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How to Ruin a Love Comedy 5

How to Ruin a Love Comedy 5

Chapter 5 – Matsuda-Kun, You’ve Changed. #2

It’s a bit hot to be alone.
The cicadas quack makes me even annoyed.
Without Miyuki, it’s even free.
Friends have contacted me, but it’s a waste of precious time to build up a crush…

Lying in an empty room and thinking about this and that, I got up.
Let’s go to the academy right now.
If I was cleaning the bathroom, Miyuki might come.
She sometimes stops by the academy to pick up things she’s forgotten.

It’s a gamble to be honest, but it’s worth it.
I’m in the very early stages of playing, where I have to work hard to improve myself in terms of unplayed time.
So, shouldn’t we use all kinds of methods to meet the heroine?

After thinking, I immediately changed my clothes and headed to the academy.
I was able to arrive quickly by taking public transportation in the morning when there were not many people.
Unlike the hustle and bustle of the academy during the week, it is quiet from the front gate.

“What… Huh? Isn’t that Matsuda-kun? Wait.”

A security guard who looked to be in his 40s stopped me from going through the front door.
Is it because I have so many accidents? Find out right away
I approached him with a suspicious look on his face with the window open and said.

“I’m here to clean the bathroom.”

“Toilet cleaning…?”

“It’s a punishment.”

“Punishment? Ah… Is that…? Molester case?”


“Did you do it on the weekend?”

“I told you to do it every day, and if you miss even one day, you will be expelled, so it would be right to do it on the weekend as well.”

“Is that so…? First, write your name in the guest book.”

Going to the security guard’s office, I picked up a pen and quickly skimmed through the guestbook as I wrote my name.
Since it is a weekend, there are few visitors.
Miyuki is…


Right above the space to write my name, Hanazawa Miyuki’s name was written in pretty handwriting.
It’s a very lucky day.
Did you get a beginner buff because you were in the beginning?

After writing my name in a crooked way, I immediately tried to jump out of the guard room, but hesitated and turned my head away.
Then he said to the guard in a passing tone.

“Take care.”

“Okay. You can… Huh?”

Are you seeing me say hello? I guess so.
Leaving behind the surprised security guard, I entered the academy and headed straight for the 1st grade hallway.
Miyuki must be in class right now, right? I want to look for it, but doing it on purpose is crazy.
It could be misunderstood because everything was filmed on camera.

Fortunately for me, Class 1-A was right next to the stairs.
Cleaning from the end is a natural human psychology.
Miyuki wouldn’t let me pass by if I was cleaning here noisily.

I grabbed a hose from the cleaning kit and started cleaning.
After wiping the urinal with my skillful skills and spraying water on the toilet bowl I cleaned yesterday,


Miyuki’s voice was full of questions.
Also Miyuki. You don’t disappoint.
I called out for joy inside and turned around.

Miyuki was wearing only plain jeans and a white T-shirt.
Simple code. It shines nonetheless.
Effortlessly hiding my true feelings, I raised the tone of my voice slightly.

“Are you Hanazawa? What are you doing here No, wait a minute, I’ll guess.”

As she stretched out her index finger and lifted it up, Miyuki crossed her arms with an intriguing expression.
It’s like they’re expecting what bullshit I’m going to say.
A lot has developed in a short time. You never even tried to talk to me before.
I said after standing still for a few seconds.

“The purpose was to steal the midterm exam papers, right?”

When Miyuki said that, she let out a sigh with an expression of disapproval.

“Haa… Matsuda-kun’s head can’t think of anything like that, so I understand. To answer, I’m not someone like Matsuda-kun. No, Matsuda-kun wouldn’t even think of stealing the exam papers, right? You made the comparison the wrong target.”

I ate a counter. The fact is bittersweet.
I asked, having finished my appetite.

“Then what were you doing?”

“I came to look for something I forgot, but it was quiet, so I studied.”

“Then did you come to check on the sound of me cleaning?”

“You got it right this time. Why the hell are you cleaning the bathroom right now?”

“Why? Professor…”

“You should call me Professor.”

“… Yeah, the professor or something said you’re out if you miss even one day.”

Hearing my explanation, Miyuki’s mouth went up slightly.

“I’m sure you didn’t mean to come out on the weekends to clean… So did you come out today?”

“That’s it. There are other reasons.”

“Another reason? Were you worried that people at school on the weekend might get dirty from using the bathroom?”

Simple… You’d be surprised to know what’s going on here.
I decided to tell Miyuki a little of the secret things happening at her academy.



“Aren’t you too naive even if you are naive?”

“What are you talking about?”

Looking at Miyuki’s innocent eyes, I clicked her tongue and began to explain.

“There is a dormitory at our academy. Right?”

“Yeah, it is.”

“There must be couples in the dormitory, right?”


“There will be couples who don’t have a lot of money. Right?”

“Yeah… That’s right, right?”

“The next day is the weekend, so it’s a waste to spend time alone in the dormitory, and when we spend time together in the dormitory, the male and female floors are separated, and the surveillance is certain… But seeing it outside costs money. Then, what do those who want to burn in full swing do?”

Miyuki’s head turned at an angle of 15 degrees.
It is very beautiful to see her thinking about her with her eyes raised upwards.
Miyuki, who had been talking for a while, asked.

“What are you doing?”

“Come to the bathroom and have sex.”

“Ah… I see… Seong-gwan… Wait a minute… What?”

Miyuki, who was about to agree, heard the words that came out of her mouth, and she paused before opening her mouth.
Her face turns red in an instant.
Giggling, I confirmed the kill.


I wanted to shake it up to my waist, but this would greatly reduce the points I had accumulated well.
It was just the right amount to make Miyuki feel only her shame.

“Oh, Matsuda-kun! It’s too much of a prank…!”

“No, I just answered the truth to the question I asked, so why are you angry? Shall I show you proof? If you go to the bathroom in class 1-F, there must be a place where the toilet is clogged, but if you pierce it, the condom…”

“S-Stop it…! I don’t want to know…! And you don’t have to be so explicit…!”


“That… That… Relationship…”

“Sex is a naked word? Would you have fainted if I said sex?”

“Matsuda-kun! You really…!”

Let’s stop now.
Originally, I was a vulgar mouther, so I’ll skip it here.
I shrugged and started flushing the toilet again.

“Has your question been resolved? Go now.”

“What’s the solution… I’ll tell the professor…!”

“What… Are the academy students elementary school students? Are you a middle school student? Forbidding sexual intercourse with grown adults?”

“Ha, but this is the academy… Besides, the school rules… It says that if you commit serious deviant behavior within the academy, you will be penalized… If you do, it’s against the will of the academy… You can’t…”

That school rule will be broken by you and me in the future.

“Think differently. Giving penalty points rather than expulsion for ‘serious’ deviant behavior doesn’t mean that the academy understands the enthusiasm of youth to some extent?”

At those words, Miyuki’s eyes widened.

“I thought you would really hate this reward/penalty point system if you were a regular violator of school rules… Are you talking like you’re defending the academy?”

“Are you surprised?”

“Yes. Very.”

“Strictly speaking, I was defending the students, not the academy, but well… Let’s just move on. And you just have to go over it in a reasonable way. Why don’t you be so tight. Who is not the class president…”

“Neither I nor I do not like the reward system. Just now… I just said it out of anger… I was surprised…”

“It was detailed to say that I was surprised. Even mentioning the school rules…”

“Don’t be sarcastic… It’s real…”

I know.
I know you’re not that conservative.

“If you understand, go quickly. Interfere with cleaning If you want to study, go to the library.”

“Because it’s exam period, it’s full of people…”

“You should have woken up early in the morning. The early bird… That… What is it…”

“You catch bugs?”

“Yes, that.”

“I don’t want to hear that from Matsuda-kun, who doesn’t even know the proverb.”

“It was like that on the subway the other day, and it’s like this again? So should I just keep my mouth shut?”

“It’s a joke. I’m sorry if I offended you.”

Joke? Are you to me
It’s good that you came here today.
I said, forcibly calming the sense of accomplishment that spread throughout my body.

“I’m not feeling well, so please go now. Or help.”

“Okay. How can I help?”

My body stiffened at the unexpected answer.


“How can I help?”

“… Are you really trying to help?”

“Yes. I will help you.”


“Even so? What can I do?”

Suddenly coming to my senses, I pointed to the cleaning kit.

“Wash the mop and mop the floor.”

“I am in a position to help out of favor. It should be a request, not an order. Is it that hard to attach a single word?”

I think it’s fun to make fun of me even though it’s a situation where I can just get over it.
Miyuki’s change of heart is flowing into the situation I want, but I feel like calling for a long time.
I said, frowning.

“You came out to help first.”

“Matsuda-kun. Shall I just go?”

“…Is it fun?”


Miyuki tries to leave the bathroom with her back to me.
I called her urgently.

“Hey… Hey…! I’ll tell you! I say!”

At that, Miyuki looked at me again and said,

“Doesn’t it sound like you don’t want to do a lot of cleaning?”

I want to clean! I want to clean together while looking at your face!
The words are about to come out all the way down her throat.

“Is there anyone who likes to clean… Anyway, that… There’s a mop in the cleaning toolbox…?”


“Would you… Wash… In the sink… And… Mop… The floor…?”

Even her body was shaking and she was showing off something she didn’t want to talk about, but Miyuki smiled at me.
A beautiful smile that brightens up a dull bathroom.
I feel like my mind is going crazy.

“Look. You can do it In the future, if possible, try to speak in this way. The listener will be happy, and Matsuda-kun will be happy when he speaks. Are you still feeling well?”

“Not at all. Hurry up and help me.”

“Okay. I’ll get you out of the mop.”

A fresh grapefruit scent wafted from Miyuki’s hair that passed her day.
Unbeknownst to her, I puckered her nose like she was perverted, and I thought today’s harvest was completely bountiful.

Jokes, helping hands, even puns… The atmosphere is so good.
Tomorrow I will go to a nearby shrine to offer a new coin.
I should pray to thank you for letting me come to Tokiaka.

How To Ruin A Love Comedy

How To Ruin A Love Comedy

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I intervene in all events of the game. And take it away.


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