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How to Ruin a Love Comedy 7

How to Ruin a Love Comedy 7

Chapter 7 – End of Tutorial

What if you can understand Japanese? I don’t know the formula itself.
I want to learn from Miyuki as soon as possible.
Resisting the urge to tear up my math exam papers, I took pictures of all the multiple-choice questions and collapsed on my desk.

There are five more exams left, but it was better to rest well and prepare for the next exam than to hold on to something that didn’t work.
Even so, as much as I can’t study the original body, it’s certain that it’s ruined.

Ding-dong-! Ding-dong-!

I was completely immersed in a good night’s sleep, and as soon as the bell rang, I raised my upper body.
Then the girl sitting in the seat on the right looked at me and giggled.
The blurry eyes and the arm marks on the cheeks looked funny.

“Are you kidding me?”

She was taken aback by my rough tone, but soon she nodded her head.

“No… I’m sorry. The pressure on her face must have made her a little… Very sleepy. Would you like some gum?”

As I have shown a milder side these days, other students who would have avoided me in the past started talking to me.
I reached out my hand after licking my lips like a tired person.

“Give me one. No… Give me one.”

“Yes. Here…”

The outstretched hand is very shy.
I took a piece of gum, put it in my mouth and chewed it, and it tasted like blueberries.
But have I ever eaten blueberries?
What if it’s delicious?
Decided to take it easy, I thanked the female student.

“Thank you. Let’s be friendly.”

Then the girl’s face turned dark.
You must have misunderstood what I said… What is it?
Surely you didn’t think you were going to get into trouble when you were told to be close?
Just as I was thinking, a middle-aged professor approached me and took away my test paper.

“Matsuda-kun. You can’t chat until you’ve collected the test papers.”


Maybe it’s because he’s listened to what he’s saying these days, and even though he made mistakes, the professor’s eyes are friendly.
When I look at my test scores, I think I will pour out swear words after thinking about it, but I feel anxious for no reason.

Break time when the exam is over.
I nodded my chin at Miura, who was looking intently at the workbook.

“Hey, Miura.”


“Did you see?”

“I think… I guess I just got it half right.”

This guy wasn’t very good at studies.
That’s why there is study with Miyuki in Tokiaka’s event.

“Half done well. Are you surprised?”

“It’s not surprising, but I think it’s not half done…?”

“Then am I an empty-headed guy?”

“No… I didn’t mean that. Sorry.”

After Miyuki apologized to Tetsuya in her infirmary and told her to be friendly, I spent some time with Tetsuya.
No apology was made, of course.
Even so, Tetsuya seemed to hate me less than before.

It seems like he stopped harassing me every day and started talking about miscellaneous things, but talking to him was about to explode.
I don’t like keeping my hair shaggy even in midsummer.
Still, in order to improve his relationship with Miyuki, he put up with it.

I glanced ahead to see Miyuki discussing exam questions with her friends.
Even if you don’t see him, he must be the senior.


“Did you do well on the test?”

A question from a professor I met during the perpetrator case.
I snorted and asked back.

“Do you think so?”


“You know it well, so why are you asking?”

“It’s crooked… Today is the last day of cleaning, right?”


“I thought I would throw it away after doing it for a few days, but to be honest, I was surprised to come out and clean it until the weekend. I’m afraid of prejudice like this.”

“Is that a compliment?”

“It is a sincere compliment. Good job until today. Next semester, study hard and do some club activities.”

Side activity? Of course you should.
I’m going to be in the kendo club with Lenka, a sophomore and one of the main heroines.
As soon as she returns from her shoulder injury, our Lenka, who will be receiving the new archetype… I miss you soon.

“I will think about it. The poor students are gone.”

“I know, you know. Yes, go.”

If you deny it, will it be worse?
I grumbled and left the office and headed to the bathroom.
Then he met Miyuki.

As she approached with several books in her arms, she smiled brightly when she found me.

“Hello, Matsuda-kun.”

I feel good because I seem to show that smile often these days.

“I said hello in the morning, are you saying it again?”

“Can’t we?”

“It’s not like that, but it’s annoying to accept.”

“It’s not difficult to say goodbye. When I talk to Matsuda-kun, it seems like he lives in a different world from me. It doesn’t fit very well.”

“Then will it fit?”

“Look at this. Being sarcastic again Try fixing some of this. Did you do well on the test?”

“Are you serious?”

“Ah… I made a mistake. Sorry. Of course you couldn’t see it.”

No matter how bad I am in studying, that’s a prejudice.
Of course, I couldn’t see it very well.
But it seems like we’ve gotten pretty close?
If it’s enough to chat like this.

Shall I say it now? In fact, there is no chance if it is not now.
Scratching the back of my head, I cautiously opened my eyes to Miyuki.

“Hey, Hanazawa.”


“Maybe… Can you teach me something?”

“Yes…? Study…?”

Miyuki’s normally large eyes doubled in size.
She couldn’t speak for a while, but when she saw my serious expression, she became serious as well.

“It’s admirable… But are you serious?”

To be sincere
And think about it too. Summer vacation is long.

For two months without a mentor to guide me on the right path, what am I going to do?
I would meet bad friends, drink and smoke, and do bullying.
When school starts after vacation like that, there’s a very good chance that I’ll be back as Ken Matsuda of dog trash again.

It means to consider such a complex factor.
You are smart You can think of something like this.

“Uh. Give me some tutoring I’ll pay you.”

“Ah, no… Money isn’t important… Was the midterm exam that shocking?”

“Hey, hey. Done. Just go People are talking seriously, but they’re just making fun of me… It’s annoying.”

I wrinkled my brow and passed Miyuki, and she quickly approached me and said,

“No, I wasn’t kidding. I want to think, but why are you going?”

I stood still and looked back at Miyuki.

“So you’re going to do it?”

“I just said I was thinking. One of Matsuda-kun’s problems is that he’s impatient. So wait.”

“How much?”


“Okay. You won’t have to wait.”

Grinning, I leaned against the hallway wall.
I waited for Miyuki in an awkward position for over a minute,
Miyuki, who was contemplating with her head tilted slightly, asked her.

“Are you sure you can do it right?”


“Speak clearly. I don’t want to waste my time on someone who has no will to improve.”

“How do you see it? Do you think I’ll do it right? Evaluate it objectively.”

“Why do I rate it? Matsuda-kun, you should ask yourself.”

Don’t give a break
Of course, it’s understandable because it’s a situation where he said something out of the blue to teach me to study.
I stood straight in the hallway and looked down at Miyuki.
Then, she said without hesitation.

“I’ll do it right.”

“Okay…? Great.”

It was a challenge, but surprisingly, he readily accepted it.
I asked, barely holding back the twitching of the corners of her mouth.

“Where is the place? Shall I go?”

“Hmm… It would be nice to meet you halfway… But where does Matsuda-kun live?”

“Lower Nerima Ward.”

“Okay…? Are you close…? I’m above Suginami. Shall we teach you at the cafe in the middle? The library is not good because it has to be quiet…”

You don’t tell me to come home, even if you die soon. Im sad.

“Aren’t cafes supposed to be quiet too?”

“It’s not like that. Um… The weather is hot, so the park is a bit…”

“If you look at the map and say your house and mine are moderately close, would you like to just stay at my house? The house is empty.”

“Yes…? That’s a bit… Your parents will be there too…”

“He is dead.”


When I said it as if it was not a big deal, Miyuki’s mouth was tightly shut.
Seeing his pupils shaking as if an earthquake had struck, he must have been quite taken aback.

“Mi, I’m sorry… I…”

“What are you sorry about? I don’t even care It’s been so long since he died, I don’t even remember his face.”

“Eh, Matsuda-kun…! Just a little bit… Refined…”

It’s cute how you can’t be restless.
I burst out laughing and held out my phone.

“Give me your lane ID. Go back and talk in detail. I have to clean the bathroom.”

“Ah, yes… Ok…”

“Are you teaching me to study?”

“Yes. I’ll teach you… Instead, you have to work really hard. If I show you even a little bit of loafing, I’ll stop right away.”

“I got it.”

Tetsuya would also ask Miyuki the same request as mine.
Of course Miyuki would agree, and he would suggest that the three of us study together.
It was a pity that he couldn’t be alone with Miyuki, but it didn’t matter.
All sorts of events will happen from summer vacation.

If I were there instead of Tetsuya, it would be fine.
Or watch it together as a group of three.
Tetsuman had to make sure that Miyuki and Miyuki would not be alone.

The early part of Tokiaka is the time to distribute funds to be used for play or to find out information about the game.
Simply put, this is a tutorial.
And I could say I just finished the tutorial.
It’s time to enjoy Tokiaka in earnest.


“Wow… The house is nice… Isn’t it? Tetsuya-kun.”

“Yes. It’s huge…”

Outside the main gate, Tetsuya and Miyuki are talking casually.
In the end, we decided to watch it at our house.
The merit of being an empty house where you can make a lot of noise was great, and the location was also close.

As expected, Tetsuya joined the study group, and the result was a visit from the two of them.
After turning on the air conditioner, I put on slippers and came out of the living room.
I am trying to open the front door after passing through the weedy stone road.

“Matsuda-kun! We are here!”

Miyuki let out a loud voice.
Laughing, I opened the front door.
Then, he bruised the two people who had interesting eyes.

“Why are you screaming when there is a bell? Are you here? Miura.”

As I gestured toward Tetsuya, he awkwardly raised one hand.

“Hello, Matsuda.”

Goodbye, what… A spineless guy who can’t even choose one of the three heroines and gets confused.
I spit out curses at him in my heart and stepped aside.

“Come in.”

Then Miyuki stepped into the house with a bright smile on her face.
Miyuki’s outfit today is a white tee and a skirt that goes just above her ankles.
The white and thin ankles that are revealed every time you walk stimulates your desire.

“Where should I go?”

Miyuki turned her head to ask.
After walking with Tetsuya, I came to my senses and answered.

“Follow the road and come out of the living room.”

“Isn’t it normal for the landlord to take the lead? Also, Matsuda-kun, don’t you take care of weeds?”

“Do I have to?”

“It’s Matsuda-kun. By the way…”

Miyuki, speechless, looked towards the flower bed.
Seeing her limp plants, she made a fuss about her and scolded me.

“Matsuda-kun…! What if I leave the plants like that? Everyone is dying…!”

Dying? Aren’t they already dead?

“Then how do you let it go? Throw away?”

“It’s not like that…! Why is the watering can so old?”

“Don’t you use it?”

“I don’t understand, really…”

After looking around, Miyuki found a tap outside, and he took a watering can and headed for it.
She meticulously washes the watering can and checks the condition of the plants.
She feels like a girlfriend who came to live with something, and she feels strange.
It’s this buggy next to me, but I think it’ll be fun somehow… I can’t help it.

“What are you doing? Let’s go in.”

“Oh yeah.”

I took Tetsuya to the living room, and he and I started setting up a round table for our study.

How To Ruin A Love Comedy

How To Ruin A Love Comedy

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Score 7.6
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
I intervene in all events of the game. And take it away.


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