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How to Steal the Protagonist’s Woman 14

How to Steal the Protagonist's Woman 14

Chapter 14 – Episode 14 How to Steal the Hero’s Woman (13)

“Viola, let’s leave a letter.”
“Yes? A letter?”
“Yes. I thought my brother would be sad if I just left.”
“Yeah, but….”

Viola fidgeted and fidgeted.

I asked what the problem was.

“What’s the matter?”
“I-I… I can’t write….”

It was a natural result.

I haven’t even read the book, so there’s no way I can write.

“Then, if the viola speaks, I’ll write it for you.”
“Ah! Really? Whooping….”

I put the parchment I had taken from the chief’s diary on the table and wrote down Viola’s words.

The contents were ‘Thank you so far’, ‘I decided to leave because I found someone I like’, ‘Be happy’, etc.

As I wrote the letter, I thought how fortunate Viola had met me.

If you were ignorant like this, even if you met a real twin bastard, you would have fallen in love with it and followed it.

Then, if you meet a thief on the street, your life is over.

I’m a twin guy, but at least I was confident that I wouldn’t encounter thieves on the street.

“Then I will leave a letter for you too. Because oppa seems to be worried a lot about viola.”
“Wow…. I think Suho is really kind. Whoops.”

I guarantee you, if the hero sees this letter, he will never forget me.

I left a heartfelt letter.

After finishing the letter, he took Viola to the dressing room and asked for a favor.

“Viola, can you wear that?”
“Ah…. Sure!”

The outfit I asked Viola to wear was the main wedding dress in this dressing room.

It is said that all the clothes here are gifts that the warrior brings every time he visits the village.

And what to do if you bring it….

“I ask them to wear the clothes they brought and show them. I hated that.”

He said that he would do something like a fashion show every time he buys clothes for a Barbie doll.

I have to wear that and show it off on the podium in the middle of this shelter….

The more I got to know him, the more he was eating away at my mind.

“Then you don’t have to wear it because of me.”
“No, Suho is fine. Whoops.”

There were no real angels.

As a courtesy, I left the dressing room and waited for my clothes to change.

After waiting for quite some time, Viola came out of the room.

“Uh, how are you?”


It was on a different level from the blue dress she wore last time.

White heart-shaped embroidery wrapped around Viola’s chest.

Underneath, the dress, tight to the waistline, flowed over her pelvis and reached the floor with a side that showed off her legs.

Since a wedding dress is something that cannot be worn alone, there were many sloppy parts.

But that didn’t matter.

“Uh, how are you…. Wow!”
“I can’t stand it any longer! Viola!”

I picked her up and carried her into the bedroom.


Seong Soo-ho gently laid Viola on the bed and kissed her right away.

The excitement between the two was already high.

Each other’s heat continued to grow, and the whole body rose apart just by kissing.

Seong Soo-ho gently ran his hand across Viola’s back as they kissed. At that moment, Viola felt a thrill and her upper body trembled slightly.

“Huh uh uh!”

Viola, who has become sensitive in every corner of her body, has already lost strength in her waist with just a kiss and simple skinship.

Seong Soo-ho wrapped his hand around the viola’s knee and stroked his smooth thighs, feeling the touch.

And Viola, who was even more agitated by the touch, strained her legs without realizing it.

One or two drops of sweat flowed down the thighs that were shaking slightly, and Seong Soo-ho’s hand passed through those drops of sweat to reach the viola’s vagina.

When the viola’s skirt was pulled up, what Seong Soo-ho saw was silk panties that were glossy white.

It was the kind of panties that the same white color really suited.

Seong Soo-ho wrapped his palm around Viola’s vagina while continuing to kiss him.


Feeling the pleasure of just wrapping her palms over her panties, Viola unknowingly drew her legs together.

However, Seong Soo-ho’s hands did not take out the viola’s pubic area as if it were his domain.

And the joke started.

“Huh! Whoa! Chew! Whoops!”

Viola began to be unilaterally harassed by Sung Soo-ho not only in her tongue, but also in her vagina.

He unknowingly wriggled viola, but his body was honest. Her arms wrapped around Seongsuho’s waist, and her thin thighs relaxed, allowing her hands to penetrate.

Viola’s underwear was already wet beyond the level of moisture. Her silk underwear did not absorb her love juice and came out sticky on Seongsuho’s hands.

Seong Suho stopped kissing him and showed the palm of her hand to Viola, whose pupils were dilated.

More love and affection than last time.

“A lot came out today….”
“Huh…. Mo, I don’t know….”

Viola, now aware of her embarrassment, covered her face with both of her hands.

When Seong Soo-ho saw that, he thought of something more interesting. He slowly took off Viola’s underwear.

The amount of love juice flowing from the pubic area was amazing. The juices clinging to her genital area were dragged by her underwear and dripped down, soaking her wedding dress.

Seong Su-ho showed Viola her wet underwear, dripping with her love juice.

“Viola? Are you sure you didn’t pee?”
“Oh no! That, that, that, that….”
“Yes? Still, it doesn’t come out that much….”
“That, that….”

Seong Soo-ho laughed and stopped playing.

Seong Soo-ho threw Viola’s underwear next to her bed and said to Viola.

“Viola, I have a request.”
“Mo, I don’t know….”

Viola exulted and turned her head.

‘Gig-kick, I got angry because I was kidding.’

However, Seongsuho was not worried.

“Then I can’t help it….”

Viola, of course, knew to caress herself with her hands as she had before, but it was a different reaction.

‘This, this isn’t it!’

From Viola’s point of view, it was about to burst into flames, but it felt like a rain shower fell from the sky. She shed tears involuntarily.

“Sorry, sorry…. Whoops. Don’t go…. Hee hee….”
Haha, sorry, I was joking.”
“… Whoa, that’s not good….”

Seong Soo-ho hugged Viola again and kissed her.

After kissing her, Viola asked.

“Well, what do you want to ask for?”


While lying down, I illuminated the viola with a sapphire and asked how I was feeling.

“Viola, how are you feeling?”
“Floating, trembling…. Can I do this?”
“Yeah, tell me what you said earlier.”

The viola was riding on top of my thighs as I lay on the bed.

She pulled her wedding dress down slightly, showing me her voluptuous breasts unfiltered.

Every time I saw it, my penis twitched non-stop.

And every time it wriggled, it touched Viola’s lower abdomen.

Viola was shy and looked at the sapphire I was holding, she said.

“My first experience… I dedicate it to Suho.”
“It’s great….”

It seemed like it would be cheap with just the dialogue.

But even though my cock would move even when I heard exciting words, I concentrated on the sapphire in my hand.

When I gave the signal, which was not reflected in the sapphire, Viola lifted her upper body.

She knelt down and straightened her thighs, positioning the hole of her cunt above her glans.

And I took a close-up shot of the thin liquid flowing down from the pubic area.

Compared to before, it had disappeared a lot, but the love juice was still there.

A drop or two fell on my cock.

Viola took a deep breath and lowered her pelvis as I took another full-length cut of her with her sapphire.

“Eh, if you do this…. I’m sorry!”
“That’s it, viola.”


Reached the hymen.

In an instant, I almost lifted her waist without realizing it.

But one line remains.

As the viola looked at me through the sapphire, she smiled seductively and recited her lines.

“My first experience…….”

Viola paused for a moment and took a deep breath.

And I ended the sentence with the last line.

“Please enjoy your meal…. Whoops!”

With the closing lines, Viola slowly lowered her upper body.

It was felt.

The resistance of the membrane….

That sense that her first experience was made possible because of me….

“Ah… Hurt….”
“Viola… Oh, stop if it hurts… Whoa!”
“Huh! Whoa…. It’s okay, it’s okay… Like this… Whoa!”

Viola tucked her upper body down.

My glans, which reached the entrance of her womb, swelled like it would explode with a heat I had never felt in my life.

“Hass! Ah… Hurt… Su, Suho, now, uh, how….”

I wanted to endure it, but it seemed that I couldn’t help the pain that came over me.

I calmly told Viola.

“Now just shake it up and down.”
“It’s great… This, like this… Aww!”

Squeak, sizzle.

Viola now seemed to be experiencing pain ahead of her pleasure.

It was a natural situation.

It was said that breaking through her first experience was very difficult to lead to excitement….

It was fortunate that I had enough foreplay earlier.

Otherwise, it would have been a first experience with only painful memories.

Viola shook her upper body, somehow enduring the pain of her breakthrough.

It was an expression of pain that I could see.

But I couldn’t even ask to stop.

Squeak, sizzle.

“Hey! Mandible! Whoops!”
“Big, rain, viola! I’m not joking.”
Haha! I like it too! Big!”

Viola swayed her upper body as she held back the pain.

Her wedding dress, ruined by her love juices, began to stain the hem of her skirt in bright red.

That scarlet stain excites me even more.

The bumps in her vagina stimulated my glans like crazy.

When she lifted her torso, she pulled my cock into her vagina, and when she lowered her waist, her bumps stimulated the surface of her glans.

Viola put her hand on my stomach for support, shaking her waist.

It seemed crazy.

But even in the midst of that, I concentrated all my nerves and filmed.

Even if it was cheap, I didn’t want to miss this one.

If she had sex with Viola as soon as she met her, she would have already been cheap.

Thanks to her 2 experiences with Viola and her previous masturbation career, it was not cheap.

However, the limit was gradually approaching. But it couldn’t end like this.

She held a sapphire in her right hand, and her left hand reached for her vagina.

I gently caressed her clitoris with a light intensity.

Steamed, steamed, steamed.

“Ahh, this, this..Haha! Haang! Haaa!!”

The viola’s groaning sound changed significantly as I caressed my hand.

Viola’s face was also free of pain and took on a look of pleasure.

I asked Viola.

“Ahhahahaha. Viola, who are you?”
“Ha, I amhaha! It’s Suho’s!”

I caressed her red clitoris as she swayed her waist to match her bulge.

With just a few strokes, Viola began to let out a moan of pleasure that could hardly be considered her first experience.

Steamed, steamed, steamed, steamed.

“Aang! What, something! Haaang! Come on! Hiaang!”
“Keugh! It looks cheap, viola!”
“Haaang! Uhhh!!”

When I felt the sensation of ejaculation, I pushed down her pelvis with one hand while tightening her belly.

“Huh! I’m sorry… Uh….”

My semen shot as it stimulated Viola’s womb, and she convulsed several times before fainting as she collapsed on me.

“Ha… Ha….”

Viola was stunned, leaning against me, and I felt like I couldn’t come to my senses either.

But if it ends here, I’m not a pro….

I pulled my penis out of her vagina and laid Viola upright on her bed.

And gently opened her vagina.

Her pink vagina, which had been kept clean until recently, was stained with red fresh blood and juice.

And a white liquid oozing out of her open vagina.

I murmured while taking a shot of the viola’s vagina, where semen mixed with blood flowed, with a sapphire.

How to Steal the Protagonist’s Woman

How to Steal the Protagonist’s Woman

주인공의 여자를 빼앗는 방법
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
There are heroes in this world.Unlike us lowly people, humans who were chosen by the absolutes.And I am a human who steals the women of such protagonists.


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