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How to Ruin a Love Comedy 2

How to Ruin a Love Comedy 2

Chapter 2 – Childish and Banal Clichés

Matsuda Kendo and the real me couldn’t study from the beginning.
So I have no idea what the professor is talking about.
Looking at Miyuki, she was concentrating on class and writing something skillfully in her notebook.
Like a model student It’s the Miyuki I know, so I’m relieved.

I tried to follow the professor’s class as much as possible, but I felt his gaze and looked away.
Tetsuya is looking at me with surprised eyes.
It’s strange to take classes properly.
I snorted, stared straight ahead and whispered softly.

“Are you seeing someone studying for the first time?”

“Mi, sorry… But the page is wrong… I have to turn to page 32, not page 15…”

I’m timid, but I do everything I have to say.
Well, this guy was originally like that.
Except when Miyuki confessed at the end.

“Who told you? Care about yours?”

“Ah, yes…”

After our conversation, I saw Miyuki glancing at this place.
Still hostile eyes. My heart hurts.
Annoyed for no reason, I tore up a part of my textbook to make a ball and threw it at an innocent student in the front seat.
As if Miyuki was showing off.


Garbage that bounces off a student’s head.
Miyuki’s eyes widened.
It was clear that he would tell the professor if he didn’t quit right away, so I shrugged my shoulders and lowered my eyes to the textbook.
Then, without Miyuki’s knowledge, he stabbed the student in the front row.

“Sorry. It’s a mistake.”

Then, as if familiar, he slowly nodded her head.
It didn’t appear in the manga or anime, but I think I was bullied a lot.

Ding-dong-! Ding-dong-!

Not long after, the familiar bell rang and class ended.
I glanced at Miyuki and tried to go back to her house.


“Ken! Ken!”

When the classroom door opened and someone called my name, I frowned.
Because friends were coming.
As there is a saying that they play with each other, of course these guys were bullies like me.
Skipping is a daily routine, and they do not hesitate to drink alcohol and cigarettes, which are prohibited in the academy.

I didn’t want to hang out with these guys.
Not because they violated the academy rules, but because they said obscene things to our lovely Miyuki.
It’s a bonus to look at you with sinister eyes. So it’s even more annoying
Miyuki could only look at me like that.

They were the ones who wanted to cut ties anyway, but it wasn’t bad to keep a reasonable distance.
Why? Because it will be a great sacrifice for Miyuki’s favorite work.
But I don’t know their names. I don’t even need to know.
I leaned back in my chair and sighed as the most unlucky-looking fellow of my friends approached me.


“Are you going to Ikebukuro today? I have a place for you to drink.”

“I’m not going.”

“Ah? I even made a reservation, why?”

Aang… I should say that the reaction is very Japanese…
However, there is no objection at all.
Maybe I… I’m the perfect fit for this place?

“I’m tired, so I’m going to rest.”

“Are you taking a break? You? Where are you sick?”

“It’s noisy, and I’m not going, so you guys play together.”

“Okay…? Then there is nothing you can do hey! Hanazawa! How have you been today?”

As soon as the conversation is over, the guy who tries to make fun of Miyuki.
Miyuki, who was packing her bag, raised her eyelashes as she tried to say something.
In that gap, I


I hit my friend on the back of the head very hard with the palm of my hand.


Then she spoke plaintively to her suffering friend.

“This kid is like this every day. Get off quickly.”

“What… Why are you suddenly beating me?”

“Ah fuck… Stop making noise and turn it off. Your ears hurt.”

“I’m going to fuck with something that’s nothing…”

The grumbling friend soon disappeared with the rest of the gang.
Even with these things, you can build up a good feeling for Miyuki.
But not now. Because Miyuki knows me as the same… No, he’s worse.

‘Still, it’s slowly changing.’

Deciding to have hope, I immediately left the classroom.
Miyuki didn’t bother to look.
When I look at her, I don’t think it’s easy to take my eyes off her.

Returning home, I turned on the air conditioner and lay down on the mattress.
It was because I was worried that I would oversleep and miss the timing of the event.
Unlike reality, it was very quiet here, so even though I was sleeping on an unfamiliar mattress, I fell asleep very easily.

Come to think of it, I fell asleep very quickly even before I came here.
It’s normal to not be able to fall asleep for several hours even if I close my eyes, and I woke up several times in the middle.

‘If I wake up, won’t it become reality?’

Hopefully that doesn’t happen, and I cover myself with the blanket.


A molester on the subway or train is ‘Huh? It’s a cliché that is as childish and clichéd as it is.
However, once it was solved, the effect was so great that it was able to gain an extra level of favorability in all cartoons, anime, and non-yeonsi.

‘Everything is used for a reason.’

And in Tokiaka, that classic cliché happens.
When? Just now.

Rattle! Rattle!

A crowded train that is so full that it is difficult for people to move.
Having preoccupied Miyuki’s seat in advance, I used my height to look around her.
Tetsuya is invisible.
It was natural. He received a text message from Miyuki asking for help and ran from the side of three spaces.

And Miyuki… Was reading a book, leaning against a train pole not far away.
It was so pretty that she was concentrating with her head slightly lowered, like a painting.
Although the pervert in the back breaks the mood.

Behind Miyuki… The guy with the ferocious face that anyone could say ‘I’m a criminal’ soon glanced at his surroundings and started wiggling his body.
He was trying to touch Miyuki’s thighs.

‘Ugh… Mr….’

To think that I had to give Miyuki’s thighs, which I hadn’t touched yet, to a molester first.
Annoyance wells up. Originally, I was going to wait until I put my hand inside the skirt of the uniform, but the moment Miyuki noticed something strange, I decided to break in immediately.

While watching the two of them with such thoughts in mind, Miyuki’s body flinched shortly after.


She looked around her with her eyes wide open and found the molester right behind her.
But when she sees the calm guy’s face, she puts on a puzzled expression and turns her gaze back to the book.
There were a lot of people, so I seemed to think that my body was just bumped into.

And the pervert became more daring when he saw that Miyuki stayed still despite seeing him.
Through a tiny gap in the dense crowd, I could see the molester’s hand trying to reach Miyuki’s buttock.
Her thigh is still being touched with her other hand. She looks like she’ll get inside her skirt in a little while.

Only then did she realize that something bad was happening to her, and Miyuki’s face was colored with embarrassment.
Disgust and fear.
Those two emotions coexisted in Miyuki’s eyes.

I saw that she was rummaging through her cell phone in her bag with her trembling hand.

“Hey! You fucking bastard!!”

The train car, which could only hear rattles, screamed for them to leave.
Just like when I entered the classroom yesterday, my eyes focused on me.
Miyuki, who was grinding her teeth, also spotted me.

“Eh, Matsuda-kun…?”

Miyuki called me with a surprised expression.
There was a hint of desperation in her trembling voice.
The timing was perfect. The state where the molester also pulled out her hand.
I’m glad I blocked it before going any further.

I pushed people away with force and approached the molester who hesitated in embarrassment.
Then, as soon as he got close to him, he threw his head back and pushed forward again.
It’s very strong, with maximum power.


The sound of something breaking


And the brief death sentence of a molester.
It was a perfect hit. The molester’s gigantic body lost balance in an instant and stumbled.
I immediately lowered my upper body and knocked over the molester.
After that, I completely ignored the buzzing people and punched the guy in the face.

I’m sorry-! Puck!

The head of a molester who turns around wheneverhehears a dull sound.
There were several small lumps of blood on his bedside.
Teeth are out
If I had fought properly, I would have had a high chance of losing, but honestly, I was glad it turned out this way.

Wow! Puck!

I keep beating molesters like that,


Miyuki cautiously called me.
I deliberately pretended not to hear, pretended to be excited, and kept hitting the molester.

I’m sorry-! Wow!

As the perpetrator’s face gradually became covered with blood, some of the people who were buzzing picked up their phones.
It was an action to report to the police station.
Seeing this, Miyuki took advantage of the moment I raised my fist and grabbed my arm with both hands and pulled as hard as I could.

“Matsuda-kun!! I will die then!! Stop it!”

The feel of Miyuki’s voluptuous breasts on his arm is enchanting.
Just in time for the train to stop at the next station, I stopped my fists.
Then Miyuki spoke in an urgent voice.

“Hey, let’s get out of here… The door is open… We have to get out…”

“Haven’t I hit it yet?”

“Matsuda-kun…! Let’s stop and leave…! People are scared… Hurry up…!”

“Okay, I got it.”

As I reluctantly stood up, Miyuki grabbed my wrist and got off the train.
The warmth you feel on his wrist is very warm.
Like her heart.


“What are you thinking? Why do you beat people like that?”

Sitting on the bench and listening to Miyuki, I wrinkled my brows as if I was dumbfounded.

“No, do you still talk about that even though you were molested?”

“Ah, no matter how recklessly hitting someone who has passed out is…”

It’s cute how he suddenly changes his attitude.
I sneered and replied.

“I was in pain while making a pig licking sound, but what about fainting… And if it weren’t for you and me, your panties would already come off? He squawked at me and confidently argued, but why are you quiet about that? Maybe that’s what you like?”

“What, what are you talking about…! You’re talking too much…! I’m so embarrassed and scared…”

“It’s crazy…”

At those words, Miyuki, furious, challenged me.

“Matsuda-kun’s cheap tone is a problem. Why do you keep scratching people inside? Is it fun doing that? Are you full of self-esteem?”

It’s funny seeing it now.
You respond to each one, so you want to do more.

“Wouldn’t you like to thank me first? Why do you keep admonishing me?”

“Huh, not a discipline… Uh…?”

Miyuki, whose voice had gone down again, looked at my hand and stunned.
Seeing the blood dripping through her fingers, she continued her words.

“Matsuda-kun, your hands are bleeding…”

“I’m used to it.”

It’s not easy being bluffed.

“I-I’m used to it… Wipe it with this…”

Miyuki, who closed her eyes as if seeing something gruesome, took out a handkerchief from her bag and held it out.
A white handkerchief like a snowflake. Seeing that, I shook my head.

“Will it be hard to erase if it gets bloody?”

“That doesn’t matter now…”

“Done. You can wash in the bathroom. Since the train is coming right now, you should go to the academy quickly. If you are late, your score will be deducted. Could the class president be like that?”

“Yeah, but…”

“If you really like it, buy a drink or something from the store later. I’m going. Good job.”

I waved my hands loosely and headed for the bathroom without looking back at Miyuki.
When I turned on the faucet and put my hand on it, it really stung.
I feel like I want to scream and scream.
As I left the bathroom, wiping my hands very carefully,

“Matsuda-kun. Did you wipe it all off?”

When Miyuki called my name from a distance, I was really startled.
Because she didn’t expect that she was still here.

“Fuck the kid…! It’s a surprise!”

People at the station stared at me as I was frightened and spat out curse words.
Seeing their attention, Miyuki brought her own, long, thin index finger to her lips and gestured for her to be quiet.

“Can’t you lower that voice a bit…? People are amazed…”

I groaned as I took a deep breath while bending my upper body.

“Haa… Don’t surprise me…”

Miyuki stared blankly at me like this.
She suddenly lifted the corners of her mouth and gave her a smile.
The moment I saw it, my eyes widened.

It was far less than the refreshing smile he showed Tetsuya, but it was a smile so beautiful that it really brightened up the surroundings.
To the point where I wonder why there are so many pretty people in the world.
After barely calming her throbbing heart, I deliberately treated Miyuki bluntly.

“W-what is it…? Why are you splitting up?”

“Thank you…”


“Thank you… For saving me…”

I think I did a good job saving him.
No, it was good to be born.
I said, scratching the side of my head as if I was embarrassed.

“Done. I didn’t even ask for thanks.”

“You said thank you earlier?”

“I didn’t know you could really do it.”

“What do you think of me? Am I a person who knows how to be grateful? Unlike anyone…”

“Who is this?”

Miyuki, who did not respond, changed the topic.

“And Matsuda-kun, I think you should reduce your swearing.”

“They said earlier that my tone was cheap… Don’t nag me and just go.”

“Is Matsuda-kun not going?”

“It’s not a PC… I’m going to go to a net cafe and spend some time.”

“Why are you going to be absent with your uniform on?”

“Wearing a uniform makes me want to be absent. Once you taste this, you can’t stop.”

“I don’t understand…”

The way she tilts her head is so pretty… I want to attack her right now.

“Isn’t that what I meant to understand?”

“Don’t do that, let’s go. I need to apply medicine and bandage, if I leave it alone, the wound will get worse. I’ll tell the professor, Matsuda-kun, go to the infirmary as soon as you arrive. You can take a break there for about one period.”

Seeing him say that, he seemed genuinely grateful.
Great impression… You got it right.

“What is it? I recommend the polka dot and…”

“It’s treatment and rest. Instead, come in from the second period.”

“Are you my mother?”

Miyuki looked at me with a tired face as I continued to tickle.
Taking a deep breath, she said.

“Haa… Ok, it doesn’t matter whether you skip school or whatever, but first go to the infirmary.”

“What if you don’t like it?”

“Then do as you like…!”

She said that, raising her voice slightly, then she turned her body.
Giggling, I moved right next to Miyuki.

“But Hanazawa.”

“What…! Why!”

“Do you know that you are bloody too?”

“Me too…? Where?”

“It’s buried there.”

As she extended her index finger and pointed near her chest, Miyuki’s gaze went down.
Her face turned bright red in an instant when she saw her own blood smeared near her own chest.
Hastily covering her front with her bag, she narrowed her brows as she looked at me.

“Rye, aren’t you a pervert…?”

“I said it purely as a courtesy, why are you being sensitive? Aren’t you a pervert?”

“Then you can just move on…”

“If I hadn’t told her, she would have gone to school with blood on her chest. You’re good at studying, but you’re a bit… Stupid in this way.”

“You, I don’t want to hear that from you…”

I told you the truth, what
I smiled and waited for the next train while arguing with Miyuki.
Today’s event was a great success. I liked it very much.
Although his hand hurts.

How To Ruin A Love Comedy

How To Ruin A Love Comedy

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
I intervene in all events of the game. And take it away.


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