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How to Ruin a Love Comedy 1

How to Ruin a Love Comedy 1

Chapter 1 – Miyuki Hanazawa

The chirping of the chirping sparrows is annoying.
The glaring sunlight also penetrates the eyelids and disturbs sleep.
It was strange. I always sleep with blackout curtains.

I frowned and lifted my upper body with my eyes closed.
The feel of the blanket is strange.
Unlike the previous ones, which were soft and thick, it felt as rough as touching a blanket made of hemp.
Even the buttocks area was heavy. Like a mattress on the floor, not a bed.


I forcibly opened my unopened eyes and looked around.
A spacious room, on the floor there are several green rugs that look like weaved with straw.
Is it tatami? The smell of rice straw that I smelled when I went on a trip to a ryokan in Japan last time seemed to be right.

When I got up with a grunt, everything seemed unfamiliar.
First look at the interior, furniture, and structure of the house.
It felt like being in someone else’s house.

‘What the hell…’

Wanting to have a lucid dream, I climbed over the open sliding window.
Stepping onto the brown flat platform directly connected to the living room, a small garden caught my eye.
Dead plants abound due to poor management.

Looking around, there are several houses that look like traditional Japanese houses similar to the one I am in now.
I don’t know anything. My mind is not organized
Where am I?
While I was trying to come to my senses somehow, I watched a young man pass in front of me.

A man with a piece of bread in his mouth and a bag behind one shoulder is sweating and running somewhere.
Basic clichés of school materials. The main character sprints while munching on bread to avoid being late.
Seeing that as reality, I relaxed and smiled, then turned my head away in surprise.
Because the man’s face was very familiar.

‘That…That guy…’

I knew him very, very definitely.

‘Isn’t that Tetsuya…?’

Tetsuya Miura.
The frustrating protagonist of Tokiaka, he just passed in front of me.
Tall but dwarfed, with shaggy hair that looks stuffy.
Looking at the back, the features are the same. That guy was Miura Tetsuya.

Shocked, I hurriedly ran out barefoot and climbed over the wall of the house.


He hit my cheek very hard.
Sick. It hurts so badly that I can see stars in my eyes.
I’m in a dream, why do I feel the pain?
Was it a lie to say that you don’t get sick in your dreams?


Breathing becomes rough I can’t quite understand the current situation.
Swallowing dry saliva and moving my body, I saw the firmly closed front door of the house I had just left.
And the nameplate stuck next to the door caught my eye.

Kanji carved in beautiful handwriting, next to it is written Kana, a syllabary used in Japan, in small letters.
I don’t know Japanese at all, but strangely, the name written on the nameplate read very naturally.

‘Ken Matsuda…?’

I know this name.
Matsuda Ken tried to do something with the main heroine, Miyuki, but was given a true education by Tetsuya, who received the My Woman’s Crisis buff… As a result, his role ended.
Consumables that strengthen the relationship between Tetsuya Miura and Miyuki.

Because he was an orphan like me and had no parents, and he inherited a fairly large inheritance, he felt a strange sense of kinship.
It was unfortunate that a character that could have been used more was used only for a minor role.
Then, am I experiencing Tokiaka from this Matsuda’s point of view?
The moment I thought,

“Keugh…! Aagh!”

A tremendous pain ran through my head.
And it flowed naturally.
Memories of Ken Matsuda.

“Heh uh… Heh uh…!”

I was breathing heavily and trying to calm myself down somehow when a middle-aged woman walking down the street recognized me and asked:

“Matsuda-kun? Are you okay?”

I didn’t have time to answer her, so I ignored her and went back to her house.


Fortunately, the pain soon stopped.
As if synchronizing my cell phone, the fast-settling memory dramatically improved my ability to adapt to an unfamiliar place.
Thanks to this, I perfectly adapted to this place and looked at the bathroom mirror in a calm state.

Short hair, the size of a normal head, and distinct features tucked into it.
Broad shoulders, moderately muscular body, slightly tanned skin.
After checking the exterior, I couldn’t keep my mouth shut in surprise.

‘This is me…?’

The person in front of the mirror was me.
Not Tokiaka’s Ken Matsuda, but the real me.
My muscles were a little more attached than before, but I was sure.

“Ah ah ah ah ah…”

When the singer raised her voice as if she was loosening her throat, it was the same as in reality.
So, did Ken become me?
No, because I am the subject of the body, and I am currently in Japan, the stage of Tokiaka… It is true that I have become Ken Matsuda.

Besides, when I was wrapping her head around her headache, an old woman apparently called me ‘Matsuda-kun’.
It means that he recognized me as Ken Matsuda.

To put it all together… I was possessed by Matsuda Ken while I was myself.
Even unbelievably.

Taking a deep breath, I came out into the living room and opened the refrigerator door.
Then he took out a bottle of water and drank it down.

I don’t know why this happened to me.
Maybe because the developer of Tokiaka is a god, he could have been angry at what I left.
It’s a crazy idea, but given that I’ve come here, it wasn’t impossible.

But do those bastards have anything to be angry about?
It’s all about cursing the game and its writer, which anyone can say is waste.
Anyway, the thought of living as this guy from now on made me feel strange.

I was also nervous at the same time.
Why? Being in the world of Tokiaka meant that I could meet heroines like Miyuki.
Because it meant I could attack them.

Watching the beautiful girls and appreciating the academy life with the girls with various personalities, I really enjoyed my dull life.
Although he ate a whole bunch of sweet potatoes because of Tetsuya’s carelessness.

Thinking of going back to reality? None at all.
I have no intention of finding a way back.
I will live happily here.
With whom? With the heroines.

To be honest, it’s better for you to like me than to go through the pain of liking a stupid guy like Tetsuya.
I suddenly came to my senses after being slyly dragged.

‘Let’s go to the academy.’

Ken… No, I’m a bully who eats tardiness and absenteeism.
His image is not good because he hangs out with delinquent students.
Of course, the heroines also receive bad reviews.

Fortunately, the moment I came here was before I laid a hand on Miyuki.
One of these was enough.
As long as you’re not kicking shitballs, you know how to build goodwill.

In every non-yeonsi, an event for favorability occurs.
And I know all the events that happen to Tetsuya and the heroes.
From now on, I will intervene in that event.
And Miyuki, Renka, and Hiyori… These three will make their hearts go to me.

Of course, if I intervene, the future will change, and there will be many possibilities for new events to appear.
It didn’t matter anyway. Because the subject of that new event will be me.

When I naturally opened the sliding wardrobe and came out of the house in uniform, the route from this house to the academy was drawn as if it were a familiar road.
I knew where to take the bus and where to change subways.


I burst out laughing and walked down the street with light steps.
Even in summer, it’s not hot, it’s just cool.
I am born again.
In the best world, as a person I like.


In the Tokiaka worldview, the academy was a compulsory curriculum.
A place you should enter right after graduating from high school.
One level above high school, one level below university.
It was this academy that had such an ambiguous status.

And I was attending a prestigious private school called [Yeboni Academy] In Tokyo.
I immediately knew how I was able to enter this school because I couldn’t even study.
Unfortunately, it was just a lottery.

Well, the setting of this world view is not important, so let’s move on…
Coming here, I seriously thought about how to take my attitude.
There is also a way to get the heroine’s favor by acting like Tetsuya.
But I didn’t want to.
Why do I have to imitate such an asshole who can’t even hold hands even though they’ve been dating for such a long time?

I felt sorry for the heroines who thought of Tetsuya who was ignorant… It was overkill to imitate such an herbivore.
Even so, it’s out of the way to rush in like a prostitute. You will only lose your score.

After thinking about it really deeply, the answer I came up with is… Take Matsuda Ken’s appearance as it is, but arrange it a little in my own way.
He’s an insincere guy, but he has a warm side…
Occasionally, he shows an unexpected side, and gradually changes and improves according to the heroine’s instruction…

My goal is to act that way.
Of course, you have to act in different ways to suit the situation, but the basic framework is like this.

‘Class 1-A… Class 1-A…’

I found the classroom I was supposed to be in and opened the door without hesitation.


All eyes in the class turned to me as the wooden door creaked and pushed.
From the professor to the students… Each of them is looking at me with a pair of eyes.
Among them, I saw people glaring at me, and people who were scared and tried to avoid their gaze.
And… Of the former people, there was one who glared at me most violently.

Long straight light brown hair, eyes of the same color, a chiseled nose and a slim jawline.
I want to jump right in and touch it, even the large breasts that look like E cups and the narrow waist…
A model student sitting at the front of the classroom, with the appearance I know.

She was Miyuki Hanazawa, the class president of Yevoni Academy Class 1-A, Tetsuya’s childhood friend, and the main heroine of Tokiaka.
Her appreciation of seeing her in reality is her perfection.
It was a really crazy look and body.

Barely resisting the urge to jump, I greeted Miyuki from inside her and avoided her gaze.
It’s not easy to ignore Miyuki, whom I long to see, but… I had to endure it for the sake of the future.

“Matsuda-kun, you still came today.”

I answered roughly yes to the old professor’s words and went to the seat at the very back to sit down.
I peeked to the side and saw Tetsuya, who was concentrating on his class.
Come to think of it, this guy was in the same class. Very useless.

I was calming my trembling heart while looking at Miyuki’s back with an awkward posture, but shortly after, her bell rang.
After confirming that the professor had left, he looked at Tetsuya and saw that he was rubbing his pencil hard.
As a guy who likes to draw, I would draw this and that in my spare time, but seeing it in person gave me a new feeling.

Glancing at Miyuki, I nudged her chin at Tetsuya.

“Hey, Miura. What are you doing?”

“Ah, this… It’s nothing.”

Tetsuya timidly covers the note with his arm.
I snorted as if I was seeing all the nonsensical guys, and I tried to get up to tease Tetsuya.
At that time, Miyuki stood up, dragging a chair, and came closer to me.

The reason Miyuki hates me is probably because I’m a bully, but the biggest reason is that she sometimes plays pranks on Tetsuya.
For example, stealing a picture you were drawing and pasting it on the blackboard, mocking a guy trying to go to the bathroom for smelling like poo… Or something like that.

Every time that happened, Tetsuya would smile and move on, but he really hated me on the inside.
In any case, Miyuki seemed to know that I was trying to do something to Tetsuya this time, and came to stop it.
I thought as I turned her eyes to her approaching her stride.

‘As for the title… It’s right to go with what I know, right?’

The part I’m currently focusing on is Yoviste.
A term used to address people in Japan.
Of course, there must be standard specifications, but it was a headache because the standards accepted by each situation and each person were different.

In the case of Miyuki, the only one who calls her by name is her old childhood friend Tetsuya.
If it’s a close friend, you can call it ‘Miyuki-chan’, and if it’s just a friend or classmate, you can call it ‘Hanazawa’.
And in the case of the rest, it was ‘Hanazawa-chan’ and ‘Hanazawa-san’, maybe?

From her point of view, I would be a loser, so it’s correct to call me Hanazawa-san or chan, but…
Sang-eun doesn’t seem affectionate, and chan is so fucking cheesy that I can’t do that.
Let’s call it Hanazawa. Mitsuda Kendo also called Miyuki that way, so there should be no problem.

I quickly shook my head and said to Miyuki, who had approached my desk.

“Why? Hanazawa.”

As expected, Miyuki just skipped over her title.
However, her dislike was evident.
That look of contempt… It’s surprisingly not bad.

“Matsuda-kun, if you’re going to be late, you can come back after class. Why are you disturbing the students?”

Ahh… Her voice was so beautiful that I almost lost my mind for a moment.
Be patient You have to be patient.
I calmed her throbbing heart and answered curtly.

“Because absences deduct more points than tardiness? I need to focus on my studies soon.”

“You didn’t care about that. You gave up studying.”

“It hurts me to say it so openly…”

“I know you won’t get it. Please don’t do that in the future.”

I am desperate to say that I understand and that I will be loyal unconditionally.

“The captain speaks in an angry tone, but you have to listen. Okay.”

“I want you to listen properly and not mock me.”

“Because I know.”

At my answer mixed with a bit of annoyance, Miyuki glared at me like when she entered the classroom and then said to Tetsuya.

“Tetsuya-kun, I want to go to the store. Would you like to go with me?”

“Ah… Yes. Let’s go.”

A quick reply from Tetsuya, who was watching our situation.
The two soon disappeared from the classroom.
Now, maybe Miyuki will talk behind my back, and Tetsuya will accept it with a smile.

The distance between Miyuki and me was long and rough.
Even though he was the class president who had to take good care of the classmates, he said everything with that attitude.
I understood because there was karma I had accumulated.

But it’s okay. As I thought before, I know everything that happens to Miyuki.
She will get close quickly. It means she is confident.

Currently on July 10th. The timing of my landing here was perfect.
Why? Because tomorrow the cliches of love comedies happen.
Originally, it was an incident that made Miyuki’s feelings for Tetsuya stronger… But I was planning to intervene.

From that point on, Miyuki’s attitude would become milder.
And Tetsuya… Of course he shouldn’t be in our affinity event.

How To Ruin A Love Comedy

How To Ruin A Love Comedy

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Score 7.6
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
I intervene in all events of the game. And take it away.


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