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How to Ruin a Love Comedy 10

How to Ruin a Love Comedy 10

Chapter 10 – Lucky Skeve #2

Thirty minutes passed since I walked down the street without speaking to Miyuki.
As I walked down the deserted road, all I could hear was the sound of trudging footsteps.
She wanted to talk to her earlier, but Miyuki’s expression was too serious.

He doesn’t seem to care much about touching her breasts…
Have you lost your mind? Thinking of the case I saved?


I let out a long exhalation and tried to scratch my bandaged head.
However, Miyuki stopped me by grabbing my wrist.

“Don’t touch… And why are you sighing?”

Now you’re starting a conversation.
It was like this a long time ago.

“No, why is the atmosphere so awkward… I’m really sorry for touching your chest.”

When I openly mentioned the shameless thing that happened earlier, Miyuki’s face brightened.
She shook her head as she held the book that her bookstore owner had given her for free as apologetic.

“It’s not because of that…”

“Then what is it?”

“… Just… Just… A little shy…”

“That’s right. Is this the first time I’ve seen you lie?”

“Ah, even if it wasn’t…?”

“No, what… It’s just right…”

She grumbled and put her hands on the back of her neck, and Miyuki, who pursed her lips, suddenly pushed one of her feet to her side, then quickly put it back.
I asked, slightly opening his mouth at that unknown action.

“What are you doing?”

“I was getting hung up on my legs… I stopped because I thought that Matsuda-kun’s body was not in good shape.”

“Are you fine except for the head?”

“The price… Hmm… No, is your hair a little okay?”

You, too, have now reached the point where you follow my speaking habits.
It may have been an inadvertent statement, but it is admirable, admirable.
I answered with a grin.

“It doesn’t hurt at all. And since I’m originally an ignorant head, what if I get hurt?”

“Don’t say that… Why are you lowering yourself?”

“It is a joke. Why are you always serious when I joke?”

“Gee, I didn’t know how to joke until now, so…”

“Are you going to report me?”


Miyuki’s large eyes blinked a couple of times.
She scolded me when she noticed that I was talking about touching her breasts.

“Matsuda-kun, I really don’t care. Don’t worry about Matsuda-kun either.”

Then can I touch you one more time?
I’d like to say, but light sexual jokes shouldn’t be used in this situation.
Let’s refrain as the situation is the situation.

“Okay. But isn’t it hot?”

“I don’t…? Is Matsuda-kun hot?”

“Me too. I was just asking how it was.”

“Ah… Yes.”

After Miyuki’s answer, silence continued.
That’s how we walked with a slow stride, and eventually reached Miyuki’s neighborhood.

I want to go to the playground and have a conversation with Miyuki, but it’s not a night to be emotionally rich, so let’s be patient.
Today, I’m just sending Miyuki away.
So that she can quietly chew on what happened to her today.

“This is our house.”

Miyuki stopped in front of a small two-story detached house.
I said after looking up at the house.

“The house is pretty. I like the orange roof.”

“Isn’t it much smaller than Matsuda-kun’s house?”

“Don’t you feel small? How many people did you say you have in your family?”

“Four people including me. I live with my mom, dad, and sister.”

Sisters rice bowl, mother-daughter rice bowl, and mother-daughter 4P? Okay.

“It would be fun to live with my family in a nice house like this.”


Miyuki at a loss.
I could see that he was careful with his words while caring about my position living alone.
Laughing, I lightly tapped her on the back.

“What are you so restless about? By the way, are you secretly selfish?”


“You brought me here while treating me like a guard dog. It’s an injured guard dog, so you won’t let it rest?”

“Ah, a guard dog…! That’s absolutely not the case…!”

“It is a joke. Take it seriously again I go rest.”

I waved my hand and turned around, and Miyuki called me from behind.

“Eh, Matsuda-kun…!”


“Thank you… For saving me… Today.”

“Thank you for everything. Good job.”

“Carefully enter…!”

I smiled lightly at Miyuki and thought as I left the town.
Miyuki’s attitude was too passive for a grateful person.
It wasn’t because I was embarrassed that I touched her breasts.

If so, are you sorry for bothering me?
Of course, Miyuki is a really nice girl, so she must have had that kind of heart, but one thing is for sure…

‘You were conscious of me as a man.’

Maybe not now, but she definitely saw me as a man the moment I rescued her and right after that.
Otherwise, I couldn’t explain her attitude.

It was a good situation.
But as much as there is karma I’ve done so far, if I lose my guard just once, my liking will fall again.
To prevent that from happening, let’s keep taking care of Miyuki.


“I’m back.”

At the helpless greeting, Miyuki’s mother came out of the kitchen and asked.

“Are you here early? Did you buy the book?”

“Yes, I bought it.”

“Have you ever had a fever? You seem to be in a strange state today…?”

“What’s strange… It’s the same. I will go up.”

“Call Tetsuya.”

“Have you contacted Tetsuya-kun?”

“It’s not like that, but I ran into it on my way to the market today. There was worry on her face.”

Concern? Are your studies not going well?
I’ll take a break and go out to see you.
Thinking so, Miyuki moved to her own nest on the second floor.


Lying down on her bed, she reflected on what had happened earlier in her bookstore.
It was the first time I had ever seen Matsuda, who was always relaxed, so desperate.
I can’t forget the look on her face that jumped out as she genuinely worried about herself.
It is also vivid that she looked only at herself while being hit by a dripping book.

Honestly… I thought it was a little cool.

‘Well, he was handsome, but…’

His short hair perfectly matched his angular, distinct features.
It’s nice to see things slowly changing in a positive direction these days…

With her eyes closed, Miyuki brushed her hair while thinking about Matsuda’s unfamiliar appearance, which was completely different from usual.
Right now, it’s just a fleeting whim, nothing more and nothing less.
In that situation, any man would look like a knight on a white horse.

Still, it’s true that I’m grateful, so I have to do something right.
After rummaging through her app, she bought a gifticon from a convenience store in Matsuda’s neighborhood.
Afterwards, she sent a gift to Matsuda with a word to eat and a cute emoticon.


Next monday.
Having spent a boring weekend studying the things Miyuki taught me diligently, I opened the front door when Miyuki and Tetsuya arrived.

“Are you here?”

Miyuki’s face is… Expressionless, but it seems to be subtly mixed with joy.

“Yes. Did you review?”

“I did, but… There were a lot of things I didn’t understand.”

“Then you should have asked.”

“I have to do it on my own until I can do it.”

“It’s a good attitude, but it’s better to ask than to hold on to something you don’t understand at all. Do that in the future But when do we go in? The weather is really hot…”

Well, it rained yesterday, so the humidity today is no joke.
I stepped aside to make it easier for the two of them to enter.
Miyuki casually crossed the stone path and headed for the flower bed, and she smiled brightly as she saw the plants whose leaves were gradually coming to life.

I left her behind and went to the living room with Tetsuya, bringing her pre-cut melons.


Then Tetsuya said thank you and started to bring the melon to his mouth in a hurry.
Eating well is also eating damn well.
I sat down across from him and asked.

“Isn’t it very hot?”

“Yes. It was no joke today. I feel like living here…”

“But don’t you cut your hair?”

Miyuki, who had just arrived in the living room, agreed with my words.

“It’s Tetsuya-kun. How about cutting it short like Matsuda-kun? It’s summer, but isn’t it frustrating?”

Miyuki likes shaggy haired Tetsuya.
Even if you want to cut your hair…
It’s pretty significant, isn’t it?

Tetsuya, who had been eating the melon, looked at Miyuki with puzzled eyes.

“Suddenly? You haven’t said anything until now.”

“No… I’m worried because it’s very hot this summer.”

“Okay…? Shall we cut it once? Matsuda, do you happen to go to a hair salon?”

When Miyuki said that he was a man, he became pale… Tsutsui…
I snorted inwardly and answered.

“It’s a little bit out of town, so why don’t we go together after studying?”

“Then I will ask you.”

Tetsuya has a face type that would suit growing his hair rather than cutting it.
If one of his colors disappears, good for me.
I replied that I understood, and thanked Miyuki.

“Hey, I wrote the gifticon well. Thanks to you, I bought a lunch box and ate it until my stomach exploded.”

Tetsuya pauses while eating the melon.
He turned to Miyuki and asked.


“Ah… Didn’t I say Matsuda-kun saved me from the bookstore?”


“At that time, I sent a gift to express my gratitude. Mr. Matsuda. You didn’t just buy greasy food, did you? Salad lunches are also available these days.”

It was a normal conversation, but somehow it gave off the feeling that Tetsuya was excluded.
No, let’s not overinterpret it.
The current Miyuki was absolutely not such a person.
Let’s just be thankful that the subject of the conversation is me.

And listening to her talk, it seems that he didn’t mention that he touched her breasts unintentionally.
Well, it’s not the kind of thing you need to talk about.
It’s good if there’s a secret between two people who have always been honest with each other.

“I only bought a karaage lunch box.”

“Eat salad to take care of your health.”

“You take it as fruit.”

“…Yes, do as you please. Today’s class is math, right? I’m going to take a test.”

At those words, Tetsuya and I looked at each other and put on expressions of bewilderment.
Seeing us like this, Miyuki giggled and continued.

“There will be 10 questions like last time, but Tetsuya-kun has to answer at least seven questions this time. Matsuda-kun… I’ll give you five questions.”

“No. Miura only needs to hit two more than last time, so why do I have to hit four more? This is discriminating against people.”

“Aren’t you ashamed of yourself for only getting one right?”

“You must be crazy because you’re proud of me who completed the short answer?”

“Then let’s try to raise your self-esteem even more by matching five or more this time.”

Miyuki took out two sheets of A4 paper folded in half and a thick notebook she had prepared in advance from her bag and placed them in front of Tetsuya and me.

“The problem has been set according to your level. The time limit is 40 minutes. Too many? So don’t give up just because it doesn’t work, try all the formulas.”

“Can you release it now?”

“No. Eat all the melons.”

Miyuki smiled and sat down.
She dips the melon with a fork and brings it to her mouth and admires her.
Her benevolent eyes looking at me seem to be stronger than before.

How To Ruin A Love Comedy

How To Ruin A Love Comedy

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I intervene in all events of the game. And take it away.


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