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How to Ruin a Love Comedy 6

How to Ruin a Love Comedy 6

Chapter 6 – Matsuda-Kun, You’ve Changed. #3

While I went to the bathroom for a while, there is a commotion in the classroom.

“Hey, Miura.”

My friend is smiling at Tetsuya’s picture.
What was that kid’s name? I heard it before…

“Yes…? Why? Watanabe.”

Hearing Tetsuya’s answer, I immediately remembered it.
It was Takashi Watanabe.

“What kind of anime character are you drawing?”

“Oh, this is not an anime character…”

“Okay, can I take off this character?”


“I’ll come back after the next class, so please draw it until then. Understand?”

It’s a request style, but the nuance is a command style.
Miyuki was staring at Takashi, who was teasing Tetsuya by teasing her, with burning eyes.
I quickly entered the classroom before she left,


He hit Takashi’s head with his palm.

“Oops! What kind of bastard…”

Takashi looked back after wrapping the back of her hair.
When he saw me, his expression turned to tears.

“Ken…! You did the same last time, so why are you doing this to me?”

“Why do you have to do this bird… Heh heh… You bastard. It’s because you’re sitting in my seat without permission. Get out of the way quickly.”

“A real fucking dog…”

Takashi grumbled with all his heart and rose from his chair.
It’s a bonus that he pushed the chair with his foot so I couldn’t sit down, as if he was trying to get revenge on me for being beaten.
I grabbed the guy by the hair as he tried to return to his classroom.

“Aaaaa!! Ken!! Ken!!”

Takashi, his head flung back, screamed.
This guy still has an exaggerated reaction.
The taste is bitter.

“Replace chair.”

“Hey fuck…! Looking back really…! Let go?”


“I’ll do it…! It won’t work if you do this shit… So let go for now..Hehe! Hurt! It hurts!!”

When I put a lot of strength into the hand holding the thick hair, Takashi stretched out his arm with a roar.
He barely grabbed the head of the chair, and with a grunt, returned the chair in front of my desk.
Then I loosened his hand and said.

“Play in your class. Don’t mess around here.”

Takashi, who was massaging his head, raised his middle finger.
If you’re like me, you’d have rushed right in, even if your pride was hurt, you bastard…
When I tossed the snacks in the desk drawer, the guy’s expression immediately relaxed.
He’s such a simple guy. To the point where I wonder if it’s a little lacking.

I glanced at Miura after confirming that Takashi was walking out of the classroom.
Afterwards, she sighed at the note and said as if passing by.

“You drew it well.”

“Ah, thank you… But I hope you don’t take it away.”

No, this bastard crawls on a guy like Takashi, but why is he climbing up on me?
Surprisingly am I comfortable?
Or are you provoking me because you’re getting ready to fight me?
If not, do you instinctively feel it? That I’m aiming for Miyuki.

I want to punch you in the face, but I’ll hold back.
To capture Miyuki, it is the basic of the basics to build up good feelings for the people around her.
I don’t like the fact that the target is Tetsuya, but if it’s to pay off the karma I’ve accumulated so far, I’m willing to accept this much.

I chewed a piece of gum and looked up at Miyuki, who stood in the way between us as always.

“Are you here to nag again?”

“Why is Matsuda-kun so negative?”


“You act like you saw something you couldn’t see when I approached you.”

“It’s not like that because he always comes to me and gives me instructions. As for her mother, go to Miura over there. What you looking at?”

As he frowned at the chubby classmate staring back at him, he jerked his head forward.
Then Miyuki called me as usual.


Listening to that low voice, I feel like I am being trained.
It’s supposed to be the opposite… But it’s a big deal.
I said with a tired expression on my face like an adolescent student tired of my parents’ nagging.

“I got it. You won’t be able to stay still.”

Miyuki, who smiled with satisfaction, immediately started chatting with Tetsuya.
Friendly atmosphere.
The temperature is completely different from when he was talking to me.
I get jealous. Are you going to change your attitude?
Not. Let’s go as planned. You’ve been doing very well so far.

But it’s Miyuki. I haven’t been swearing since a while ago, can you compliment me?
Don’t you know that I’m working hard?
It’s sad… It’s sad.


“There are strange rumors going around these days?”

The words of the nurse who changed the bandage with his upper body bent.
I asked back as I lifted her head and looked at her breastbone.


“There are rumors that you clean the bathroom well and that you pay attention in class. Did you even come out on the weekends?”

“Is that a strange rumor?”

“It’s not normal.”

When will this bastard image come off?

“It’s done. Be careful not to get into the water.”


“Turn your eyes elsewhere.”

I noticed you were staring at her breasts.
But what to do with what you see?
Is there anyone who can’t see that mamma pain?
I am sure there is no

By the way, the map is well aware of its own charms and wears clothes that appeal to the chest… It’s too much pretense.
I think I’ll attack as a sub-heroine.

“Didn’t you say you told the professor?”

“Yes. How do you exercise in this state? You shouldn’t be sweating.”

“Then take a little break here and go.”

“All right. But sir Do you have any boyfriend? Or are you married?”

“I guess it’s none of your business.”


A knock echoed through the infirmary during a conversation.
When the nurse said to come in, the door slid open and Miyuki appeared in a gym suit.
The chest that can’t be covered even with boxy gym clothes, and the pure white shins visible under the shorts…
I want to jump right in and lick it.

“Hello teacher.”

Miyuki, who greeted her politely, was greeted by the school nurse with a smile.

“Are you Hanazawa? What’s up?”

“Ah, it’s PE class… Matsuda-kun wasn’t there, so I was looking for him… I came just in case, but he was here.”

Teacher Yang tilted his head.

“Wasn’t Matsuda-kun resting here? I heard you can skip PE class?”

“Yes…? Okay?”

“Yes. Ask them directly.”

I didn’t expect Miyuki to come looking for me… It’s an unexpected event.
Did you decide to take care of me now?
Did you feel that you were going to be edified?

Miyuki approached me, striding her long legs.

“Did you tell the professor?”



“I told you right away during break after class? The professor said he would know.”

“Uh, yeah…? Didn’t I know…?”

“Are you sure you came to catch me in case I’m skipping?”

“It is correct to say that I came to guide you, not to capture you…”

It’s really pretty how she scratches her head as if she’s embarrassed.
I wiped the tip of my nose with her hand and waved her hand at Miyuki.

“I’m proud, so stop going now.”

“No… I’m going… I can’t believe Matsuda-kun told the professor himself…?”

“If you think it’s a lie, call and check it out.”

“No… I believe you. And Matsuda-kun.”


“It seems to be changing a lot these days.”

That’s what I wanted to hear.
I feel good. But it wasn’t enough to fly.
It might have been because right after I compared the distance between Tetsuya and me.
But don’t worry. Considering the situation itself, it could be said that it was very smooth.

“You change? I?”

“Yes. He doesn’t curse at me lately, and he does his job meticulously. Boys like that the bathroom is clean. By the way…”

“By the way?”

“I want you to refrain from violence. Just before, holding Takashi Watanabe’s hair and just… It was bad to see. Molester case… I’ll make an exception. It was harsh, but I was really grateful.”

Miyuki’s words not to use violence could be of great help to me later.
I hung out with bad boys, called Yankees in the Japanese way.
And they were playing childish yakuza in the academy.

Why are you there Create a circle, call the members in it a family…
When they get into a fight with other academy students, they often get into gang fights, and when they try to leave the circle, they don’t let them go out no matter what.
And although I wasn’t the head of that circle, I was in a position to be acknowledged by the people I belonged to.

This was a great weapon to use later.
If I gradually distance myself from the guys I used to be close with and start hanging out with the nerds, they will one day complain about me.

Faced with that dissatisfaction, when asked why he doesn’t hang out with us these days, I say that playing bullying is no longer fun…
Because of that, I didn’t even fight back against them who were angry, and I was beaten up…

As I lay on the rooftop bleeding profusely, Miyuki heard the rumors and approached me.
She’ll see my mess and ask why I stayed still.
At that time, he looked at Miyuki with melancholy eyes and answered like this.

‘I told you not to fight.’

After that, he gets up with a grunt and walks off the rooftop with a limp…
Is this a special feeling?

‘Is it too delusional?’

Of course, there was no guarantee that things would go the way I hoped.
I don’t know how the guys in that circle will react to me.
So for now, let’s just focus on making Miyuki more attractive.
If at some point something similar to what I imagined now happens, then I will use it carefully.

Shrugging my shoulders, I refuted Miyuki’s words.

“Isn’t it normal to praise me instead? I thought you hated Takashi?”

“Yes. I hate it. But he’s your best friend. I gave advice from an objective standpoint.”

“If I hadn’t kicked him out, Miura would have been bullied all along?”

“No, absolutely not. I tried to step in and stop it.”

“Takashi is sexually harassing me when you talk to him, do you think he could have stopped it?”

“It’s not like that… But it’s enough to call the professor…”

We, Miyuki, are worried about how to live in this harsh world with such a gentle personality.

“It’s obvious what happened while you went to call the professor. You know very well. What kind of person is Takashi?”

“…That’s right.”

“Look. To be honest, did you think it was a sham?”

“Matsuda-kun, do you like Takashi Watanabe so you hang out with him?”

It’s turning the topic.
It must have been cool that Takashi suffered.
I can see all your emotions

“They’re using it because they don’t have enough brains.”

“As you?”


Miyuki is the type to come in without warning sometimes.
It’s proof that I’ve become more comfortable, but it’s embarrassing.
Seeing my bewildered face, Miyuki giggled and continued.

“It’s a joke. Thank you for helping Tetsuya-kun today. I hope you don’t bully Tetsuya-kun from now on, and I hope the two of you can be friends.”

I have no intention of doing that at all.
No, if your relationship with Tetsuya improves and your relationship with you also improves… Maybe you can do some acting?

“Do you really have to do that?”

“Yes. I’ve been bullying you until now, so if you approach me with a sincere apology for that part, Tetsuya-kun will forgive you too. Because Tetsuya-kun is kind.”


“I believe that Matsuda-kun, who is changing, will do so. I’m done with class, so I’ll go. Get some rest, and don’t skip the next class.”

Having said that, as if notified, Miyuki walked out of the infirmary with quick steps.
Muttering inwardly, I lay down on the bed and closed the curtains halfway.
Then he said to his nurse.

“Sir, I am thirsty.”

“Eat directly from the water purifier.”

I want to take the milk-flavored medicine from your treatment bag.
Swallowing the afterword, I closed my eyes.

How To Ruin A Love Comedy

How To Ruin A Love Comedy

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I intervene in all events of the game. And take it away.


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