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How to Ruin a Love Comedy 15

How to Ruin a Love Comedy 15

Chapter 15 – Summer Festival #2

“Thank you very much… Thank you very much…”

The nursery school director who expressed his gratitude again and again.
Having handed them 40 boxes of takoyaki instead of 30, Miyuki and I were about to go back to the shrine.
Then I heard a knock on the window and turned my head.

Looking back to the second floor, the kid who stole the takoyaki was saying a small thank you.
Baby … Don’t steal things like things in the future.
No, you can steal it, but I only steal Miyuki and I catch you.

“Is that the child?”

Those were the words of Miyuki, who was waving to the kid with me.

“It passed in an instant, but you saw her face? Do you have a keen eye?”

“Yes. I think it’s like that. But, Matsuda-kun.”


“How did you come up with this idea? Matsuda-kun is very selfish.”

You’re starting to tease me again.
I laughed and scratched one cheek.

“It’s just… The situation without parents is similar… That… What should I say…”


“Okay. Kinship. You felt that But will the uncle be okay?”


“The damage won’t be a joke. 40 boxes is 12,000 yen.”

“Dad likes to share, so he won’t think it’s a waste of money at all.”

“Then it’s fortunate… I’m sorry that it happened because of me.”

At those words, Miyuki stared at me intently.
A face that doesn’t know what to think.
After doing that for a while, she looked at my yukata and raised a corner of her mouth.

“By the way, Matsuda-kun, did you finally die after eating only unnutritious food?”

“What is he saying now. Are you going to say something stupid?”

“Sorry. But you pulled her right collar up. Then it becomes a shroud for the deceased.”

“Who cares about that…”

“I am. Be still for a moment.”

Miyuki, who came right up to my nose, began to loosen the obi that was fastened to her waist.
The gurgling sound is somehow obnoxious.
I already want to have outdoor sex and take off my clothes.
Our Miyuki has an exhibitionist tendency.
Later, I can take a walk around Tetsuya’s house naked.

Miyuki, holding my obi, turned around and said.

“Take it so that the left collar is on top and tell me.”

Feeling sad, I licked my lips and did as Miyuki said.


Then Miyuki looked back at me and smiled.
An annoying joke to react to, right? I know.

She shook her head and meticulously tied her obi.
I can just tell me to do it, but seeing that he fills it up himself, it seems that my rating has gone up because of this incident.
After finishing all of her work, Miyuki checked the time on her phone.

“I still have a lot left, so I can enjoy it. Let’s go.”

“Aren’t you supposed to be in business?”

“You can’t do it. Dad wants to enjoy the festival with you.”

“Okay? You are an unfilial daughter to let your father do the work alone.”

“Where did you buy that yakitori earlier?”

Now you’ve grown to the point where you naturally change the topic.

“It was at the entrance of the shrine. Shall we go get something to eat?”

“Yes. Isn’t the weather really cool?”

“I know. How can you be like this on a festival day?”

We walked down the dark road talking about each other.
I put my hands on the back of my head and joke with Miyuki.
Miyuki giggles and gives a boring nonsense quiz.
The atmosphere is pretty good.
Does Miyuki think so too?


“I’ll do it with leg meat.”

“Wasn’t the leg meat I bought?”


“Are you eating again?”

“It is delicious. What do you want to eat, Matsuda-kun?”


“Okay. Teacher! Give me two pieces of leg meat and two breast meat!”

Miyuki, who ordered in a lively voice, tried to take money out of his lucky bag-like wallet.
But I paid the price by striking first.
Then Miyuki opened her eyes wide.

“No… I was going to buy it…”

“I wrote it because I had change, so don’t worry about it.”

“But…Then I’ll buy the next food. Thank you.”

“Do whatever you feel like.”

“But, Matsuda-kun. There doesn’t seem to be any pockets in the yukata, so where did the money come from…?”

“I’m curious?”

My face turned ugly.
Miyuki’s eyes rolled over the yukata I was wearing, and his mouth slowly opened.

“Ser, can’t it be… Isn’t it…?”

Her gaze, almost astonished, was on my lower body.
To be precise, it was right to say that she was looking at panties that couldn’t be seen here.
I said, biting her tongue.

“You think I took the money out of my pants? I wore shorts inside. Show me?”

Miyuki, her face reddening in an instant, lowered her head slightly.

“Oh no… I thought so too…”

It’s cute how she flounders, with even her ears red.

“What do you think… Why don’t you just admit it?”

“I have nothing to admit, so how can I admit it…”

“Aren’t you stabbed by your conscience?”

“…. Ha…”

Miyuki, who let out her long sigh, confessed honestly.

“Matsuda-kun usually talks a lot of obscenity, and his expression just got weird… I can’t help but think that way…”

“Did I mention that I usually take money out of my pants? Besides, whenever I say not to be prejudiced…”

“Put it on, it’s not a prejudice, it’s a stereotype… Anyway, I’m sorry. I was wrong…”

“Well… Did I get it wrong?”

When I asked that question with a smirk, Miyuki swelled up again.


“It’s a joke. Why is he so naive?”

“… Matsuda-kun. Aren’t you having fun at all?”

Miyuki’s pouting tone.
Giggling, I took the finished yakitori and handed it to Miyuki while we were talking.
Then she took her steps inside the shrine with her.

While trying to enjoy the festival in earnest with Miyuki, I met an unexpected guest.
Tetsuya, who was watching a simple parade at the shrine with his family, found Miyuki.


Calling her name, he walks fast.
Miyuki greeted Tetsuya with a bright smile on her face.

“Tetsuya-kun! Are you having fun?”

“Yes. But where were you? I went to the kiosk run by Uncle Wataru, but the curtains were closed, so I was worried that something had happened. Why aren’t you contacting me?”

“Ah… I was busy and didn’t have time to check my phone. I’m sorry, Tetsuya-kun.”

“Nope. But are you busy?”

“I will tell you later. Long story short.”

As Miyuki glanced at me, Tetsuya’s gaze also turned towards her.
A surprised expression is evident.
Could it be that you just found me? If that’s the case, you’re a real bitch.

Tetsuya, who was speechless for a moment, asked.

“Has Matsuda been there too? When did she come?”

“A long time ago.”

“Really? Have you just met Miyuki?”

You are conscious
He talks nonchalantly, but everything shows through.

“Hanazawa will tell you later.”

“Oh yeah…? Are you enjoying the festival?”

“Not bad.”


What’s wrong, you leech bastard.
I can’t get rid of it quickly.

I tapped Miyuki on the shoulder and pointed to the signboard of a newsstand where many people were gathered.

“Hey, Hanazawa. Do you know how to retrieve goldfish?”

“You know what to do.”

“I’ve never done it before in my life, can’t I go and try it now? Let me know.”

“Really? Then, let’s experience it. Then, Tetsuya-kun, have a good time with your family. I’ll call you later when I go to say hello to Mr. And her aunt.”

At those words, Tetsuya’s face was stained with embarrassment.
On the other hand, I was singing the joy of joy.
It was because I was thrilled that Miyuki would send Tetsuya away first and try to spend time with me.

In fact, this was a natural result.
Tetsuya did not participate in the nursery school event that took place at the beginning of the festival, and spent a good time with her family all the time.

Due to Miyuki’s temperament, she probably didn’t want to disturb that time.
The good feelings I’ve built up until now must also have played a part in Miyuki saying that.

“Ah… Yes… Okay.”

Tetsuya, who was hesitant to say something, eventually agreed.
Timid bastard… This is why you can’t.
If it were me, I would just intervene in order to interfere with our business.


“You didn’t catch a single goldfish and spent a thousand yen?”

Those were the words of Miyuki, who was waiting for the fireworks in the middle of the shrine.
I grunted as I scratched her head.

“Who would have known that the net could tear so easily?”

“It’s made of thin paper, so who didn’t listen when I told them to slow down?”

“Oh noisy. I’m getting annoyed just thinking about it…”

I bit into the apple candy skewer I was holding and chewed hard.
Then Miyuki covered her mouth and laughed.
The eye area that has turned into a crescent moon is strangely sexy.

She looked up at her for a while, stuttering, and asked.

“Isn’t it fun to enjoy the festival in a healthy way?”

“Just like that.”

“After having fun, the evaluation is low? Is it because it’s hard to walk because of the geta?”

“I don’t think so. I will never wear this again.”

“It’s like that when you first wear it. Once you get used to it, you’ll like it because it’s cool. Anyway, am I really surprised today?”

“Why? Because I’m too bad at catching goldfish?”

“No… No, I really couldn’t have imagined that Matsuda-kun would think of the children at the nursery school. It was unexpected, and I saw it again.”

Miyuki suddenly praised me in a serious tone.
I said, expressing my shame by wiping his nose.

“I just made it right because I was pitiful.”

“You said earlier that it was because you felt a sense of kinship. I do not remember?”


“Aren’t you stabbed by your conscience?”

When I bought the yakitori, I return exactly what I said, and the skill is quite good.

“I don’t get stabbed at all, so what do I do?”


“How do you know if it’s a lie or not?”

“I just know.”

“Stop talking nonsense and watch the fireworks.”

“The fireworks haven’t even started yet…”


Just in time for Miyuki to playfully talk back, a single firecracker rose high into the sky.
Soon, puong-! With a huge sound, white flames spread in all directions.

At the same time, many people gathered at the shrine shouted ‘Tamaya’ in unison.
It was an old Japanese traditional colloquial language.

Startled by the unexpected fireworks, Miyuki missed the timing to say it, but it was worth seeing her pouting her mouth in disappointment.

Firecrackers that start with the first firecracker and fire in quick succession.
It is not too bad to see colorful firecrackers exploding in the sky and creating bright lights.


Miyuki couldn’t take her eyes off the sky, bursting with admiration as if she had been upset.
Every time the firecracker explodes, the glimpse of her side face is appetizing.
I want to engrave her kiss marks on her slender jawline and nape of her neck.

“It’s really pretty… Doesn’t Matsuda-kun think so too?”

Miyuki’s question woke me up from her delusion.
I, who did not answer and just stared at Miyuki,
I opened her mouth as she turned her head towards the sky very slowly just in time for her eyes to turn slightly towards mine.

“Uh. It’s pretty.”

It was to make her confused whether Miyuki was the one who said she was pretty or the firecrackers.

How To Ruin A Love Comedy

How To Ruin A Love Comedy

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
I intervene in all events of the game. And take it away.


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