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Became a Rich Boy at the Academy

Became a Rich Boy at the Academy

아카데미 부잣집 도련님이 되었다
Native LanguageKorean

I was born as a child of the best conglomerate in the world of Godgame.

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This title has been categorized as 'mature', therefore may contain intense violence, blood/gore, sexual content and/or strong language that may not be appropriate for underage viewers.

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  1. NTL fan says:

    the website dropped this novel?

    1. SerenePanda says:

      I only update novels that have been requested on Discord.

  2. Just found this site rn, why is the comments so dry, if someone requested this then he should atlest give a review or someone idk.

  3. Jason says:

    It’s better than expected ngl. If you like series where mc is trying to build up a harem you’ll know what to expect, mc so treats his girls nicely too so no edgy nonsense.

  4. Amin says:

    Discord link is broken man do something

  5. dk says:

    8/10 for me. the story is enjoyable. MC is likable. overall is good.

    but the deduction point for me is the romance. romance feels ‘reasonable’. but i think romance should be more emotional than being reasonable. if the flirting part (before the deeds) is more well written, the score will be at least 9.5/10. (author skip the flirting part a lot and just explain why Heroine like/love MC so the emotion part of romance is a little lacked for me).

    still overall is quiet good and enjoyable so far.

  6. ashy larry says:

    This novel is as vanilla as it gets. There are few conflicts and the ones that appear are resolved fairly quickly. Overall I liked it but if what you want to read isn’t something completely revolving around the harem then go elsewhere. I suggest giving this one a go after reading a super dark or ntr story as a palate cleanser if nothing else.

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