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How to Steal the Protagonist’s Woman 16

How to Steal the Protagonist's Woman 16

Chapter 16 – Episode 16 How to Steal a Hero’s Woman (Episode 1 Epilogue)


Someone landed with a roar.

His name is Ryan.

He was a man called a warrior in this world.


Arriving at the hideout of just the two of them, Lian shouted Viola’s name.

As soon as Lian shouted the name, she sensed a smell wafting from this place that could never be smelled.

It was a man’s scent.

‘Kuh, why….’

This is a secret space that only Viola and Lian can enter.

A hideout created by gathering archmages and architects from all over the world.

It was built so solid that even the wizards who created it couldn’t penetrate it.

But it was clearly felt.

‘In my room…… Not just one!’


The presence felt in Viola’s room.

I screamed again in front of the room.

“Viola!! Answer me when you are in the room!”

Lian had never entered Viola’s room while living with her sister.

It was from the heart that I wanted to protect everything.

Viola had to be chaste even to herself before she got married.

In that Viola’s room… There was someone

‘What kind of bastard!’


Unable to bear it, Lian burst through the door. The door was shattered and scattered across the floor.

But there was no one inside.

The energy of the two people that I had felt a while ago had completely disappeared.

“What, what! Certainly… Kut!”

Ryan covered his nose with his sleeve because of the pungent smell that stung his nostrils.

‘What a smell!’

A smell I had never smelled in my entire life made me go crazy.

But even in that situation, Lian was worried about her sister first.

Rian, who came back to her senses and turned her eyes to the bed, noticed something strange.

“… Blood?”

Blood stains were clearly visible on the white bed, where even a speck of dust would show.

Ryan’s head was on the verge of exploding.

‘I will kill you!!’

Lian thought that this blood had come from her sister’s wounds.

Ryan’s head was filled with thoughts of wanting to kill the guy who hurt his sister.

‘Is it teleportation? Then I wouldn’t have gone far!’

Lian came out to the central hall to find her sister.

However, something was placed on the normally clean table.

It was cheap parchment.

There was only one sentence written.

(To the village chief’s house)


“What is this!”

The village chief screamed while looking at the safe.

There was nothing but crystal pearls in the safe I opened to check after a long time.

“How dare this guy!”

In the head of the village, there was only one culprit.

An unknown peddler.

The village chief was furious and ran down to the first floor to catch it himself.

Click, bang!

“이 쌍놈의 새끼! Nudge! Your guy… Huh? Uh, what….”

In the eyes of the village chief who went looking for the peddler, it wasn’t the peddler.

A warrior who should be active on the battlefield in the middle of the day.

It was Ryan.

He was reading some parchment in the room he had lent to the peddler for a while.

The village chief shivered all over his body with cold sweat dripping from his forehead.

“Now, you’re here, uh, for some reason….”

Ryan didn’t respond at all.

He was reading a letter supposedly left by her sister.

The contents were written in such a way as ‘Thank you so far’, ‘I decided to leave because I have someone I like’, and ‘Be happy’.

And last….

(I’m leaving over the desert. Don’t look for me.)

Firm sentence.

In fact, that last sentence was written by Suho at will, but Lian had no way of knowing it.

Lian’s expression in the village chief’s eyes was that of a demon.

The village chief wanted to run away, but his legs gave out and he sat down on the spot.

Ryan didn’t care who was in the room right now.

He only had the thought of killing one person.

Beneath Viola’s letter was another letter.

It was the same text.

Thank you for raising Viola deliciously.

Viola is really delicious.

I’ve seen many women in my life, but I’ve never seen a woman as delicious as Viola.

The viola that you raised deliciously, I will make you happy.

If an ordinary human read this letter, it would be something that would cause him to fall over by grabbing his back.

However, Lian misunderstood the contents of this letter.

Since he had never been interested in women other than Viola his whole life, he hadn’t thought of using the word delicious like that.

‘A guy who can’t even write… Can’t even distinguish words like pretty and delicious? But both letters were written by the same guy….’

The end of that thought was the hope circuit.

‘Viola must have been kidnapped!!’

Lian slowly opened the box underneath the letter, hoping to find a clue to its location.


As soon as I opened the box, the smell that came out was the same as the smell I smelled earlier.

A smell so repulsive that it quells anger.

Inside the box was a sapphire placed on a piece of white silk.

‘Sapphire? Below….’

The white silk was stained with dirty liquid and blood.

Ryan couldn’t possibly hold that dirty silk with his hands.

‘Sapphire is… Perhaps!.’

In his mind, he had concluded that Viola had not left, but had been kidnapped.

Lian, who wondered if there might be a hint, started the sapphire right away.

A screen output from the sapphire was projected onto the wall of a wooden room.

The village chief was frightened by the bizarre phenomenon he had never seen before.

“Eh, what is this!”

Rian ignored the surprised village chief and focused on the screen.

And the scene that came out was Viola wearing a wedding dress.

The problem was that the attractive breasts hanging from Viola’s upper body were exposed.

“Go, heart!”
“Don’t look!”

Lian raised his sword in an instant and cut off the chief’s eyes.

“Aagh! My eyes!”

The village chief cried out, holding his two eyes that were leaking blood.

Lian looked at the screen again, as if he wasn’t interested in the village chief’s screams.

Lian couldn’t take her eyes off Viola’s chest, the one he had never seen before.

“Ha… Ha… Viola… Beautiful….”

Lian was mesmerized by Viola’s appearance.

I just looked at her and had her admiration for her.

Then the viola started to say something of her towards the screen.

(My first experience….)
(Dedicated to Suho.)

Ryan started to deny it inwardly.

‘I guess not… It won’t be….’

There was no way Viola knew the words she knew, the first experience.

How much she struggled in the meantime to bring her to her pristine condition.

“There’s no way Viola would know such a vulgar word…. Are you kidding your brother? Viola.”

Next to the hero who fell in love with Viola, the village chief was crawling, bleeding her blood.

Suddenly, the spot illuminated by the sapphire turned downwards.


It was Seongsuho who was holding the sapphire, but there was no way Lian knew about it.

And the scene that caught Ryan’s eyes was so shocking that it would be rooted in her brain for the rest of her life.

It was her sister’s pussy.

“Nice… Under… Ugh… Rain, viola.”

Rihanna turned her head away to avoid looking, but her eyes were fixed on her crotch.

However, Ryan also noticed something dirty that shouldn’t be under her pussy.

Viola was slowly lowering her waist, positioning her crotch over her dirty cock.

And the voices of men and women on the screen.

(This, if you do this…. Sooooo!)
(It’s there, viola.)
“Oh, no… Nope… Viola… Then no….”

Rihanna approached the screen and tried to pull out the viola to stop the situation, with her tears flowing.

But Viola ignored her condition and smiled seductively as she looked at her.

Viola opened her mouth.

(My first experience…)
“Rain… Viola.”
(Please enjoy it.)
“Oh, no!!! Fuck!!!!”

Viola put her dirty stuff into her own vagina.

And he started shaking her hips.

Seeing this, the warrior cried out in agony.

“No!! Viola! Not him!!!”

But despite his screams, Viola didn’t stop shaking her waist.

Viola seemed to accelerate her excitement at Rian’s scream.

(Heyhahahaha. Viola, who are you?)
(Ha-ang, I, ha-ah! It’s Suho’s!)
“You son of a bitch! The viola is mine!!”

Rian couldn’t take her eyes off the intercourse between the two on the screen even as she exhaled death.

Rather, his penis swelled up as if it were about to burst, and Cooper fluid leaked out.

Lian was able to turn off the video long ago.

But the desire wriggling inside of him prevented that.

The first experience of a woman in love.

I was having that first experience with another man.

Rian’s brain was twisting reason with the excitement of seeing Viola for the first time and the anger that Viola had been taken away.

In the act of her beloved sister having intercourse with an extraneous man, Lian began to be dominated by her inner abnormal sexual desire without even knowing it.

(Aang! What, something! Haaang! Heaang! Wow, come!)
(I’ll be cold too!)

With the climax of the viola, foul liquid flowed down Lian’s legs.

Fainting viola. Sapphire was taking pictures of her pussy closely.

A vagina messed up with blood and love juice, in between… Semen flowed out.

The man off the screen wiped his genitals clean with Viola’s new white underwear and showed them on the screen.

Then a man’s voice was heard.

(Thank you, warrior~ Little sister, I ate well! Kyahahaha!)
“Nice… Aaaaa!!!!”

Lian knelt down and cried out.

**Same time out of town**

There were two people carrying bright mana stones and going through a dark forest.

It was a vigilante and an old woman.

“Embyeong, call someone to come in the middle of the night….”
“Well, wouldn’t it be nice to have a drink together?”
“What’s the point of following such a pathetic bastard? If you squeezed a honey chestnut, it would look like it would collapse.”

If Seong Soo-ho had heard this, he would have been furious, but there was no need for him to hear it anymore.

Rather, the vigilante responded with a greedy smile.

“Oh hey, grandma. You don’t know the charm of insincereness. Kuk-kuk.”
“Em disease….”

If Seong Soo-ho had heard this, he would have been terrified, but luckily he hadn’t.

Before Seong Soo-ho left, he said different things to the two of them.

He told the old woman to dig in the soil under the tree with the ribbon on it, and told the vigilante that he would be there if he went east from the old woman’s hut.

Once the two met each other, they said, ‘Let’s go.’

And it wasn’t long before I found a tree with ribbons.

“… Aren’t you here yet?”
“For now, do what he said. Dig a hole here.”
“What kind of alcohol are you hiding…. It would be easier to just pull out the tree.”
“What kind of place…. Heeuk!”

No matter how bad the tree was, it was thicker than the trunk of an adult man.

The vigilante wrapped his hands around the tree and pulled it out by the roots.

Her thick arms were dripping with sap.

The vigilante tossed the uprooted tree aside.

“It’s okay.”
“Hey, crazy….”

As the two pulled out the tree, they could see a bundle buried in front of them.

“What is this?”
“What is this?”

The bundle he unpacked was full of jewels and parchments.

The vigilante who saw the jewel looked at the old woman in surprise.

“It’s great. How great would this be?”
“That’s it, what are those parchments? Can you read?”
“Even if I look like this, I can read at least because I was a bodyguard for the queen.”
“Then read on. I don’t know.”

The vigilante hardened her face every time she read it, and told the old woman all about it.

There was only one sentence left on the last parchment.

(Good luck on your own.)

“If this is known, it will be a pain in the ass….”
“I… I must tell you this.”
“… It won’t be easy.”

It was not easy to reveal the shame of a hero admired by the world.

But for the vigilante, that wasn’t the point.

“For a moment! I said I would come, but could it be that I was cheated on!?”
“Ah, you crazy bitch! Does that matter!”
“I am important!! Kooooo!!!”


It rang out with a tremendous roar.

The old woman thought the vigilante was using magic as she screamed.

“Em disease! What are you doing!!!”
“This, this is not me…. Me, there….”
“Um, what is that….”

The two men could be seen engulfed in great flames from the side of the village.


[COO Office]

“Thank you for saving me.”
“I just did what I was supposed to do.”

Armonia replied with an expressionless expression.

Armonia and I briefly exchanged the situation in my office.

According to Viola, the brave arrives in three days, she said.

But that’s a story of the past anyway.

He has become a monster who can cover a distance that used to take three days in one day.

Then how did Armonia arrive a day early?

According to the schedule, Armonia should have arrived the next day.

Even more so, if trouble occurred in the middle, it would have been delayed.

But luckily, during the warp voyage, he encountered a communication voyage on the Zodiac side, and explained that he was able to return right in the middle.

If I had missed even one second during that time, I would have really died.

“Thank you anyway.”

The expressionless Armonia did not answer.

Armonia, who was silent for a while, asked me questions.

“Why did you leave the letter and the crystal at the chief’s house? Even if I put it in the central hall, I’m sure you would have seen it.”
“Ah, that….”

She hid the smile she had given to Armonia and said with a cruel smile.

“It was a mistake to tell me that.”

What the village chief said when he first met me.

(Is there a problem with the ear canal? Tsk tsk, I can’t understand people.)

Even because of those words that still linger in his mind, the village chief didn’t want to let go.

“Because I thought I wanted to kill myself.”
“Then why did you help the vigilante and the old woman?”
“I wasn’t really trying to help. I spread about the hero, but I just thought the two of them were suitable.”

The jewels were just thrown away and put together.

There were incidents like this, but it wasn’t that I was feeling a crush.

I didn’t help them, I just used them because I needed them.

“Like you and Viola, I have no intention of helping you unnecessarily unless you really think you are on my side.”
“All right.”
“Does it look too trashy?”

I secretly looked at Armonia.

However, Armonia was as expressionless as always.

“No. If I had been such a hypocritical person, I wouldn’t have summoned the guardian in the first place, nor would I have started doing this. I’d rather….”
“I think it was luck that I summoned a guardian with such thoughts.”
“Nice… After all, my partner.”

That’s how our first mission ended with unexpected good results.

How to Steal the Protagonist’s Woman

How to Steal the Protagonist’s Woman

주인공의 여자를 빼앗는 방법
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
There are heroes in this world.Unlike us lowly people, humans who were chosen by the absolutes.And I am a human who steals the women of such protagonists.


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