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How to Ruin a Love Comedy 12

How to Ruin a Love Comedy 12

Chapter 12 – Give Flesh and Get Favorability #2


The clear doorbell sounded in my ears.
After carefully brushing my teeth, I limped toward the front door.
Slow pace. Perhaps because of this, the bell rang once more.



Miyuki’s fresh voice… I love hearing it anytime.
I want to laugh but my ribs hurt when I laugh so I can’t.
Arriving at the front door somehow, I opened the door with my body leaning against the pillars on both sides.


“Matsuda-kun, you overslept…”

Miyuki, who entered with a broad smile, was shocked to see me turning his face into steamed buns.


“Huh! Miyuki! You were surprised!”

Miyuki, terrified by her, steps back from her, and Tetsuya, who is also surprised by her.
It’s like coming to a haunted house. I didn’t expect this.

“Eh, Matsuda-kun…! What? What!? What’s happening!?”

Still, I’m glad you’re worried right away.
I said with a helpless laugh.

“Come in…”

“Uh, what’s wrong with your face…? What the hell did you do yesterday…”

“Just come in…”

After I finished talking, I almost dragged one foot and went to the living room with my body staggering.
I climbed up with both hands on the bed and grunted, and Miyuki quickly took off her shoes and climbed up to try to support me.
I swayed her hand away from her help and leaned my back against the living room wall.
Then Miyuki crouched down in front of me and checked my condition.

“What can I do… Nothing’s fine… I’ve got blisters here… I think it’s a bit torn…”

While staring at her restless Miyuki, I pointed to her closet in the corner.

“Is there a first aid kit in there? Could you put some on the injured area?”

“This isn’t a bandage, I think you should go to the hospital… I-I got it. Hang on…”

Miyuki hurriedly opened the closet and looked for a first-aid kit.
Tetsuya came over and looked at me with a sorry expression.
I said, pretending to be cool with that guy.

“Let’s go get a haircut next time. I’m having a hard time.”

“Hey… I don’t think that’s important right now… You’re in really bad condition…”

“Get well soon. Because it is strong.”

At those words, Miyuki, who was sitting with the first-aid kit, bruised me.

“If I was strong, I wouldn’t even get bruised…! Can you keep your head upright?”

“Like this…?”

“Yeah, stay as is.”

Taking an alcohol swab and disinfectant from her box, Miyuki applied her disinfectant to her cotton swab and moved closer to me.
Miyuki’s breasts grew bigger and bigger in sight.
The smell of fabric softener on her clothes stimulates her sense of smell.

“It might sting.”

I just apply it with her fingers, sorry.

“Okay …

I was about to answer obediently, but when the top of my eyebrows tingled, I screamed.
Miyuki looked at me pathetically and said.

“I didn’t even touch it properly…”

“Wasn’t it just soaked in disinfectant?”

“It was buried. Really little. To the point where it doesn’t even show.”

“…. Okay…? Try again.”

“Yes. Even if it hurts this time, endure it.”

Try your best to do that


“Now talk. How did it happen?”

These were the words of Miyuki, who had healed all her wounds after a long time.
You don’t ask if we fought all the time.
It was as if Miyuki had some confidence in me.

I asked after guzzling down the water Tetsuya had brought.

“Can you keep it a secret?”

“Are you telling me not to tell the professors?”


“Is it related to the academy?”

“Roughly. Do you know Shimoyama? Akiro Shimoyama.”

Miyuki’s head tilted.
Tetsuya, on the other hand, was slightly frightened whenheheard the name.

“Akiro Shimoyama…? Are you talking about that second-year student Akiro Shimoyama?”

Tetsuya’s question interrupted the conversation.
I didn’t say anything in the affirmative.
Then Miyuki widened her eyes as if she had figured out something.

“Ah…! I think I’ve heard…! That person who is a problem child in the second grade… Why is that person? Did you hit For no reason?”

“There is a reason. Yesterday…”

I told you without hesitation what happened to the two of you yesterday.
In the middle, Tetsuya tried to ask something, but when Miyuki looked at her with her stern eyes, she shut her mouth.
So, don’t intrude without notice. It’s a pain.

Miyuki, who listened to my whole story with a serious face, said.

“The bottom line is… I refused because I didn’t want to get into a fight with the Inagi Academy students, but you mean Akiro Shimoyama used violence? Did Matsuda-kun greet you silently?”


“…. I got it. I want to praise you first.”


“Even though it was a situation that would make you angry, you endured it. If it was Matsuda-kun in the past, he would have jumped at him the moment he got hit. You weren’t afraid to stay still because you were a senior in the same circle, right?”

“Do you think I’d be afraid of that skinny skeleton? I just avoided it because it was dirty.”

“Yes. That’s what I mean. Matsuda-kun is definitely changing. I’m so glad.”

I’m glad you said that too.
I was about to scratch my head as if I was embarrassed, but as soon as I raised my arm, my ribs felt cold and I frowned.

“Does it hurt a lot? Do you want to go to the hospital?”

“What kind of hospital is this? When I touched it roughly, it wasn’t cracked, so it should heal in a few days.”

“How does Matsuda-kun know that? I’m worried, so I’d better check it out.”

“I’ll go on my own.”

“You’re not going.”

“Oh so, why don’t you tell the professors?”

When I forcibly changed the subject, Miyuki let out a small sigh before she spoke.

“I wish I could have said it right away… The way you hit Matsuda-kun… The way you started a fight with other academy students and fought as a group… It’s too much.”

“Don’t tell me not to.”

“Why? Why not?”

Tetsuya responded instead.

“It’s because Matsuda is concerned about us getting involved.”

“What do you mean?”

“Lets think. If we tell the professors about this, they will give severe punishment to Shimoyama-senpai and those involved after confirming the facts. So what will those students who were disciplined think? It’s a secret plan, but they’re trying to find the culprit.”

Then, of course, they will doubt me for rejecting the order and scold me,
If I don’t open my mouth, he will start hurting people close to me.
Of course, I don’t know that me, Miyuki, and Tetsuya are studying and playing together, but I’m cautious because I don’t know how things will turn out.

After hearing Tetsuya’s explanation, Miyuki bit her lower lip.

“Did you really tell me not to say that?”

“You think about it on your own, and I take care of things about the circle on my own. So never mind. I’m speaking honestly because I believe in you, so you should believe in me too. No credit, though.”

It was sincere.
The moment Miyuki intervenes, there is a high risk that the incident will escalate.
It is best to end the relationship with the circle only for the sake of liking, and I am confident that I will end it that way.
It was because the head of the third year who actually led the Supreme Circle was a little on the good side.

He comes out with a villainous force in the academy, but in reality he is a cool guy with a good personality,
The guy who had an accident in the first and second grade, but came to his senses to some extent in the third grade.
He was a person with this cliché.
Still, a bully is a bully, so if you declare your withdrawal in front of him, you should be prepared for some blood loss.

“Will you?”

Miyuki’s eyes flickered at the thoughtful request.
You saw me the other day with a determined expression on my face.
So just let it go.

Would the wind blow through?
Miyuki’s head nodded very slightly.

“…. Great. I’ll do that. And we believe in Matsuda-kun. It is Matsuda-kun’s mistake to think that there will be no trust.”

To say such a thing… Today’s blessings are at the level of rolling in.
I feel great joy.
I… Might have been good at getting hit…

“Okay then. Let’s study now.”

“I’m in good shape, but what are you studying… Matsuda-kun is resting here. We’ll clean up.”


“There is blood all over the place. The floor is tatami, so we need to get rid of it quickly before it gets a bigger stain.”

My Miyuki is very good even though her vitality is good.
That’s why she is so adorable.
With each passing day, the thought of burying my face in her chest grows stronger.


Miyuki seemed very sorry and worried about me lying on her side in the corner and not moving.

“Can I really not go to the hospital?”

In the middle of cleaning, he kept saying that.
I also want to go to the hospital alone with Miyuki, so let’s throw rice cakes soon.

“I’m not going… What kind of hospital is this to hurt my pride…”

“Is it really worthless pride…? Then, what if something goes wrong with your body? We’ve finished cleaning, so let’s not stay that way. I’ll call a taxi. Tetsuya-kun, would you like to go home first?”

If it was Miyuki who didn’t want to take up other people’s time, she knew how to say that to Tetsuya.
Even if he was a childhood friend, he couldn’t have let him get involved in such a mess.

“Uh? We can go together…”

Tetsuya tries to interfere with Miyuki and me again.
I just want to say turn it off.
Since he’s a passive bastard anyway, he’ll go back if Miyuki proposes one more time.

“Nope. It may take a long time, so Tetsuya-kun, you better go back.”

“Is it…? Okay. I’ll just finish this and go.”

As I listened to the conversation between the two, I burst out dissatisfied.

“I never said I was going, but the two of us put on a show.”


Miyuki’s hoarse voice with her hands on her hips.
I, who acted in despair, replied in a timid tone.

“Okay. I’ll go. I’m going. Don’t look at me like that.”

“Matsuda-kun, this is how you listen.”

“The nagging is…”

I grumbled, and when Tetsuya finished cleaning the place, I spat out at him.

“Thank you, Miura.”

“Nope. Of course I have to help. I’ll just get up. Miyuki, am I coming?”

Miyuki, who was looking at the location of the taxi on her cell phone, responded.

“Yes. Be careful, I’ll call you later.”

Do not contact Don’t give Tetsuya room again.
After leaving Tetsuya alone, we received a signal that a taxi would soon arrive and prepared to go out.

When I put on my shoes with difficulty and stood up with my hands on the bed, Miyuki asked in a worried voice.

“Can I help you?”

“No. I can walk.”

“Looking at you earlier, you were staggering a lot… Hold my hand.”

After I pricked up her ears and stood still, Miyuki stood in front of me and held out both of her hands.

“Catch. You might fall while walking. I’ll center you.”

Miyuki may not be thinking of anything other than helping her friend, but depending on what I say, the mood could change dramatically.
When the opportunity comes, grab it.
After calming my nervous heart, I slowly reached out and placed it on Miyuki’s palm.

Even though she had just washed her hands with cold water, Miyuki’s hands were still warm.
Is your body hot?
I think I would be so happy to sleep in a thick blanket in the winter.
I moved my steps cautiously in line with Miyuki’s backward steps, and spoke in the most gentle voice I could.

“It’s warm.”


“Your hand is warm.”

“…. Okay…?”

Miyuki’s head was lowered so slightly that you wouldn’t notice it unless you looked closely.
It looks like there is a slight blush on my cheek… I want to check it properly while staring at it, but I have to endure it.
Instead, let’s check Miyuki’s state of mind in another way.

Looking at the ground and Miyuki’s hand, I asked as I took one step at a time toward the front door.

“How are my hands? Are you cold?”

“… Ugh… It seems a bit cold…”

After a little hesitation, I saw her reply in a small voice, and it seemed that my intention had worked.
I feel like I want to clench my fist, but if I do, Miyuki will be in pain, so let’s just cheer inwardly.

So we got out of the house and got into a taxi, wading through the air that seemed somehow odd.

How To Ruin A Love Comedy

How To Ruin A Love Comedy

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