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How to Ruin a Love Comedy 9

How to Ruin a Love Comedy 9

Chapter 9 – Lucky Skeve

Three days had passed since I started studying with Miyuki and Tetsuya.
We focused on our studies more comfortably than when we first started, and we chatted in small ways during breaks.

After the incident at the playground, Miyuki seemed to be more open to me.
Sometimes when I met her eyes, she would smile first, or ask me what I was looking at in a playful way.
It’s like I’m copying my usual look.

I was happy. The distance with Miyuki is getting closer.
However, it wasn’t good enough to fly away because I still had a long way to go between Tetsuya and Miyuki.
It’s just that the relationship is developing every day.

“Now, let’s take a break of 20 minutes… No, just 30 minutes. I’m going to check the condition of the plants.”

Having finished class, Miyuki said that and stood up.
Watering the plants as soon as she gets home, and taking a quick look at her during her breaks was one of her routines when she comes to our house.

That was a good sign.
If that behavior becomes a habit, there will be a possibility that she will come to my house even on days when there are no classes.
After roughly cutting the watermelon, I approached Miura, who was sitting on a bench adjacent to the living room and watching Miyuki’s back.

As I slumped down on the seat next to him and put the tray in the middle, Miura said.

“I’ll eat well, Matsuda.”

“Eat a lot or not.”

At those words, Miyuki turned around and teased me with a playful tone.

“Is Matsuda-kun a tsundere?”

Holy fuck, if I was tsuttsunt to you, tsuntsuh, Tetsuya, would you do that to that bastard?
You will keep this
Pay back later

As I looked at Miyuki with her bewildered face, she slowly approached me and bit her watermelon.
She must have tasted the strong sweetness, and her expression melted.

“It’s so sweet…! Did Matsuda-kun choose this yourself?”

“I picked the one I could see right in front of me at the entrance of the traditional market.”

“Really…? I guess I was lucky.”

I’m going to eat with her girlfriend, but when I asked for something sweet, the market lady chose it well.
The people’s heart is very generous.
I took a bite of the watermelon, chewed it, and swallowed it, then shrugged my shoulders at Tetsuya’s question.

“Matsuda, it’s the weekend tomorrow, what are you doing?”

“I don’t know. Nothing to do You?”

“Well…? We haven’t decided yet either.”

“Seeing that you say ‘us’, you seem to be sticking together like one body?”

“Oh, that’s not the case… We spent a lot of time together, so I just naturally said that. I have nothing to do.”

Is this bastard up to me now?
I glanced at Miyuki and saw that she was nodding her head.
Tetsuya’s words are correct.
I knew it well, but I’m annoyed that I met him in person and was confirmed and killed.

Resisting the urge to hit Tetsuya on the back of the head, I looked up at Miyuki.

“So, is there anything you can do?”

“Yes. I haven’t really thought about it.”

“Then would you like to go buy a book with me?”


“Uh. I want to buy a comic book.”

Miyuki’s surprised expression quickly faded.
Then she muttered, making a face that said no.

“I’m a fool for thinking I was going to buy a book to study…”

“I was thinking of buying that too. Otherwise why would I ask to go with you? I’ll just go and pick up some interesting comic books.”

First of all, you have to make excuses like this.
In the current situation, if you openly ask for a date, it’s obvious that you will be rejected.
It was better for both me and Miyuki to think of me as just a classmate… No, as a friend, to the point of helping me.

“Um… That’s right… I was just about to buy a class book… OK, let’s go together. Instead, I’ll let you know the location of the bookstore. Don’t worry, there are also comic books.”

Miyuki accepts the offer without hesitation.
I barely suppressed the feeling of wanting to cheer.

Beside him, he felt Tetsuya’s startled gaze.
Don’t you think? Then you should have been brave.
You’re a passive bastard who always waits for Miyuki to ask you to go play first, because you don’t have the confidence to do anything like me.
I’ll take care of the bookstore event. Learn well by watching
But don’t do things like awakening.

“Okay. Send me the location to Lane, and see you tomorrow at noon.”

“At noon? Wouldn’t it be too hot?”

“I’ll be indoors anyway, so what does it matter?”

“Is it…? Okay. Then I should arrive around one o’clock. Is not it?”

You’re kidding me again.
Let’s accept

“Was it one o’clock at noon?”

At my extremely sincere words, Miyuki’s eyes widened.
She looked at me dumbfounded and then burst into laughter.
She laughed excitedly, even shedding her tears, and said while wiping the bottom of her own eyes.

“It’s not like that… Matsuda-kun overslept and was sure to be late, so he said he’d come right then…”

“…Don’t make fun of me. And it’s never funny enough to make you cry, right?”

“This… It was sad… Yes, it was sad… So I was crying… Oops…!”

“Eat some watermelon. Before throwing.”

“Yeah… Watermelon is delicious… I’ll eat it… But Matsuda-kun… He looks like he’s blushing…”

Annoyed by Miyuki’s continued teasing, I looked at Tetsuya and threatened.

“Don’t you lower your lips?”

“Uh… Uh? No… I didn’t laugh…”

Know. I’m just venting my anger.

Would you like to come to Tetsuya? You should never say the same thing.
Will surely follow
And Tetsuya is a guy who doesn’t want to say that I’ll go with him.
So for now, let’s just change the topic by appealing to my ignorance and trust Miyuki.
Hopefully she won’t tell Tetsuya to go with her.


The hot sun is really fucking hot.
I, who had been waiting for Miyuki with a frown on her face,


She flinched when she heard Miyuki’s cheery voice right behind her shoulder.

“I-san… I’m surprised…”

Then Miyuki stood in front of me with a round face.
Miyuki’s coordination today… Was the white tee she saw on her first day of study and a black skirt that covered her ankles.
Her defenses look pretty strong. Someday, I will coordinate it with a mini skirt and a cropped tee.

“Matsuda-kun, isn’t he more timid than he looks?”

“What are you afraid of? Everyone would be surprised in a situation like this.”

Groaning, I looked around.
Tetsuya is…


You didn’t say anything to Miyuki and Tetsuya.
Very well done. I’ll pay off this debt with a lot of money.

“What are you doing?”

To Miyuki’s question, I returned my gaze to her and answered.

“I just felt like I saw a familiar person. Okay, isn’t it hot?”

“Hot. It’s hot and I’m going crazy.”

With the momentum to stick out her tongue, Miyuki’s gaze, riding on her heat, moved over my shoulder.
There was a restaurant specializing in kakigori, Japanese shaved ice.
It seems that cool things are very desperate.

I extended my thumb and pointed backwards.
Then he hinted.

“Do you want to eat kakigori? There was a store over there.”

“Uh…? I just thought of that!”

“Okay then. Let’s eat. It’s hot and I’ll follow you.”

“Matsuda-kun. Purify your words.”

“Do I have to meddle until a day like this? Is it okay to just go?”

“Like a habit, slang words come out. We need to fix that.”

“It is very hot. Are you okay?”

Only then did Miyuki, who had a satisfied expression on her face, nodded her head.

“Yes. Let’s go now.”

After moving to the store, we mixed various syrups and topped it with ice cream to enjoy shaved ice, and after each payment, we moved to the bookstore.

It was a place with a bit of a vintage vibe.
The place smells peculiar to paper books, and the books are not properly organized.
Entering her bookstore, I waited for Miyuki to greet the owner.
Then, when she came to me, she quietly vented her displeasure.

“Is this a used bookstore?”

“There are used books, but basically they sell new books. The comic corner is over there.”

“I don’t think there will be any new books…”

“The boss here likes cartoons too. It must be there, so look for it.”

“…Where’s the manga corner?”

“There. Behind you The reference book for you to study was math, right?”


“Then I’ll even choose Matsuda-kun’s. Because I know Matsuda-kun’s level well.”

I answered yes and moved to the comics section.
A new comic book? I honestly didn’t even want to buy it.
I just want to build goodwill through events.

I looked at Miyuki’s every move while reading manga.
Miyuki is slowly walking around the bookstore looking at various books.
By the time she went to her corner seat, I was ready to move.
And the moment Miyuki lifted her tiptoe and touched the middle of her pile of books, she ran towards her with all her might.


The sound of footsteps echoing through the quiet bookstore.
Miyuki’s head turned, and her eyes turned to mine.

“Matsuda-kun…? What…”

Miyuki’s pupils were stained with fear, perhaps because she was afraid of me as she ran towards me.
I didn’t even care about Miyuki’s eyes, and as soon as her arm was close enough to touch her,
Putting her hands on her shoulders, then on her waist, she rotated her body as she fell to the floor.



A pile of books fell on top of us with Miyuki’s scream.
A dull feeling occurs in the head and throughout the back.
There was even a tingling sensation in the crown of the head.


Having protected Miyuki’s whole body with my own body, I let out a sigh of relief only after the books ran out.
Then, I asked Miyuki, who was unable to hide her embarrassment beneath me.

“Are you okay?”

Miyuki, who had grasped the situation, responded by swallowing her saliva.

“Ah… Huh… Is Matsuda-kun okay…?”

“Are you trying to take it out when you’re short? You can call the owner or me.”

“M-I’m sorry… But… Evil…! Hurt…! Matsuda-kun… Wait a minute…”

Miyuki, who had been in pain as she suddenly closed one eye, lifted her head slightly and looked at her chest.
There was my hand.
While gripping Miyuki’s breast very strongly.

One of the love comedy clichés.
A situation in which a certain incident or accident occurs and a man accidentally or unintentionally touches a woman’s private part.
I called it Lucky Skeve, and it happened to me.
As I fell, I deliberately touched Miyuki’s chest, but well… Let’s say that.



I met Miyuki’s eyes and was silent for a moment. Then she jumped up and sat down a little away from her.
After that, he scratched his back and apologized in a small voice.

“I’m sorry… I was trying to hit the floor…”

With a grunt, Miyuki raised her upper body and shook her head.

“Oh, no… You were trying to save me…”

The atmosphere quickly became awkward.
It was Miyuki’s startled voice that broke it.

“Matsuda-kun…! I have blood on my hands…!”

I know.
I got scratched by bumping into the edge of a thick and hard book, so I scratched the back of my head on purpose.
To make this awkwardness go away quickly by showing blood.
Of course, the atmosphere will cool down again as we return home, but we should avoid it at least for now.

Seeing the blood on the first knuckle of her finger, I looked at Miyuki with a dumbfounded face.

“Is this your blood?”

“Oh, can that be? I’m not hurt at all…! Now, wait a minute…! President! President!!”

Miyuki made a fuss about her and went to find her owner, who had gone to the bathroom “Just by accident”.
I looked down at her hands to see that she was gone.
To be precise, it was correct to say that he was looking at the hand on the other side of Miyuki’s chest.

Miyuki’s breasts, which he had tasted for the first time, were soft and supple.
Above all, the feeling of being pressed softly like jelly was amazing.
Perfection itself. No more rhetoric needed.

If Miyuki wasn’t wearing a bra, she would have been even more ecstatic…
You can touch her bare breasts as much as you want later when the relationship gets closer, so let’s be satisfied with this.

Unknowingly, the corners of her mouth twitched, recalling the feel of Miyuki’s breasts. At the thought of her moment passing through her head, I reached up and stirred her blood-stained hand.


Then, a book that was falling was caught in my hand and bounced to the side.
The event is already over, but I can’t hurt myself anymore.
Having solved even the last cliché, I got up with a fresh mind.

How To Ruin A Love Comedy

How To Ruin A Love Comedy

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I intervene in all events of the game. And take it away.


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