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How to Ruin a Love Comedy 17

How to Ruin a Love Comedy 17

Chapter 17 – Cinema Events

“Let’s end here for today. Good job both of you.”

As soon as class was over, I fell back and glanced at Tetsuya.
During the break, she wanted to hear comments about her short hair, but she had to give Miyuki a good point as well as a score.

“It’s okay because that stuffy head is gone.”

At that, Tetsuya scratched the back of her head as if embarrassed.

“It’s the first time I’ve cut it short since I was young, so I’m still not used to it.”

I have a special tip for you ignorant.
It’s the same stupid thing to do, but…

“Put her hair down the sides with wax.”

“Oh, is that so? Do you have any product recommendations?”

“Take the one that is not glossy and has strong durability.”

“I’ll try.”


“Can I use the bathroom?”

You cum in the toilet at the subway station.

“What are you asking? You can just use it.”

“Thank you.”

Seeing Tetsuya get up from her seat and head to the bathroom, I help Miyuki put her book in her bag.
Then Miyuki stared at me and said.

“Thank you, Matsuda-kun.”

“I’m helping with the meaning of disappearing quickly.”

“I know it’s not. But, Matsuda-kun. Why did you stare at your phone during break time?”

“Can’t we?”

“It’s not that I can’t… But I’m curious because I’m doing things I wouldn’t normally do.”

You mean you were observing my usual behavior?

“To buy a car. I will ride it when school starts.”

I live to go to school while touching your thighs and breasts.
I will go on a trip too. Except for Tetsuya.

Miyuki narrowed her own large eyes and smiled awkwardly.
She seemed a little surprised when I said that she casually buys expensive cars.

Wealth is also one of the attractive factors.
Even so, if I only boasted about my wealth, Miyuki would think of me as a bluff who likes to brag about me.
So it’s better to just let it happen naturally.

“Ah… A car…?”

“Are you going to nag again? There is no school rule against bringing a car to the academy.”

“Now, I don’t mean to nag… But Matsuda-kun, do you have a license?”

“I have. Although it is a closet.”

“When did you get this…?”

“I took the time to earn it before entering the academy.”

“I see…”

After putting all the books in Miyuki’s bag, I looked at the bathroom.
Tetsuya hasn’t been out for a long time.
If you don’t ventilate, you’ll fall behind.

Looking at the calendar, it’s getting closer to August.
That means it’s time to organize an event.
There is one condition to trigger this event.
It was a date with Miyuki.

Since the photo was taken two days ago, Miyuki must have had a positive change in her mind.
Even last Sunday, Miyuki sent her private message first, and we chatted happily for a long time… Let’s bump into it.

“Hey, Hanazawa.”


“Aren’t you tired of teaching me lessons?”

“Aren’t you tired? Why?”

“It’s just… That’s how I feel.”

The corner of Miyuki’s mouth went up.

“You seem to be seeing a lot of new faces of Matsuda-kun these days, right? I’m really fine Matsuda-kun enthusiastically follows along, so it’s fun to teach.”

“Is that so?”

“Yes. So don’t worry. If you’re really sorry, can you buy me an ice cream tomorrow?”

“Ice cream? Do you have any flavors you want to eat?”

“Anything is fine.”

That graceful smile is so charming.
It’s like a young lady. I want to have it soon

“Then, watch a movie with me after class tomorrow. I’ll buy it for you when we part.”

“Movie? I’m fine… Ask Tetsuya-kun…”

“What… Let’s go see it together.”


Miyuki opened her mouth slightly in embarrassment.
I was just staring blankly at him, but he must have been quite surprised.
I said her smirk at her.

“There is a movie theater just a little way out of your neighborhood. I’ll go there After class, I go home and rest. Is eight o’clock okay?”

“Uh…? Eight o’clock…? It’s fine, but…”

I held out her bag towards her, so that Miyuki couldn’t speak to her anymore.
She picks up her bag with her bewildered face and puts it on her back.

I got up and said as I headed for the bathroom.

“Then you know that. Thank you for today’s class, and I’m going to wash up, so when Miura comes back, take care of yourself.”



Miyuki, who had buried her face in her pillow for a long time, let out the breath she had been holding back and turned her body over.
Should it be said that it feels like a huge stone falling into calm water, causing waves as well as waves?
Lately, because of Matsuda, I’ve been feeling very strange.

‘Let’s go see a movie…? Tomorrow…? Together?’

Is this a date request?
Considering Matsuda’s insignificant attitude, I don’t think he really thought of it as a date…

Then why did you say ‘the two of us’?
It was the first time I had received such an offer, and since Matsuda spoke almost like an announcement, it was difficult to grasp the true intentions.
Thinking like that makes me kind of angry.

‘No… If I ask softly, what’s going on…?’

Miyuki grumbled inwardly and picked up the phone.
She opened the messaging app and tried to talk to Matsuda, but hesitated.
Because she didn’t know what to send.

Honestly, what did you mean by asking to see the two of us? It’s something embarrassing to send.
However, it seems that Matsuda, who is a fool to spin around, will not understand the meaning…

After thinking over and over again about what to do, she sent a meaningless message without even knowing what to do.

[It’s hot…]

Even after 30 seconds of waiting time on the phone, the message line was silent.
When Miyuki, who was staring at her black screen, tried to feel a bit of sadness,


Matsuda replied.

[I’m cold.]

It’s spiteful. But she is a perfect fit for someone named Matsuda.
Seeing her concise message, Miyuki burst out laughing and tapped the keyboard of her cell phone.

[You might catch a cold if you sleep with the air conditioner on.]

[It’s okay to cover yourself with a thick blanket. What are you doing?]

[Just stay at home. Did you choose a car?]

[I keep looking at it, but I don’t know which car to buy. Let’s choose for a moment before going to the movies tomorrow.]

Now that the subject of the movie comes up, shall we ask it?
Not. Matsuda might feel burdened… I think it would be appropriate to just move on.

[Okay. But what movie are you going to watch?]

[Funny thing.]

[Have you not decided yet?]

[You can decide from now on. Do you have a favorite genre?]

[I don’t have anything to cover. So, I’ll leave it to Matsuda-kun. Did you review today’s class?]

[I sleep.]

Seeing as you avoid conversation, you haven’t reviewed it.
If you have a surprise exam tomorrow and your grades are low, you’ll have to discipline Matsuda in a polite way that he hates.

[Before studying with me, Matsuda-kun said he would work hard. Review.]

[Look at me today. Why is the child so cruel?]

[It’s all for Matsuda-kun’s sake.]

[Isn’t it right to have a day to cool down?]

[Didn’t you cool off all over the weekend?]

[…Do I really review?]

It sounds like you would do it if told to do it.
I’d like to tell you to do it for the sin of confusing yourself… But let’s look at it today.

[You can’t do it. Just focus on tomorrow.]

[You keep playing with me, but I can’t stand it anymore. Come out to the playground. Let’s stick together.]

[Yes. I’m always ready, so call me when you come to my town.]

Miyuki passed the time joking around with Matsuda for a while.
It was fun to have a small talk with Matsuda.
Time goes by very quickly. To the extent that I feel regretful.

After the conversation with him, Miyuki looked up at the ceiling of the room, which was covered with tiny star stickers.
She doesn’t think that the things she attached with Tetsuya when she was younger will fall off.

For a moment, Miyuki came to think about what it would be like if Tetsuya had a personality without brakes like Matsuda.
Tetsuya wants to go see a movie in a one-way way… It doesn’t feel right.

Then what if Matsuda had a naive personality like Tetsuya?
It also doesn’t fit.

When I think about it like this, it strikes me that the personalities of the two are polar opposites.
Even though they are like water and oil, they seem to be getting along surprisingly well, which makes me feel better.

This is probably because Matsuda approached me with sincerity.
Just as her own assessment of Matsuda is changing, so will Tetsuya’s.
As I erase her sediment one by one, I hope that we will become closer in the future.

Miyuki, who was envisioning a good future, suddenly remembered what happened yesterday and opened the gallery.
She has a bunch of photos with Matsuda, the most recent one.
Touching her picture to enlarge it, she stared at her Matsuda face.

‘Good looks…’

I’m not kidding, he’s really handsome.
Matsuda’s thick lips slightly lifted.
His face was shining enough to be called a life photo.
You know how to make a face like this, but why do you usually wear a frown…

Miyuki, whose lips twitched involuntarily, turned the picture aside.
Then, a photo of Tetsuya and her at the beauty salon appeared.
Not as good as Matsuda, but she’s cool enough.
But as I thought the other day, I thought the old hairstyle was better.

Flipping through the galleries, except for a few dogs with her same-sex friends, there are only pictures of Tetsuya.
You took so many pictures.
Next time, I want to try taking a picture with Matsuda as the three of us.


Miyuki, who was silently appreciating the photo, slowly closed her eyes.
In a room where only the sound of the fan lingers.
Using that sound as a lullaby, Miyuki fell asleep.


“Miyuki, do you want to play games in the arcade before going home?”

The next afternoon, after class, Tetsuya made such an offer to Miyuki.
At that, Miyuki looked at her watch, glanced at me, and she replied.

“Then, for about an hour… Shall we go play?”

You’re paying attention to the appointment time with me.
Judging from the conflicting appearances of the two, it seems that she did not say that Miyuki came to see the movie with me.

Miyuki and Tetsuya have no secrets.
But lately, several secrets have emerged.

For example, the behavior I showed during the festival…
In the past, Miyuki would have confided her circumstances to Tetsuya, asked what this meant, and discussed it together.

However, she didn’t.
It’s the same now. He hid a movie date from me.
It was proof that Miyuki had a vague sense that our relationship was not her normal friendship.

I haven’t had any dating experience yet, so I’m not aware of it yet, but I’ll know for sure after school starts.

“Then… I’ll go, Matsuda-kun.”

Awkward Miyuki’s goodbye.
She said I gave her a grin.

“Yes, go. Miura, you go well too.”

After sending the two, I entered the house.
Afterwards, as I was about to head to the bathroom to take a shower, my pocket vibrated.

Checking my phone, I couldn’t hide the smile that was about to leak out.
It was because of the message Miyuki sent.

[I’ll be there in no time. Don’t worry.]

You sent it in a hurry. Even if you don’t do this, I believe in you…
Our Miyuki has a very kind heart.

How To Ruin A Love Comedy

How To Ruin A Love Comedy

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I intervene in all events of the game. And take it away.


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