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Became a Rich Boy at the Academy 5

Became a Rich Boy at the Academy 5

Chapter 5 – 5. Be Sure to Pave the Way!

Yoichiro Furuta.
Dr. Hubunkun had a brilliant brain.
Even if he is not able to awaken and become a hunter, he uses his brilliant brain to join a weapon development company used by hunters.

At the company, Dr. Houbungkun was also renewing good performance.

However, there were also people who didn’t like Dr. Hubungkun’s appearance.

He was also jealous of his superior performance, but he did not like Dr. Bungkun’s appearance after he beat him.

Rachel Riccoli framed Dr. Houbungkun and had her fired from the company.

Dr. Hu Bungkun’s appearance is by no means good.
Glasses are a must-have option, and she is immersed in research and studies, and even has circular hair loss due to her overweight body and heredity.

It could be said that it was a villain-like appearance made by a company whose previous work was a game.

For reference, the charge that led to his dismissal was sexual harassment.

For a month after being fired from the company, Dr. Houbungkun resented the world and the company that fired her without investigating Rachel Recoli and the company that fired her.

He wants to thoroughly humiliate Rachel for getting him fired.
He is full of desire to take revenge on the stupid company that cut him down, and even more so on everything.

Although he was usually interested in erotic things, Dr. Hu Bung-kun, who had been immersed in his work by distinguishing between public and private affairs, created an invention centered on really erotic things by exercising his research results and brains.

And a month after being fired.
He takes revenge on Rachel, who single-handedly fired the company and himself by charging into the company using an invention, and is spotted by the final boss and is scouted as a Stranger.

This is the behind-the-scenes story told by Dr. Hu Bung-kun, who spoke very proudly in the original game.

He didn’t come out about how he got revenge on Rachel Recallie because he was a 17 gold gem, but it was obvious that he brutally humiliated Rachel with his invention.

‘Ah, isn’t there a comic about Dr. Houbungkun’s revenge story?’
‘Dr. Hoobungkun Rachel, how did you get revenge!!! Commentary with CG attached!!!’
‘I don’t like Dr. Houbungkun’s face, so someone please make me a handsome man.’
‘↑ I don’t know what to do.’

In the early morning community, some affectionate writings for Dr. Hubungkun came out.

And I ordered the servants in advance to keep an eye on Dr. Hu Bung-kun, and as soon as he was fired, I heard the news.

This is how I was able to find Dr. Hubunkun.

Seeing him vomit in the alley right now, it seems that he is still pouring out his resentment towards the world.

Maybe in a few days, he’ll be completely furious and try to make a raunchy invention.

So now is the perfect time to scout.

“Hello, hubbung… Khumm. Mr. Yoichiro Furuta.”

At the moment, I was so thrilled to see the real Hubungkun that I almost called it Hubungkun without realizing it.

“Ughh, uhhhhh… What, what?”

There were dark circles under his eyes, probably because he couldn’t sleep due to the stress of his trembling eyelids.

His beard was not trimmed, and he could see that the oil had accumulated on his hair, probably because he had not washed it.

And even after being fired, Dr. Houbungkun still wears only a white coat even though it is stained with stains, as if he can’t shake off his good days at the company.

Ahh i’m so sorry
It’s better to quickly rescue the poor people who have fallen into this trap.

“Don’t go away… Kid. I’m in a bad mood right now! Ugh! Ugh!”

Dr. Bungkun, who had just vomited and covered his mouth to see if the nausea had not gone away.

At least he doesn’t seem to lose his temper enough to throw a bottle at someone he talks to.

“It’s really unfortunate and sad. To think that the promising Mr. Furuta is now like this. And that’s because… He’s drowned in slander.”

Dr. Hubunkun stood tall and looked at me slowly.

“What did you just say? I… Ugh! I’m framed… Do you know?”
“Yes. I only found out about it recently. It’s really sad. You, who is called a genius, were framed. Being accused of sexual harassment that didn’t even exist, and now it’s like this.”
“You… You, who are you….”
“It’s a late introduction.”

With a chaebol smile, he introduces himself to Hubungkun.

“My name is Rouvelt Eldra.”
“Rouvelt… Eldra. The only heir to the Eldra family? He’s called the golden giraffe…”
“Yes, people around me call me that. Mr. Yoichiro Furuta.”

Hu stretched out his right hand towards Dr. Bungkun.

“I want to scout you.”
“S, Scout? Me from Eldra…?”

Even though I was drunk, Dr. Hu Bung-kun was completely sober, as if my words were shocking.

It must be so.
Even though Dr. Houbungkun got a job at a good weapons development company.

Because that company is an infinitely lower company compared to Eldra.

No, in the first place, the company itself is one of the companies under the umbrella of Eldra.

For Dr. Houbung-kun, it would feel like he was kicked out of a company that only took out subcontracting, but suddenly a scout came in from a large corporation at the head office.

“Yes. I judged myself that it would be a waste to waste your talent.”
“Eh, Eldra’s successor is me…!”
“Of course the Scout isn’t everything. If it were me… I’d help you avenge yourself.”
“You want revenge, right? On Rachel Riccoli, who framed you and got you fired.”
“I am very angry that you, a great talent, were thrown away with just such a trivial trick. Furuta-san, you are truly a wonderful person.”
“I… I am a great talent…!”

Because of his good looks, Dr. Hu Bung-kun had so many experiences that no matter how good he was, he was secretly reluctant, ridiculed, and looked down on.

For Dr. Houbungkun, hearing that I, the successor of Eldra, is a great talent must have had a big impact.

“I need someone like you.”

I approached right in front of him, got down on his knees, looked up at me, and held out my hand to Dr. Bungkun.

“Would you please join me, Mr. Furuta?”

With tears in his eyes, Dr. Hu Bungkun released the bottle and took mine with his two hands.

“Yes! Yes…! Thank you… Thank you! Uhhh! Uh! Uhhhhh!”

And I personally scouted Dr. Hubungkun, and he took over the research under my supervision.

2 years after that.

At the point when I was 17 years old, Dr. Hubungkun is really satisfying and doing what I want.

I invented most of the dirty tools and facilities I will use in the future, as well as most of the inventions made by Dr. Hu Bungkun in the game.

Other than that, Dr. Hubungkun himself is excellent, so he has contributed a lot to the Eldra family by developing and inventing a lot in other ways.

Above all, great progress was made in the investigation of Lee Si-hoon’s lineage.


After school, Rize and I went down to the underground laboratory by taking the elevator of a research facility in Eldra under the umbrella.

The elevator door opened and we entered the laboratory led by Dr. Hu Bungkun.

Even if it’s a laboratory, it’s like a lobby where you can remotely operate various machines and watch them conduct experiments.

In the lobby of the lab, there are several assistants besides Dr. Hu Bung-kun.

“Dr. Furuta, I’m here.”
“Ohhh! Bitch!”

When I called, Dr. Hu Bungkun immediately rose from his seat and welcomed me with his arms wide open.

“Welcome! Miss Rize, how are you!”
“Hello, Dr. Furuta.”

Bowing and politely, Rize greeted Dr. Hubungkun.

“How is your research going?”
“Of course! We are doing a test to apply the power of student Lee Si-hoon’s blood to a weapon with great admiration! The probability of success is high!”
Haha, it’s Dr. Furuta as expected.”
“No! It’s all thanks to you that I can do this kind of research! But you really have a lot of people! You can’t believe that someone with such amazing blood is your friend!”

Dr. Furuta looked at the monitor with eyes full of research fever.

“If this research succeeds, mankind will be able to hunt monsters more easily than now!”

Of course.
It’s the protagonist’s blood.

“I’m looking forward to completion. By the way, besides blood research, are other research going well?”
“Ufufufu, of course I’m working hard on that too.”

Hu Bung-kun let out a sinister laugh that we saw a lot in the original work.

“We are still diligently inventing and testing the tools that the boy will use when he becomes an adult.

Dr. Hubung Thun continued with a self-proclaimed cheeky smile.

“To believe that you have to be an adult to use it. With a very charming maid like Miss Rize by your side, she’s very patient. Ufufufu.”
“Doctor Furuta?”

Rize coldly glared at Dr. Hubungkun.

“Did I say this too much?”
“No, it’s not like that at all, Dr. Furuta. Rize is my best and most charming maid. Even if I’m determined to put up with it until I’m an adult, there are many times when it’s hard.”

Look, how cute and charming it is to blush a little like this.

“Ufufufu, the soundproofing system has already been installed in the boy’s room, so please enjoy it as much as you like when you become an adult.”
“Yes, of course.”

Will be very useful

“Young master….”

It looks like Rize can’t stand it because she’s ashamed.
Let’s finish teasing and petting Rize.

“Whoa, whoa… Lord, master…”

At that time, a woman approached Dr. Hubungkun, exhaling sticky breath.

“Mmm, food… Master… Feed me….”

A woman kneeling down and grabbing the crotch of Dr. Bungkun’s trousers.

The woman was Rachel Recoli, who framed Dr. Hubungkun two years ago and caused her to be fired.

Became a Rich Boy at the Academy

Became a Rich Boy at the Academy

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
I was born as a child of the best conglomerate in the world of Godgame.


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