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How To Ruin A Love Comedy 384

How To Ruin A Love Comedy 384

Chapter 384 – A Scene From a Love Comedy, but a Bit Strong

Even when I first got on the bus and left, the atmosphere inside was very lively.
However, as the bus showed no signs of stopping for over two hours, it became very quiet.
He fell asleep.

People who endure motion sickness to play games or chat,
There were even people playing board games in the small space of the seats, but most of them recharged their energy by sleeping so that they could play when they got to the beach.

In Miyuki’s case, it was even more so than her students.
Because she woke up early and had a lot to worry about in the morning, she laid her head on my shoulder and fell asleep with her mouth slightly open.

I was worried that Miyuki would be cold because the air conditioner was very strong, so I moved her arm from her side of the hallway, took out her blanket, and covered her well.

“That’s very kind.”

A playful voice from the vice-captain sitting in the next cubicle.
I responded to her with a silent expression, and when Miyuki, who seemed to sense her warm mood, pulled her blanket and curled her body into a circle, she burst into laughter.

This reminds me of my last school trip.
I slept the same way on the train as I do now… It was cute back then too.

After driving for another two hours, the bus arrived at the school trip location.
It was a hotel located a short walk from a clear beach with a refreshing smell.

Since it is a prestigious private academy, the money is spent wisely.
It is very good for a place for students to stay.

Miyuki, who had woken up 10 minutes before her arrival, tapped her own cheek as if trying to wake her up.
After straightening her messy hair, she walked to the front of her bus, talked quietly with her homeroom teacher, and then spoke to her students.

“Guys, we’re going to get off and go straight to the lobby. Those who need to go to the bathroom should go to the bathroom and then meet at the sign for Class 2-A. Understand?”

Led by her, who spread the message in her quiet voice, students began to get off the bus one after another.
I, who had been running errands earlier, packed my bags, entered the hotel, and headed straight to the bathroom.

Have the first graders not arrived?
Didn’t you say that first and second year students share the same dormitory?
If so, you’re probably still on the bus. I think Hiyori must be upset.

When I returned from the bathroom, I saw Miyuki and the vice-captain comforting the students with troubled expressions.
I was trying to calm them down as they were clamoring for an ocean view room, but this was happening all over the hotel lobby.

It is a scene so noisy that it is reminiscent of an anarchic country.
I clicked my tongue like an old man and raised my voice with a straight face.

“Be quite.”

Then, the place where Class 2-A students were gathered became as quiet as a lie.
You have to be harsh to be heard. Not even children…

Anyway, starting with the students closest to me, I was embarrassed to see them keep their mouths shut as if they were waves crashing in gradients.
I didn’t know it would be this effective, but it’s a bit mind-boggling.

“I told you that there are rooms left because people on group tours have canceled their reservations, and since we are in Class A, we will be assigned the first remaining ocean view rooms. “Right now, your homeroom teacher is changing you to a room with a city view, so calm down.”

The students shook their heads at the words of Miyuki, who gave me a friendly look as if she was grateful.
You even gave me an explanation, but you made a fuss?
If that’s the case, then it’s all death penalty.

Not long after, the homeroom teacher came with the room key.
He smiled brightly when he saw us being quiet, unlike the others, and had Miyuki and her vice-class president hand out keys to the students.

Until then, I maintained a crooked posture and even had a wrinkled expression on my face.
This was quite an intentional action.
This is because the room reserved by the academy was for two people.

And the number of men in my class is odd.
There was a very high chance that one person would be assigned a private room, so I was worried that no one would pair up with me.

In fact, even if I didn’t do this, I would have been sharing the room alone.
Aside from the protagonist’s buffs, I believe that Miyuki, who has a strong say as she is the class president and student council member, will use her hand to play with me secretly.

“Matsuda-kun, take this.”

Miyuki, who handed out all the card keys to the students, handed the remaining one to me.
It was as expected.

“Are you alone?”

“Huh. Or should I change it?”

Miyuki’s question was filled with a playful tone.
She also knows my answer.
I shook my head with an unlucky smile raising one corner of my mouth.

“No. “I’m comfortable alone.”

“Okay. “I have a lot of work to do until this evening, so would you like to hang out with your friends?”

“I will. “If there is anything I can help you with, let me know.”

“Thank you.”

So, Miyuki and I got into the elevator holding the card key.
The spacious elevator is filled with first and second year students who have been assigned rooms.
But why does it smell so sour?
I guess someone didn’t shower, which is why I have to share the room alone.

Without showing any signs of showing off, I went to the floor where my assigned room was located, checked the room carefully, and put my card key on the door lock.
Then beep! The door opened with a simple sound.

A space with everything you need. First, I checked the bed and found that it was softer than other hotel beds.
Thinking that my posture might get weird while doing various things with Miyuki, I opened the window wide.

Perhaps because it was on a high floor, the wind was cool and strong.
Feeling refreshed.
As I lie down on the bed with the sea-scented wind hitting my face, my eyes automatically close.

Should I just sleep for 30 minutes? I should do that.


I woke up when the cell phone I had left by my bed rang an alarm.
Since I was in a light sleep, I opened my eyes without any difficulty and checked the screen, and there was a message from Hiyori.

[Matsumatsu, where are you?]

It’s an emotionless text, but it gives the illusion that you can feel Hiyori’s emotions.
Looks like you’re completely ready to play, right?
But the nickname Matsumatsu keeps sounding like snacks.

It’s a snack… I think I’ll try making it once I graduate.
Since the fruits that symbolize heroines happen to be suitable for jelly, it may become popular if they focus in that direction.

But which academy should I go to to learn how to make jelly?
Should I go into the pastry industry?
Thinking that I should seriously think about it, I sent a reply to Hiyori.




[You don’t hang out with Hanazawa-senpai?]

[Miyuki is busy.]

[Then just play with me for 2 hours. I rented a parasol at the beach.]


[Yes. It’s at number 98, so come there. Based on the hotel, just turn left. You will have to walk a bit.]

Did you have to rent an umbrella on the far side because there were so many people?
It looked deserted when I arrived, but it looks like academy students have already left.

[Do you have any friends?]


I don’t think I’m asking because I don’t know the reason…
It seems like he’s trying to scare me.

[If I join in, the atmosphere becomes awkward.]

[There is none, so don’t worry. I’ll be waiting for you, so come quickly.]

After replying that I understood to Hiyori, who has great drive, I put on a simple cotton t-shirt and the trunks I had prepared.
Afterwards, I left the hotel and headed to the place Hiyori told me about.

Contrary to what I thought, there were not many people on the beach.
No, there were a lot of people, but not enough to cause a crowd.
Even the parasols were empty here and there.

Did Hiyori want to go on a secret date with me so she borrowed a faraway parasol?
Usually, in such places, there is a large rock that can cover a person’s body, and it is a standard pattern to do things like that there.

While imagining things, I went to the place with the number Hiyori gave me, and there were sunbeds, beach balls, tubes, and all kinds of other things placed under the parasol.
You decided to have fun. If I do this, I’m sure I’ll have a hard time at night… I guess I won’t save my stamina for tomorrow.

Where has Hiyori gone?
When you see a waterproof bag containing a cell phone lying on the sunbed, it looks like he was away for a moment.
What if someone steals it… I’m not very careful.

With those thoughts in mind, I look around to find Hiyori.


Her lively voice came from behind.
And when I saw her very daring swimsuit, her mouth slightly opened.


Hiyori had shown me her design before, so I knew it was a swimsuit with an adult feel, but when I saw her in person, she was even more sexy than that.

In particular, those thong-like bottoms were very obscene.
It felt like it would come undone if I pulled on it… The straps next to my chest and silence followed were driving me crazy, but also making me feel worried.

The cardigan she was told to wear was originally designed to be worn just for wearing, so it had no buttons or zippers so it was wide open in the center, and her inner skin was subtly visible, which was an added bonus to making Hiyori, who already looked blatant, look even more naughty.


I should say that the way she blinks her eyes while pretending to be innocent is very pretentious…
Does she know that she is attracting attention from people around her?
You obviously know this.

I asked Hiyori, whose eyes were wide open as she closed them tightly.

“Is this really how it came?”


“Yeah… It’s just you. “Don’t the teachers or kids say anything?”

“I didn’t encounter the teacher, and the kids didn’t say anything.”

“What about Mitsushima?”

“Miho is currently playing with her friends at the beach near the hotel entrance.”

“No… Didn’t Mitsushima say anything?”

“Isn’t the sea over there really pretty?”

Seeing that she Taeyeon changed the topic, it seemed like she heard something from Miho.
By the way, I didn’t know before, but our Hiyori looks really good in a ponytail.
It would be nice to see it side by side with Lenka, who has navy blue hair.

Anyway, it was a situation where we could be alone, and although there were people around, compared to the front of the hotel, they were almost non-existent, so I decided to ignore Hiyori’s bold competitive swimsuit for now.

“It’s pretty.”


“Don’t conduct a trap investigation.”

“It’s a shame. “Is it still free time during your school year?”

“Uh. “It’s autonomous, except for the time when we check people in the middle.”

“Good for you. Now let’s play together.”

“If you want to play, start by warming up.”

“I did it earlier.”

“Don’t lie.”

“You can do warm-up exercises after playing.”

Hiyori looks brighter today.
As Hiyori stomps her feet, her breasts slightly move up and down thanks to the moderately tight swimsuit, her sex drive soars.

“Then it’s not a warm-up?”

“What if it rains! “We need to play a lot before that.”

“Is it going to rain?”

“What will you do if it comes?”

And she’s sitting there making strange noises again.
I shook my head firmly, stood under the parasol, and motioned for Hiyori to come forward.

Then she came with a shaky gait and stood facing me.
Then, her sullen expression instantly disappeared and she smiled brightly, then suddenly grabbed my hand and pointed to the sea.

“Let’s go in first and do it in shallow water then!”

They gave up on safety awareness.
Still, I can completely understand that excited feeling, so I have to do as Hiyori says.

“Make sure to do it in the water. “If you don’t, I won’t let you play.”

“Yes. “Please take care of the tube next to me.”

As I was led by Hiyori’s hand toward the sea, I saw that her pure white buttocks were exposed due to the design of the bikini.

She’s wearing something that looks like something a photo shoot model would wear.
I tried to ignore most things, but I couldn’t do that.
Even if the exposure is severe, it is too severe.
After playing a bit, I’ll put Hiyori somewhere and get a bathrobe.

With that promise, Hiyori and I left footprints in the wet sand of the beach and dipped our feet into the sea with weak waves.

“Oh, the car…!”

At the same time, Hiyori lifts one of her legs behind her and splashes water at me.
Even though the water is at the right temperature for her, seeing her trying to play a prank on me makes me laugh out loud.

A reckless gyaru girl who never listens, clean sea, and refreshing weather…
In Miyeon City, where the level is a bit intense, this is a scene that would likely appear when an event occurs with the heroine being targeted.

I placed her tube on the slightly protruding rock next to her and lightly hit the back of Hiyori’s neck with the blade of my hand as she looked curiously at the deep water despite not being a good swimmer.
Then he pointed under my legs with a serious expression.

“All right. “It’s really annoying.”

Hiyori sensed what I wanted, and I ignored her grumbling, which wasn’t even on her mind. I started stretching with her and finished preparing her to enjoy her school trip.

How To Ruin A Love Comedy

How To Ruin A Love Comedy

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
I intervene in all events of the game. And take it away.


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