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How to Steal the Protagonist’s Woman 15

How to Steal the Protagonist's Woman 15

Chapter 15 – Episode 15 How to Steal the Hero’s Woman (14)

I worked while Viola passed out.

I went to the village chief’s house and did some rough work.

In case I didn’t know, I also got food from outside.

If the village chief opened the safe, he would surely suspect me first, so I assumed a situation where I couldn’t get out of here and proceeded with the work.

“After… Without Enel, it’s really inconvenient.”

I’ve only had it for about a week, but Enel has become an important part of my life.

The problem is currency.

In the meantime, I was in trouble because I had no money to suddenly buy food after solving everything with Enel.

Fortunately, the daughter-in-law of Ronel’s restaurant thanked me for taking care of my palm, and it was fortunate that she wrapped it up.

If she didn’t, she would have been stranded and starved until Armonia came.

“Well, if I starve, Viola will share it.”

After Viola passed out earlier, she still hadn’t woken up.

She was wearing a messed up wedding dress and she was sleeping without the world knowing.

I lay next to her in her bed, her viola, and looked at her.

It was a very different look from the woman who was groaning above my waist earlier.

Her lips.



Her breasts.



Her pussy.



It was cute how he flinched every time he touched it.

I had mixed feelings.

And that feeling of longing ended up in one emotion.

I have to do it now.

Viola’s dont her status?

Even in her sleep, she wants to be beaten by me.

Color… Color….

I ran the palm of my hand across her chest as I kissed Viola.



The touch of your lips and the electric current you feel in your chest.

The sleeper aroused her little by little, doing her skinship with her hand on her viola.

“Ha… Ha… Ha….”

Even though Viola was sleeping, her excitement grew louder as she squeezed the hem of my dress.

Shaking, she began to exhale, her breathing becoming more and more ragged.

“Huhhaha… Haang….”

I had a deep dream and didn’t wake up at all.

I was holding on to her pleasure as I just pulled her legs together and squeezed her hem of my clothes and the bed sheet.

She lifted her skirt slightly to check Viola’s vagina. Her vagina was clean because I had taken good care of it.

And in that vagina….

“It seems like there are a lot of violas coming out…. This kind of thing seems like something out of a game.”

Viola’s love juice seemed a little too much.

Well, it could be because I’ve never seen an ordinary woman’s love juice come out, but I’ve heard so many things….

But that wasn’t a negative.

Rather, it was an element that boosted a man’s self-esteem.

It filled me with an indescribable sense of satisfaction that such a pretty woman like an angel is prosperous with my skills.

He opened Viola’s legs and exposed her genitals.

Her ping bo was shining even more with the luster of her love juice.

The hymen, which existed until just now, has already been lost and has settled in my heart forever as a collection.

〈 Maiden Collection〉

[NO 1. Viola.]

Even though I only have one so far, my penis started to respond at the thought of gradually adding more.

I grabbed the viola by both legs and lifted it up.

This could have happened, but it didn’t wake up at all.

Haha… Ha….”

I only let out a rough breath.

And he tapped my glans on the pink vagina.

“Huh… Uh… Uh huh… “
“It’s really amazing to see that you haven’t woken up like this….”

I looked at Viola’s vagina and matched the holes.

The weapon was slowly inserted into the hole where no finger could fit.

The glans mercilessly widened the viola’s vagina and invaded.

“Huh…Huh! Whoops!!”
“It’s great, it’s the best.”

The stimulation of the glans, which had widened Viola’s vagina to reach the entrance to her womb, flowed into my groin.

“Keep it off… Ha, ha, ha.”

Looking at Viola, her face frowning and breathing heavily, rather stimulated my desire for destruction.

The thought of attacking a sleeping lover without permission made my testicles quiver.

I slowly started inserting and withdrawing the penis.

Sizzle… Sizzle… Sizzle….

Viola spilled her love juice while being trampled by the penis that invaded without permission.

She clutched the duvet cover in her hands and struggled madly, filling her room with moans.

“Huh! … Haaang! ..Haha!!”

It was more like a one-sided copulation rather than mating with each other out of love.

No kisses, no caresses, no interaction, just my piston vagina.

Viola gave the man her pleasure even as she violated her most precious place.

What am I doing to a woman who has never experienced a man in her life?

But that situation rather stimulated me.

As I licked her tears, I sped up even more.

Steamed, steamed, steamed.

“Haaang! Whoops! Haaa!!”
“Viola! You are mine! Fuck!!”

I ejaculated inside her vagina as I looked at Viola with her greedy eyes.

The tightness of the viola vagina at the same time as her ejaculation gave me the greatest pleasure.

“Uhhh! Ha, ha, ha….”

He slowly withdrew his penis and looked at Viola’s vagina.

A thin trickle of semen leaked out of her reddened cunt, which twitched pitifully.

I smiled at the viola, who was breathing heavily.

“After…. Viola. It doesn’t really wake uphaha….”

I even wondered if she was deliberately pretending to sleep for me.



Until you hear this sound.

The room suddenly vibrated.

I was awakened by the sudden earthquake.


I thought there might have been an earthquake in the middle of the night.

However, the identity of the earthquake was immediately identified.


“…… Fuck.”

I could tell who it was just by hearing his voice.

There are only two people who can call the name Viola without hesitation.

With me….

(Viola!!! Where are you?!)

A siscon warrior pup.

I once hugged the viola and lifted it up.

She didn’t break at all when I lifted her up.

Viola’s condition now informed my future.

“He’s dead….”

Viola’s condition was spectacle.

The pure white wedding dress was already stained with juice, blood, and semen.

Viola’s head was in her mess, and the semen dripped down her thighs and onto her floor.

If the hero sees this, the request is definitely a success.

It would still take another day for Armonia to arrive.

By the time she arrives, I will be irreparable meat.

My life has now been reduced to 20,000 energy.

(Viola!! Answer me if you are in the room!)

Responding to the shout at the door, Viola wiggled and grabbed my sleeve.

“Huh… Suho….”

Viola was only talking in her sleep despite that loud cry, and she showed no signs of waking up at all.

But it was also lovely.

“Ha… Well, you will be sad when you see me die, so this is better.”

She is, however, a woman whom she loved in her own way.

I didn’t want Viola to see me die brutally.

The warrior’s roar sounded like a final warning.



At the same time as the shout, it seemed that the hero outside kicked the door.

The door fell and white smoke obscured my vision.

As I approached the last moment of my death, Armonia appeared in her mind.

She closed her eyes and thought.

Ha… Armonia, I’m sorry. Please, with 20,000 Enel, I will pray that someone better than me is chosen.

But suddenly I was curious.

How much was I drawn?


“Armonia, I really wanted to do it with you!”
“… I am glad that the will is valid.”

When I opened her eyes, in front of me was Armonia in a ship’s uniform.

Is it dead….

Did Armonia show up as a final greeting after dying?

But the dead and the living shouldn’t be together.

“Armonia, it was fun for a few days. I have no spare time, let me go now.”
“You have to come out of the warp room quickly so I can clean it.”

I was then able to look around.

A blue warp case, Armonia in a captain’s uniform, and a viola in my arms.

It was a warp room.

Inside the warp case, semen dripped down the line of the viola’s hips.

“No way…… Really Armonia?”
“Yes, that’s right. If you were 1.26 seconds late, you would have been spotted by the hero.”
“Isn’t that a dream!? I’m going to gather all the Enels and have sex with you, but suddenly the brave bastard goes back to the scene where I’m sticking a knife, and I’m splitting it up, right?”
“I don’t know what you are talking about. Suho…… You have succeeded perfectly.”

As soon as I heard those words, I danced around Armonia naked while holding the viola.

How to Steal the Protagonist’s Woman

How to Steal the Protagonist’s Woman

주인공의 여자를 빼앗는 방법
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
There are heroes in this world.Unlike us lowly people, humans who were chosen by the absolutes.And I am a human who steals the women of such protagonists.


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