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How to Ruin a Love Comedy 16

How to Ruin a Love Comedy 16

Chapter 16 – First Photo

The next morning.


When I wiggle my toes, it stings between my thumb and forefinger.
Frowning, I looked at my phone.

[Matsuda-kun, what are you doing?]

A message from Miyuki has arrived.
Is this the first time you’ve been asked what you’re doing?
Even though I got scars from wearing Geta for a long time, it was a meaningful day and I even received this kind of sunscreen, so let’s think of it as a wound of honor.

Rubbing my eyes, I made fun of my fingers.

[I just woke up.]

[Are you eleven now? What time did you go to bed last night?]

The reply is very fast.
Can you guess that means you were waiting for a message from me?
I feel like today is going to be fun.

[I went to bed as soon as I got back, but when I woke up, it was now. What are you doing?]

[I just went to the hair salon with Tetsuya-kun.]

Fuck this You said you went to the hairdresser alone?
What a fun day It’s just gloomy.

[Did you cut your hair?]

[I didn’t cut it, only Tetsuya-kun cut it. Very short.]

[So, is that messy hair finally gone?]

[Yes. You look so cool. But I think I like the old Tetsuya-kun’s hair better. Shall I show you a picture?]

[Send it.]

Soon after, a photo from Miyuki arrived.
A photo of the two of them clinging to each other in a V-shaped pose.

It’s a shame that Tetsuya’s beggarly head touched Miyuki’s innocently smiling head, but there was something funny about it.
Tetsuya’s hairstyle was similar to mine.

‘It doesn’t suit me at all.’

There is a hairstyle that suits each person’s head, but Tetsuya didn’t think of that and cut his side short like me.
Tetsuya’s head has a slightly higher profile and a gentle curve.
As a result, the side of his head was slightly raised like a mushroom.

Did you feel jealous of me because of yesterday’s incident?
If so, Tetsuya would have kicked a poop ball.
Because he has personally removed one of his characteristics.

I sent a message, giggling like an idiot by myself.

[It’s bad. If you hold down the side hair and straighten the bangs, you’ll be able to see it at least. Is there anything like wax at Miura’s house?]

[I don’t know, but probably not? Tetsuya isn’t the type to pay attention to hairstyles… But isn’t that bad? I look fine…]

[If it was really good, you wouldn’t have said that you liked Miura’s old hair.]

[That makes sense. Then next week when you study, will Matsuda-kun explain to Tetsuya-kun how to apply wax or something?]

I have no reason whatsoever.

In any case, judging from Miyuki’s reaction yesterday, I think it’s easy for the two of them to have a meal together.
I think you’ll agree with a high probability, but it’s worth giving it a try.

[Think about it. What are you doing?]

[I am at home.]

[Do you have more appointments?]


[Did you take a shower?]

[Why are you asking that? What are you imagining?]

Now, reflexively, you think I’m thinking insidious thoughts.
Im sad. That’s true, though.

[Did you or did you not. Just say that.]

[I did it.]

[Why are you already doing it?]

[Because I left?]

I messed up my hair.
Why do you keep looking at the liver? Did you pass it on to Tetsuya?
Don’t do this, just ask.

[Did you eat with Miura?]

[No, we broke up without eating. I want to eat at home now.]

[Don’t eat and come out. Eat with me.]


[Uh. Meet at the station near that strange used bookstore.]

[Matsuda-kun. You can’t just say it like an informal notice. Shouldn’t you ask the other person’s opinion first?]

[Let’s eat. I am hungry.]

[You should ask politely.]


[…. Okay. I’ll prepare and leave.]

Receiving the message of acceptance, I clenched my fists.
Rather than just staring at it because I was scared, it was right to make an offer like me.
I jumped out of bed and ran to the bathroom.



Miyuki waving brightly from afar.
I walked around and approached Miyuki, and I hated her when I saw the long skirt she was wearing.

“I wear that skirt every day. Aren’t you frustrated?”

“Yes. Is it comfortable?”

If you go out with me, you will wear a mini skirt that exposes your thighs and hot pants.
A tight-fitting T-shirt is the basics, and a black bra is put on underneath to make it faintly see through.

And while watching Tetsuya’s bewildered reaction to your sexy transformation, you have to secretly touch your butt.
After that, he goes into a love hotel and rolls around while mocking Tetsuya’s reaction.

“How many of those do you have at home?”

“Five suits.”

“There are many… Let’s go quickly. I’m hungry… No, I’m going to die.”

“What are you going to eat?”

“I was thinking of ramen, but is there anything else you want to eat?”

“No, I like ramen too. But Matsuda-kun, are you going to order vegetables separately?”

“That’s an insult to greasy food.”

Miyuki shook her head in disgust.

“Yeah… Why don’t you eat soy sauce egg rice… Otherwise, ramen must be a healthy food…”

Don’t give up, Miyuki.
Pack a lunch for my health.

We went to a ramen shop, bickering like long-time friends.
Sitting at her table and ordering, I saw Miyuki resting her chin with one hand, holding her straw to her philtrum and pulling her lips forward.

When she had a lot on her mind she was acting like that.
It looks like something is troubling you.
I want to talk to you, but let’s just let it go.

I was passing the time fiddling with my phone, but when Miyuki touched my seat with her finger, she raised her head.


“Matsuda-kun, wasn’t the fireworks yesterday beautiful?”

Hearing Miyuki’s words, I shouted hurray in my heart.
To repeat the question I asked yesterday… Means to be conscious of what happened during the fireworks display.
You’re confused about whether you said that you’re pretty as I intended, to yourself, or to firecrackers.
What I just did was to reflect on what happened yesterday.

Shrugging my shoulders, I answered simply.


“Which was the prettiest? Purple?”

Purple is the color that bursts with yellow in the middle… That is, when I take my eyes off Miyuki.
Even so, only mention purple?
All I could say was that he was staring at me.

I’m not going to fall for your foxy tactics.
My feelings will be clear right after I leave the circle after the vacation is over.

A feeling that is farther than love, but closer than friendship.
I’m not ready yet to tear down that solid tower in your two hearts.
Instead, I’ll work hard during summer vacation, so you’re a bit cryptic to me, but you’re subtly sweet… Just feel those feelings.

It was a shame because the moment I landed in Tokiaka was in the beginning, before Miyuki and Tetsuya’s relationship got even better.
If I had fallen at the point where a little bit of time had passed, I would have gone through hardships because I couldn’t take care of the most important molester event.
I’m tired just imagining it.

“Aren’t they all pretty?”

“Yeah… They were all pretty.”

“By the way, do you guys go to the hair salon without me?”

“Oh, sorry about that. I was going to call… But Tetsuya-kun said he was eating out with his family…”

Is that real?
Or was it an excuse Tetsuya intentionally tried to avoid me?
Most likely it will be both.

Miyuki and Tetsuya know each other’s families well and live in the same neighborhood.
When Miyuki meets Tetsuya’s family and even asks her if she went out to dinner, the truth quickly becomes clear.
No matter how stupid Tetsuya is, it must be hard for him to lie to me as soon as he gets caught.

Besides, I had told Tetsuya to go to the hair salon with me.
Even so, if it was enough to go with Miyuki today, it would be nice to see it as a sign that he cared about me.
Tetsuya seemed to be feeling a sense of danger, but I wasn’t worried at all.

The answer came out when thinking about the ending of Tokiaka.
I was really pissed off at the time… Now that I’m here, I’m not upset about the situation, but I’m grateful.

“What are you thinking? Are you crazy?”

After coming to my senses at Miyuki’s words, I asked back.

“Do I look like that guy?”

“Yes. Isn’t Matsuda-kun a bit young?”

“It seems like they are blaming me for being immature.”

“One of Matsuda-kun’s problems is that he is negative about everything.”

Miyuki starts teasing me with a bright smile.
As the theme of the fireworks display continues, the air flow, which was strange for a moment, returns to normal.


After enjoying the ramen, we didn’t part on the subway, and talked while walking to Miyuki’s neighborhood.
Although her feet were tingling, she was able to put up with it for the sake of the time she had with Miyuki.

“What did Matsuda-kun do on the weekend before meeting us?”

Ken Matsuda visits a high-end soapland in Kabukicho on the weekends.
He was a regular, and when he was too lazy to go, he would call Derry Heru, a business trip massager.

No matter how light-hearted I am, I can’t say this.
Let’s just go around moderately.

“Drinking with the kids… Playing pool… Or something like that. Why are you inquiring about things from the past?”

“You were living in a different world from me and Tetsuya-kun. So I was curious.”

As you said, I came from living in a really different world.

“It was an embarrassing time, so I don’t know the details.”

“I think just being aware of that has made me mature.”

If you keep giving me carrots like this, will I just become conceited?
Give me a little whip and that’s it.
Pretending that the praise was awkward, I cleared my throat and changed the topic.

“Isn’t the weather fine today?”

“Yes. It’s nice that the wind is cool too. The sky is also pretty.”

“Would you like to take a picture together?”

“Photo? Great.”

Miyuki readily accepted the offer and took out a mobile phone from her crossbody bag.
I don’t like the way the cute character keyring on the edge shakes.
It would have been perfect if it were my initials, caricature, or SD picture.

Miyuki looked around and moved in search of a place with a good view.
Then he beckoned me to come quickly.
Standing next to Miyuki, I made her face as soon as she opened her camera app.

Unlike the mischievous or delinquent appearances he had shown so far, a serious face with a faint smile and slightly strained eyes.
I did not forget to retrace my memory as much as possible and compose the composition like the picture taken by Miyuki and Tetsuya.

Then, on the screen of the phone, I saw Miyuki’s pupils moving towards me.
Is this the first time you’ve seen me make a face like this? It will be fresh

“Can I stick more? The side face is cut off.”

To my nonchalant question, Miyuki, who had been thinking about something else, stuttered and answered.

“Yes? Ah… Uh… Would you like to hang out a little longer?”

I got close enough to Miyuki and her head to the side.
At this point, it seems to be similar to the composition I took with Tetsuya.
When Miyuki goes home, she wants to compare the picture she took today with the picture she took with Tetsuya.

Being close by, the smell of the shampoo Miyuki was using hit her nostrils.
Shampoo and body wash should be shared later.

To put it to shame that we found a good photo point, only our faces appeared on the screen.
Still, Miyuki didn’t say anything.
She was just adjusting her own clothes and managing her expression.

Miyuki, who glanced at me, said.

“Then… Take a picture?”

“Pleu Zug…”

Miyuki let out a small laugh, as if I was laughing because I couldn’t even speak properly.
Then, seeing my impression gradually crumbled, I quickly made a bright expression and put my hand on the shooting button.


At the point where the strange airflow that had been created at the ramen restaurant came back, we left a monumental first selfie.

How To Ruin A Love Comedy

How To Ruin A Love Comedy

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I intervene in all events of the game. And take it away.


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