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How to Ruin a Love Comedy 3

How to Ruin a Love Comedy 3

Chapter 3 – Childish and Banal Clichés #2

“Who did you fight with this time?”

A question from the beautiful nurse.
Huge tits are visible under her gown.
It’s big enough to make your shirt tight. It’s paisley.

“I fought the villains who disturbed society.”

“It’s not fun at all. Before you talk to the professor, talk straight.”

“Ask Hanazawa.”

“Do you know Hanazawa? Who did you fight with?”

“Yes. I saw it myself.”

“That’s strange… If it were Hanazawa, the moment you were about to hit someone, you would have run to tell the professor. Why is there no news?”

“Isn’t the fact that he stayed still proof that I fought a bad guy? See also here No one hit me.”

“I’ll give it to you.”

I feel it every time, but the image here is too bad for me.
I don’t know if I’ll be expelled because of this.
Matsuda Ken You bastard… At least don’t mess around with the faculty.

Everyone hates me, but Mr. Ho seems to have a sense of duty and treats my right hand very carefully.
Looking at the thick bandage, I looked up at his wrist, then raised my head at the nurse’s words.

“You know that if you drink or smoke, no one will be late, right? If you can, don’t do it.”

“I don’t.”

“It means don’t do it even outside the academy. I saw you on the street the other day Your friends and you were drinking and smoking at a bar. School rules don’t apply outside, but…”

“If you want your wounds to heal quickly, refrain from this, right?”


“Thank you.”

“…? Did you just say thank you?”

Teacher Yang looks surprised with his eyes wide open.
With a smirk, I left the infirmary with one hand raised without a word.
The situation can be said to have ended well… But there is still work to be done.

When Tetsuya went through this event, there was no noise either inside or outside the academy.
It was because the perpetrators were willing to step down, and because Tetsuya’s image was good at the academy.
But it won’t be me
Because it made his face bloody.
Maybe the molester is trying to harm me somehow…

As I walked down the hallway thinking about this and that, I


Hearing Miyuki’s urgent voice from behind, he raised the corner of his mouth.
Turning around, I asked.

“What else?”

“Lord, the headmaster told me to bring Matsuda-kun to the teachers’ office… That molester filed a complaint against Matsuda-kun…!”

I thought it would be like this.
I said with a face full of annoyance.

“Leave it alone.”

“What…? It’s crazy? You don’t know how big this is right now…? Oh, anyway, let’s go quickly.”

Miyuki whimpering while pulling on my clothes.
It would have been nice if you could have held my wrist, but it’s a pity.
After licking my lips, I let Miyuki and I head for the teachers’ room, clearly showing her dislike.


“That person was a pervert… He was an unscrupulous person who touched my thigh… Matsuda-kun helped me… I told you…!”

Miyuki is zealously defending me by my side.
Ah… That’s why I didn’t want to miss this event.
I had a good time sleeping early yesterday.

The professor in his 60s, wearing glasses across his nose, silently listened to Miyuki’s words and smiled benignly.

“Don’t worry too much. When I handed it over to the police, it turned out that he was a person with a lot of criminal records. He’s been arrested several times for reporting molesters. Sue won’t even eat the seeds.”

Miyuki, relieved by that, sighed as if she had been relieved.

“That, is it…? That’s fortunate… But why does Matsuda-kun have to be punished…?”

“Even if you beat someone, it’s because you hit them too hard. Five of his teeth are out. Someone anonymous told me about the situation at the time… You also stopped Matsuda-kun, right? Didn’t you think it was excessive violence?”

“…Of course I thought so…”

“You, the person who was molested, think so, but how would other people feel? He probably thought he was going to kill someone. They say it’s scary to have a student like this in Yeboni.”

“No, no way…! Are you saying you’re going to punish Matsuda-kun for taking care of the school’s image?”

Miyuki continues to pursue.
I asked her professor, blocking her with her plaintive expression.

“So what should I do?”

“Cleaning the men’s bathroom in the first grade hallway for 15 days. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a cleaning punishment for you who only causes accidents every time? It wasn’t my intention, but I caught the criminal the police were looking for, and I also saved Hanazawa-san, a fellow academy student, so you should think it’s over.”

Is it vacation after 15 weeks?
I don’t want to clean the toilet while smelling shit until then… But I can’t help it.
As the professor said, this was a very cheap meal.
I shook my head and asked again.

“Are the complaints resolved?”

“Don’t bet.”

“That’s all right.”

“I’ll just warn you, if you miss the discipline or are absent during the discipline, you are out. No matter how well-meaning it was, the violence was too much. You are very dangerous now Do you know what your position is at the academy right now?”

“Roughly. I’m going Please do your best.”

Shrugging my shoulders, I left the classroom.
Then Miyuki, who immediately followed, called me.

“Matsuda-kun! Stop!”

“Can you stop screaming? Your ears hurt from the trembling.”

Shocked by those words, Miyuki’s upper body leaned forward.
He looked like he was about to vent his dissatisfaction with me, but he soon stopped and took a deep breath.
The speed of regaining composure is quite fast.
She said calmly, having succeeded in calming her mind.

“You don’t know what an out is? Even one absence means expulsion.”


“But why did you do it? Are you going to make other classmates do it?”

It would be fun to ask Tetsuya to do it.

“Are you thinking that I will be absent for sure?”

“…. Yes. Because it happened often.”

“Huh… It’s true, so let’s look at it. By the way…”

When I slurred her words and looked at Miyuki with her snarky eyes, she took about half a step back from her.

“Woah, what is it? What about those eyes? Disgusting…”

“You will be very happy when I go out, right? I don’t want to see you happy with seal claps…”

“…Who says they’re happy…”

“No? You couldn’t let me out, so you were impatient.”

“Ah, I’ve never been so impatient… I hope you don’t overthink it…”

“So you mean you wanted me out?”

“… So, honestly, I thought so…”

If you say no, even if it’s empty, where will it go? Sadly…

“Did you?”

“Not now… It’s such an unfortunate situation… So, come to school every day for 15 days… Don’t be late… Then the professors might look at you well… You too, after graduating from the academy you want.”

“I? Do you see it?”

“Matsuda-kun, if people worry about you like this, don’t be smirking and at least pretend to understand.”

Miyuki suddenly had a straight face.
Let’s step back for now.
I, who kept her mouth shut for a moment, pretended to be suppressed by Miyuki’s force and answered.


Would you have been surprised to hear that I had been doing nothing but tree frogs?
Miyuki’s large eyes doubled in size.



“Aren’t these empty words that you just want to get over because you don’t want to hear my nagging?”

In the first place, there was no thought of being absent.

“Nope. Will come out consistently. Are you done now?”

“…. I doubt that I have quadrupeds… But… I’ll believe it.”

Do you know how powerful those words can be?
Her desire to take you away from Tetsuya with all her might grows stronger.

Let’s clean up the poop steadily for 15 days.
So that Miyuki could look at me and think, “Maybe I can regenerate…?”


As soon as the last class was over, I immediately kicked out the classroom door.
He did not forget to look at Miyuki once, as if he would run away no matter who saw it.

I stopped by the men’s bathroom at the far end of the hallway and spoke in a low voice to my academy classmates who were peeling the nogari there.

“All off. I have to clean, so I’ll hang out in the next room.”

“Mi-sorry… I’m leaving soon… Huh…? Clean?”

Those who prick up their ears as if they heard something wrong.
With an expression of annoyance on my face, I brought a hose from the cleaning closet.

“If the toilet is clogged here from today, I will find you guys and cut you in half to death.”


“If it sounds like a joke, try it.”

“Ooh, what if we didn’t…?”

“It still kills. If you don’t want to be like that, tell the kids to use it cleanly. The toilet needs to be kept clean. That way, the next person won’t feel bad. Did you wash your hands?”

“…. Uh…? Yes…? What…?”

“Just get out of here quickly.”

“Ah, yes…”

After sending the confused men away, I put a hose on the faucet and started spraying the urinal.
After that, I am diligently wiping the bathroom floor with a mop,

“… Are you doing well?”

Miyuki’s voice came from behind.
I trusted you, Miyuki. I knew you would come.
This is why I acted like that before I left the classroom.

I said without turning my head.

“Are you here to watch?”

“Just… Pretend to run away…”

“I keep my promise.”

“… Then, it’s good… But Matsuda-kun, wouldn’t it be better to mop last?”

“Is that so?”

“Is that usually the case?”

“Then what… Can I clean the toilet first?”

“Yes. I think we should do that.”

Taking Miyuki’s advice, I brought a plunger.

“But you know this is the men’s bathroom, right?”

“Know. There is no one.”

“Don’t interrupt and go quickly.”

“For now, I’m going to watch Matsuda-kun. I’ll have to look carefully one by one.”

“Miura must be waiting anxiously, right? Won’t you go back together?”

“I usually do that… But as a class president, I’ll check… And today I owe you a favor…”

“Thank you? Then clean up instead.”

Miyuki responded by crossing her arms.
Explicit refusal.
I burst out laughing and headed to the farthest corner of the bathroom.
And when he saw the dog-like filth in the middle of it, showing a majestic appearance, he shouted in anger.

“Oh fuck!!”

This wasn’t acting, it was sincerity.
Why is the water not pouring down? Fucking babies…
Find this bastard and really kill him.
I barely lowered the handle and came out with all my arrogance.

“Dirty bastards…”

And Miyuki giggled a little, covering her mouth with her hand, as if I was laughing at this.
She asked, who had been doing that for a while with her body turned around.

“So you can finish it today?”

“You see for yourself. Does that word come out?”

“I do not want to. And you can’t say new… Heh heh… Things like that to people. Don’t you think it’s too much?”

“The cheaper is too cheap … Ha … Fuck … It’s like a beggar.”

“Cut down your swearing. People look cheap.”

Yes. Tell me again later and I’ll try to fix it.
Pretending to dig my ears, I went into the next compartment with a tissue and my nose covered.
A tightly closed toilet seat cover. Something unsettling

Having to do this for 15 days… The road ahead is already dark.
But today, since Miyuki is here… I’ll stop complaining and work hard.
In order to save Miyuki from Tetsuya, I have to build a good image.

How To Ruin A Love Comedy

How To Ruin A Love Comedy

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I intervene in all events of the game. And take it away.


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