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Became a Rich Boy at the Academy 4

Became a Rich Boy at the Academy 4

Chapter 4 – 4. Be Sure to Pave the Way!

BLBL has a love story, but the main story is the foundation.

In other words, the growth story of the main character Lee Si-hoon is also popular.

As he gets stronger, he gets closer to the heroine he chooses, defeats monsters, defeats strangers, and finally defeats the final boss who wants to destroy the world.

It is following the standard flow that is appropriate for the royal road.

And in order to defeat the final boss in the story setting, the main character Lee Si-hoon plays a very important role.

The exact lineage of Lee Si-hoon is important.

In the beginning, which is common, I monologue that I am ordinary, but in the second half, there is actually a hidden lineage, such a standard development.

Using the power of that lineage, the heroine and her colleagues join forces to defeat the final boss.

Of course, I’m going to beat other heroines for that role!
This Rouvelt Eldra will be in charge.

And the paving stone I laid for that.
That’s right

“Good morning, Sihun, and Yume.”
“Hello, Sihun and Yume.”
“Ah. Rouvelt, Lise, are you here?”
“Why didn’t you two come yesterday?”
Haha, I have something to do for a while.”
“Regarding the gifted and talented education you always talk about?
“What. Those who have this much should definitely shoulder it!”
“Because I’m the master’s maid. It’s only natural that I follow you.”

Before entering the academy.
The main character, Lee Si-hoon, and his childhood friend, Seo Yu-me, go to the same high school and build friendships.

It has three purposes.

One is to establish a good relationship with Lee Si-hoon, who will later become a powerful force.

Lee Si-hoon is a character I manipulated until I achieved a 100% achievement rate.
There’s no way I would dislike Si-Hoon Lee like that, but it would be nice to be friends with him.

Besides, even if I take the main role by defeating the final boss myself, Sihoon Lee’s skills will help me a lot in the future.

Another is to get close with the heroine Seo Yume.

This was a purpose that overlapped with the second paving stone I was laying out.

Yume Seo.

A childhood friend of the main character Lee Si-hoon, whose last name is Korean and his first name is Japanese.

With brown shoulder-length hair and light blue eyes.
A heroine who is usually friendly, but a bit timid when it comes to dating, so she didn’t make much progress when she entered the academy.
A heroine who shows a high affinity for the main character from the beginning, but in another heroine route, a heroine who pushes her back to save the heroine of that route who is in danger.

She is a typical childhood friend heroine, also known as Horamozenzen heroine in the community.

Before the game was released, the name was played around quite a bit.

‘How come the person’s name is Yume Seohaha’

The same article was well used as a meme in a way that you can see 20 of them a day.

She has a close friendship with Seo Yume and Lee Si-hoon in high school, but she doesn’t have a clear crush like when she entered the academy when the game begins.

According to Yume Seo’s route, Yume Seo fell in love with her early in her first year of high school.

It was the moment when Lee Si-hoon blocked the flying soccer ball that the soccer team had mistakenly kicked during the way home from school.

Of course, I intercepted that event.

When the two of them were leaving school, I caught a soccer ball flying toward Yume Seo with my hand before Sihun Lee did.

Originally, it was an event where Seo Yu-me fell in love with Lee Si-hoon, but I played the role and became an opportunity to get closer to the two.

“”Kyaaaaagh! Rouvelt-sama is present!”

Not only the girls in the same class, but also the girls in other classes looked into the classroom and cheered enthusiastically.

Haha, still popular, Roovelt.”
“The culture and dignity that I have cultivated since childhood. And that’s what Eldra’s name is made of.”
“Ah~ I’m envious. Rouvelt is popular.”
“Sihun, if you put your mind to it, you’ll be popular too.”

Because there is also a harem route in BLBL.
Of course I will eat it.

“Thank you even for the empty words.”

The main character, Lee Si-hoon, is close enough to have a conversation like this.
And Lee Si-hoon is not the only one who has progressed in intimacy.

“Hmm? Ah. Yume. You cut your hair. It suits you well.”
“Ah, yes. Thank you. Did you recognize it right away?”
“That’s right, it’s the basics of a gentleman to notice changes in a woman. Yume in particular is pretty, so you can notice changes right away.”
“Yeah, pretty. Rouvelt is really…”

Yume Seo scratches her cheeks and feels embarrassed.
After getting close, we had similar conversations several times.
At first, it was very strange, but now I don’t hate this reaction.

It is proof that goodwill is steadily building up.

“Even the gruesome lines are somewhat plausible when Rouvelt does them.”
“Sihun-ah, why don’t you praise Yume like me?”
“I’m fine. Even if I talk like you, it doesn’t suit me.”

And while having a playful conversation like this, it goes well that Lee Si-hoon somehow eliminates the opportunity to build a liking for Seo Yu-me.

Of course, as things progressed, so did I.
I feel friendship with Lee Si-hoon as a friend, not as a game character I played.

In the first place, Lee Si-hoon is a righteous character with a great personality.
Besides, he’s the main character of Blok that I once played hard.
In a way, it is a character that is no different from my alter ego.

I’ll have all the appetizing and pretty BBL heroines or the girls I like.
I have the heart to do at least a suitable extra woman for Lee Si-hoon.

Wouldn’t it be sad if the main character, whom you once loved as your alter ego, is a mother-to-be single for the rest of your life?

It’s not that I’m taking girls away from Si-hoon Lee because I’m going to have women who don’t even like Si-hoon in the first place.
It’s never a bad thing to think of friendship and try to make a moderately good lover.

Lastly, one last opportunity for me to go to high school with Lee Si-hoon and Seo Yu-me.
That is for me to use the power hidden in Lee Si-hoon’s lineage.

“Sihun-ah, Yume. How about coming over to my house today? My mother and father were very happy when they saw you last time. They said they want to see you again.”
“Huh? Really?”
“Yes! Let’s go!”

After becoming friends with the two, I invited them to the Eldra Mansion several times.
There are reasons to get closer to the two, but the biggest reason is to collect Lee Si-hoon’s data.

The moment he invites them home, all of Eldraga’s surveillance is focused on Lee Si-hoon, and an operation to collect Lee Si-hoon’s data is executed.

For example, from the remaining plates after eating together, collect and investigate the plates after Lee Si-hoon ate separately.
If there was a toilet paper that Lee Si-hoon blew his nose on, he took it out later and investigated it, increasing the level of investigation.

And sometimes, I deliberately eat dishes such as crab or king crab with my hands so that my fingers can easily prick my fingers.
When his thumb was stabbed and slightly bleeding, he immediately took action and retrieved the handkerchief or alcohol swab that wiped Lee Si-hoon’s blood and investigated it.

At this point, I’m on the verge of finally finding out the secrets related to blood and entering into a research that can be applied to a great extent.

If the research progresses to some extent, later, a medical group under Eldra will be moved to collect a large amount of Lee Si-hoon’s blood in the name of a free health checkup for the entire school and later cultivate it.

The reason I invited you now is just to build friendships with friends at home and to raise Yume’s liking.

This is the third of the paving stones I laid.

And finally, the fourth paving stone I laid.

As important as the 3rd paving stone and the most important paving stone for the life I want.

I will explain it from now on.

Blaze Blood.
In short, you must remember that BBL is a high-ranking game, right?
And the fact that the previous work of the block maker was called Yagem.

BLBL has many events with high-level heroines.
And among them, it is Bl.Bl’s Stranger who organizes high-level events beyond a certain level.

It is caused by Yoichiro Furuta, an erotic scientist who is one of the bosses in charge of each chapter.

The community praises him for creating high-level event scenes, and nicknames him Dr. Houbungkun.

Yoichiro Furuta.
The nickname, Dr. Houbungkun, is literally the same as the traces of the yagem created by the producer of Blockbuster in the previous work.

All other Strangers have similar developments, unless they are bosses with ties in the boss heroine route of each chapter.

However, this Dr. Hubunkun is different.
Dr. Houbungkun is a corrupt inventor and scientist who likes to confuse people with his developments and is a villain who became an enemy of humans after being seduced by the final boss.

Also, Dr. Hubungkun differs in most of the types of inventions that each heroine deals with.

Tentacles, walls with holes that force you to get stuck in it, gas that makes you intoxicated once you inhale it, liquid that dissolves equipment, hypnotic rays, doppelganger slime that reproduces only female bodies, and medicine that makes you temporarily invisible.


It is an existence that makes more of the heroines’ skin visible with various inventions or creates a little erotic event for each route while the heroine and heroine struggle.

Development power!
Dr. Hu Bung-kun, who is also a talented person with excellent development skills who can create a variety of erotic tools!

He is a person who will make eating heroines very diverse, stimulating, and not boring.

An inventor and scientist who will play an important role in investigating and developing Lee Si-hoon’s lineage.

It can be said that the recruitment of Dr. Fubunkun Yoichiro Furuta is the most important of the paving stones I am laying out.

As is often the case when fighting enemies in games.
The bosses of each chapter talked about their stories and motives, and it was the same with Dr. Hubungkun.

That’s why I knew his story of when and why he fell.

Using that, I recruited Dr. Hu Bungkun.

15 years old at the time.

“Damn it! Damn it! Die! Die! You bastards! Me! What did I do wrongaaaaagh!”

Dark night.
A man found Dr. Houbungkun vomiting on the floor after spitting out curses in a drunken alley in a sparsely populated alley.

Became a Rich Boy at the Academy

Became a Rich Boy at the Academy

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I was born as a child of the best conglomerate in the world of Godgame.


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