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Became a Rich Boy at the Academy 3

Became a Rich Boy at the Academy 3

Chapter 3 – 3. Be Sure to Lay the Groundwork!


The maintenance workers sent by Rize are repairing the facilities inside the shrine in an instant.

From rusty faucets to pillars that are starting to rot.

Even though Yagitsu’s mother and daughter manage to look normal, the contractors are repairing the places that the two of them could not cover.

“Uh, uh? Uh?”

Then, Ayame Yagitsune was watching, blindly blinking.

“Bocchan, it’s green tea.”
“Thank you, Rize.”

Since this is a gentleman, Rize has been drinking green tea to match the mood.

When I go back, I have to praise him for doing a great job.

When there are other people around, she is a sharp and cold maid like you see in games, but when there are only two of her, she is a cute maid who acts childishly.

“Shinju-nim, have green tea here.”
“Yes!? Ah, yes. Go, thank you. Hureup. …It’s delicious!”
“Thank you.”

Rize goes well with either green tea or black tea.

“Then, with this, can you believe that I am the real Luvelt Eldra?”
“Mu, of course. But, to be able to help me like this…”

It’s understandable to be embarrassed to suddenly go into repairs.
But it’s a good time to dig deeper.

“As the heir of Eldra, I have received various education for gifted children. And that includes a good place. It also includes identifying a place with good energy.”
“There’s something like that in Eldra’s gifted education course…!”
“And in my judgment I thought this gentleman to be such a fine gentleman that I could never see him as he was.”
“Ah, ah…! Lou, Mr. Roovelt…!”

At my words, Ayame Yagitsune was moved with tears in her eyes.

It must be so.

This is the first time I’ve seen it in person, but Yagitsune Ayame has been hearing what kind of effort she has been making to maintain her shrine.

Among them is the history of this shrine and how beneficial it is.
And there was also an activity to let people know how good this shrine is.

Of course, such activities also bribed and pressured the people around them to make their way.

See thanks

In a state where I was almost on the edge of a cliff, I reached out a helping hand by saying that I would repair it myself and support it.

No matter how much he tries to publicize and inform people around him, he sees this gentleman as good and praises him.
Seeing myself like that, I was moved in proportion to the resentment and sadness I had been neglected so far, so I shed tears and was thrilled.

It’s almost as if this alone has passed.

“Ah, come to think of it, what was the name of the god?”
“Ah! Come to think of it, I haven’t even introduced myself yet. I’m sorry.”

Said Ayame Yagitsune, placing her hand in the center of her voluptuous breasts to the point where even looking at her face, she wanted to bury her true face.

“My name is Ayame Yagitsune, and I am in charge of the priest of this Yagitsune Shrine.
“No. I just didn’t feel good about rotting such a good gentleman.”
“Ah, how can you be so kind…!”

I am even more impressed if I say that it is a little plausible that I have suffered a lot.

Although it stings my conscience a little bit.
Well, let’s talk about supporting well in the future.

“Yagitsune-san… Hmm, since it’s like a gentleman’s name, it’s okay to call you that. Is it okay if I call you Ayame-san?”
“Of course!”
“Ayame-san, if you have any requests for repairs, please tell the contractors. What kind of wood is needed for the shrine’s pillars, what color should be painted, etc. If you tell us, we will respond immediately.”
“Yes, got it.”

Afterwards, Ayame Yagitsune told the contractor what was needed to repair the shrine, then returned to me and bowed her head several times in thanks.

And she doesn’t leave as it is, and while talking about how to support the Yagitsune Shrine in the future, while raising Yagitsune Ayame’s favorability rating.

“Mom! What are all the people outside the bar?!”

Yagitsune Kagura has returned from school.

Dark purple hair and eyes like her mother’s.
A ponytail tied with a red rope-type hair tie, and a lovely chest and pelvis.

It wasn’t just the academy outfit, it looked like a character illustration from a previous life came out of it.

“Ah! Kagura! Come and say hello!”
“Say hello! No, the people outside…”
“These are the contractors who came to repair our shrine. Don’t worry.”
“No, businessmen! On earth, our gentleman has no money for that, no way! It’s a loan! Is it a loan, Mom!? Our gentleman has no credit for that… So, no way! No! No! “

Yagitsune Kagura looked at us and Yagitsune Ayame, then she stood in front of Yagitsune Ayame and glared at us.

“Everyone, you tricked my mother! You forcibly borrowed money from her mother, whose heart was weakened by gently coaxing her with her words…!”
“Buy, loan! It’s not like that!”
“Mom, it’s okay! I’ll take care of everything!”

You must be quite mistaken.

“Hey! Everyone, leave those people right now! Even if our gentleman is poor right now! We don’t need loans! If we don’t leave right away…!”

Yagitsune Ayame put her hand to her breastbone and pulled out an amulet with red letters written on her white background.

“I’m going to give you a hard time!”

I watched the scene with my eyes wide open.
I was impressed at the same time.

Chichi charm!
That’s the same motion as Yagitsune Kagura’s personality in Black Block!

Even in the community of the previous life.

‘What is a jizzibaldo? We have a jjijjibujeonhaha
‘Write! The jjijji amulet with the liquid on it rather than the iron.’

The Chichi amulet that is taken out of her breastbone has become a hot topic so much that an article was written.

Ah, I never thought I would see this in real life.
The chest becomes grand.

“You dare to tell the young master…”

Ah, Rize is on the verge of exploding.
Rise has a very low boiling point when it comes to only me, since she has been highly likable since she was young.

“Rize, stay still.”
“But Bocchan…”
“Be still, okay?”
“…All right.”

A thigh choker under a maid’s skirt.
I stopped Rize from trying to pull out the dagger attached to it.

Even if Rize doesn’t step out anyway.


Yagi Tsune Ayame is going to scold her baby and her daughter.

“What are you doing! Don’t put the amulet right now!”
“Mr. Roobelt is not a moneylender! He was so impressed by our gentleman that he decided to sponsor us! Why don’t you get rid of the amulet soon!”
“Hu, sponsorship?”

Hearing Yagitsune Ayame’s screams and support, Yagitsune Kagura looked at us again in embarrassment.

At times like this, it’s best to show a refreshing conglomerate smile.

“Hello. Yagitsune Kagura-san. I’m Lubel Eldra. I’m the sponsor who decided to sponsor Yagitsune Shrine this time.”
“Eh, Eldra? That Eldra, the world’s greatest conglomerate… Ra?”

Her mother and daughter’s reaction to bewilderment was similar.

After that, Yagitsune Kagura, who understood her situation through Ayame Yagitsune’s explanation, immediately bowed her head to me.


To be honest, I was a little surprised that he apologized right away.
Yagitsune Kagura is a character with a slightly temperament belonging to the leading club at the academy.

Even when she admits wrongdoing, she calmly and neatly, but I thought she would give off a feeling of not losing.

Apparently, the economic situation had a significant impact not only on Ayame Yagitsune, but also on Kagura Yagitsune.

“No. Rather, the way he thinks of his parents and takes action right away. It was touching.”

It was a really touching joke.

“It’s late today, so let’s go. By the way, can you give us your bank account? We need to send our first donation.”
“Yes, yes! Joe, where’s the paper! Wait a minute!”

When Ayame Yagitsune hurriedly went to another room to look for paper.

Yagitsune Kagura lowered her head and muttered.

Is it her reflection on her own faults?
Or a crush on me for accepting my apology right away?

I listened a little and listened.

“Money is coming in… Money… Money is coming in. Electricity bills are intermittent, so you don’t have to worry about being cut off… You don’t have to live with bean sprouts for months… Go, you can eat snacks whenever you want…. Yorugitsune-sama at the market I can buy as much as I want to give to my husband…”

Oh, he was reciting the hope of escaping poverty.

He asked Rize quietly enough that Yagitsune Kagura couldn’t hear him.

“I haven’t heard of bean sprouts for several months.”
“I was told that I was also living a poor diet. I didn’t expect it to be this bad.”

Rize sent a sympathetic gaze to Yagitsune Kagura.

It means that Rize is sympathetic enough to show sympathy to someone who showed a little bit of hostility toward me.

“Hey, here’s your account number!”

Yagi Tsune Ayame brought a piece of paper with her account number written on it.

“Yes, I did.”

She sent a ‘very little’ donation towards the account number she received right away.

“I sent it now. Let’s check it.”


Just then, a notification sound came on Ayame Yagitsune’s cell phone.

“Yes, yes!”

Yagi Tsune Ayame swallowed her saliva and checked her phone.
Yagitsune Kagura next to her also pierced through and looked at her cell phone.

And two of them are ‘very little’ donations sent by me.
At least the two mothers and daughters ran the shrine for three months and their mouths and eyes widened when they saw how much money they had to live on.

“Uh, uh, uh…!”
“Go, the ball is one, two, three, four…!”
“First of all, that’s how much the initial donation is. Of course, you don’t have to pay for repairs for the construction you’re doing now. Have you ever run out of money?”
“Ah, ah, no!”
“All, all. It’s not fair!”
“I’m glad.”

The two mothers and daughters turned their heads and looked at each other.

“Oh, Mom! Mom!”

They were not crying and hugging each other.

“Eh, now we’re fine! We don’t have to eat only bean sprouts! I, meat… I want to eat meat…!”
“Yeah! Yes! Eat…! Eat as much as you wanthehe! I’m sorry that you’ve had a hard time, my daughter…!”

It is a very touching scene.

In this case, it is common sense to step aside.

“Then let’s go. Let’s go, Rize.”
“Yes, Bocchan.”
“Ah, ah! Lou, Mr. Roobelt! How can I be thankful for this…!”
“It’s okay. Supporting a good gentleman is just what I want. Please spend precious time between mother and daughter for now.”

After all, when I turn 20, I will be very grateful.

And Rize and I went down the steps of the shrine.

“You did very well today, Rize. You are the best maid as expected.”
“Thank you.”

He tries to keep a cool expressionless expression, but his slightly blushed appearance is very cute.

In this way, until I became an adult, I laid a paving stone for the heroines whose background settings I knew in the past.

This is the second of my paving stones.

There is no end to telling all the paving stones laid out, so I will end with showing representative examples.

This time, I will go into the explanation of the very important third paving stone to realize my wish.

Became a Rich Boy at the Academy

Became a Rich Boy at the Academy

아카데미 부잣집 도련님이 되었다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
I was born as a child of the best conglomerate in the world of Godgame.


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