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The Warrior Is Disappointed in You

The Warrior Is Disappointed in You

용사는 너희에게 실망했다
Native LanguageKorean

After being chosen by the goddess, the brave Allen who defeated the demon king more faithfully than anyone else.
After a long battle, all that was left of him was the betrayal of his comrades and the cold eyes of people.

‘I want to go back to the past.’
‘The wish granted by defeating the demon lord is to return to the past.’

Allen makes a wish to the goddess and goes back to before the whole adventure started.
And he decides to live a completely different life than before.

‘There is no free goodwill in my dictionary.’

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  1. Max says:

    Definitivamente es Cine 😎💦👌

  2. Dr. Doom says:

    It has a manhwa

  3. Dr Ratio says:

    It has a manhwa if guessed correctly

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