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How to Ruin a Love Comedy 18

How to Ruin a Love Comedy 18

Chapter 18 – Cinema Event #2

The skin whitened a little.
If that’s the case, it’s not like Golden Sun’s appearance.
I don’t have blonde hair in the blonde tanned bullying, but even the tanning is gone and he just looks like a bully.

Still, it’s an advantage that a bright tone coordination suits you better, so let’s take comfort in that.
After coming out of the cinema bathroom, I ordered coffee at the cafe next door and waited for Miyuki.

When the time was around 7:50, I saw Miyuki coming up the escalator.
She looks around.
As if he came straight out of the arcade without stopping at home, his bag was slung behind his back.

As I raised one hand toward Miyuki, she approached me with a bright smile and sat across from me.

“When did you come?”

“About 10 minutes ago.”

“Are you here very early?”

“It happened like this because I came. You are really early.”

“Because I’m not the type to be late for dinner like anyone else.”

I smiled at the mischievous Miyuki and held out the extra Iced Americano I ordered in front of Miyuki.

“Drink. It looks hot.”

In line with those words, cold sweat was forming on Miyuki’s forehead.
As a result, some of her bangs were stuck to her forehead, but her beauty did not fade at all.
Miyuki, who carefully received the Americano, said.

“Thank you, I’ll have a good drink.”

“Did you come straight from the arcade?”

“Yes. I was only going to play for an hour… But I didn’t notice the time passing as we played games together.”

Is being with Tetsuya that much fun?
Don’t make me jealous

She brought her lips to the straw and sucked in, putting on a happy expression.

“Wow… It’s really cool… Have you booked the movie?”


“What movie is it?”

Are there other things to watch on a hot summer day besides horror movies?
It’s one of the essential clichés of a love comedy.

“It’s scary.”

“Yes…? Horror movie? Matsuda-kun, do you see things like that?”

This is the first time I’ve ever wanted to see it.

It is better to know the timing of surprise if you know the contents, but
When I was playing Tokiaka, it was just an event that occurred during the line, ‘It was a horror movie’ and ‘The moment the ghost first appeared…’.

So I was more nervous than at other times.

“I just wanted to see something else, but I booked it because the reviews were good. Do you see well?”

“I’m the kind of person who likes it.”

Yeah, I’m tired of the concept of the female lead being afraid of ghosts.
However, Tokiaka is covered in those boring clichés, but when I think about it, it’s a bit unfair.
If Miyuki had been quite timid, she would have been able to enjoy an unintended skinship event.

After silently nodding her head, Miyuki took out her wallet and said.

“I will buy the popcorn. Would you like a Coke?”

“I already did it. Just give me a number and it will be given right away.”

“How much?”

“990 yen.”

At those words, Miyuki turned her head to the cafe menu.
After checking the value of the Americano, she started taking bills and coins out of her wallet.

“I’ll give you 1370 yen.”

“I do not need. I will buy it today, so you buy everything next time.”

When we left room for another date like this, Miyuki’s hand stopped.
Hesitating what to do, she said hesitantly to her.

“Still, I have to be sure about the money calculation… Last time at the hospital…”

Between us, where is yours and mine?
If you don’t like it, pay for the love hotel bill later.

“Oh, okay, I hate things that are hard, so next time you buy them.”

“… Okay… Then I’ll be sure to buy it next time. It must be.”

It’s to the point of emphasizing it by adding the adverb ‘must’ twice… I feel good today.

“I know. Let’s go get some popcorn.”


I got up and put Miyuki’s bag on my shoulder.
After that, before she could say anything, she hit the ball.

“Your bag is filthy heavy… This is why you are not tall. Is it 160 now?”

Miyuki, who was about to reach out to ask for the bag, was furious.

“It’s 1, 162…! Matsuda-kun is so big, it just makes me feel small…!”

“Little things are messy. If an adult listens, say thank you.”

“Uh, what an adult…! Don’t say anything strange, and the bag… No, Matsuda-kun! Go with me…!”

Ignoring Miyuki’s words, I walked towards her shop, and she followed me with her coffee.

After trying to snatch the bag from me for several minutes, Miyuki finally gave up when I didn’t budge and thanked me with a sullen face.
It’s so cute that I want to grab it and stretch it.

After giving her a smile, I handed her number to the clerk at the concession stand.
Soon after, popcorn, two Cokes, and a hot dog came out.

“This is the 837 lover set. Bon appetite.”

I smiled lightly and nodded, holding up a popcorn and a Coke.
Then he chinned the rest and said.

“You take the leftover Coke and the hot dog.”

“Uh…? Ah, yes…”

Miyuki’s face was slightly red.
He seemed embarrassed whenheheard the word ‘lover’.

It was a trivial plan that wasn’t even the level of an appetizer, but these things gather one by one and become a sum, developing into love.
But I can’t see that kind of reaction after dating… I might miss it later.

Still, since Renka and Hiyori are still there, it’s nice to be able to continue tasting them.


“Isn’t this too colorful…? I like silver or white or black. It’s okay.”

“So do i. I just watch what empty kids ride on these things.”

“Matsuda-kun. You shouldn’t say that.”


We chatted together while choosing a car during the commercial break, and the conversation naturally ended when the movie started.

Hey hey hey…!

As soon as the distributor’s banner appeared, a strange sound harassed my ears.
This is what I hate about horror movies.
A sound that creates tension from the beginning.
I’m already getting goosebumps.

The good news is that people are dense.
The extras for the event, which I checked before sitting down, were also sitting in the seat behind me.
As I, rather relieved, turned my gaze to the screen and tried to take a bite of Coke,


The sound of Miyuki carefully chewing popcorn came from the side.
I intentionally flinched briefly and pretended to be surprised.


Afterwards, as I stared at Miyuki with her face down, her eyes turned into crescent moons and she placed her own lips on my ear.

“Are you more afraid than you look? But did you just mean to curse?”

Whenever Miyuki spoke her words, her breath gently tickled my ears.
You shouldn’t get an erection, but it’s a big deal.

“… It’s okay because I didn’t do it. And eat some quietly.”

“You ate very quietly…? Could Matsuda-kun have become sensitive? Are you that scared?”

“What a scary thing… It’s done. Let’s not talk.”

I snorted and grabbed the armrest and started watching the movie.
The story is roughly… Students going through an exorcism ritual enter a haunted house, and one by one they disappear.
It’s trite. But it’s damn scary


The screams of the souls heard as soon as the main characters enter the house.
My face shook, and I prayed that the ghost would appear soon.
However, contrary to my wish, the ghost did not appear until 40 minutes passed.


Wow Jangchang!

Doo doo doo doo…!

Instead, whenever the tension was about to be relieved, he played all sorts of jokes and tightened his breath.
No, but why am I focusing on this movie?
Just thinking about the event is enough.

The moment my tension is about to be relieved,

Thud. Thump thump thump!


With the female lead’s tearing screams, a filthy, frightening-looking ghost roared and opened the film.

I was properly surprised at the unexpected timing, Heo Eok! At the same time as making a sound,


The woman sitting in the back seat kicked up the game and spilled her Coke on top of my head.
The event has finally happened.
The tight heart is released.

Coke’s distinctive brown color instantly dyes the white T-shirt, and the ice penetrates into the T-shirt and touches her bare skin.
It was cool once in the summer.

“Matsuda-kun…! It’s okay…?”

Miyuki looked at me with fright.

“Uh, what should I do…! Really sorry…!”

And a woman who jumped up and bowed her head to me.
The sudden disturbance caught the attention of the audience.

You have to choose from here…
As in the festival, there are ways to make the situation my own way, but for this event, let’s just follow the best option from Tokiaka.

After thinking quickly, I turned around and waved one hand at the woman with a smile on my face.

“It’s okay. Watch the movie.”

“I-I’ll clean it…”

“I was surprised and spilled Coke. It’s probably wet anyway, so don’t mind it.”

“I’m really sorry… I’ll even pay for the laundry…”

Oh don’t you mind
It’s inside the theater! You have to be quiet!

“It’s really fine. Then have fun.”

“….. Sorry…”

After forcibly ending the conversation, I lifted up a T-shirt that had no Coke on it and wiped my hair.
Then Miyuki tapped me on the shoulder as if scolding me and whispered softly.

“Don’t do that, I’ll give you a handkerchief, so wipe it off…”

“I do not need. If you watch the movie, you’ll find out.”

“Haa… I’m positive again in this situation… What is this all of a sudden…”

“Did you not bury it?”

“I only got a little bounce on my arm. It’s okay.”

“I’m glad.”

The wet T-shirt clings to her skin, revealing the outline of her body.
Miyuki, who was glancing at my abs with the help of the light from the screen, noticed the cola in the cup holder.

Bringing her mouth back to her ear, she said.



“You didn’t spill your Coke.”

“I didn’t spill it. I thought I spilled it.”

Miyuki didn’t say anything more and just stared at me.
Are you thrilled with my consideration for that woman? Did your sensitivity increase?
She believes it may not be long until she can call her Miyuki, not Hanazawa.

While pretending to be watching a movie, I touched Miyuki’s arm as if I remembered something.

“Hey, Hanazawa.”

She startled and shrugged her shoulders.
I think I’m stabbed because I think I was caught spying.

“Yes why? Do you need a handkerchief…?”

“What… It’s not…”

I pulled the hem of my beige shorts all the way forward and showed Miyuki the middle of the pants, darkly stained with coke.
Then he jokingly asked.

“Do you think you peed because you were afraid of me?”


Did you lose your words because you were joking around in this situation?
Only a laugh escaped Miyuki’s mouth.
After a while, she looked at my mischievous expression and put a faint smile on her lips.

“Yeah… I’ll buy you some adult diapers next time.”

“Is there anything like that?”

“I have. It’s for people who can’t hold their urine like Matsuda-kun.”

“It’s really hard to talk about urinating. I’m going to the bathroom, so watch it.”

“Go with me. I’ll borrow a towel from the movie theater staff.”

“That’s it.”

“Will you? Say it.”


She shook her head at her euphemistic refusal, and a hearty smile still bloomed on her lips.
Today’s event was boring, but it was quite fulfilling.
Let’s take turns eating ice cream together and finish it off.

How To Ruin A Love Comedy

How To Ruin A Love Comedy

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I intervene in all events of the game. And take it away.


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