stripes patterned on a black background.

“Armonia, do you wear that outfit every time you clean?”
“That’s right. It is important to dress appropriately.”

I took out my notebook and wrote it down.


A list of clothes to wear when having sex with Armonia.
Captain’s suit
.Sailor uniform

One more added to my wish list.

I wrote down the ‘sailor uniform’ in my notebook and looked at Armonia again.

Armonia was staring at my notebook.

“Yes? Why?”
“I saw that you seemed to be writing something.”
“You do not have to know.”

Armonia’s eyes were not falling off the notebook.

Are you going… They say you don’t have to know, but I keep looking….

I sighed and put the notebook in my pocket.

Viola walked from a distance.

She was wearing a simple dress that I would wear where I lived.

“Armonia-san, I finished cleaning over there. Suho, are you awake?”
“Yes, Viola is diligent.”
“Cleaning is so much fun!”
Haha… I’m glad.”

Oh My God….

You said there’s no cleaning in that fucking place.

Now, from Viola’s point of view, cleaning was a kind of play.

To her, this was paradise on earth.

Although the interior of the ship was confined, it was free.

And I had a colleague.

Armonia was a bit difficult at first, but I quickly got used to it.

If the opponent didn’t throw it away, the viola always had a tendency to rush.

A week has passed since Viola came here.

When Viola first came here, I explained to her about this place.

It’s a ship called Kibotos, and the NTL Corporation Ssongla Ssongla….

After listening to me, what she said was….

-What is a ship?-
-Uh… It’s like a boat.-
– What’s the pear?
-Uh… He’s floating on the sea.-
-What is the sea?-

Viola’s real hair was a blank slate.

Perhaps Viola had more sex knowledge than common sense had so far.

Eventually, with the recommendation of Armonia, we decided to start with letter education.

I was in the process of educating with an educational video.

It was more effective than what Armonia and I taught.

Viola was always watching TV, except for occasional meetings like this.

I love cartoons so much….

And bedroom.

It had a kibotos control room (including a warp room), two offices, and one living room.

I decided to live in the office, and Viola stayed in the remaining living room.

However, I have never slept in the office until now.

He hugged Viola from behind.

“That… Su, Suho, ah, Armonia is watching….”
“Know… “

Armonia’s expressionless expression excited me even more.

I’ve been sleeping in Viola’s bedroom every single day since I came here.

More than anything….

Her living room with Viola was next to Armonia’s office.

What is she thinking when she hears our mating?

I was thrilled just thinking about it.

However, his love affair with Viola was stopped due to Armonia’s interference.

“Suho-sama, I have something to tell you about today’s mission.”
“What, now?”
“Yes, I was going to tell you when you wake up.”
“Grunt… Okay. Viola, I’ll be back.”
“Huh… Yes.”

I let go of the viola and headed to Armonia and my office.

Armonia told me to go first in front of her own office.

“If you’re waiting for me at Suho’s office, I’ll finish cleaning up and go right away.”

After I hear her enter her office, why does she have to do it in my office? The thought came to mind.

“For a moment? If we’re going to have a decent conversation anyway, can’t we do it in the Armonia office?”

I immediately turned around and entered the Armonia office.

“Armonia, just here… West… Uh… “

What caught my eye was Armonia, who was just taking off her sailor uniform.

She was wearing a black bra that contrasted with her fair skin and silvery hair.

She looked at me for a moment, then started to change her clothes again.

Oh my god! The color of the panties is also black….

Even though I was watching, he took off his top and bottoms without hesitation and started changing into a suit.

Looking at her Armonia, I knew one thing about her.

Armonia is a style where you take off your top first….

I’m a bottomless person….

Armonia, who calmly changed all her clothes, approached me.

“I said I would go, but why did you come?”
“Uh… I just wondered if I could do it here….”
“No. Suho’s office is better than mine, so I think it’s better to use it.”
“Uh… Okay.”

Wow, how you look doesn’t change….

Isn’t it actually like a cyborg machine?

The moment you gather Enel and just want to have sex!

As Armonia turned her head to each other….

(Kiririk, I am a cyborg.)


Armonia and I entered my office.

I sat down on my desk chair, and Armonia stood next to me like a secretary and started reporting.

Armonia told her the story behind her previous request.

“Now the hero is said to be making a mess to cross the continental desert and find her sister in that city.”
“… Did you really cross the desert?”
“Yes. Thanks to the contents written by Suho, it seems that we will achieve results that exceed our expectations.”

At the time, I wrote in my viola letter that I would roughly cross the desert.

It was something I hadn’t really thought about.

Above all, the country across the desert is also legal in the slave trade, so it is said that they are particularly provoking that side.

That country is fighting an all-out war to capture the hero….

“How long did it take you to cross the desert?”
“It is estimated that it took about five days.”
“… For ordinary people to go over there?”
It is a distance that takes three months for an ordinary human to cross without any means of transportation. That is, it is impossible to cross.”
“… Great. But if you know that it takes three months according to common sense, isn’t it normal to think that it’s not already?”
“I don’t seem to have that level of reason left.”

According to Armonia’s additional report, Krell is gone.

According to eyewitnesses, a large fire suddenly formed in the village and evaporated….

“Hey… I thought it would end with just killing the village chief. It wasn’t.”
“Even just by listening to that information, it seems certain that you raised the warrior’s rage properly.”

And he explained that the opposing army without a hero is now becoming a mess.

However, it is said that the corruption about the warrior has not spread yet.

Only a week had passed, and the corruption seemed unreasonable to spread.

Maybe it’s just covered….

Armonia said that it would be possible to overturn the game beyond turning the tide of battle if the hero continued ‘finding his sister’.

In a way, he was a really great guy.

“We’ll let you know if we have more information coming in later.”
“This time, it’s about a mission I’ll take on later.”

Armonia put a screen on my desk.

A long list appeared on the screen.

“Perhaps because of the mission skills shown this time, more requests came in than expected.”
“Five… Were you and your daughter together before then?”
“Yes. In addition, the request was said to be out of interest in Zodiac. I had no idea that we would be of great help.”
“Well, what would you expect from a raw novice?”

There was no need to view Zodiac’s actions negatively.

It’s a natural behavior.

Even if we failed, they would have thought, ‘We lost 20,000 energy.’

Armonia said that she only received the contents of the request for a week and she did not accept it.

She explained that if she liked it a bit, she took a quick bite, and later, if a better request came in, she took a break for a while because she could incur a loss.

“Above all, from this mission, I’m going to proceed differently from the missions I’ve done before.”
“Yes? How?”
“First, I will explain the long-term mission and the short-term mission.”

Armonia explained that it divided the incoming missions into two types.

Long-term and short-term missions.

Long-term missions are long-term missions that are supported by Enel several times over a certain period of time.

The short-term mission was a mission that wanted to be solved in a short period of time after receiving an advance payment as before.

In the case of long-term missions, it was explained that the Zodiac side would take action so that other missions could be taken on, so that there could be a blank period.

She said that since the method of action is different, she will let you know when you receive a request.

“The long term is listed by period from 1 to 10 years, and the short term is listed in order of stability over time.”
“… 10 years?”
“Yes, but I do not recommend it. Rather, I would recommend blocking the person who made such a request to us.”
“Let’s leave it for now. Just in case. But it’s not like slavery… “

Not all Zodiac guys are the same.

The request does not come from the zodiac group, but comes individually to the representative of the god belonging to the zodiac.

I can’t just say it’s bad without knowing the contents, but 10 years was too bad….

“My personal recommendation mission is here.”
“In three years… Magic school?”
“Yes, the time is the Middle Ages, similar to before.”

This mission was said to be the same medieval as before.

However, if there was a difference from the place he had been to before, he said that there was no war and it was a peaceful place.

“Krell was also peaceful, but it was limited there….”
“Yes, I think there will probably be fewer life-threatening cases like before.”

He explained that the starting point of the mission was to enter the continent’s most elite institution, the Straw Magic School.

Admission requirements include being over 20 years of age and possessing a certain amount of talent.

But it was far from just an institution called school.

The only magic school in the world, Stra.

By the way, Stra Magic School is said to be such a great place that even royalty from each country bowed their heads to enter.

My mission was to seduce the girl of the main character who was scheduled to enter such a magic school as the top student.

The problem is….

“I haven’t found a woman I’m dating exactly yet.”
“Ah~ I don’t have any girls I’m dating~ but you mean there are people you have a crush on?”
“Yes, that is the reason why the Zodiac has been accepting this request for a long time.”

Even if you don’t date, the mental can be broken, but it will be weak.

One shot is not enough to break bulletproof glass.

Several rooms must be baptized with lead.

Only then will you ascend to heaven saying ‘Hallelujah’.

“When doing long-term missions, the advantage is that Enel can be supported on a weekly basis.”
“Well… It’s good, but shouldn’t you spit it out if you fail later?”
“If we fail, her credibility will be lowered, but Enel’s support is a basic condition. She doesn’t have to give it back.”
“That is fortunate.”

There is no such thing as a penalty.

In addition, the long-term mission had a very high success rate.

“The commission success reward is 10 million Enel.”

Like a long-term commission, Enel was amazing.

“Then, if only 30 long-term quests are successful..Hehe….”
“… Yes, you will reach the goal that Suho wants.”

The Enel used by Armoni to summon me was said to be 30 million in total.

And 10 times that is 300 million.

It was obviously a very high number.

But to me, it was just a number.

Games always have an end.

There is a story that says, “A game without an ending is garbage.”

The ending is obviously….

I smiled as I looked towards Armonia.

“Heh heh….”

Armonia was looking at me with an expressionless expression.

… Did you laugh too hard?

How to Steal the Protagonist’s Woman

How to Steal the Protagonist’s Woman

주인공의 여자를 빼앗는 방법
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
There are heroes in this world.Unlike us lowly people, humans who were chosen by the absolutes.And I am a human who steals the women of such protagonists.


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