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How to Ruin a Love Comedy 19

How to Ruin a Love Comedy 19

Chapter 19 – Miyuki’s Mistake

“What are you doing today? Are you dressed nicely?”

It was a compliment towards Miyuki who came to her class.
That said, Miyuki’s fashion today was different from her usual stuffy appearance.

Dark blue high-waisted 5-piece shorts that covered her above the knees.
In addition, she tucked a white T-shirt into it and wore white sneakers.
Finish here with a light cream short-sleeved shirt made exclusively for outerwear.

Although that big black bag was a hint of jade, it was a refreshing fashion that was perfect for summer.
It was also an innocent fashion that matched Miyuki’s image.

Looking at those straight white legs, the desire for exclusiveness surges up.
I want to bruise my knee quickly.

By the way, just because she wanted to look good on me, so I changed her coordination, so it’s okay to turn the happiness circuit around, right?
Let’s think so.

“Thank you, Matsuda-kun.”

After a lively thank you, Miyuki enters her house.
Stepping aside from her, I saw Tetsuya, who had followed Miyuki, looking at me with an admiring look.
I’m envious of myself for saying things I can’t say without hesitation.

Tetsuya couldn’t even beat me to death for something like the compliment I just gave.
I just think to myself, ‘Miyuki… Pretty…’.
Or, when Miyuki asked, “How are you today?”, It was only then that she answered dryly, “You’re pretty.”

“Did you wax it?”

It was my question after seeing his pressed down side hair.
Tetsuya asked in response, carefully touching his head.

“Yes. Do you look okay?”

“It’s better than last time, but you have to press it while pushing it forward, not just pressing the side hair.”

“Like this?”

“Uh. Roughly like that. And don’t apply too much. You look a little sloppy right now.”

“Okay. Thanks, Matsuda.”

Don’t think of it as a favor.
If we were alone, I wouldn’t have told you a single thing like this.

Before entering the living room, Miyuki checked the condition of the plants as usual.
She said that she liked the plants that are slowly coming back to life.

“I’ll have to buy more supplements soon and plug them in.”

“Shouldn’t you take nutritional supplements first?”


“Nope. I’m just worried.”

The corners of Miyuki’s mouth pouted as she noticed that I was talking about her height.
Teasing about height should be done in moderation.
It’s not Miyuki’s complex, but it’s because the majority of people are sensitive to it, and if you keep mentioning it, you might feel bad.

This is just the right level.
Giggling to myself, I held out her hand towards Miyuki.

“Give me the bag.”

“Okay… I’m going in now.”

“Already? Shouldn’t you take a little break? You should also take care of your favorite plants, right?”

“It’s a bee. I want to start right away.”

“What’s wrong with Miura?”

“It’s a sin to have a friend like Matsuda-kun.”

Tetsuya and I aren’t friends, we’re rivals.
Although there is a big difference between predator and prey.
Tetsuya, how are you? Do you consider me a friend?

“Thanks to Matsuda, I can study more and it’s good.”

Still dumbfounded that’s your downside
After grumbling, I sat down at the round table and opened the book.
Then Miyuki sat down between Tetsuya and me and muttered in passing.

“It’s getting hotter as the days go by… I want to eat that mango ice cream again…”

I ate the mango ice cream after watching the movie yesterday.
The woman in the back seat had spilled cola and her customers were whispering, causing Miyuki to laugh a little.
You think about work then. But you made a mistake now.

“Mango ice cream?”

At Tetsuya’s curious question, Miyuki’s face turned white.
Tetsuya doesn’t know that Miyuki went on a date with her.

If you’re not going to be honest, you’ll have to roll your head and come up with an excuse, what should you do?
I’m staring at Miyuki with her eyes full of interest, when she rolls her pupils, giving me an awkward smile.

“That… I bought it when I broke up with you at the arcade… It was so delicious.”

“Okay? I’ve never had mango ice cream before… Let’s try it together next time.”

“Well, then…”

The fact that she lied is proof that Miyuki’s feelings for Tetsuya are still greater.
He must have been worried that Tetsuya would become jealous when he said it honestly.

At the same time, it also meant that my existence was slowly taking its place in Miyuki’s heart.
If I had only thought of me as a friend, I would have said that I watched the movie and even ate ice cream.

This kind of tug-of-war is rather welcome than sad.
If such an ambiguous state persists, Miyuki will fall into great worry in the future.

He must be wondering why he is meeting me while lying to Tetsuya.
Then the day will come when she realizes her true heart.

I showed my white teeth to Miyuki, who glanced at me, and gave her a meaningful smile.


Miyuki clears her throat and takes out a book from her bag.
She said, clearing her throat a few times.

“Is it English today? Before we start, I’m going to check the grammar I learned yesterday.”


It’s too bad that I just let Miyuki go today.
It was the first time I showed off an innocent coordination in front of me, and I can never send it back like this.
As soon as class was over, I sent Miyuki a message pretending to look at her phone.

[Do you want to go get another ice cream today? Together with Miura.]


Vibration from Miyuki’s mobile phone lying on the tatami.
Confirming her message, she moved slightly toward me with her head bowed.
Then he turned his eyes back to the screen.

[I wonder if Tetsuya-kun thinks I ate ice cream near my house…?]

[There is a store near my house, right?]

[Are the two clerks here again? What if I ask?]

He mentioned Tetsuya knowing that you would worry about all sorts of things.
Because I know I’m not going with him anyway.

[If you’re feeling anxious, come by yourself.]

[I’ll think about it.]

[I’ll be leaving a little late, so break up with Miura, drop off your bags, and come out right away.]

[Do you think about it?]

[I’ll be waiting.]

Miyuki glanced at me as if she was stunned at the message I sent in a reckless way.
Staring is sexy. Give me a fellatio with that expression.

“What are you two doing? Are you staring at your phone?”

These were the words of Tetsuya, who was ready to leave.
I put down my phone and answered calmly.

“I was looking at the car.”

“You haven’t chosen yet?”

“No matter how thoughtlessly I go, I have to buy a car carefully.”

As we added a self-deprecating joke, Miura let out her light laugh.

“That’s right. What was Miyuki doing?”

“Uh…? I was… Talking to a friend.”

“Who? Are you me?”

“No, Tetsuya-kun doesn’t know him.”

“Did you have any friends of yours that I don’t know? It must be someone new to you at the academy?”

“Yeah, that’s right… Your bag is all packed, right? Let’s go now.”

Tetsuya asked as Miyuki stood up with the heavy bag strap on her shoulder.

“Why don’t you stop by at least a manga café?”

Why does that bastard keep asking Miyuki where to go?
Pls play with a few same-sex friends.

After thinking about what to do for a moment, Miyuki said.

“Um… I don’t think it will be today. Sorry.”

You didn’t lie this time, you just said no?
It’s a pity she didn’t tell me she had an appointment with another friend, but it seems like she’s thinking of meeting me anyway, so let’s move on.

“Okay? Okay. Matsuda, let’s go.”

Tetsuya, licking his lips regretfully, waved his hand at me.
While Miyuki couldn’t see, I answered by raising her finger in the middle. I headed for the closet as the guy split the room and left.

What to wear A shirt with shorts and loafers with a belt?
I hate it because it has a strong dandy feel.
Just dress casual enough to match Miyuki.


“Why is it so hot… Annoying…”

In response to my complaints about waiting for a signal, Miyuki looked up at me.

“Is it annoying?”

“Uh. It’s not raining… In this state, in August, I might die while walking on the street. Why doesn’t the signal change like this…”

“Matsuda-kun has a very impatient personality. Wait patiently Also, Tetsuya-kun did that when we were going home earlier, but he said he cursed?”


“You did that. Finger cursing.”

I’ve been sitting there snitching.
Actually, I would have said it as if I was joking with my friends, not as a snitch, but… Anyway, I don’t like it.
Thinking of the heroines who were taken away, hitting the bottom daughter is your word.

“You were kidding. Can’t friends do this? Why don’t you tell me to just breathe and live?”

“I was kidding too. I’ll take a look at that. Because it was a joke…”

Aren’t you kidding? Did you do it seriously?
I pursed her lips in displeasure and casually leaned my elbow on her shoulder as Miyuki turned her head to her traffic lights.
I twisted one of her legs in that state, and Miyuki looked back at me.

“Matsuda-kun, it’s heavy.”

I didn’t ask what I was doing, I didn’t avoid it, I just said it was heavy.
Can you imagine that my behavior is not to the point of being annoying?
I will do it often in the future.

I said, barely holding back the cheers that were about to burst out.

“It’s a perfect shoulder to put your arm on, but leaving it alone is like… What… A sin.”

“… Are you trying to make fun of me for being short?”

“That is delusion. I had no intention of doing that, so lend it occasionally.”


“You are firm.”

“I learned from Matsuda-kun.”

The signal changed while they were having a conversation.
Miyuki, who saw that the light had turned blue, moved her steps immediately, and her elbow fell off her shoulder.

My center of gravity was slightly tilted that way, so I lost my balance in an instant and stumbled.
On the day she was doing a show alone, Miyuki, who glanced at her, turned her gaze forward with a giggle.

I complained as I walked quickly to her side.

“Are you going without saying anything? What if I fall?”

“Matsuda-kun is athletic, so I was sure she wouldn’t fall.”

“Well, I’m pretty good at sports.”

“I complimented you in empty words, do you like it? It’s like a puppy.”

“Are you going to fight? Are you surprisingly combative?”

“If it’s Matsuda-kun now, I think I can win.”

“This is going to die… Come to your job.”

As I slowly reached out to grab Miyuki by the collar of her shirt, she giggled and ran in front of her.
Being with me is much more fun than boring Tetsuya, right? I knew it.
I wish you well in the future.

Seeing her reaction like this, it seemed that she had erased from her mind the evasion of the situation with Tetsuya earlier at my house.
Let’s not make it difficult by mentioning it.
If you just let it go, your evaluation of me will rise a little bit.

Instead, you should make the atmosphere softer by asking something else.
I asked, catching up with her stride again.

“But what kind of wind did you come wearing like this instead of that stuffy skirt?”

“I was just… In the mood.”

“Keep wearing it like this.”

“Actually, I don’t like it, but aren’t you saying that to be ridiculed by people?”

“I’m not kidding, they really look good together. It was like that in the morning too.”

Did you feel the sincerity in my sinking tone?
Miyuki gently turned her head away and avoided my gaze.
Then he spoke so quietly that his voice was drowned out by the noise of the people around him.

“…. Thank you. Matsuda-kun too… Looks good today.”

Perhaps I live to hear Miyuki’s praise.
I feel like flying.

I pretended not to hear Miyuki and frowned at her.

“You think your outfit will look good on me? Are you kidding me now?”

“That’s not it… Ha… That’s it. Let’s just go.”

Miyuki let out a sigh and accelerated her steps.
I guess I was ashamed

While chasing after her, I thought of the last event of summer vacation that takes place in the month of August.
Let’s take one more thing and wait until school starts while seeing Miyuki often.
And after you leave the circle, you reveal your feelings.

By then, it would be about three months since we built a relationship, seeing each other face to face almost every day.
Isn’t this enough time for love to sprout and ignite between a man and a woman?
I believe in you, Miyuki.

How To Ruin A Love Comedy

How To Ruin A Love Comedy

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I intervene in all events of the game. And take it away.


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