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How to Ruin a Love Comedy 13

How to Ruin a Love Comedy 13

Chapter 13 – Salty Bonuses

Entering the entrance of the hospital, which cannot be said to be large, Miyuki wrote something on the reception card while having a friendly conversation with the nurse.
Then he handed it to me as he approached.

“Matsuda-kun has to write the rest. Or will Matsuda-kun call? I’ll write it instead.”

“Done. It’s not like I broke my finger, so what…”

I eagerly brought the receipt, and when I saw Miyuki’s written form for guardians, I barely managed to hold back a smile.

[Guardian: Hanazawa Miyuki]
[Contact: 080 – XXXX – XXXX]

I like the word ‘protector’.
I also really like Miyuki who wrote her own name without hesitation.

While holding a pen and filling in the information, I said bluntly as Miyuki was staring at the receipt.

“What are you looking at?”

“No… It’s worse than I imagined…”

“…Will going to a calligraphy academy fix it?”

“If you’re going to go to an academy, shouldn’t you go to a calligraphy correction academy…? But if you practice to write beautifully, you’ll fix it a lot… I don’t think it’s necessary.”

“Be serious in everything… I’m tired to death.”

“Do I look like a tired person?”

“A lot of.”

I responded with a cold face, filled out the receipt form and gave it to the nurse.
She clicked her tongue as she looked at the scars on my face, then looked closely at her receipt and pointed at her corner.

“You are waiting over there.”


We sat side by side in a corner and chatted while waiting for our names to be called.

“Matsuda-kun, did you see how the nurse looked at Matsuda-kun earlier?”


“Aren’t you angry?”



“If you care about that, it will be annoying.”

The corners of Miyuki’s mouth went up, as if she seemed to like her answer.

“If you were Matsuda-kun in the past, why would you say something like that when you were looking at me like that…”

“You know me very well? Have you ever been interested in me before?”

“That, what nonsense…!”

Miyuki raises her voice in fright.
Thanks to her, she got the attention of waiting patients.
Shaking my head, I said.

“Lower your voice because people are staring at you.”


Miyuki, realizing her mistake, bowed her upper body to the people around her with a puzzled look on her face.
Then he frowned and glared at me.

“It’s because Matsuda-kun was playing strange pranks…!”

“Aren’t you overreacting? Don’t shirk responsibility. And I was a little hurt.”

“Suddenly, something hurt…”

“If you weren’t interested, you would just ignore it, wasn’t there a need to be so angry?”

“Mu, what are you saying… It’s because I’m dumbfounded when you say something that’s not even funny…”

Did you really take it as not funny? It’s not
You’re starting to see me as a little bit of a man.
Although there are still more negative images to me.

“Ken Matsuda, I’ll start with the CT and go in.”

I heard the nurse’s sonorous voice.
When I got up, Miyuki said.

“I’ll be waiting. Call me when you enter the treatment room after the examination.”



After an interview with an elderly doctor, I was diagnosed with a mild concussion and bruises.
I just needed to get enough rest for the concussion, and the bruises… I’m strong, so I’m sure it’ll get better soon.
It was fortunate that there were no problems with the ribs that had been sore.

While the conversation was going well, an incident occurred.

“I’ll prescribe you painkillers, so take them if you have a headache. Are you living with your girlfriend?”

The doctor thought Miyuki was my girlfriend.
I expected Miyuki to react much more violently than when she was waiting.

“No. Live apart He also lives alone.”

Miyuki answered her doctor’s question while maintaining her calm expression.
I couldn’t help but be stunned while sitting in the chair at the answer I couldn’t even imagine.
Tired of looking down at such a day, Miyuki continued her conversation with the doctor.

“Okay? Then, it would be better to keep an eye on them when we meet for the next few days. It’s dangerous if you try to collapse or complain of dizziness.”

“Yes, teacher.”

“And you, kid, stop fighting and go around. Did you want to brag in front of such a pretty girlfriend? Do you want to die sooner than me?”

I said, having come to my senses at the bruising of the far-sighted doctor.

“Yes? Oh, it’s not like bravado… No, sir. Why are you talking softly to him and threateningly to me?”

“It’s just that I’m pathetic, you bastard.”

This time, in a battle water or sports water, are you a geek who criticizes the main character for using his body recklessly, and an old doctor with a dirty personality?
Let’s just not fold.

“Ha… Okay, so write down your prescription.”

“A rude guy… Avoid relationships for a few days and get some rest. You can do light daily activities.”

Miyuki’s face instantly turned red at the doctor’s words.
Because I noticed he was talking about sex.

My evaluation of the doctor changes radically within me.
It turned out that it was a likable minor role that helped the main character.
Not a nasty old man, but a high-ranking rank among benevolent angels.

After receiving the prescription, we went to the pharmacy next door without saying anything and took painkillers and ointments and came out.
As it gets darker, the wind picks up.
Miyuki also stretched lightly, probably thinking the same thing as me.
Then he turned his head and looked up at me.

“Matsuda-kun, you know what would have happened if it weren’t for me, right?”

“What are you talking about?”

“If you hadn’t known you had a concussion, Matsuda-kun could have had another accident while having fun. So you should thank me.”

“Yeah…You are good. But what?”


“When I was sitting earlier, when I asked if I was interested, I went crazy, so why did the doctor…”


“…Yes, why does the doctor just ignore the misunderstanding?”

“I thought there was no need to correct it. I think the story outside of medical treatment will be long.”

Even so, if Miyuki had no interest in me at all due to her personality, she would have denied it right away.
He reacted sensitively to the question of whether he was interested, and smoothly passed over misunderstandings with the doctor.
To put it all together, it was good to see today’s income as net worth, including bonuses.
So now is the time to prank?


I blurted out my words and gave a mischievous smile.
Then Miyuki rolled her eyes as if uneasy.

“Oh, why are you making that face…?”

“I’m sorry.”

“What do you miss…?”

“The doctor said that. No intercourse for the next few days.”

“Oh, Matsuda-kun!!”

Just like before, Miyuki was screaming out loud with a blushing face.
Standing in her place and staring at me giggling, she shook her head as if she couldn’t stop it.

“Haa… I think Matsuda-kun is teasing me more because I keep reacting.”

“Right. Originally, if the victim’s reaction is fun, you want to tease him more.”

At those words, Miyuki burst into a picky laugh.

“I agree. I also sometimes want to make fun of Matsuda-kun.”

“I do have a bit of a blow. That’s why I was beaten like this.”

When I pointed to her swollen face and said it self-deprecatingly, Miyuki let out a blank laugh.

“It is very positive.”

“Thank you. So, are you going to study tomorrow?”


Miyuki said after thinking about something for a while.

“Since the doctor told me to keep an eye on him for a few days… It would be better, right? Still, it’s a job to use the brain, so let’s do it while looking at the situation.”


“I have to go back now.”

I rummaged through her pockets and found three crumpled bills.
Three thousand yen. I unfolded the bill and handed it to Miyuki.

“Take a taxi and go.”

“What… It’s okay. I’m not busy, so I can take the bus.”

“Just get in and take a taxi. I can’t live without being indebted.”

“Are you okay? And if you take a taxi from here to my house, it won’t cost you 1,000 yen. It’s expensive and…”

“Then let’s do this. I have to take a taxi, but you’re going home just as well? The kind-hearted me decided to burn you. Stop by my house first, then ask the driver to go to your house. I’ll pay for it. Why? I was going to take a taxi anyway.”

Embarrassed by the impromptu scenario, one Miyuki opened his mouth slightly.
I smiled and moved quickly.

“Let’s go.”

“Eh, Matsuda-kun…! You can’t walk that fast…!”

She hurriedly followed me and grabbed her by the arm.
No matter how many times I think about it, Miyuki is such a kind person.
I want to flirt soon…
So let’s quickly plan for the next event.
It’s a few days later, but the more time you have for planning, the better.


Beep-! Booooong-!

A fan that starts running quickly as soon as you press the switch.
After taking a shower, Miyuki sat down in front of a fan to cool off.
It was hot even after taking a cold shower.
It would be nice to have an air conditioner in the house, but it’s too bad there isn’t.

Miyuki, who was caught in the wind with her eyes closed, suddenly wanted to go to Matsuda’s house.

‘Matsuda-kun’s house is cool…’

Unlike his house and Tetsuya’s house, it has an air conditioner, and the structure is similar to that of a traditional house, so it is well ventilated.
When I sat on the tatami and ate watermelon or melon, there was no other summer resort.
It is said that it will be hotter tomorrow, but I think it would be better to leave early to avoid the heat even a little.

Thinking so, Miyuki took out her cell phone and opened the conversation app.

[Matsuda-kun, you took the taxi well.]

Even though I sent a message as soon as I arrived, Matsuda had no reply until after the shower.
When Miyuki, worried that something is wrong with her body, tries to send a new message,


Matsuda’s reply came.
Arrogant answer. I can feel that the letters are showing a lot of color.
Miyuki laughed lightly and teased his fingers.

[Can I go early tomorrow?]

[What time.]

[About eight o’clock? I want to arrive quickly before it gets too hot.]

[Do you miss me that much? Then you can come early.]

Even if you agree, you must attach a strange sajok.
Miyuki shook her head and replied.

[Can I take this as consent?]

[That’s it.]

[Could you please answer me kindly?]

[My tone is like this, what should I do?]

[That’s the tone, not the hands.]

[Are you nagging here too? It will also appear in my dreams.]

Seeing the message, Miyuki giggled to herself.
She is Matsuda who is distressed by plugging her ears in when she gives an admonition.
It was because she found it funny imagining him.

[Then, will you be there by eight o’clock?]

[That’s it.]


[Please stop. I can hear your subdued voice in my ears.]

There was something interesting about talking to Matsuda.
As Matsuda himself said earlier, should I say that I can feel the blow?
Maybe that’s why you want to tease him more and continue the conversation.

But, let’s end today’s pranks here.
If you continue, Matsuda might get genuinely annoyed.

[Okay, I’ll stop. Rest well and see you tomorrow, Matsuda-kun.]

[That’s it.]

That’s why I want to play again.
Miyuki, who barely endured such feelings, ended the conversation with Matsuda by sending him an angry emoticon with his fist clenched.

‘Oh right.’

Come to think of it, he completely forgot to contact Tetsuya.
He said he would contact me but didn’t for a long time… I’m so sorry.
Feeling guilty for nothing, Miyuki immediately began sending messages to Tetsuya.

How To Ruin A Love Comedy

How To Ruin A Love Comedy

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I intervene in all events of the game. And take it away.


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