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How to Ruin a Love Comedy 4

How to Ruin a Love Comedy 4

Chapter 4 – Matsuda-Kun, You’ve Changed.

Two days have passed since I started cleaning the bathroom.
That day was the end of Miyuki’s monitoring of me.
Even though we gained a lot of favorability, the distance between the two of us was still far.

But even so, I cleaned the bathroom very meticulously.
Even if Miyuki didn’t take care of it, she might hear from the third person that the bathroom is clean these days.

In the classroom, he seemed to be babbling all the time.
But it wasn’t like class time.
I tried to follow the professor’s progress somehow.
It’s the same now. I was listening to math class while enduring drowsiness.

“Now, the question is who… Hmm…”

The middle-aged professor who drew circles and alphabets on the blackboard was speechless.
When I met his eyes, I was stunned.
Because it seemed like he was going to let me go.
It seemed strange that I was paying attention in class…

“Matsuda-kun, do you want to solve it?”

As expected, the professor pointed me out.
A gaze that was directed straight at me.
Miyuki’s curious eyes stand out.

I desperately want to get a round of applause for a great solution, but…
I have no idea what that thing on the blackboard is.
Even though he said he couldn’t study, I remember that it wasn’t this far until I was possessed by this guy…

From now on, I have to learn to study from Miyuki, but my eyes are dark.
Scratching my head, I said in a crooked tone.

“I have no idea.”

“Uh, yeah…? I get it. Miyuki-san, please come out and solve it on the blackboard instead.”

Miyuki stood up from her seat with an expression that said so.
She skillfully scrawls her chalk and shows off her wonderful handwriting.
Something looks cool

I glanced at Tetsuya, her eyes wide open, looking at Miyuki solving a problem.
Who didn’t even have a handful of courage and refused to even confess…
You don’t deserve to look at Miyuki like that.

Break time after class.
As I leaned my arm against her desk to rest, I saw her face full of annoyance as Miyuki approached with a somewhat benevolent gait.

“Why again?”



“If you don’t know, you should pretend to solve it or ask the professor. Only then can we develop.”

Ignoring her advice, I turned her head to Tetsuya.

“Miura. Your mother is nagging me for not doing anything wrong, shouldn’t she be stopped?”

Tetsuya was flustered at the mischievous attitude, but she looked at Miyuki and said in a creeping voice.

“Uh, mother… Miyuki…”

“It’s a joke, dude. To take it seriously…”


Miyuki cut off the conversation with a stern tone.
I raised both of her hands somewhat exaggeratedly.

“Ah Okay. I’m afraid I can’t even play.”

“It’s not a prank, it’s bullying.”

“You mean bullying? Hey Miura. Did I bully you?”

As I spoke to Tetsuya with her expression on my face, Miyuki blocked us.

“If you say something threatening like that, who will tell the truth?”

“No, my way of speaking is like this, so what can I do?”

“You can be kind. Make an effort.”

“My very kind Miura-kun, have I offended you by any chance? No? I’m glad. Then can you clean the bathroom for me after class today?”


There is a fact that I learned as Miyuki’s attitude changed a lot after the molestation incident.
It’s true that when I do something I don’t like, I call my last name in a low voice.
Like a sister trying to discipline, like a mother.

I cut my attention from Tetsuya and leaned back in my chair.
And then he said it deliberately.

“Ha… What kind of mother-in-law are you? Why are you meddling with every detail like this?”

“You make Matsuda-kun interfere.”

“Not a single word… Hey, just go. Go to the canteen with your dog.”


“Miura behind you.”

“Haa… I’m afraid I’ll get angry if I talk about it here, so I’ll stop. Are you going to do a good job cleaning the bathroom today?”

Cancer, that’s it.

“I can’t say I’m good at it, but I will.”

“Are your hands okay?”

“So so.”

“Be careful not to get into the water.”

Having said that, Miyuki left the seat with Tetsuya.
Just like I thought before, it seemed like I was going to go to a store.
That damn bastard… I want to go to her canteen with her Miyuki too, but monopolizing her.
The more I look at her, the more her fists cry.


There are various favorability events in all miyeonsi.
Among them, there are important things like the subway molester I solved a few days ago,
There are also events that show a service scene with little or no rise in favorability.

Now I was at the scene of the event showing the service scene.
Originally, it was an event where there was nothing but the service scene, and the favorability level did not rise at all, but now it is different.
Why? Because I know Miyuki’s personality well.

Miyuki is the perfect fit for her childhood friend’s first love.
It is really sincere and has a very warm heart.
She is also a woman who never goes overboard when faced with an unfortunate incident.

Why am I thinking like this now?
It was because there was a beggar wandering near where Miyuki was now.
This beggar was a beggar with one leg missing, moving on a square bogie on which her belly could be placed.

She’s an eccentric who pushes and asks for money, and she’s also a madman who grabs passers-by and threatens to hit them if they don’t cross her traffic lights on their backs.
It even became famous in this area.

Why do NPCs like this appear when playing some games?
An NPC who gives you a big breather if you sell your conscience a little when you are struggling with your strength.
In Tokiaka, this beggar was just that way.
If you give her a pair of stinky socks, she hands over some of the money she begged for.

‘When I was playing as Tetsuya, I used this guy very usefully.’

From now on, I intended to use this beggar.
To put it simply, pretending to be nice.
I will treat this beggar kindly, and let Miyuki watch the scene.
With the whole plan conceived in my head, I moved toward the beggar.

I see him making rattling noises and getting angry at passers-by.
What would happen if you gave this guy the socks he’s wearing right now?
Do you want to give money like in the game?

After thinking about it, I shook my head.
Because Ken Matsuda was not in need of money.
There is only one thing I want from this beggar.
Miyuki’s affinity for me is over.

“Hey! Hey!”

You’re screaming at passers-by who ignore you.
I passed right in front of him pretending to be on the road.

“Hey! There!”

As expected, the beggar called me in a loud voice.
I answered, turning my head halfway and looking down at him.


The beggar’s face was stained with absurdity, as if he was dumbfounded by the short talk that came out.
He looked up at me blankly for a moment, then lowered his dirty mouth.

“Have you seen a guy who ate such cheap food…! How old have you been! Ok!?”


“Your head isn’t even bloody…! I’ve lived three and a half times longer than you, you bastard! The one who couldn’t even receive home education…! What will become of the world…!”

It’s the way I know it to be in a fit of rage.

“I will ask you for the sin of not respecting your elders! You bastard, carry me on your back right now and cross the crosswalk!”

“Okay? That much can be done.”

As he readily accepted the order, the beggar’s eyes widened.

“Yes…? Is that so?”

“Yes. Will you carry it then?”

“Uh huh…? That, yes… Do it now. Take care of my car too.”

I answered yes and sat down in front of the beggar with his arms outstretched.
Then, after lifting him up, he picked up an old bogie in one hand.
The smell it gives off is no joke. Cleaning the bathroom, this guy’s smell… I’m going to have a nose like this.

“Hmmmm… I must have misunderstood you. His manners were rough, but his heart was kind. The back is also wide, so it will be comfortable to sleep. I’ll close my eyes for a bit, so tell me when you cross the crosswalk.”

It points to a place far away.
I clicked my tongue and pretended to go there, but as soon as I heard the regular breathing of a beggar coming from my shoulder, I turned around.
After that, I headed to where Miyuki was.

A quiet street a little away from downtown.
I went to a small mobile phone accessory store in a place with very little foot traffic, and I found Miyuki through the transparent glass of the store.

She was choosing her key ring with her friends.
Miyuki’s skirt pulled down as she crouched down to watch her cock, revealing white panties between her nice thighs.
Thanks to the tightly pulled panties, all the thick curves are visible.
It feels like it will go in when you poke it, and it will bounce off due to the elasticity.
Seeing this in real life made my lower body bleed.

Tetsuya, this bastard must be here somewhere… Poor thing.
Unlike previous events, you won’t see Miyuki that way.
Why? Because from now on there will be a commotion.

“Grandpa. Everything is here.”

I set the cart down and moved her upper body to wake the beggar. I looked around her and the beggar banged her head! I hit it until it made a sound and screamed.

“Oh fuck! Why are you hitting and fucking!”

“Inom! When did I ask you to take me here! I just told you to cross the crosswalk!”

Yes. It did.

“What is he saying now? You must have taken me to a quiet street!”

“Are young people these days dark to the point of speaking…? It’s useless… Eh… Tzu-tzu… How do you beg here with no one around? Because of you, today’s profit was cut in half, so take responsibility!”

“Why am I responsible for that!? Don’t mumble in the first place and speak straight! Get off at once!”

When a commotion broke out out of nowhere, the attention of the few people around me was focused.
The same goes for mobile phone stores that were open and doing business.
The guests inside looked at me arguing with the beggar.
Of course, Miyuki was included.

Nervous yet cautious, I set the beggar down and put him on top of the cart.
Then, he waved both hands to get rid of the annoying flies.

“I’ve done my job, so go away now.”

“Sah, disappeared…? Ino Oh Oh!! You bastard don’t even know about Jang Yoo Yu!?”

“Isn’t grandpa too much? I brought you this far, but I can’t say thank you, so why are you angry?”

“Isn’t that because you didn’t listen to me properly!”

“Mr…. You’re fucking soggy. Is this what you need? Eat and leave.”

When I took out a thousand-yen bill from my wallet and held it out, the beggar, who had been screaming, closed his mouth.
The beggar, who instantly relaxed his expression, snatched the billheheld out and walked away singing his hum song.
Seeing him dragging the bogie with his hands on the floor is a bit annoying, even if it’s something I planned.
Watching him, I let out a deep sigh and murmured.

“Because I’m out of luck…”


Miyuki’s beautiful voice calling me.
I looked back in surprise.

“Are you Hanazawa? What? Why are you here Aren’t you studying? The final exams are right around the corner.”

“I came here to cool off for a while. What are you doing then?”

“You don’t have to know.”

As I flinched, Miyuki’s eyes turned into half-moon shapes.

“Actually, I heard everything. Was he playing a joke? He’s famous for his mischievous personality, but Matsuda-kun didn’t know about it, did he?”

“To a beggar, what is that person…”

“Matsuda-kun. That person is laughing a lot longer than you. You can’t talk like that. Have you insulted me before? It was really bad to see.”

“Ha… Your mother-in-law is here.”

“If you keep talking like that, people won’t want to know Matsuda-kun’s true feelings. See now It wasn’t enough that I had accepted that person’s request, so I even gave him money, but the eyes of people staring at Matsuda-kun are cold. I got prejudice because of my aggressive attitude.”

When I looked around, just as Miyuki had said, several people were staring at me coldly.
It seems that he didn’t like it when he made a fuss in the dark.
I said, scratching my head pretending to be embarrassed.

“Take no interest.”

“If I hadn’t really been interested in it, I wouldn’t have tried to notice people even while looking around. No?”

“…. What do you want to say to me?”

“Try to lessen your swearing in the future. Also fix the habit of getting angry.”

Did you say it again? Okay.
From now on, I will gradually be reborn as a new person.
On the outside, you’re going to be ticklish and hate to hear what you’re saying.

But I’ll show you in action.
So, as you watch me change, I want you to know that I have your advice in my heart.
Please have fun in edifying me like that.

“It was the same at the academy earlier, and it’s the same now… If you can’t interfere, do you have a disease that causes thorns to grow in your mouth? Would you like it to be wider?”


Miyuki called me with that stern tone of manners.
I pretended to be shaken by her briefly, and I turned her body around and turned her back to her.

“…. I’m going. I need to take a quick shower because it stinks. After meeting all the weird guys… It’s wild once in a while… Shit…”

I deliberately passed Miyuki with an exaggerated grunt.
Of course, there was no swearing in the grumbling.

How To Ruin A Love Comedy

How To Ruin A Love Comedy

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I intervene in all events of the game. And take it away.


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