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How to Ruin a Love Comedy 8

How to Ruin a Love Comedy 8

Chapter 8 – Summer Vacation, That Night

Tetsuya and I have a huge sexual difference.
If he’s average to below average, I’m on the edge.
There is such a difference in level, but if we studied together, there was no way it would work.

I thought, but I couldn’t hide my surprise when Miyuki skillfully gave me eye-level education.
She left Tetsuya and me apart and taught me to study according to my level.
He didn’t hesitate, and when Tetsuya asked a question, he answered without hesitation and quickly.

Even in the midst of that, he took care of me and reviewed the classes for this semester, and I understood it so well that even I, who had an empty head, could follow.
I knew that the passion for education and the method of education were great, but isn’t this too cheaty?
If you become a teacher in the future, I think you will be great.

Miyuki, who had been tutoring for nearly two hours without a break, put her hand on her tatami mat and leaned her upper body slightly back as if she was a little worn out.

“Can I take a break for about 20 minutes?”

“You’re a teacher, so you can do whatever you want.”

The corners of Miyuki’s mouth went up slightly as if she liked the word “Sensei” Quite a bit.
A beige bra shimmers through her white T-shirt.
It’s not as good as Teacher Ho, but it’s a big pain.
The urge to knead doesn’t go away.

I woke up with a blink of an eye and got up from my seat.

“Would you like some juice?”

“Is that okay?”

“Since it’s a position to learn for free, of course I have to give it to you. Don’t keep asking me that, do whatever you want while you’re here. Take out something to drink and eat…”

I looked at Tetsuya, blurting the end of her words.
We have to do this guy a favor. That’s how you get points for Miyuki.

“Miura, don’t fuss for nothing, just relax.”

But that’s not to say good things don’t come out.
Tetsuya timidly thanked him.

“Yes. Thanks, Matsuda.”

After placing three cups on a small tray and pouring orange juice, I went to the round table and set the tray down.
Then Miyuki smiled and said.

“I’ll have a good drink, Matsuda-kun.”

Miyuki took the juice to her mouth and immediately began to slurp her throat.
Her face is incomparably innocent, and the way she swallows is so sexy.
Even if I think about it a hundred times, I should have it.

“Matsuda, are you exercising?”

As I opened my eyes and admired Miyuki, I heard Tetsuya’s beggarly voice.
Turning my head, I answered.

“I did it a long time ago, why? Do you want to exercise?”

“No… I did it because my arm muscles and chest muscles are strong.”

It’s not a word, but there was a hint of wanting to do it.
Do you want to brag in front of Miyuki?
I’m sorry, but I have nothing to teach you about sports.
Searching the Internet for things like burn rate and post-inhalation, let yourself do it yourself.

“If you used to do it… Have you stopped now?”

Miyuki’s question continued.
I nodded grimly.


“Can you tell me why?”

“Because it’s no longer fun.”

Let’s look a little wet with melancholy.
There’s something wrong, but I don’t want to tell you so I’m pretending to be evasive.

“Ah… Yes. Matsuda-kun, what do you do on the weekend?”

Miyuki, who fell in love with my acting, changed the topic with an apologetic expression.
Later she gets closer with Miyuki, and when she’s alone with her, he’ll let you know if he asks.

“On the weekend? Either meet the kids or stay at home.”

“Kids? Are you talking about those Watanabes? The kids belonging to that circle… The name of the circle must be…”

“Supreme Circle.”

“Yeah… Supree… There are a lot of really bad students there. Does Matsuda-kun belong there too?”

“Right. I belong with Takashi and some friends.”


Immature Ken Matsuda became famous after having an accident, so an offer came from there.
I didn’t want to go in.
And it will be out soon
I only use it for good feeling during events with you.

“Well. Somehow it happened that way.”

“… By any chance… Matsuda-kun, are you proud to belong there?”

“No. Not really.”

“Then you can come out. If you stay there, only Matsuda-kun will lose…”

“Are you saying that because you really care?”

“Of course…! It’s a place where only students who really don’t worry about life enter…! Matsuda-kun is trying to change himself, but that kind of place…”

As Miyuki stopped talking to her, she looked straight at me.
Seeing my smirk, she cautiously continued her words.

“Of course, you might think I’m messing around…”

“He said he was genuinely concerned. I don’t think so.”

“Well, then… Wouldn’t it be right for me…?”

“It’s hard to get out.”

“What do you mean it’s hard…? Have you ever been threatened?”

“Do I look like someone to be threatened?”

“That, that’s not it… If you have any trouble with me…”

“Are you going to tell the professor?”

“Supreme Circle is a place that the academy is also keeping a close eye on… It’s a place where accidents happen a lot, Matsuda-kun knows…? I don’t know if there will be any punishment sooner or later…”

What kind of disposition would be expulsion? At least a suspension.
Thank you for the little information I didn’t know when playing Tokiaka.
So why can’t I be there?
I guess I’ll have to use it as soon as the vacation is over…
Before that, I’ll have to get Miyuki’s liking.

“Thank you for your concern.”

At my grave tone, Miyuki tried to say something more of her, but she shut her mouth.
As if she realized what I had decided, her face brightened a little.

“Yeah… Shall we study after we’ve rested…?”



“I was surprised that you followed me well today.”

After escorting Miyuki and Tetsuya to the front gate, I burst into laughter at Miyuki’s words.

“Did you think I would beat you in a few minutes?”

“Should I be honest?”

“No. Just go.”

“Yes. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Do you do it tomorrow too?”

“If you don’t study every day, you will forget everything. It’s good to do it every day until Matsuda-kun has the basic skills, and until Tetsuya-kun has applied skills.”

I scratched my head with an expression like, “What kind of kids are there?”
Of course, the inside was the exact opposite of the outside.

“It’s no joke…”

“Are you tired? It’s because you learn from nothing. After a while, it will be fun.”

Is there anyone who enjoys studying?
That’s really… A subject for research.
Anyway, it’s bittersweet to go without showering.
At best, I prepared an open-air bath and made a peephole.

“See you tomorrow then.”

“Yes. We’ll go Take care of your plants properly, do you really need to review them?”


“Do you have a test tomorrow?”

“Because I know…”

Waving my hands with a tired face, I exchanged a few trivial words with Tetsuya before closing the front door.
Then, along with Miyuki’s shrieking laughter, the sound of two pairs of footsteps was heard, which gradually faded away.
Sticking my head out over the fence, I watched as Miyuki and Tetsuya slowly moved away.

The reason I just send them is because of events.
A situation arises when Miyuki, who cannot sleep, is playing alone on a small playground swing near her house, and I thought to intervene.

Because you studied with me today, the future may change and that event may not happen.
But even so, you have to go.
Now is the time to maximize Miyuki’s liking, so shouldn’t we try our best?

After thinking, I looked at the time.
It’s seven o’clock After the sun goes down completely, I will have to wait a little longer before leaving.
And I have to call Takashi to meet him.
Because I need an excuse to say to Miyuki.


Houses facing the narrow road are lined up at intervals.
Should I say something peaceful? Miyuki’s neighborhood was as quiet as ours.
After quietly looking around the neighborhood, I headed for the playground.

There was no one in the dark playground.
It was natural. The playground across the street was bigger than here, and there were streetlights.
After licking my lips, I sat on the playground swing and waited for Miyuki.

Even after such a long time, Miyuki did not come.
As I thought earlier, did my intervention change the event?
It’s quite possible, but I believe in the God who sent me here.

God, like me, was pissed while playing Tokiaka.
That’s why you sent me here. Become a real protagonist.
I, who was comforting myself like that and kicking the sand, quickly pretended to ride on the swing as soon as I heard a chuckle from the entrance of the playground.

“…. Uh? There was someone…”

Miyuki’s voice came from the entrance.
After all, I, not Tetsuya, was the true protagonist of this Tokiaka.
I called out for joy inside, stopped the swing, looked at Miyuki’s silhouette reflected in the street lamp, and said,



Miyuki was very embarrassed.
I guess I never expected to hear my voice in a place like this.
After her moment of confusion, she asked, sticking her head out into her playground.

“Are you… Matsuda-kun?”

“Uh. Why are you here?”

Miyuki quickly walked towards me.
She looked at my face here and there as if she was trying to make sure she was the real Matsuda Ken, then said in surprise.

“Why are you here…?”

“I just asked.”

“Ah… That… This is my town…”

“Your neighborhood? The neighborhood where you live?”

Feigning shocking surprise, Miyuki slowly nodded her head and pointed at a house with her finger.

“Yeah… That’s my house.”

“Okay…? I didn’t know.”

“Now, Matsuda-kun, answer me. What the hell are you doing here…? Weren’t you resting at home?”

She said, “She was going to meet up with Takashi, but she didn’t think it would be fun, so I went back and she stopped by because the atmosphere here was quiet. Because I have something to think about.”

At the mention of Takashi, her Miyuki’s expression was colored with disgust as if she were seeing her cockroach.
Poor Takashi, so stop being a bully and live.
That’s not what I’m going to say… But I feel sorry for you.

“Does Takashi Watanabe live around here too? Or was the meeting place just around here?”

“It’s the latter, but the rendezvous is a bit farther from here.”

“Ah… I’m glad…”

Miyuki, genuinely relieved, got on the swing next to me.
Then she pointed to my phone, which was ringing in my trouser pocket.

“Aren’t you calling?”

“It’s a text.”

“Looks like an urgent text message? Are you Takashi Watanabe?”

“Right. I’m chewing on you whining about why I’m not coming. Wanna see?”

“Oh, no… I don’t want to see…”

Even as I listened to her Miyuki, I took her cell phone out of her pocket and showed it to her.
And Miyuki stared at the screen even though she said she didn’t want to see it.
Originally, it is not a law to be curious about someone else’s cell phone.

“What is it written on?”

“…Why don’t you come to the meeting place… Rain, there are so many slang words, I can’t read them…”

This should have cleared away even the slightest bit of doubt, right?
This is why you should have insurance.
Giggling, I put my phone in my pocket.
Then Miyuki asked, placing her arms on her own lap and pulling her upper body forward.

“By the way, what was the food for thought I was talking about earlier?”

“It? It was just a future thought. What am I going to do in the future… I have a nonsensical idea like that.”


“You, Matsuda-kun, did you worry about that too? Did you mean to say that?”

Did you hit the nail on the head?
Miyuki’s shoulders twitched.

“Oh, isn’t it…?”

“No what. You got it right. You can’t lie.”

At those words, Miyuki let out a shallow sigh.

“I’m sorry if I offended you.”

“Why are you apologizing for that? Even if you’re nice, it’s a problem because you’re too nice.”

“Okay…? Do you think I’m kind to Matsuda-kun?”

“To be honest, it is. A style that can be easily scammed.”

“Ah, what is it… Then you’re not being nice, you’re being dull.”

Miyuki burst out laughing lightly, kicking the ground and pushing the swing.
Then he spoke.

“Rather than already thinking about the future, why not focus on the present? We are still in first grade. There is still plenty of time.”

“Isn’t that what lazy people say? We are still young, we are still prosperous… People who regret it as time goes by.”

“I didn’t mean that, I just meant there was plenty of time to lay the groundwork. If Matsuda-kun continues to do what he has to do, I think the future will be drawn naturally.”

“What am I supposed to do?”

“For now, there will be studies. Did you review what you learned today?”

“I didn’t.”

“What should we do? I’ll punish you if you fail tomorrow’s exam.”

“Tie them up and whip them? I like that.”

If Tetsuya had said such a thing, Miyuki would have scolded him with a straight face.
However, since I usually act lightheartedly, Miyuki burst into laughter.
Even this would not have been possible if we hadn’t been close to each other, but after the molester incident, we became quite close, so Miyuki easily passed my words on.

“What are you saying… I can’t.”

The atmosphere is not bad. Let’s just go like this
Like her Miyuki, I kicked her on the ground and talked with her for a long time while moving the swing.
The main content was studying, but I also made light jokes that matched my image.
Just enough to not cross the line.

And Miyuki, fortunately, liked my jokes.

How To Ruin A Love Comedy

How To Ruin A Love Comedy

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I intervene in all events of the game. And take it away.


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