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How To Ruin A Love Comedy 382

How To Ruin A Love Comedy 382

Chapter 382 – Joint School Trip

“Hey. Follow me.”

Lenka arrogantly points to the laundry room.
As I was holding the bamboo sword and swinging it roughly, I felt the members around me giving me pitiful looks.

Looking at Lenka’s mood, you think she’s going to get scolded for playing around with a bamboo sword, right?
Of course, I will mention that, but I wonder what kind of expression they would make if they found out that the original purpose was completely different.

“All right.”

Shaking her head, I followed Lenka into her laundry room.
I said as I obediently closed her laundry room door, watching her cross her arms and gesture her chin towards her door.


“Can I play with porridge too?”

“I wasn’t kidding, I just held it in my hand for the first time in a while and checked to see if it fit well.”

“Whatever. It’s been a while, so don’t mess around. “This is all because I neglected to practice.”

Mmmm. You seem very rebellious today.
I shrugged and took out the candy I had hidden here and tried to open the wrapper.
Then Lenka frowned.

“I do not need.”

“Didn’t you call me to ask for this?”

“What…! “Do you know that I invited you aside to have some candy?”

“Et cetera?”

“Ah anyway…! “That… I told you to get together with Chinami.”

Lenka’s arrogant attitude in front of her members quickly becomes timid when the topic of her physical relationship arises.
I like that our Lenka is the same every time.

“Yes. Have you talked to her master?”

“No… Chinami and I are in a situation where we have to really concentrate right now. But if you say something like that, will I be able to concentrate?”

In short, it’s time to focus on the competition, so let’s put off talking about it.
You can just say it that way, but why bother turning it around?
Maybe he thought I would take revenge or something.

“Is it so? All right.”

Lenka’s eyes widened, probably surprised by my seemingly insignificant answer.




“Why? I agreed because it made sense. “Did you set me up in hopes of doing it before the competition?”

“W-what are you saying…! “It’s not like that, you crazy sex-crazed bastard!”

“Am I in a situation where I need to be criticized right now?”

“It’s because you added a strange comment…! Uh, you said you were going to postpone it anyway?”


“Can’t you say something else?”

“I understand.”

Lenka said as she glanced at me with her suspicious eyes.

“Okay… Then get out now.”

“Do you have anything to do here?”


“I have some business to run, but shouldn’t the manager go out then?”

“What do you have to do?”

“I’m going to do laundry while I’m here.”

“Go out, and when I leave, come back in and do the laundry.”

“Isn’t that too far-fetched?”

“It’s okay to do this to you.”

If the listener had insisted on saying something vague enough to make it confusing whether he was sincere or not, I would have educated him, but since he said it so blatantly absurd, it just made me laugh.

I thought her way of expressing affection was very cute, and I hugged Lenka without warning.
Then, after patting her butt,

“W-what are you doing…! “You crazy idiot…!”

Her face turned bright red and she stamped her feet on the ground and walked out, ignoring her outburst.


The peaceful but somewhat uneasy days pass by because of Hiyori…
The exam day before her school trip soon arrived.

“Everyone, please take a separate seat.”

Following Miyuki’s instructions from the teacher’s desk, the students moved around and arranged their seats.
After looking around at them, I felt lazy and moved my desk slightly from the window.
Then Miyuki, who was watching me, spoke.

“Matsuda-kun, please move Honoka too.”

“Who is that?”

“I’m serious?”


Laughter erupted from all over the class.
Seeing that they laughed at light and insipid jokes, it seems that the word exam carries a lot of weight.
With a nonchalant look on my face, I pulled away from the vice-captain’s desk and sat down in my seat, leaning heavily on the back of the chair.

After most of the classroom desks were properly arranged, Miyuki came over and tapped me on the shoulder.

“I studied hard, so let’s get in the top 10 this time.”

“That’s impossible. “Second year classes are difficult.”

“Are you already giving up without even trying?”

“I’m going to work hard, but don’t have any expectations.”

“It’s enough to just work hard. “I’ll give you a provisional grade later when I get home, so don’t throw away the test paper you solved.”

“Do you have to do it? “The result is the same anyway.”

“The test results will come out after the field trip, so wouldn’t it be good to know at least a little bit about them in advance?”

“I’m not really curious… Let’s just build a house and go for a walk.”

I was talking about a game.
Miyuki, who realized the true meaning of my words, burst into laughter and nodded.


“Let’s watch a movie or something before we go. “The one released this time.”

“I like it. But what movie is it?”

“Action comedy. “It’s a deal you can look at with a clear head.”

“Is this a genre you really like?”

“Is that so?”

“Huh. “Isn’t that cruel?”

The movie I saw recently was a bit gory, but I guess that’s something I haven’t forgotten.
She giggled and I reassured her, running my index finger through a few strands of Miyuki’s long hair that touched my shoulder.


“That’s it then.”

I remember her looking at the screen with her shoulders pressed up, her head slightly turned, her eyes wide open, and then stamping her own feet when a startling shot of hers popped up. .

She wanted to scream, but it was very cute to see her mouth clamped shut for fear of causing trouble…
Sometimes it would be great to watch horror or thriller movies at home.

“Good luck on the test, Ken.”

A name that came out of nowhere.
I flinched at that, and when I looked at Miyuki, she returned to her seat and sat down with a bright smile on her face.

It’s been a really long time since I’ve been called by my name.
I think it was the last time in the early days of our relationship, but what kind of wind suddenly blew?
It makes my heart pound.

If Miyuki’s intention was to encourage me, she failed.
Would you be able to concentrate if you said something like that before the exam?
I failed this exam. If Miyuki is scolding me for not being able to see it like this, I will have to use this excuse.


Why do tests exist?
Even though I, an ignorant person, thought about this, I couldn’t come up with an answer.

After finishing all of the day’s exams with steam blowing out of my head, I smiled quietly as students gathered around Miyuki.
It’s popular all the time, but it’s especially popular during exams.
If this continues, I think I’ll be back home in an hour.

“Matsuda-kun, where are you going?”

Miyuki’s question to me as I was about to leave the classroom.
As she craned her neck and spoke loudly among the students crowded at her desk, I told her I would stop by the cafeteria and came out of her building.

Either they have a carefree expression or they are dead.
During exam time, I walked to the cafeteria, admiring the students all with similar faces, but stopped when I saw the back of a familiar head in the playground stand.

A hair sticking out like a weed in the middle of a small head.
I said as I approached the owner of the stupid fur, resisting the urge to touch it.

“What are you doing here?”

Then Hiyori turned to me with a happy expression on her face.

“Matsumatsu! “Sit here.”

Hiyori pats the seat next to her.
Does your hand hurt when you hit a hard stand hard?
After thinking about that, I placed my butt on the stand, not so close to her, but at a distance that made her feel pretty close.

“Mitsushima, where are you going and are you alone again?”

“The other kids were cornered by Miho and we sneaked out.”

I thought so.
I heard that Miho is in Miyuki’s position.

Anyway, Hiyori’s expression is quite nice.
Did you get an unexpectedly good score on the test?

“Did you do well on the test?”

“Do you think I saw it well?”


“That’s right. I didn’t see much. “I filmed everything.”

“Why do you say that proudly?”

“Why don’t you say you can’t study? “It’s not that I can’t do it, but please don’t say I didn’t do it.”

“I didn’t say anything.”

“This is all because my senior always nags me. Did you do well on the exam? “Are there a lot of questions you know?”

“She came out just right.”

“Thank god. “Have you finished packing?”


“A trip is just around the corner, but isn’t it too bad to be unprepared?”

“Are you ready already?”

“Of course.”

I knew you were looking forward to the school trip, but you had already prepared your supplies…
It’s great. I thought it would be packed on the same day, but this exceeded my expectations.

“Take a look.”

Hiyori showed me a photo she had taken of her.
Various items are lined up in rows next to the bag as seen on the mobile phone screen.
I asked after looking at everything that was there.

“Shall I wear the swimsuit I showed you last time?”


“Isn’t it too manly?”

“Could you please stop talking like a grandfather?”

“I’m saying this because I’m worried.”

“What are you worried about?”

What is it? That’s because it’s clear that other people will be looking at you openly.
It is said that it is impolite to wear such a swimsuit when you are a student.

3 penalty points added. I’m going to have to spank your ass soon.
However, if you only show it to me, there is ample room for consideration.

“Okay, take a cardigan.”


“Just take it.”


Did he secretly like me for being conservative?
The corner of her mouth slightly raised and she weakly punched my leg.
Is she her own expression of affection? It’s not bad.

She blinked for a moment, perhaps surprised by the feel of her hard thighs, but soon returned to her usual mischievous expression.

“Senior, please pack your bags and get tested by me.”

“Okay. But is there anything to check?”

“We have to check to see if there are any impure items.”

It’s an impure product… Do you mean something like a condom?
My perverted mind can’t think of anything else than that.

“Isn’t it something you left out?”

“There is a purpose for that. Let’s go to the canteen.”

She grabs my wrist and drags me away.
I thought that the red nail paint on my fingernails was really pretty, and I got up from my seat, pretending not to be able to resist Hiyori’s cute and annoyed irritation at me when I didn’t move a muscle.

Afterwards, she walked around her leisurely campus, chatting with her as if she were a close childhood friend.

How To Ruin A Love Comedy

How To Ruin A Love Comedy

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I intervene in all events of the game. And take it away.


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